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(Released on 19 February, 2021)

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(Released on 1 February, 2021)

Framework Upgrade Information


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(Released on 25 January, 2021)

Behavior Changes


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(Released on 13 January, 2021)

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(Released on 08 January, 2021)


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(Released on 31 December, 2020)


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(Released on 18 December, 2020)

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(Released on 04 December, 2020)

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Mobile App


(Released on 19 November, 2020)


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(Released on 03 November, 2020)

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(Released on 27 October, 2020)

Behavior Changes


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(Released on 08 October, 2020)

Behavior Changes


Issues Fixed

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(Released on 29 September, 2020)

Behavior Changes

The $nonloginlink variable is removed from Change Notification Templates for new setups.

For migrated setups, the variable will not be replaced with link from 11128 build and above. Existing email notifications with this variable will now redirect to the login page.

Framework Upgrade Information

Tomcat upgraded to 9

jQuery upgraded to 3.4.1

Multi Level CAB Approval

Add multiple approvals to any change stage. Apart from the CAB approval, you can add up to 10 approval

To learn more, click here

Problem Support Group

Support groups can be assigned to work on problems and group-based permissions can be configured for problems. Reports can be generated for problems based on Group column

The variable $group is added to notification templates for Problem module.

To learn more, click here

Stage-specific approval

Added stage-specific approval notifications for service templates.

To learn more, click here

Resource summary in notification rule

New variable included to add a table summarizing the resources associated with a request.

To learn more, click here

Announcement Revamp

Disable Concurrent Login

You can now disable concurrent user login from different IP addresses.

Password protected file attachment

File attachments in the application server is now password protected. A random password is generated and stored under Admin >> Security Settings. Instance Owner/SDAdmin can view or change the password if required.

To learn more, click here

Resource Management Enhancements

Issues Fixed





(Released on 07 January, 2021)

Issue Fixed :



(Released on 02 January, 2020)

Behavior Changes :

  • SD-49108 : Pending request count for a particular requester will be displayed under Actions >> View Requests by Requester, requester details section in request details page and near the requester field in the request add page.

Enhancements :

  • SDF-83058 : Option to rename the default IT instance name.
  • SDF-83784 : Option to delete a workstation/server or move to Disposed/Expired state, if the asset is not scanned for N days.
  • SDF-83706 : Font sizes 8 - 16 added to the HTML editor.
  • SDF-83417 : Global search now allows you to search configuration items by name, type, and site.
  • SDF-83785 : Option to skip adding unknown assets by unchecking Add unknown Asset under Admin -> Scan Settings.

Issues Fixed :


  • SD-80684 : Weak SSL ciphers vulnerability.
  • SD-77123 : CSRF vulnerability in non-login pages.
  • SD-83942 & SD-83943 : Passive mixed content vulnerability.
  • SD-83959 : CVE-2020-6843 : Reflected XSS vulnerability in the Reports module.
  • SD-83133 : CSRF vulnerability occurs when actions are performed on solution topics under Solutions >> Manage Topics.
  • SD-83941 : Information disclosure vulnerability in JIRA integration.


  • SD-83896 : Under Home >> Scheduler, scheduled problems are displayed for technicians even after the application is downgraded to the Standard edition.


  • SD-83289 : Regardless of the option selected in the close wizard, the right panel displays Closed without Requester's acknowledgement when a request is closed.
  • SD-83718 : Status update is not reflected in the Onhold status scheduler popup if RLC is configured for the request.
  • SD-81126 : Unable to preview PDF attachments in Approval page.
  • SD-78956 : If attachments in incoming emails (new requests and request conversations) are dropped due to size limit, the email sender will be notified.
  • SD-83948 : Requester detail gets truncated instead of getting wrapped in the right pane of the request details page.


