Customizing the Dashboard

The dashboard can be customized as per your requirements by adding reports as widgets and grouping them under the respective tabs (Helpdesk, Problem & Change, Assets) available in the dashboard by following the steps mentioned in this page.

Adding Custom Widgets to Dashboard:

To add reports as widgets to dashboard, do the following:

Editing Custom Widget Settings:

To edit custom widget settings, do the following:

Remove Custom Widgets from Dashboard:

To delete a custom widget,


  • Widgets available by default in the dashboard cannot be deleted/edited

  • Upto 20 Widgets (including the ones available by default) can be added under each tab (Helpdesk, Problem & Change, Assets)

  • Only Matrix-based (or) Chart-based reports can be added as widgets to the dashboard

  • Only technicians with SDAdmin, SDSiteAdmin and SDCo-ordinator roles can create/edit/delete Custom Widgets in the Dashboard

  • Custom Widgets cannot be deleted directly edited from the dashboard. To edit a custom widget, the respective report must be accessed

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