Asset Loan

Loan assets and keep track of all loaned assets.
Asset leasing software
Easily provide temporary assets and track all loaned assets.

    Streamline the complete asset loan process. Never miss a loaned asset.

  • Provide temporary assets to users, and track loaned assets across their life cycles from issue to return.
  • Mark assets as loanable to keep track of the assets that can be loaned to users.
  • Manually loan assets by selecting them or by scanning a barcode.
  • Set the loan period of each asset, and track when the assets need to be reclaimed.
  • See all your loaned assets in one place with filterable views.
  • Configure automated notifications for loaned assets when they're assigned, extended, returned, or expired.
  • Easily send emails to all users with loaned assets from within ServiceDesk Plus itself.

Loan assets and keep track of all loaned assets