  • SD-83780 : Zero installation software removed from scanned software in software list view.
  • SD-83712 : An error is thrown when updating Windows Agent Configuration settings in non-windows OS
  • SD-83225 : The correct application architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) is now displayed in the healthmeter under the community tab.
  • SD-83782 : Error thrown while rendering Unknown OID list when sysDescription value is null.
  • SD-83778 : While scanning the assets, Graphic card info is not fetched from Linux Machines
  • SD-83777 : Unable to connect to SNMP devices using SNMPv3 credentials on MIB Browsers.
  • SD-84174 : After a configuration item (CI) of the default OS-based CI type is deleted, CIs under other default OS-based CI types couldn't be edited.


  • SD-84188 : Under CMBD, you can now stop seeing the business view tutorial by clicking Skip.


  • SD-83914 : Unable to save more than 250 characters under Email Address in the incoming mail server settings.
  • SD-84173 : Under Admin >> Credentials Library, additional encryption protocols namely AES256 and AES192 are made available for SNMP V3 credentials.
  • SD-84091 : Under Admin >> SNMP Configurations >> Configure product for unknown sysOID, users could duplicate models across different product types.
  • SD-83781 : Under Admin >> SNMP Configurations >> Device Identification, you can now configure Model OID for SNMP devices.
  • SD-84123 : Conditions containing resource questions/service category specific additional fields (applicable to service FAFR) or tasks (applicable to incident and service FAFR) are removed while converting a service/incident field and form rules into a global field and form rules.


  • SD-83165 : In some query reports, columns couldn't be sorted in ascending or descending order.


  • SD-83884 : Global search from the home page redirects to Solutions module in non-english setups.
  • SD-84148 : The Chat icon is displayed for requesters even when Live Chat is disabled.
  • SD-84023 : Mail fetching stops after processing an incoming email with an existing workstation's IP address in the header.


(Released on 18 December, 2019)

Enhancements :

  • SDF-83398 : In reports, default reports of Computers with less/more than 256 MB RAM are replaced with Computers with less/more than 4 GB RAM.

Issues Fixed :


  • SD-83136 : CSRF vulnerability in base currency of Purchase Orders.


  • SD-80481 : In some cases, error message thrown while viewing the print preview of Archived requests.
  • SD-78523 & SD-78486 : Performance issue in Data Archiving and Auto-close.
  • SD-83057 : Error occurs when choosing Request type as a criterion under custom filter.
  • SD-83853 : Date filter in custom view is not as configured.
  • SD-83328 : Error occurs if a resolution with more than 100 characters is submitted.
  • SD-83389 : Request id is not mentioned in auto_close operation failure system log.


  • SD-82529 : The print button is missing in the print preview page of change request.
  • SD-79033 : When replying to change conversation, the To and CC fields are not populated automatically.


  • SD-83352 : Performing an API call to modify any asset field also modifies the Total Memory Size and Virtual Memory of the asset.
  • SD-78118 : When technicians edit details of an asset assigned to them, an incorrect notification mentioning that the technicians have returned the asset is sent out.


  • SD-82969 : Received quantity of a purchase request differs from the quantity in the purchase order when the license gets exhausted in-between the receiving process.
  • SD-83397 : The value entered in Russian language in the Created by field of a purchase request is displayed as special characters in the approval notification.
  • SD-83365 : In purchase orders, alert message on entering invalid price does not close until the page is refreshed.


