ServiceDesk Plus

    Request List View


    The Request List view page organizes and displays all the tickets you have raised to the help desk team. Click Requests tab in the header pane. The page redirects to the request list view page.


    In the Request List view, you have the facility to,

    • View requests (incident and service requests) based on default filters

    • View Archived Requests

    • Create Incident and Service Requests

    • Search requests based on Request ID and column-wise search

    • Customize the columns in the List view

    Representation of Icons in the list view:

    • - indicates that the First Response time and Resolution time are overdue.

    • - indicates overdue requests.

    • - indicates First response time is overdue.

    •  -  perform column-wise search for requests.

    • - select columns to be displayed in the list view.


    This page includes various useful functionalities such as,

    1. Filter drop-down menu: The Filter drop-down menu consists of default filter list and options to restrict the list view to display Service Requests, Incident Requests or both. Through the filter, you can also access the Archive Requests.

    1. Searching Requests based on Request ID: View the details of a request instantly by entering the Request ID and click Go button.

    2. Column-wise Search: Perform column-wise search for specific Groups, Requesters, Departments, Sites and so on.

    3. New Incident: Create new incident requests instantly using the New Incident button.

    4. Set the number of requests per page and navigation buttons: You can set the number of requests to be displayed in the request list view page.

    5. Organizing the Request Order: Sort the order of the requests. Click the column name link to sort requests in ascending or descending order.


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