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ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass webinar videos

  • May 14
  • Service request: Simplified employee onboarding

    Learn how to help new employees have a great first day by simplifying the onboarding process, designing request workflows, and facilitating a better user experience.

  • May 29
  • Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

    Learn how to respond to security incidents by automating notifications, prioritizing tickets, and quickly assembling an incident response team.

  • June 12
  • Hardware asset management: Bringing all your assets
    under one roof

    Learn how to manage vulnerable assets with complete visibility into your asset estate by identifying critical assets and taking proactive measures to secure them.

  • June 19
  • Software asset management: One app for all the other apps

    Learn how to get answers to all software compliance and audit questions by monitoring software licenses in real time.

  • July 02
  • Change and project management: A pacer for your IT marathon

    Learn how to align bold business objectives with big IT goals by streamlining IT change management while minimizing the risk associated with the change and ensuring high service availability.

  • July 17
  • ManageEngine integrations: Unleash the power of 360-degree ITSM

    Learn how to turn your IT service desk into a control center by bringing contextual information from various IT management applications into your IT service desk tool.

  • July 31
  • Analytics: Get a holistic view of your IT service desk

    Learn how to leverage analytics to get a holistic view of your service desk performance and efficiently manage people, processes, and assets.

Get to know our speakers.

  • Santhosh "Santa" Mahiban

    product expert

    Santhosh has over eight years of experience in ITSM. He specializes in worldwide service desk implementations and consulting, where he strategizes and oversees the complete implementation cycle in various environments. He is currently a member of ServiceDesk Plus' service management team and is responsible for expanding the product, including leading product management for the latest Enterprise Service Management feature.

  • Prem Maheswaran

    product expert

    Prem has over seven years of experience in support and user education. As a product expert, he's helped implement ITSM solutions for many customers around the world. He currently partners with product management and support teams to help customers maximize their ITSM investments.

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Service request: Simplified employee onboarding

Can a requester approve a request via email rather than using the portal?
Do all approvers need a license?
I don’t have access to the Service Catalog in my Admin tab, what am I missing here?
What is the difference between the Business Service Category and the IT Service Category?
Is it possible to print a request after the HR team fills out the required details?
Can you share the Field and Form Rule for adding multiple employees in a request form?
How would you process employee onboarding tasks that require other services, information, workflow activities, or approval, like granting VPN or corporate Wi-Fi access?
How do we integrate ServiceDesk Plus onboarding with Workday hiring and job requisition when we open a position?
How are approvals tracked?
How do we view the workflow of a service request?
Is there a way to copy the employee name from an onboarding request and add it to all associated tasks?
Can you attach SLAs to individual tasks under an onboarding request?
Can you email the requester within tasks?
Can you assign multiple approvers in each stage?
Can Smart Mode, along with Field and Form Rules, be used to perform dynamic changes to the Approvers list?
Can Smart Mode, along with Field and Form Rules, be used to perform dynamic changes to the Approvers list?
You said ServiceDesk Plus was integrated with Active Directory. Can it also be integrated with Exchange to create mailboxes?
What is the difference between using Field and Form Rules versus Business Rules?
Do you have a lab where we can look at how you have things set up?
Is there a way to approve tasks?
How do we add the Service Catalog to our instance of ServiceDesk Plus?
Is adding an AD field as an available field in the roadmap? I have new hire requests and would like the new hires to be able to choose a supervisor from an existing requester/AD user list.
Is it possible to hide the Asset field from the Requester view?
It is possible to process a new hire request using Incident Templates?

Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

How can I create suggestions based on the subject of a request?
Which third-party platforms for SMS notifications have been fully tested to work well with ServiceDesk Plus?
How can we associate a problem record with the Assets and CMDB modules?
How can we quickly associate all incident records with an asset?
How do we quickly view all previous incidents related to an asset?
How do we quickly view all solutions related to an asset?
Are announcements helpful if requesters don’t really use the help desk portal?
If a problem ticket is not closed for a long time, does that mean that our incident is not resolved?
Which editions offer the Priority Matrix?
Can we use Request Life Cycle to prevent a technician from updating the resolution after a request has been closed?
How do we configure a backup technician?
How do we configure sites?

Hardware asset management: Bringing all your assets under one roof

Is it possible to automatically delete the assets that were not successfully scanned over the past three months?
Can the agent push scan data to ServiceDesk Plus even if the computer is not part of the domain?
In what version was the asset loan feature introduced?
Can we generate asset tags like we auto-generate barcodes?
Is it possible to scan servers via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)?
How can I remove the association between an asset and a purchase order (PO)?
Can ServiceDesk Plus scan assets using Desktop Central agents?
Can I create a group for machines with an expired warranty?
Can IT admins set an alert to notify users about assets that have exceeded the loan period?
If a user associated with an "In Use" asset is deleted, why is the asset's state then changed to "In Store"?
Can we use both Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and the ServiceDesk Plus agent to scan assets?
How do you suggest scanning a wide range of IPs over a network for example, to Last year, ServiceDesk Plus' behavior was changed to scan only 10 IPs at a time for performance, so now our network scans never seem to finish.
Can I change the scan date format from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY?

Software asset management: One app for all the other apps

What happens to the software that is installed on a computer when the computer is disposed?
What if a software isn't showing up in the manufacturer list? Is there a way to add it?
Is the asset management in ServiceDesk Plus married to the software module in Desktop Central?
Can software asset management be used to manage user permission levels?
How to manage multiple perpetual licenses for one software.
Is there a way to view purchased licenses for a department?
The listing of computers and/or users, are they taken from active directory domain? What if the company has multiple domains?
How do you suggest handling licenses for a suite of products, e.g. Adobe Creative Suite? Each individual application appears separately, yet they share the same license. Also, someone may have purchased an individual license for one of the products only.
Does ServiceDesk Plus report on the frequency of use software on operating systems Windows 7 and above?
We have a mix of Windows OS licenses from OEM to volume. How do we add/track those licenses in serviceDesk Plus?
What happens if a laptop was removed form a domain and decommissioned, does the license get released automatically?

Change and project management: A pacer for your IT marathon

Can you do resource planning via change management in ServiceDesk Plus?
Can we have risk evaluation questionnaire or risk evaluation matrix in ServieDesk Plus?
Can we include custom tabs or boxes into the planning stage of a change?
Can you restrict the access to change ticket details in case it has confidential / restricted info?
Can milestones be closed regardless of the order?
How do you set up groups in projects?
Can you assign a task to multiple technicians to a project or task?
Do you have any connectivity with JIRA for change management?
Is there anywhere you can capture CAB minutes?
Is there a way to send a notification which includes known/planned outages?
Can you automate the approval sequence, first approve the change request before it goes to CAB?
How you could capture unauthorized change.

Analytics: Get a holistic view of your IT service desk

Do you have out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for Incidents and Problems?
Is there any additional cost involved for advanced analytics?
What are the reports offered out of the box for asset management?
What are the system requirements for installing advanced analytics?
Can, Zia, the analytics assistant available in the advanced analytics application, understand Spanish or other languages?
What is the difference between the cloud and on-prem version of the advanced analytics application?

Let's support faster, easier, and together

Let's support faster, easier, and together