Why choose ServiceDesk Plus over other ITSM vendors in the market?

Tailor-made service desk experience with little to no code customizations

While many ITSM software solutions offer a personalized experience for their users, ServiceDesk Plus' last-mile customization and custom automations enable IT teams to fine-tune their IT service management workflows with little to no code scripting.

Graphical workflow builders to simplify complex workflows

It's one thing to have a certain function but another for the feature to actually work. ServiceDesk Plus' visual workflow builder opens up the opportunity to create complex ITSM processes including changes, releases, and problems on a simple drag-and-drop canvas, merging in-depth insights with ease and functionality.

Higher service desk adoption rates

Leverage every possible channel available to your end users to make the service desk more accessible for them. ServiceDesk Plus facilities easy ticketing creation and other IT service desk operations through multiple avenues including a user-friendly self-service portal, mobile apps, live chat, Zia (internal chatbot), and integrations with native and third-party apps like Microsoft Teams.

Powerful automations for better team productivity

Free up time for your IT techs by automating repetitive and level-one tasks, so that they can optimize their expertise for more complex issues. ServiceDesk Plus enables automation of various service desk processes, which also helps reduce errors and achieve consistent, best-in-class service delivery.

Real-time analytics and no-code reporting

ServiceDesk Plus' analytics and reporting capabilities, powered by the native Zoho Analytics integration, supersedes other reporting tools by filling the gaps in data accuracy with real-time reporting. While other tools come with scheduled updates, ServiceDesk Plus' continual real-time data allows IT teams to make critical decisions with all the right numbers.

A full-stack ITSM suite to manage all IT operations in one place

ServiceDesk Plus is the only ITSM solution that enables organizations to manage all aspects of their IT service management model right from the service desk. Leverage contextual integrations with native and third-party IT management and business tools to widen the scope of your service desk.

Awards & Recognitions

Other ITSM processes supported by ServiceDesk Plus

  • Enterprise service management

    Extend proven ITSM best practices to departments like HR and facilities with the rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities.

  • IT incident management

    Swiftly recover from interruptions and service breakdowns by logging, tracking, and managing IT incidents effectively with our PinkVERIFY-certified incident management process.

  • Problem management

    Analyze the root cause of incidents, and reduce the number of repeat incidents to boost your IT help desk's productivity.

  • Change management

    Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows. Eliminate unauthorized and failed changes.

  • Service catalog

    Showcase your available IT services to end users, and give your IT a fresh face.

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