ServiceDesk Plus

    Performance Monitoring Tool


    Monitor ServiceDesk Plus software metrics and scale the application's capacity (based on memory utilization and cpu usage) using the performance monitoring tool. This tool through regular monitoring (as per the configured schedule) checks for performance issues and finds out their rootcause. It presents "a clear picture of performance issues" which enable the application user to provide administrators with the exact log details required for effectively tackling application slowdowns..


    • Performance Monitoring Tool is an url-based tool which can be enabled/disabled only through urls.

    • Technicians with SDAdmin role alone have the rights to operate performance monitoring tool


    Performance Monitoring Tool

    • Is an url-based thread dump generation tool

    • Provides you with the following parameters: 'cpu usage', 'free memory' & 'time interval' using which application performance can be monitored

    • Allows you to change performance monitoring schedule to suit your requirements

    • Can be enabled/disabled

    When will the performance monitoring tool alarm you?

    • When the parameter 'cpu usage' exceeds threshold value for the specified time interval (OR)

    • When the parameter 'free memory' goes below threshold value for the specified time interval

    URLs for enabling, modifying & disabling Performance Monitoring Tool









    Note: Information displayed on the Dashboard largely depends on the site and roles associated to the technician.

    Details generated during Performance Monitoring

    To view details obtained during Performance Monitoring:

    • Click 'System Log Viewer' under 'Support Tab'

    • Logs generated during performance monitoring will be appended with the threaddump0.txt file (under the location SDP_home/server/default/log/ Directory) and the reason for the performance degradation will also be available in the same.


    • Modify URL parameters (time interval=5; cpulimit=90; freememory=120;) provided here are example values. This can be modified as per requirement.

    • Default parameter values (generated when invoking Enable URL) are : time interval=2;cpu limit=80; freememory=100


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