  • SD-75830 : Changes in list view of Business rules under default site are not reflected in the copy site.
  • SD-83351 : Unable to add FAFR to change template when the ID is shared by a service template.
  • SD-76552 : The Site field is not updated to the change template if the default location of site field is occupied by another field.
  • SD-83242 : New organizational units imported from AD are hidden in ServiceDesk Plus if the Domain Controller's letter case had been changed during the import.
  • SD-82776 & SD-83766 : Improved the French translation of a few admin configurations.
  • SD-83250 : Task notifications are not sent if Exchange Web Services (EWS) is configured in outgoing mail server settings.
  • SD-83088 : Under Admin >> Notification Rules >> Contracts, saving message ID in the notification table throws a null pointer exception.
  • SD-83719 : Technicians imported from the Active Directory via scheduled import are auto-assigned with SDGuest role.
  • SD-82710 : Editing the asset details of a user triggers an inappropriate email when the option Notify user when an asset is disassociated from the user is enabled under Admin >> Notification Rules.
  • SD-82981 : Assets under custom product types are not getting synced in Analytics plus integration.
  • SD-83063 : Exception occurs while updating a support group which is associated with a template and also when a support group is given a name which is greater than 50 characters.
  • SD-83252 : Performance issue occurs while loading the tabs.
  • SD-83415 : On enabling the option Alert group members by e-mail when leave is marked for a technician under Admin >> Notification Rules >> Request >> Technician Notifications, the notification is sent only to the first technician in the group with the recipient field having repetitions of the mail address.
  • SD-83792 : Translation error: End Date text is displayed instead of To in Japanese language under Request Life cycle.
  • SD-83288 : Unable to add more than 250 characters in the request closure comment field.


  • SD-80107 : When we choose incident or service request filter in reports, the resolved time is displayed twice.


  • SD-83082 : In certain cases, the backup fails due to connectivity issues.
  • SD-83200 : Unable to run the changeDBserver command in console mode when the application is running in https mode.
  • SD-83721 : Unable to start the server as a FailOver Service after applying the ESM license.


(Released on 12 December, 2019)

Behavior Changes

  • SD-84068 : Under Admin >> Discovery, Audit Settings is now renamed as Schedule Scan.


  • SDF-83306 : Going forward, the configurations required to send mobile push notifications will be customizable.
  • SDF-80660 : The summary by column in custom reports will include decimal values.

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-83077 : CSRF vulnerability in change request deletion.
  • SD-83074 : CSRF protection added while sending approval emails to technicians.
  • SD-83076 : CSRF protection enabled for approval emails validation.

Home :

  • SD-83292 : Unable to close tasks from the home page if the 'Closed' status has been renamed.
  • SD-83186 : The self-service portal customization page displays the option to raise a service request in standard and professional editions.

Dashboard :

  • SD-78988 : Under Dashboard >> Helpdesk, the legends in some widgets are misaligned.

Requests :

  • SD-83279 : In technician login, history of deleted tasks is not captured in the request history when then task is deleted by a technician with permission to delete request task.
  • SD-78284 : Total Time Taken of work logs is sometimes not the summation of individual work logs.
  • SD-83227 : Auto-saved draft of a request reply displays the cursor in the beginning of the message.
  • SD-83238 : Unable to search with resolution fields using Advanced Search in Request module.
  • SD-83873 : Paste operation in the editor is executed twice when the content is copied from other tools like MS Office and MS Outlook.

Changes :

  • SD-83369, SD-81394 : Scroll bars in change list view are not visible in chrome.

Projects :

  • SD-82999 : In some scenarios, the tasks under a milestone are imported directly into the project or another milestone.

Solutions :

  • SD-83392 : The application performance has been improved in the solution list view.

Assets :

  • SD-83913 : Agent : SSL security certificate upgraded for agent-server communication.
  • SD-78583 : Unable to import CSV files of assets with empty numerical fields.
  • SD-80905 : In the professional edition, under Actions in purchase orders, the Associate Service Requests button is displayed even though the service catalog is not purchased.
  • SD-82446 : Unable to resize the Available CIs column when adding relationship to an asset.
  • SD-78541 : A dynamic asset group configured for the 'server' product type does not include servers of the 'workstation' product type.
  • SD-82966 : Error occurs after copying a workstation and reopening the details page of the copied workstation.

Purchase :

  • SD-81734 : In the purchase order list view, POs due in next 7 days and POs due in next 30 days filters include rejected, canceled, and closed purchase orders.

Contracts :

  • SD-73561 : The print preview of contracts does not include Description and Support fields.

