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    The ServiceDesk Plus roadmap gives you an overview of what to expect in our future releases.

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    ServiceDesk Plus Roadmap


    Updated on 9 October 2017

    In Testing

    • Ability to create multiple projects from change and child changes for a project.
    • Gamification to break the monotony of the everyday and motivate technicians to enjoy their work.
    • Option to auto approve a change when all CAB members recommend the change.
    • Ability to export requests from the request list view.
    • Service Catalog
      • Preventive maintenance tasks for service request templates. Currently, preventive maintenance is restricted to incidents. 

    In Implementation 

    •  Technician home page: The all new widget-based home page allows the SD Admin to organize the information on the home page and also build new widgets.
    •  Request custom triggers enhancements: Execute custom triggers when a new reply is received and each time a request is created, edited, created and edited,  approved,  rejected, and approved or rejected.
    •  Dashboard for projects: Display all project-related data in a single location and track them easily.
    •  Ability to configure who is performing a role in the Change through Add / Edit form of Change.
    •  Technician auto assign based on the availability of technicians.
    •  Ability to add notes while assigning a technician to a request.
    •  Schedule validation and auto rescheduling for projects.
    •  Ability for technician to start a chat conversationwith another technician.
    •  Custom filters for tasks and change.
    •  Multi-level CAB for a change request.
    •  Option to modify a Service Request template.
    •  Ability to create Purchase Order for non-asset type of purchases such as training and services.
    •  New UI for request list view and details.
    •  User merge tool - To merge duplicate users.
    •  Survey Enhancements
      • Support to configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
      • Ability to send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
      • Ability to send surveys periodically. Send surveys in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
      • Ability to configure different answers for different questions.
    • Option to custom sort the order of service categories listing and service catalog templates.
    • Additional fields for projects.
    • Ability to create business views for CMDB to display graphical views of CIs. 
    • Support to merge service requests. 
    • Option not to scan assets in certain resource states.  
    • Configure custom scripts for actions in business rule.  Custom scripts will be invoked before storing the request data. This feature can be used to deny certain operations or update field values (like additional field value).
    • Conversation for change requests.
    • Service Catalog  
      • To mark cost associated with a service request offering.
      • Ability to include images for service catalog resources.
    • Request Form Customizer: 
      • Ability to define section, label text for section, and fields inside a section. Selecting the section includes the fields under the section as well. 
      • To set default height of description field and other rich text additional fields.
      • Ability to include help card for filling the form. Provide instructions for requesters to fill out of the form correctly.
      • Full customization of request form layout/canvas.
      • Mark fields that are already used in any field and form rule.
      • To support different type of additional fields like radio button, check box, and rich text field.
    • Mobile App features:

      • Bar code scan of asset.
      • Approval action.
      • To create request based on request templates.
      • View and search the solutions module.
    • Module-level administrative roles (like SDHelpdeskAdmin, SDAssetAdmin).
    • Solution enhancements.
      • To include 'Expiry' date for solution.
      • Additional fields for solution.
      • Requester can add comments over solution article.
      • Requester can mark Like / Unlike over a solution article.
      • Option to link solutions.
    • Ability to configure request fields to be shown on the task details page.
    • Ability to seek more info from requester/technician before the approver makes an approval decision.
    • Option to add notes while assigning a request.

    UI Design

    • Technician shift timing and assign requests based on shift.
    • Watch list for Requests.
    • Major incident management. Support to bring members and stake holders from various teams and effectively handle major incidents.
    • Ability for requester to cancel one's own request.
    • Projects:
      • Rescheduling milestone/task schedules based on delay / advancement of other schedules


    • Different operational hours for different days.
    • To include a log entry in Log viewer for all Admin operations (like adding, editing, deleting entry in admin configuration section). 
    • Configuring backup approver for requesters.
    • Custom filter for change requests views.
    • Currently when a request is shared to technicians, their general request permissions (edit, delete) will be applied to shared request. We will look to include the ability to share request with 'Read' only permission to technicians.  
    • Projects
      • Dependency between tasks across milestones.
      • Configuring dependency between milestones.



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