Create New Contract


To create a new contract for an asset,

  1. Click the Contract tab in the header pane. This opens the contracts list view page.

  2. Click the New Contract button in the contract index page. (OR)

    Click Quick Actions drop-down menu --> click Contracts option under Create New. This opens the Add Contract form. This form has three major sections namely,Contract Details, Contract Rules, and Notification Rules.

  3. Specify a name for the contract in the Contract Name field. This is a mandatory field.

  4. Enter a relevant Description for the contract in the respective text field.

  5. Select the Maintenance Vendor from the combo box listing all the vendor names available. This is a mandatory field. If the vendor is not listed, then click Add New Vendor button beside the combo box.  

      1. Specify the name of the vendor in the given field. This is a mandatory field.

      2. Enter a brief description about the vendor in the respective field.

      3. Specify the Contact Person in the given field.

      4. Click Save. The added vendor is selected and is displayed in the combo box. If you do not wish to add a new vendor, then click Close.

  1. In the Support field below it, enter the details regarding the kind of support that will be provided by the vendor to you.

  2. You can add files that are related to the contract and are necessary to be maintained and referred to along with the contract information. Click Attach File button. The Attach File window pops up as shown below,

  1. In the Contract Rules section, you need to choose the assets that are to be maintained under this contract and mention the maintenance period and maintenance cost. Select the Assets that are covered under the contracts from the Maintained Assets list.

  2. To add more resources to the list, click Select Resources for this contract link. This opens Select Resources page.

  3. The Active period of the contract is a mandatory field where you need to enter the From and To date of the contract period. Choose the dates from the calendar.

  4. Enter the maintenance cost in terms of $ in the Maintenance Cost field.

  5. To notify users before the contract expires, select Enable Notification check box. Here you need to select the technician who should be notified about the contract expiry.

    1. Select the users from the User List column. Click >> button to move the users to Notified User List column.

    2. If you want to notify users whose E-mail ID is not entered in ServiceDesk Plus, then you can specify the E-mail IDs of the users in the field provided for the same.

    3. Specify the number of days before which the notification should be sent to the selected users. You can add multiple contract notifications by clicking the

  6. Click Save.

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