The masterclass sessions are organized for the fourth week of every month. See tentative dates below.

Design and create dynamic templates with ServiceDesk Plus (On-premises)

September 29

Configure no-code and low-code automation across all major ITSM practices

October 27

Build life cycles and workflows on a visual builder to standardize processes

November 24

Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Microsoft 365

December 29

Explore the latest features of ServiceDesk Plus

You can access the videos of Season 1 here:

  • ServiceDesk Plus On-premises: Introducing new features

  • Building a resilient IT asset management process for hybrid workplaces with ServiceDesk Plus

  • Perfecting the change enablement process in a hybrid workplace with ServiceDesk Plus

  • Delivering exceptional IT service experiences in a hybrid work environment with ServiceDesk Plus

  • 6 ways to implement efficient incident management for hybrid work with ServiceDesk Plus

Meet our speakers

  • Steffi Benjamin

    Product consultant

  • Hannah.J

    User Educator