Software License Types


Every software manufacturing company has their unique software license type apart from the several common license types. Since it is not feasible to support all these license types, ServiceDesk Plus helps you customize the license types for all software manufacturers based on the workstations and users.


To access the Software License Types configuration page,

  1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

  2. Click Software License Types icon under Software block. The list of default license types filtered by the manufacturer is displayed.

Apart from the default license types available in the application, you can add, edit and delete Software License Types.



Adding New License Type

  1. Click Add New License Type link.

  2. Enter the License Type say Volume, Enterprise, Standard and so on. In general, each manufacturer depicts their license types uniquely and so the license type needs to be specified accordingly to the manufacturer. This field is mandatory.

  3. Select the software Manufacturer from the drop down. If required, you can also add a new manufacturer using the Add New Manufacturer icon.

  4. The software license can be tracked by workstations or users.

Select the corresponding option from Track By drop down.

  1. Choose any one option from Installation allowed drop down.

  1. If you have selected Workstation as the Track By option, the Is Node Locked option appears. This option can be enabled for workstation with specific configurations. Enabling this option automatically changes the Installation Allowed field to Single.

  2. If you have selected Users, the Users Allowed field appears. From this field you can select the number of users who can access the software, say, Single, Volume (multiple) or Unlimited.

  3. If the software is one time installation and does not require a renewal, enabled Is Perpetual check box.

  4. If the software is freeware with unlimited installations and no expiry date, enable Is Free License check box.

  5. Few software license types can be divided into sub license types say for instance, with Client Access License (CAL) you can purchase license for every user who access the server (Per User) or license for every device that accesses the server (Per Device).

    Enter the License Option and click Add to add it in the pick list field. You also have an option to delete the License Option from the pick list field. Select the license option and click the delete icon .


Editing License Type

  1. From the Software - License Types page, click on the Edit icon beside the License Type you wish to edit.

  2. The Software -  License Types page opens with the values populated while adding the License Type.

  3. Modify the required details and Save the changes.


Deleting License Type

  1. From the Software - License Types page, select the Manufacturer from the Filter drop down.

  2. Select the check box beside the license type to be deleted.

  3. Click Delete button. A dialog box confirming the delete operation appears.

  4. Click OK to continue. The Software - License Type is deleted from the selected manufacturer list.

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