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Building custom Zia actions for ServiceDesk Plus

IT service desk teams can build custom no-code and Deluge-based Zia actions from the Zia developer console. These actions can include answering direct questions, pulling information from ServiceDesk Plus, and triggering service desk operations. Below are four simple steps to create and access custom Zia actions.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

  • 1

    Go to the Zia developer console from the Zia chatbot settings page under the ServiceDesk Plus admin section.

  • Virtual agent dashboard
  • 2

    Add a custom action from the Customize tab. Enter any questions, commands, or phrases that Zia should recognize.

  • Customize ITSM virtual agent
  • 3

    Tell Zia how to respond by writing a direct answer or constructing Deluge scripts.

  • ITSM virtual agent conversations
  • 4

    Press Ask Zia in ServiceDesk Plus, or Zia Voice in the mobile app. Enter any of the predefined custom phrases to invoke your custom Zia action.

  • ITSM virtual assitant

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