Installation on Windows


To install ServiceDesk Plus on a Windows machine,

  1. Download ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus.exe file.

  2. Click the .exe file to begin the installation. The ServiceDesk Plus installation wizard appears.

  3. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

  1. The License Agreement is displayed. Please read the license agreement carefully. You need to accept the license agreement to proceed with the installation.

  1. Click Yes to accept.

  2. Select the ServiceDesk Plus Edition to install.

You can also refer the document ServiceDesk Plus Edition Comparison to choose your required edition.

  1. If you have selected Standard Edition or the Professional Edition, then the Version Selection Panel displays options to select either the Trail Version or the Free Version.

  2. If you have selected Enterprise Edition, then the Version Selection Panel displays only the 30 days Trial Version with 5 Technician login and up to 200 Nodes. You need to apply a valid license to continue using ServiceDesk Plus. Refer Register ServiceDesk Plus to apply the license key.

  3. The next step is choosing the installation directory. By default, the application is installed in C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk directory.

Click Browse... button to change the installation directory. Choose the installation folder and click OK.

NOTE: Please make sure that the installation directory or its parent directories do not have any space character in its name.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Provide a name that needs to appear in the Program Folders. By default, it is ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. Click Next.

  3. Enter the Web Server Port Number to run the web server. The default port number provided is 8080. If you already have another application running in that port, then enter the port number which is free and can be used to run the web server.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Choose the Database between Postgre SQL,MS SQL and MY SQL . By default ServiceDesk Plus supports Postgre SQL database. To switch over to MS SQL database/MY SQL database you need to configure the respective server to establish connection. Enter the database details as given below,

NOTE: To switch over to SQL database, you need to enable SQL authentication as Windows authentication will not work.

  1. Click Next.

  2. The Registration for Technical Support form is for acquiring technical assistance from our support team. By registering for technical support, our support team will be better informed about your organization and its specific needs, and hence provide a more focused support. Enter your details such as Name, contact Email Address, Phone Number (helps in making calls for immediate support), Company Name and Country. The Email Address is a mandatory field.

  1. Click Next.

  2. The details that you have provided till now is displayed for your confirmation:

  3. Installation Directory: C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk
    Folder Name: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
    Web Server Port: 8080


If the displayed information is correct, then click the Next button, or else click the Back button and make the necessary changes and proceed with the installation.

  1. After you confirm the details, the application is installed.

  2. On successful installation, the InstallShield Wizard Complete screen is displayed. By default, the option to start ServiceDesk Server is enabled. If you do not want to start ServiceDesk Plus Server, then deselect the options.

  3. Click Finish to complete the installation. The ReadMe document is displayed in a pop up window.

If you had followed the instructions in the wizard and installed the application with the default settings, then the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus program group is created in the Start menu. If you chose to start ServiceDesk Server, then the server is started and the client window opens to view the login page. Enter the Username and Password as "administrator" to log into the application.

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