ServiceDesk Plus


    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus gives a provision to add resolutions for all the requests that have been posted. These resolutions can be directly converted to knowledge base articles that are grouped under the Solutions tab. If your help desk team has already added such knowledge base articles to the Solutions section, then you can search for solutions specific to your problem and fix it. Thus, the Solutions module serves as a knowledge base to find solutions for known problems using the keyword-based search.


    When you successfully login as a Requester, you can view the Solutions tab.

    Note: The Solutions tab will be shown/hidden based on whether the Admin has chosen "No"/"Yes" for the option "Do you wish to hide solutions tab from Requester?" under Self-Service Portal Settings.


    You can access the solutions even without logging in to the application, but will be able to view only those solutions that are published in the Self Service Portal. To access the knowledge base directly without having to login to the application, type the URL provided below in the address bar of the browser:

    http://<server name>:<port number>/sd/


    <server name> is the name of the server where ServiceDesk Plus is installed [and]

    <port number> is the port where the application is running.


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