Admin :

  • SD-83234 : When customizing the email template for comment notifications in Admin >> Notification Rules >> Tasks, including the Project/Milestone/Task owner's name displays the owner ID.
  • SD-83387 : Upon upgrade, some technicians configured under Admin >> Users >> Technician Auto Assign >> Exclude following technicians are removed. The issue occurs only if more than 35 technicians have been excluded from the auto-assign configuration.
  • SD-83130 : Unable to restart mail fetching when EWS is used.
  • SD-82942 : Spam filter criteria that includes Description does not work.
  • SD-82873 : LDAP authentication fails if 'CN' was mapped to any field during user import through LDAP protocol.
  • SD-82561 : Request custom menu list view does not display more than 10 entries.
  • SD-83383 : Unable to add additional fields in the Admin tab.
  • SD-79005 : Preventive Maintenance tasks scheduled for the same time are not executed properly.
  • SD-83410 : Unable to save custom trigger after selecting a notification template in Admin >> Custom trigger >> Email notification.

Reports :

  • SD-80738 : Croatian characters are not displayed in reports.
  • SD-76078 : While generating custom reports, the advanced filtering lists requesters in the technician's column.
  • SD-82836 : Issues in replacing old schema to new schema in Query reports.
  • SD-82943 : In IE, an inappropriate error message pops up when the Reports module is used.
  • SD-82437 : Issues while generation reports due to the presence of single quotes in additional field names.

Community :

  • SD-82849 : In the System Log Viewer, you can now view the details of a successful user import through LDAP.

General :

  • SD-80408, SD-76175 : Unable to attach files having [] and {} in the file name.
  • SD-80923 : HTTP to HTTPS redirection settings are not retained after the upgrade.
  • SD-83038 : SAML single sign-on option is not supported for integrated live chat.
  • SD-82150 : Dynamic notification count is not shown on the bell icon for non SDAdmin users.


(Released on 03 December, 2019)

Behavior Changes

  • SD-33420 : Improved a few tooltips displayed under Helpdesk Dashboard >> Requests Closed in Last 20 Days and Requests Received in Last 20 days for better clarity.
  • SD-83060 : Provision to add a new remote control is discontinued.


  • SDF-80742 : Service catalog templates under a single service category will be expanded on clicking the service category in the list view and card view layout.
  • SDF-83138 : When a new owner is added to a portal, the existing portal owner will be notified through email and broadcast. The Orgadmin can add any owner to any instance.

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-81637, SD-77407 : A DOS vulnerability is found in the attachments section.
  • SD-57988 : SLA applied to a service request is not automatically updated when the request is edited.
  • Dashboard :

    • SD-80798 : Requesters are not able to access the hyperlinks of certain widgets in dashboards shared with them.
    • SD-79497 : In Dashboards, the Requests by Technician widget lists technicians who are deleted or converted to users. This happens only when the corresponding request is in a custom completed status.

    Requests :

    • SD-81976 : Forwarding a technicians response on a request with $Description variable does not include the threaded content.
    • SD-76882 : When creating a service request from the incident request details page, template names with certain special characters are displayed as an empty line.
    • SD-80893 : Performance issues for requester login in Request list view filters.
    • SD-67759 : Reopening a completed request sustains the technician who is deleted or converted into a requester.
    • SD-77358 : Performing global search of requests without using the request ID displays inappropriate error message.
    • SD-83062 : Incident additional field's vertical orientation configured in templates is not maintained while creating a request using the same template.
    • SD-83189 : Help text are not displayed for a request's subject and description.
    • SD-82998 : In request email notifications, inline images of the request resolution are broken. The issue occurs only if the notification is sent after a status change that called for the 'Close Window' pop-up.
    • SD-82995 : Editing a request using global edit does not retain the previously added assets.
    • SD-82409 : When an email fetched by EWS is converted into a request, the EML and MSG files in the email are not saved as request attachments but rather appended to the request description.
    • SD-83709 : Changing the request status from Resolved to any pending status results in wrong Due by Time calculation.

