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ITSM Strategies for the next three years

In the post-pandemic era, many organizations have made the switch to a hybrid or remote-first workplace, digitally empowering end users in the process. This has influenced IT’s approach to meet surging demands of the new corporate world while reducing costs, improving service delivery, and increasing employee productivity.

As organizations—and IT leaders in particular—align their strategies based on business needs impacted by internal and external challenges and opportunities, it is crucial to understand what their peers are planning and executing. Keeping an eye on what’s happening externally helps organizations stay up to date with current industry standards and meet the demands of the post-pandemic era.

In this ebook, we provide a compilation of ITSM strategies from ten ITSM experts and leaders that could be most important over the next three years.

Key takeaways from this ebook:

  • Understand the critical areas of focus to deliver exceptional customer service and improve employee productivity.
  • Plan and strategize the expansion of IT infrastructure and facilities required to meet the post-pandemic surge in demand.
  • Gain insights into industry trends in IT service delivery and align your business needs to deliver services to customers efficiently.
Service management strategy

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