Multi-site on Requests


An organization can have branches spread across different regions and sites of the globe to handle various specialized activities. In this globally distributed environment, a request can be raised from a site to a technician located in another branch of the organization. The request is resolved based on the admin configurations (operational hours, holidays, SLA and business rules) of the site from which the request was raised. Hence with site base configuration, the request module experiences an immense change.

If an organization has no branches and hence no sites configured, then while creating a new request then the default admin configurations  gets applied to resolve the request.


Key entities in Request module


Creating Requests

Editing Requests

If a request needs to be routed to a technician in another site, then on selecting the site, the SLAs and business rules for the site will be applied and the due by time recalculated accordingly.

Viewing Requests

Technicians can view all the requests of a site if,


Assigning Technicians

ServiceDesk Plus provides you with an option to bulk assign requests to technicians. The request can be assigned to the technician if,



Scenario : Roles on Requests

A requester from London raises a demo related request persisting in Sydney through self-service portal of the ServiceDesk Plus application. By default, the admin configurations for London will be applied to the request. The request is handled by John, a technician in London. John can view and re-assign the request,  

On assigning the request to Amy, the technician in Sydney, the SLAs and business rules configured for Sydney will be applied to the request and the due by time re-calculated. If Amy is assigned to a Group say, Support, then she can view and re-assign the request,



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