    Assets :

    • SD-82992 : Web RDP is not shown under the remote control option in asset details page if the OS name does not contain the word Microsoft.

    CMDB :

    • SD-79892 : Disabled CIs are shown when we try to add a relationship for a CI under the CMDB tab.

    Purchase :

    • SD-73568 : Page crashes upon clicking Receive Items in Purchase Order.

    Admin :

    • SD-82712 : When the language is set to Japanese, importing category from CSV file displays an error.
    • SD-81127 : Unable to associate the template with RLC when the template name length exceeds 100 characters.
    • SD-76784 & SD-77881 : Whenever a non-OS based CI type like Application server or File server is scanned or its OS is modified manually the CI type of the device changes.
    • SD-76601 : Unable to reorder surveys if more than 10 surveys are configured.

    Reports :

    • SD-74128 : Purchase order Created date is available as Ordered date in Reports.

    General :

    • SD-83010 : Unable to create new users through SAML login When the domain is not available in ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SD-82793 : In some cases, an invalid certificate error is thrown when applying CA certified IdP certificate in the SAML configuration page.
    • SD-78409 : The default response code for auto redirection from HTTP to HTTPs is changed.
    • SD-83223 : The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build.


    (Released on 25 November, 2019)

    Behavior Changes

    • The Recent Items option now has a new icon.

    Enhancements :

    • SDF-78122 : Zia, Zoho's AI assistant for business, has been implemented in ServiceDesk Plus. Zia inspects each incoming request and applies her learning to understand and respond to the user's needs. Currently, Zia can perform approval actions by using users' responses to the approval email.

      Configure Zia under Admin >> Zia Configurations

      Learn more about Zia

    • SDF-81210, SDF-78055, SDF-76301 : Chat Enhancements
      • You can now add hyperlinks to a chat.
      • You can now choose to include or exclude chat for sites, groups, and technicians under Admin >> Chat Settings.
      • Requesters can now close an unpicked chat which will be marked as a missed chat.
    • SDF-82636 : HTML editor added under Reply template.
    • SDF-79610 : Option to filter active/in-active/all templates.

      Admin >> Service Catalog

    Issues Fixed :

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-80748 : Content spoofing vulnerability in error message pop-ups.

    Requests :

    • SD-82653 : Technicians are not listed in the editor field for users with requester login.
    • SD-82827 : SDAdminusers are unable to close a service request in some scenarios.
    • SD-82035 : Field and form rule set on form load is not applied for select approvers field when adding a request or editing a request using the global edit option.
    • SD-71683 : Actionable buttons in the bottom of the work log section under the resolution of a request are given a floating design.
    • SD-76089 : Technician with request "view permission" can see the Add New Request button in the request list view.
    • SD-82996 : Editor focus is not set in Resolution tab in request details page.
    • SD-83123 : Deleted technician profiles are listed in technician dropdown of request module.

    Changes :

    • SD-83218 : Typing the change description displays the characters in the reverse order.

    Assets :

    • SD-82661 : Creating a product type with square brackets in its name leads to security related error while accessing an asset of that product type via the asset list panel.
    • SD-82510 : Unable to import asset data from CSV if the extension of the file contains uppercase letters.
    • SD-82686 : When importing an asset from CSV, the asset loan details are not retained.
    • SD-82830 : Values entered with line breaks in the asset/workstation multiline additional fields are displayed without the line breaks in the asset details page.
    • SD-81660 : Unable to create a relationship between any two CIs using "Runs or Runs on" relationship type from XLS.

    Admin :

    • SD-82638 : Service catalogs are getting reordered while trying to reorder incident templates within a specific service category.
    • SD-82637 : Reordering of service catalog templates is getting failed in some specific scenario.
    • SD-82822 : Service Catalog templates cannot be opened in different tabs by right clicking on the template name.
    • SD-78315 : In safari browser, on downloading the attachment from preview section the attachment file name is changed to 'true'.
    • SD-79528 : i18n key value is displayed in Request Life Cycle's discard changes window.
    • SD-70032 : In Admin >> Chat Settings, the drop-down list in Site, Group, and Technician fields closes after each entry.
    • SD-83308 : Unable to save the configurations under Admin >> Problem/Change Management >> Change Closure Rules.
    • SD-83212, SD-83305 : The Request notification rules are not getting saved.

