ServiceDesk Plus

    User Home Page 

    The ServiceDesk Plus requester/user home page or the self service portal enables all requesters to interact with their help desk easily and efficiently.


    On this portal, you will be able to create, submit, and track your incident/service requests. For quicker resolution of your incidents, you can chat with your help desk technicians through Live Chat. A fully searchable knowledge base makes it easy to look for solutions for frequently reported incidents.


    The portal displays company-wide announcements from your SDAdmin in the Announcements widget. The status of your pending requests is displayed under the My Requests Summary widget. If you are Service Request approver, all requests awaiting your approval will be listed under the My Approvals widget. The number of widgets, their positions, and the look and feel of the portal may vary depending on your permissions and admin configurations and customizations.


    The following screen shot shows the home page of requester who's a Service Request approver, a Change Approver, and a Project Admin, and therefore has access to the respective modules. 




    The Self-Service Portal enables you to:



    Submit an Incident/Service request

    Click the Plus (+) symbol. 

    On the displayed page, select Incident/Service, and click New Issue as shown below:




    Fill out the displayed form and click Add Request to submit your ticket. You can also select one of the incident/service templates to save time and effort. However, you can access these templates only if your SDAdmin has already logged them into the application. 


    Review Your Request Summary


    This is basically a status update of all your requests. Requests awaiting approval or any other update from other technicians are listed here.


    Browse Through the Solutions Module


    Even before you submit an issue to the help desk, you can search through the knowledge base for possible solutions or workarounds.


    Chat with a Technician

    Click Live Chat to initiate a chat with any technician. For faster resolution of your incident, select the support group. Soon after you initiate the chat, you'll receive an automated acknowledgement message. Depending on technician availability, your issue may get resolved rightaway or the technician may need more information. You can send file attachments (not more than 10 MB) over chat. 





    Change Language or Password and Personalize Application Settings


    Click the user button, select either Personalize or Change Password, make the required changes, and click Save




    Note: Only multi-language license users will have the permissions to change language.


    To add a profile picture, click the user icon and select a jpg, png, jpeg, or bmp image that is not more 5 MB in size.







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