ServiceDesk Plus

    Survey Settings


    Survey settings enable you to configure the values for welcome message, survey success or failure message, and thank you message. You can also choose to enable or disable a survey. If you enable a survey you can also schedule the periodicity of conducting the survey.


    To configure the survey settings

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus application with the user name and password of a ServiceDesk Plus administrator.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the User Survey block, click Survey Settings. The Survey Settings page is displayed.

    4. To enable the survey, select the check box Enable User Survey.

    5. Under the Survey Details block,enter the Welcome Message, which you wish to display as soon as the user reaches the survey page or when the user is taking the survey.

    6. Email Content: Specify the purpose of the email in the Email Content text field. This content will be displayed in the mail sent to the requesters. $RequesterName & $SurveyLink are variables which changes based on the requester & application URL.

    7. Success Message: Enter the message that will be displayed once the survey has been successfully answered and submitted by the user.

    8. Failure Message: When the survey is taken by a person who has already submitted the answers for the survey, then you will have to display a failure message. You can enter the same in the Failure Message text area.

    9. Thanks Message: Enter the thanks message. This message will be displayed just before the submit button in the survey form.

    10. To schedule the survey, in the Schedule Survey block, choose the radio button that you wish to set as a criteria for sending the survey. The options are,

      • A request is closed: For closing every one request a survey mail will be sent

      • Requests are closed: Specify the number of requests to be closed of all the available requests in the text box. Once the specified number of requests is closed a survey mail will be sent.

      • Requests from a requester are closed: Specify the number of requests to be closed for a requester in the text box. Once the specified number is reached a survey mail is sent to the requester. This text box can take only integer values as input.

    11. Enable Exceptions: Survey can be prevented from sending to certain users.

      Exclude survey when any of the following rule is matched: A maximum of ten rules can be set and six criteria such as Priority, Mode, Level, Site, Requester name and Email Id can be added under each rule. When any one of the rule is matched, the survey will not be sent to that particular user.
      Click New rule to add new rules and Delete to delete the particular rule. 


      Once a rule is matched, the subsequent rules in the list will not be checked. Hence prioritizing the rules based on its importance will ensure that the selected users are not missed out from receiving the survey. 

    12. Click Save to save the survey settingsClick 'Reset' to clear all the rules and settings added and revert back to previous saved state.


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