Problem Closure Rules


Problem closing rules can be used to select the mandatory fields to be filled in by the technicians while closing the problems and also includes optional rules that can be enabled by the technician on closing the problem.   
: If you have selected 'Associated Tasks should be closed' as a mandatory field in this page, then the technician whoever resolving the problem, should close all the related tasks to a problem and enter the details in the corresponding field before closing it. Else an error message pops up, asking you to fill the details in the field. If you have selected the optional rules as, E-mail all requesters affected by this problem and Close all associated incidents, on closing the problem a pop up window listing the selected optional rules appears. Based on the incident the technician can enable the check box corresponding to the optional rules.  


To configure the problem closing rules,

  1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using the user name and password.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. In the Problem/Change Management block, click the Problem Closure Rules iconRequester - Additional Field Icon. This opens the Problem Closure Rules page.

  4. Select the Mandatory Fields from the list to be filled in before closing the problem by enabling the check box.

  5. Select the Optional Rules by enabling the check box. The selected rules will get listed to the technician on closing the problem. Based on the incident the technician can,

  6. Save the details.

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