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    Milestones are critical events which receive special attention within the project management framework. Besides serving as markers that indicate a project’s progress milestones allow you to group Tasks, establish relationship between Tasks, and organize their order. They ensure the project is moving in the right direction.A completion of a milestone is a major step towards completion of the project.



    To understand Milestones better let us consider an IT Test Environment SetUp Project:

    Superfically speaking, an IT Test Environment Set Up can be split into:

    • Database Configuration

    • Workstation Configuration

    • Test Network Configuration

    These major tasks - that outline the entire project - which in turn will contain several other tasks are known as Milestones.



    • Uninterrupted workflow with no delays

    • Proper classification of Tasks, their relationships and dependencies.

    • Clear presentation of 'who does what, when, and for how long'

    • Ensure projects are onschedule.

    Milestones - Stepping Stones to Project's Completion


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