Change advisory board meetings

A sneak peek into the questions that will be covered:

  • What should be included in a CAB agenda?
  • What kinds of IT changes justify the formation of a CAB?
  • Who makes up the core CAB member list?
  • What do I do when the CAB can't reach an agreement?
  • How do I conduct CAB meetings effectively in hybrid work models?
  • What are the challenges IT teams face when choosing an appropriate CAB when the workforce is remote?
  • What happens if an emergency change is needed when the workforce is working remotely?
  • How frequently would a tech support group be expected to be a part of CAB meetings?

About Vawns Murphy

Vawns Murphy is an experienced and award-winning service management professional with ITIL V2 Manager (red badge), ITIL V3 Expert (purple badge), and SDI Manager's certificate qualifications. With a bachelor's degree in science and technology, she also maintains COBIT, ISO 20000, PRINCE2, and Microsoft qualifications. Vawns maintains a long history as a service management architect, consultant, and evangelist. She is a member of the itSMF UK Transition Management Working Party & SIG, a member of the itSMF Ireland Management Committee, the author of itSMF UK collateral on Service Transition, Software Asset Management and Problem Management. She reviewed the Service Transition ITIL 3 2011 publication and was named winner of the itSMF UK 2017 thought leadership award. Vawns is also a founding member and in-house blogger for the ITSM.Tools website and a senior ITSM consultant with i3Works Ltd.

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