ServiceDesk Plus

    View Problem Details


    1. Click the Problems tab. This opens the problems list view page.

    2. Click the Title of the problem to view the problem details. This opens the problem details page. By default the problem details page opens in the Problem tab.

    Problem Tab

    The problem tab shows general details of the problem such as, Category, Technician, Status, Priority, Urgency, Impact, Requester, Reported Date, Due By Date, Closed Date, affected IT Services and Assets Involved.

    Click the Edit button to edit all the details of the change. You also have inline edit option for all the details. To modify the details of the problem click the details and choose the option from the combo box.


    Analysis Tab

    In the Analysis tab the technicians analyze the root cause and impact of the problem and attach the same in SDP as part of the problem. Also they specify the symptoms of the problem to identify the same problem in the future.


    Solution Tab

    In the solutions tab resolution for the problem is given as Workarounds and Solutions. Workarounds are temporary solutions that can be used by the technician till the actual solution is ready. Solutions are the permanent fixes to the problems raised.


    Incidents Tab

    The incidents tab shows the list of all associated incidents with the problem. You have Attach option to attach the incident with the problem. And the Detach Incidents option to detach associated incidents with the problem.


    History Tab

    The History tab shows the problem history from the time of its creation. It shows all the actions performed in the problem. The history tab also shows the incidents and the changes associated to the problem on clicking the Property View link available on the right hand side. The details that are displayed in the history are in the ascending order with the earliest performed action shown at the top of the page and the latest action at the bottom of the page.


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