ServiceDesk Plus

    Edit the Service Request


    Most of the service requests raised by the end users would require additional information before its processed and delivered by the IT Team. A user, mostly a requester, would be required to add this additional information for the service request. This user is called as the Editor. The Editor has permission to edit the service request and specify the required information.


    If you are logged in to ServiceDesk Plus as the Editor, then the number of service requests that are awaiting your updated is shown in Request Summary -> Waiting Update. Clicking the numerical link takes you to the Request List view displaying all the requests that are Waiting for my update. By default, the status of these requests will be On Hold.


    To edit a request,

    1. Click the Subject link of the request to edit.

    2. In the Request Details page, click the Edit button.

    3. In the Edit form, specify the necessary details and click Update Request button.

    4. The Request is updated and the status is moved to Open.


    NOTE: The editor is allowed to edit the request only once. After editing a request, the Edit button will not appear when the status moves to Open.


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