ServiceDesk Plus



    For making ServiceDesk Plus available and usable for all your users, you need to add Requesters and Technicians. The user information can be imported, if located in Active Directory or LDAP server, or can be manually added in the application. Each user accessing the help desk tool is assigned with Roles to execute specific tasks in the application. This enables the requesters to login to the Self-Service Portal to check the status of the requests reported by them, submit requests, and search the Knowledge Base online.

    Support Groups enables you to classify your technicians into various support teams. This facilitates the incoming requests to be categorized and assigned to the specific group respectively.

    With Technician Auto Assign, you don't have to rely on Business Rules to assign technicians to requests. The Technician Auto assign follows the Round Robin or Load Balancing methods, and based on the availability of the technicians, the requests are assigned.

    Apart from this, the User Management block consists of User - Additional Fields which help you add additional fields in the requester and technician form. And User Groups to restrict certain users to view service items, solutions, announcements and request template.


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