    Community :

    • SD-81867 : Invalid link provided under Community >> Resources option.

    General :

    • SD-78866 : In request, problem, and change modules, hovering over the title after performing any action displays HTML tags along with the request details.
    • SD-83080 : In some cases, data backup of application migrated from 10.5 to 11000-11005 fails to restore.
    • SD-83137 : Due to partial deletion of resigned users data, some of the technicians profiles are migrated to 11000 as portal owners.
    • SD-83148, SD-83125 : Mail fetching stopped when a new user tries to raise a request.
    • SD-83262 : Due to usage of non-licensed SSO jar, only 25 technicians are permitted to log in.
    • SD-83224 : Upgrade fails when a setup has any retried or expired license in an instance.


    (Released on 07 November, 2019)

    Behavior Changes

    • Enabling SAML authentication will not disable Active Directory/LDAP authentication and vice versa.
    • Enabling SSO under Active Directory authentication will disable SAML SSO and vice versa.
    • SD-57988 : SLA applied to a service request is not automatically updated when the request is edited.

    Enhancements :

    • SDF-76315 : Request Details Page Customization

      Customize the Request Details layout by moving around the following :

      • Fields in the right panel
      • Resolution, Tasks, Worklogs, Approvals, Dependencies, Time Analysis, and History tabs
      • Description, Conversations, and Properties

      You can customize the Request Details layout from within any request details page.

    • SDF-57988 : Multi SLA

      Include multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for service templates.

    • SDF-71102, SDF-71096 : Global FAFR

      Create Field And Form Rules common to all incident/service templates.

      To configure global field and form rules for incident templates, go to Admin >> Incident Management >> Field And Form Rules.

      For service request templates, go to Admin >> Service Catalog >> Field And Form Rules. Click here to know more

    • SDF-39461, SDF-46108, SDF-60895 : Backup Approver

      Add a backup approver for users to ensure seamless processing of approval actions even during the approver's unavailability.

      Home>>Backup Approver

    • SDF-70808 : Test Mail

      Test your mail server settings by sending and fetching a sample email.

    • SDF-83181 : SSP Themes

      Customize the requester self-service portal by using the newly added themes.

    • SDF-78285, SDF-77796 : Template Enhancements

      Option to copy and change an existing incident template as a service catalog.

      Option to inline edit the UDF options using the edit field pop-up under form customization.

    • SDF-82631 : View Support Logs

      Technicians with SDOrgadmin role can now view logs under Support >> Troubleshoot >> View Logs. The logs will be displayed as a text file in a new tab.

    Issues Fixed :

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-82765 : Prototype pollution vulnerability.

    Requests :

    • SD-82723 : When an excel table is pasted in the request description, it is pasted as an image instead of a table (only in Chrome).
    • SD-81270 : In some scenarios, the mandatory field values (for Request closing rules) in completed requests cannot be removed.
    • SD-82679 : Field and Form Rules with certain conditions are not applied.

    Changes :

    • SD-81388 : Search results in the Change list view reloads automatically to list all Changes.

    Admin :

    • SD-82354 : Under Admin >> Incident Managemet >> Chat Settings, choosing all the 100 sites from the drop-down list in Exclude chat for sites does not list the next available set of sites.
    • SD-82714 : Clicking the back button after adding/editing a role and then clicking the Add New Role button opens a window with the previously entered data.
    • SD-79198 : While adding a radio question in a survey, the order of options in the ranking list changes when the sort button is clicked but the ranking value does not change accordingly, resulting in incorrect survey report calculation.
    • SD-78412 : Emojis are not encoded properly in survey radio questions.

