ServiceDesk Plus

    Send a Survey

    If survey is enabled under survey settings, then a Technician or the ServiceDesk Plus Administrator can manually send surveys to Requesters, once the Requests created by them are closed.



    Note: The following conditions need to be true for the Send Survey for this Request link to be visible:

    1. You should have logged in as Either a Technician or an Administrator.

    2. The Request you choose to send survey must be closed.

    3. The User Survey should have been enabled under "Admin >> User Survey >> Survey Settings"

    Steps to Send Survey

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus application using your user name and password or that of the ServiceDesk Plus administrator.

    2. Click the Requests tab.

    3. From the Request list view, click the Title of a Request with the closed status, for which you wish to send the survey. The Request details page is displayed.

    4. Click the Send Survey for this Request link available under the Actions drop down. A success message is displayed and the survey will be sent as a mail with an URL to access the survey, to the Requester who created the Request.


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