Purchase Default Values


With this option, you can set the default values to be populated in the New Purchase Order form. You can set default values for fields such as tax rate, the billing and shipping address, the purchase order terms and conditions and so on. Thereby, making it feasible to add create a Purchase Order instantly.

Also, from this option, you can set the mandatory fields to be filled in before closing a PO. These fields are the additional fields configured under Purchase Additional Fields.


To access the purchase default value configuration page,

  1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  2. In the Purchase/ Contracts block, click Purchase - Default Values icon. This opens the Purchase Default Values page.


Configuring Purchase Default Values


Mandatory fields for closing PO

The fields listed in this block are the PO additional fields configured in the application. Enable the check box beside the field that should be filled in before closing the PO. Click Save to save the settings.

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