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ServiceDesk Plus 9315 released

Exciting new features and enhancements for34excellent IT support

We are pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk Plus 9.3.23, the latest version of our flagship IT help desk management solution. As part of our continuous effort to bring you the best in ITSM software, we've introduced some new features and enhancements that will help you further streamline your IT operations. Here's a look at what to expect.


With the latest ServiceDesk Plus, you no longer have to rely on agents or browser plug-ins to gain remote access to34Windows machines.34Our new34WebRemote feature provides you34with34cross-platform access to any Windows machine through Microsoft RDP. You can also record a remote session34to view it later;34all recordings are saved under34machines'34asset history.34Initiating a remote session34from within a ticket? That recording34is34saved under the request's history, too.34With WebRemote, you can34quickly34resolve tickets on Windows machines right from your desk.34

Broadcast message

Do your technicians sometimes inadvertently miss important announcements? Well, it won't happen again! With the new ServiceDesk Plus,34announcements appear in a pop-up window34for all technicians, regardless of which page they are on.


Custom SMS gateway provider

You can34now34configure any custom gateway for SMS notifications34to send text messages directly to your technicians' cell34phones. Not only does ServiceDesk Plus integrate with providers like Clickatell, BulkSMS, and34Zoho's Site24x7, it also allows you to configure a custom gateway provider that fits your needs. Ensure your technicians get timely updates about important tickets, even when they're on the go.

Tighter approval for incident requests

You can34now34enforce stricter approval requirements for incident requests by34requiring approval from all approvers of34an incident ticket. This is useful in ensuring that critical incident requests are unanimously approved.


Approval by logged-in users only

Another new feature that enforces34a34stricter approval process is the option to mandate logging into ServiceDesk Plus to give approvals. This feature gives you better control over request approval and improves security by ensuring that only intended users34approve requests.

View requester details while creating34a34request

The latest ServiceDesk Plus version enables34technicians to access requester details and past requests made by the requester,34right34from within the request template.34Technicians can quickly access details like34the requester's34name, email, phone number,34and34job title if34they need to contact the requester for clarification or more34information. Similarly, technicians can view34the requester's34past requests to34avoid creating duplicate34tickets.


Predefined/random passwords for new users

The new ServiceDesk Plus provides34even34more fine-grained control over users' passwords. When you add a new user to ServiceDesk Plus34manually, or34through Active Directory34or LDAP, you can choose whether they receive a34generic34predefined password or a random password34that's34different for each user.34

Other enhancements

Change request templates now include a search functionality in all drop-down fields,34making it easier34to select34values.

Technicians can now attach files34while resolving a request.

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