ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, the full-stack enterprise service management platform, has replaced its existing asset inventory agent with a unified agent courtesy of Desktop Central, the unified endpoint management solution from ManageEngine. The transition to the new asset discovery agent greatly enhances the asset discovery capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus.

Benefits of the unified agent

In the latest build of ServiceDesk Plus 11300, we have overhauled the product's agent-based asset discovery by switching to a unified agent for asset inventory of Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. The new agent is now mandatory for scanning these computers because the WMI scan support for Windows machines and the credentials scan for Windows, Linux, and macOS machines have been phased out. The unified agent brings several advantages for users, such as robust asset discovery; advanced remote control; and automated warranty updates.

Users can also leverage the unified agent for operations like performing remote control, Wake-on-LAN, accessing the system manager, and making announcements.

What does this mean for existing customers of ServiceDesk Plus who have integrated their instance with Desktop Central?

With the new unified agent, there isn't any change in the features and capabilities of the ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central integration. However, as you upgrade to the latest builds of ServiceDesk Plus when they are released, your existing integration with Desktop Central might become incompatible since the corresponding Desktop Central installation also needs to be updated with the latest hotfix (10.1.2127.18).

Customers who are using Desktop Central with build numbers between 10.1.2119.1 to 10.1.2119.10 can download the following hotfix and upgrade to the latest version (10.1.2127.18).

Download the hotfix below and follow the instructions to upgrade your Desktop Central installation successfully.

Download the Desktop Central Hotfix

Note: Customers using Desktop Central with build numbers between 10.0.0 - 10.0.716 have to upgrade their build to 10.1.2119.10 before downloading the hotfix.

Upgrade your Desktop Central build now!

If your Desktop Central build number does not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories or is before 10.0.0, please check your build numbers here and upgrade your Desktop Central installation by following the instructions. Learn more.

Please contact us at for more information, or if you have any questions.