IT Asset Discovery

Account for All Your IT Assets with Easy Discovery and Scanning Techniques
Network scanning

    Enhanced Scanning Techniques. No More Missed Assets.

  • Discover all your Windows machines with a Windows domain scan, script scan, or agent-based scan.
  • Use the network scan to discover non-windows machines (Linux, Solaris, MAC, and IBM-AIX machines), VMHost machines, and IP devices such as printers, routers, switches, and access points.
  • Maintain a secure database of all your network and domain credentials with the built-in credential library.
  • Configure and employ remote control tools from within ServiceDesk Plus to take control of any Windows or MAC workstations.

Manage IT Inventories Across Sites. Aggregate Data into a Central Repository.

  • Manually import all asset details from various sites using a simple remote scan technique.
  • Assign imported assets to the respective sites for easy management.
  • Schedule auto-synchronization of asset data from remote locations to the central ServiceDesk Plus server.
Distributed asset scanning
Schedule scans

Schedule Automated Scans. Stay Up to Date on Asset Information.

  • Schedule periodic audits and scans of your network to keep yourself updated about any changes in your IT environment.
  • Notify technicians automatically of any change to IT assets during the network/domain scan.
  • Schedule automatic re-scanning of your network to discover any new workstations added.
  • Enable periodic 'scan history cleanup' to reduce data clutter.

Account for All Your IT Assets with Easy Discovery & Scanning Techniques