ServiceDesk Plus

    Project Roles - Requesters 

    The roles assigned to requesters under projects are as follows:


      Project Roles  





    Access Denied
    Admin All projects

    Add/Edit/Delete projects.

    Add and assign roles to other project members.


    Manager Assigned projects


    Edit assigned projects.

    Add project members, tasks, and milestones.

    Define task dependencies.


    View all projects.

    Add/Delete projects.

    Team Leader Assigned milestones


    Edit assigned milestones.

    Add/Delete/Reassign tasks to milestones.

    Organize and define dependencies for tasks.

    Add/Delete projects and milestones.

    Add project members.

    Team Member Assigned tasks Edit assigned tasks.


    Add/Delete projects, milestones, and tasks to milestones.

    Define task dependencies. 




    Requesters can be assigned multiple roles in different projects, but only one role in a project.



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