The Dashboard is a visual display of real-time information, consolidated and arranged in a single view so that it can be easily monitored. The Dashboard displays various statistical data related to number of requests, changes, problems, assets, software, POs and contracts based on various criteria.


Note: Information displayed on the Dashboard largely depends on the site and roles associated to the technician.


Data shown in the Dashboard is restricted to the site the technician is associated to. When a technician is associated to multiple sites, then a drop down option with sites he is associated to appear. By choosing the site, information and data associated with that site are displayed to the technician.

Similarly, data displayed on the dashboard is also restricted based on the roles associated to the technician.

Dashboards contain the following sub tabs :

  1. Helpdesk

  2. Problem & Change

  3. Assets


Under the Helpdesk tab, 8 small widgets are available to provide request based information at one glance.



Problem & Change:

Technicians who have permission to view the Problem and Change module can also view the Problem & Change widgets in the Dashboard.



Technicians who have permission to view Asset module can also view the Asset Dashboard and monitor the statistical data displayed on it. The widgets in the Asset Dashboard give complete summary of all physical assets (IT and non-IT), software assets, workstations and POs & contracts. The

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