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Remote work is quickly becoming the new norm following the COVID-19 pandemic. You've solved the basic issues of working from home—employees have mobile solutions and connectivity, and your culture is adapting to video conferencing—but there are still other problems.

People can't simply walk over to the purchasing or HR departments anymore. How do they access all the services they need to get their jobs done? Perhaps you've never invested much in an intranet or corporate portal that acts as a pit stop for all employee needs, or your investments have become obsolete (e.g. legacy groupware).

If you're wondering how your organization can provide employees with access to the services they need, it may be time to update your organization's portfolio of services. All of your services, not just IT services, should be able to provide access to the employees that need it easily and efficiently.

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester Analyst Charles Betz will discuss:

  • Evolving from IT service management (ITSM) to enterprise systems management (ESM)
  • The importance of a universal enterprise service portal
  • Why managing the "invisible work in process" of enterprise services is so important
  • The platform power of modern ESM solutions
  • Modern knowledge management for the learning organization: automation, left-shifting, and AI

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