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    These product roadmaps provide an overview of what is coming in the future releases of ServiceDesk Plus - the complete, ITIL Ready, help desk and asset management software solution, with tentative release. schedules. If you would like to see a new feature or vote on suggested features in future releases of ServiceDesk Plus, make sure to visit

    Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.

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    ServiceDesk Plus Roadmap

    Work In Progress

    Updated on 2nd February 2016

    About to Release

    • Import Project from Microsoft Projects
    • Upgrading to Tomcat 7
    • Upgrading Java (to Jre 7)
    • Rest API for Solution module
    • Ability to mark First call resolution
    • Option to mark that a technician is currently working on a Request and to automatically add work log based on it
    • Configuration to hide Solution tab from Requesters
    • Auto refresh option for Dashboard
    • First name, Last name model for user (currently only Full name is available)
    • Support to customize Self service portal home page
    • Import CI relationships from spreadsheet
    • Custom Filter option for Projects.
    • Option to configure additional fields for Work log

    In Testing

    • Option to exclude satisfaction survey to be sent for certain set of users
    • Ability to assign Group and Technician for Request from Request list view

    In Implementation

    • Site Referring another Site : Currently a Site settings can refer to Default settings. With this enhancement a Site settings can refer the settings of another Site
    • Purchase Request : Option to create Purchase Request which is an earlier stage to Purchase Order. Vendor quotes can be attached to Purchase Request and approval can be obtained concerned approvers. Once approved Purchase Order can be created from Purchase Request
    • Ability to associate multiple Changes for a Project
    • Option to plug-in client custom javascript for Change form. This will allow to manipulate Change fields so as to Hide, Show, Enable, Disable, Mark mandatory, Remove mandatory based on various criteria
    • Project templates (similar to Request templates)
    • Option for Technician auto assign and backup technician assignment based on Request created time (currently it is based on Request due by time)
    • User merge tool - To merge duplicate users
    • Bar code for Asset scan
    • Ability to configure organization roles (like Site Manager, Department Approver, Region Head,..) for Organization, Region, Site, Department and use them for Approvals (similar to existing Dept_head, Reporting_to)
    • Email reminder notification to users on Pending approval action
    • Search component in Request drop down values
    • Ability to hide default CI Types
    • Rest API for Project module
    • SMS through gateway (currently SMS is sent through email)
    • Integration with ManageEngine AD Manager Plus so as to create user, delete user, unlock user in Microsoft Active Directory from Request details page itself (through ManageEngine AD Manager Plus application)
    • Dashboard customization :
      • Ability to reorder / remove existing widgets
      • Option to embed external widgets into Dashboard
      • Create Managerial Dashboard and allow Requesters to view Managerial Dashboard
      • Group based filtering in widget
    • Chat feature :
      • Ability for Requester to raise chat
      • Chat room where on going chat sessions can be tracked
      • Alert in technician screen when a new chat request is raised
      • Support to view the requester info, pending requests, asset info of requester
      • Transfer chat from one technician to another
      • Ability to create new request from chat transcript
      • Ability to add chat transcript as a notes / resolution to a request
    • Survey Enhancements
      • Support to configure different survey templates for different type of Requests
      • Ability to send ad-hoc survey (than survey to be associated with Request)
      • Ability to set periodic ad-hoc survey (send survey automatically once in every 3 months, 6 months,..)
      • Ability to configure different answers for different questions
    • Option to execute Custom Scripts at scheduled intervals (this in turn is helpful in integrating with external applications)
    • Ability to notify technicians when more than one technician start viewing / editing the same Request (collaborative viewing feature) 

    In Design

    • New UI for Request list view and details page
    • Technician shift timing and to assign requests based on shift
    • Ability for the technician to mark online / offline which will be helpful to assign requests / tasks
    • Ability to list Requests and Tasks in a single page
    • Ability to configure Request fields to be shown in Task details page

    Yet to start

    • Solution enhancements
      • To include 'Expiry' date for solution
      • Additional fields for Solution
      • Requester can add comments over solution article
      • Requester can mark Like / Unlike over a solution article
      • Option to link Solutions
    • Option to mark mandatory question in Survey
    • Ability for Requester to cancel the Request raised by them
    • Users deleted in AD will be automatically deleted in SDP (based on configuration)
    • Different operational hours for different days
    • Ability to allow Requester to view All Requests in the application (currently Requester can view only All Site requests)
    • Ability to mark a 'Group' as inactive (similar to inactive marking for Sites)
    • To include a log entry in Log viewer for all Admin operations (like adding, editing, deleting entry in admin configuration section). Entries are missing for some of the actions.
    • To bring module level administrative roles (like SDHelpdeskAdmin, SDAssetAdmin,..) to perform module level administrative operations relative to that module (instead to provide SDAdmin role to do the configurations)
    • Configuring backup approver for Requesters
    • Watch list for Requests

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