ServiceDesk Plus

    Publish Announcements


    ServiceDesk Plus gives you an option to publish announcements while fixing the problem without breaking the work flow.  Say if you want to inform the company that, the mail server will be down for next five hours and you are fixing the problem then in this case you need not go to the home page to make an announcement you can publish the announcement from the problem module.


    To publish an announcement,

    1. In the Problem details page click the Actions combo box and select the Make an announcement option. This opens the Add New page.

    2. The announcement Title and Description of the problem gets displayed automatically. This is a mandatory field. You can also modify the title and description of the problem.

    3. Specify any relevant information about the announcement in the Description field.

    4. Specify the date and time to Show this announcement between these dates from the calendar button. If this field is not entered the announcement will be displayed in the home tab for ever.

    5. Select Show to Requester check box to make this announcement visible in the self-service portal.

    6. To Send this announcement as mail select the check box.

    7. Save the changes. You can see the announcement page as shown below. To view the next and previous announcement in the dash board click the Next and Previous buttons on the right side of the page.  


    You can also edit and delete the announcement in the same page.

    To edit the announcement,

    1. Click Edit button. This opens the Edit Announcement form.

    2. Change the details of the announcement in form.

    3. Save the changes. All the changes made in the announcement will be saved.

    To delete an announcement,

    1. To delete the announcement click Delete button. A dialog pops up asking you confirm on the delete operation.

    2. Click OK to delete. Or click Cancel to retain the announcement.

    Alternatively you can also publish Announcements company-wide or just to the technicians group from the Home page. The announcements are displayed just below the My View Requests tab in the home page.

    All recent announcements will be displayed first based on the date. To view all the announcements (even completed ones), click the Show All button on the right side of the page. You can also add new announcements from the home page.


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