ServiceDesk Plus

    View Solution Details


    To view the details about a solution, click the Subject link or the Solution ID from the Solutions module. The Solution Details page, displays the Solution ID and the Status of the solution on the right hand side. Along with the Subject of the solution, the Type and Category of the solution is displayed. The list of Keywords for the solution is displayed just below the description. Other solution details such as, Created By, Created On, Last Updated By, Last Updated On, Type, Views, View Type (whether Public or Private) and Status of the solution is displayed in the Solution Details block. The Comments History lists the history and comments about the solution. The updated status of the solution is also displayed.


    From the Solution Details page, you can Edit the solution, Delete the solution and Forward the solution. If you are the administrator, then you would be able to perform Approval Actions such as, Submit the solution for approval to higher authorities and Approve or Reject the Solution.



    Note: You can move from one solutions page to another using arrow keys available besides Edit button at the top


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