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Top 7 priorities for
service desk managers in 2018

Presented by Kumaravel Ramakrishnan & Aparna TA

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Webinar: Top 7 priorities for service desk managers in 2018

As technology advances, so do the processes needed to build an ecosystem around that technology. This phenomenon is especially true in the field of IT service management, as new technologies such as chat bots, machine learning, and AI converge with evolving service management best practices to create a better customer experience.

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But sometimes, these advancements can leave IT service desk teams feeling overwhelmed. To get a better understanding of how teams are overcoming their growing pains with new ITSM technologies, we went right to the experts.

We asked service desk managers about their priorities for this year and how they plan to adjust to dynamic business environments while meeting the ever increasing demands of end users. This webinar is based on the results of that survey.

In this webinar, we'll talk about:

  • Why service desks need to adopt to changing technology and processes.
  • What service desk managers list as their top priorities for 2018.
  • How you can jump-start your service desk game plan.

Get to know our speakers.

Kumaravel Ramakrishnan,
Product manager
Kumaravel Ramakrishnan is a product manager for the ITSM team at ManageEngine. He has over a decade of experience in ITSM and has demonstrated expertise on the KPI and metrics-side of service management.
Aparna is a product analyst at ManageEngine, working in the ITSM product division for ManageEngine's flagship product, ServiceDesk Plus. She keeps an eye on various IT practices and studies their impact on IT service management.

Aparna TA,
Product analyst
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