    General :

    • SD-82071 : While configuring the database in build 10500 and above, the username is configured as the database name hence an error message is thrown.
    • SD-82847 : Mail fetching is stopped when internet message headers are missing in an email.
    • SD-82660 : Encoding issues when logging using single sign-on (SSO).
    • SD-81174 : Unable to send announcements that contain URLs in some scenarios.
    • SD-82937 : The Performed by column name in the System log viewer is updated with an incorrect name.


    (Released on 01 November, 2019)

    Behavior Changes

    • The subject of email and SMS templates for business rules is now limited to 150 characters.
    • SD-80706 : When the request status is moved from resolved to any completed state, due by time will not be re-calculated.
    • SD-77362 : Global search for archived requests now includes Request ID and Default Search options.

    Issues Fixed :

    Requests :

    • SD-78697 : Custom text formatting used in notifications for add/update request operations is not preserved when the notification is sent.
    • SD-81261 : Recent Items is not updated when a request is opened from the left panel of another request details page.
    • SD-80834 : Group notification sent when a technician picks up a request or assigns it to another technician does not capture the request assignment details.
    • SD-71156, SD-72371 : If the logical operator 'OR' is used in advanced request search, it automatically switches to 'AND' in consecutive searches.
    • SD-83131 : If you add notes to a request and then spot edit any field, the notes replace the description.
    • SD-78701 : If you reply to a request while EWS is configured for the incoming mail server settings, the email address configured in the EWS gets auto-populated in the CC field.
    • SD-81274 : Service requests in which the technician is mandated and assigned after approval are not closed upon rejection, as defined in the request closing rules.

    Assets :

    • SD-81379 : Technician with due permission is not able to exclude a workstation from a scan.
    • SD-81387 : If several assets are disabled for scan, the system might encounter an Out Of Memory (OOM) error during a scheduled scan in some scenarios.
    • SD-82445 : Clicking on the "Add New Network" button while attempting a new asset scan leads to an error.
    • SD-82633 : Unable to push AE data to central server when the proxy is configured.
    • SD-80661 : VMware machine's hard disk details are not fetched in workstation scan.
    • SD-82641 : Issue occurs when two machines are scanned using an agent scan as the auth token generated is same for both the machines.
    • SD-82721 : Linux machines are not scanned in some scenarios.
    • SD-80898, SD-81992 : An inappropriate error message is displayed upon searching an asset in the global search.
    • SD-82453 : After successful completion of the SCCM scan, the acknowledgement message is not displayed.

    Admin :

    • SD-81453 : Under Admin >> General Settings > Data Archiving >> Allow Exception, deleted criteria is restored.
    • SD-82116, SD-82715 : Unable to update e-mail and SMS templates for Business Rules.


    (Released on 29 October, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    • SD-82310 : Privilege escalation vulnerability occurs after Desktop Central is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus.

    Requests :

    • SD-74804 : Closed/resolved/on-hold requests are reopened on receiving bounced/auto-generated emails.
    • SD-82349 : The solution suggest window is not properly aligned.
    • SD-81360 : Unable to update the status of a request by using the RLC transitions in the details page if a dependency script is executed on form load.
    • SD-80323 : If you edit any description or request resolution and save without any changes, an entry is created in history.
    • SD-77469 : Improved the message displayed when a technician clicks a linked request that is beyond the technician's scope.
    • SD-82223 : Notifications are not sent to the email addresses added under the E-mail ID(s) to Notify field of request forms if incoming mail server settings are not configured.
    • SD-82477 : If there is any exception or negate action performed for an SLA Escalation action, then the schedule goes into a loop trying to process the same request again and again.

