Monitor software licenses and optimize IT spending with robust IT license management.

Unused software licenses can pave the way for unnecessary IT spending, which is a commonly overlooked issue in many IT organizations. Without a proper record or a systematic tracking process in place, IT teams can allow finances to fall through the cracks without even noticing it. Inefficient management of licenses leads to non-compliance, resulting in a huge fine. To combat this, ServiceDesk Plus—with its ITAM best practices approach to IT license management—helps organizations record and manage software licenses, significantly reducing unwanted IT spending and ensuring audit-readiness.

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Essential features in ServiceDesk Plus for effective IT software license management

Centralized license tracking

Easily record and manage software licenses from all the sites and locations in your organization in one place. The list view of licenses allows quick access to key information such as the expiration date, license type, number of purchases, and availability. This prevents complexity and helps you track licenses with greater efficiency.

Categorize software licenses

Organize each software license in custom license categories, such as individual, enterprise, or OEM, to help make better use of your licenses. Place licenses from a single vendor, such as Microsoft or Adobe, in a single suite and manage them together.

Software license dashboard

Get a bird's-eye view of all your software licenses in the software dashboard. This includes a real-time dashboard portraying software compliance, metering, license expiration summary, and more.

Periodic scans and timely notifications

Maintain software compliance and be audit-ready by keeping track of licenses. Schedule periodic scans of workstations and prevent license violations. Stay alert with notifications on license expiration.

Associate licenses with purchases and contracts

Keep tabs on all purchased licenses and contracts with alerts. Get reminders about contract renewals.

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Best practices for software license management to make a difference:

  • Maintain an organized software license inventory with detailed information on all purchased software, including purchase details, contracts, and license types. This helps you stay informed of all available software and take ownership so you can actually use your licenses.
  • Stay updated on license usage and expiration to prevent unnecessary spending on unused licenses and maintain compliance. Set alerts for license renewal and expiration, malware detection, maintenance, purchase approvals, and more.
  • Deploy an efficient software license management tool that offers a look at the big picture—all purchased software licenses, their statuses, and software compliance status—while also enabling granular tracking of software assets.
  • Keep a repository of all software license documents, including contracts, proof of purchase, and vendor details, and link every document to a specific license. This helps your organization stay audit-ready.
  • Last but not least, prioritize software license management. Although it may appear to be a rather small part of software asset management, it's important to acknowledge license management’s significance in preserving compliance. This includes keeping all employees informed of the procedures in place and educating them on the importance of compliance.

Other ITSM processes available in ServiceDesk Plus

  • IT problem management

    Identify underlying issues, record symptoms, and provide work-arounds and solutions easily.

  • IT change management

    Gain comprehensive visibility into the risks and impacts of IT changes and ensure success. Easily create change requests and problems from within incidents, manage IT changes efficiently with customizable visual change workflows, and more.

  • Service catalog

    Build a comprehensive catalog of all IT services provided for end users to choose from.

  • Knowledge base

    Add resolutions to issues directly into the knowledge base from a ticket, create knowledge base articles, and store them for future use.

  • IT asset management

    Easily discover, track, and manage IT and non-IT assets, and keep tabs on software licenses, cost and depreciation, purchase details, and more.

  • CMDB

    Build an inventory of all your configuration items, track them, and define relationships.

  • Enterprise service management

    Extend proven ITSM best practices to departments like HR and facilities with the rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities.

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