    Changes :

    • SD-67811 : Unable to add or "No response" error occurs while adding Risk, Reason for Change, Change Roles, Change Stage, and Change Workflow to a change.
    • SD-73346 : Incorrect Email notification content is sent for notifying change owners and incident requesters on the addition of a new incident to a change.
    • SD-75303 : Viewing the change calendar in the Week view and swapping the change list filters thrown a 'Null' alert.
    • SD-75305 : In change conversations, if an attachment has special characters, it gets removed from the mail.
    • SD-78934 : Unable to update a change template when the assigned technician profile is deleted.
    • SD-78974 : A technician with view access restricted to a group cannot create changes outside the group.
    • SD-80265 : The "Auto-approve change request when all CAB members recommend it" option stays checked when editing the workflow in Change Management.
    • SD-80739 : A technician with complete access to change and associated to a particular site is not able to select a change approver for the associated site.

    Projects :

    • SD-82012 : When projects are imported from MS projects, the schedule start time is same for all the associated tasks.
    • SD-82235 : When associating a change to a project, the All Changes filter lists only the open changes.

    Tasks :

    • SD-82401 : Task filters are shown in English even after choosing a non-English language as the default browser language.

    Solutions :

    • SD-80726 : Solution expiry schedule does not work after applying the ppm on any build over 10005 or below.
    • SD-76330 : The Last updated on time in a solution is getting updated every time the solution is opened.
    • SD-77567 : The APIs corresponding to Solution Module failed to work after the 10005 update.

    Admin :

    • SD-81316 : In scheduled LDAP import for two domains, the empty fields of a user in the second domain gets updated with the fields of the corresponding user in the first domain.
    • SD-79749 : Spam filter select pop-up is not closing automatically after clicking the Save button.
    • SD-82630 : In few cases users are unable to edit request templates.
    • SD-81385 : The browser default language does not apply to the conditions and the actions in the field and form rules.
    • SD-75840 : In the request life cycle pop-up window, the template association section contains an inapt title.
    • SD-81411, SD-82180 : The Complete Json File is not accessible from Custom trigger Script when SDP is installed under Program Files.

    General :

    • SD-81994 : Unable to preview the PDF attachments if the file extension name is in the Uppercase.
    • SD-82478, SD-81276 : Unable to go back to the search results after opening an entity's details page.
    • SD-81488 : The size of the 'backupfilepath' column in the 'backupschedule' table has been increased to the maximum size defined in the database.
    • SD-77617 : After the application data is restored through the command prompt, the command prompt does not close.
    • SD-81709 : Unable to login via SAML when the application runs in the default http and https ports.
    • SD-81232 : Non-English users logging in through the Internet Explorer face an error stating "Error while fetching domain".
    • SD-80235 : Backup failure occurs when a file is saved as "blog" in the inline images folder.
    • SD-78399 : The mail to link in the email notification does not invoke the default mail client page.
    • SD-80048 : Wrong translation for the word Others in the Swedish language setup.
    • SD-78548 : Error in email parsing when the XML response contains the characters '&' or '#'.
    • SD-78048 : During integration with Desktop Central/Mobile Device Manager Plus, accessing the Mobile Device Manager tab displays inappropriate error message.


    (Released on 11 October, 2019)

    Behavior Change

    • SD-79214: In Reports list view page, public query reports are listed for technicians without permission to create query reports.


    • SD-77786: Help text provided for request fields will be displayed upon hovering over the field.

    Issues Fixed


    • SD-76409: In versions 10000 and later, the API response of Request details for Sites and Department properties is null if the database value is a hyphen (-).
    • SD-80621: Dependency map was unavailable to technicians to whom dependent tickets were already shared.
    • SD-80902: Navigation buttons in the Merge window do not display the relevant results during search.
    • SD-81150: Custom trigger is not working if two python scripts are invoked in parallel.
    • SD-82253: Privilege escalation vulnerability in notifications under request module.
    • SD-75321: When creating a request via quick create, multiple requests are created on clicking the Save button multiple times.
    • SD-70666: In service requests with pre-configured approvals, approval stage/s are not created if the organization roles added as approvers are not associated with any users.
    • SD-74684: The approval notification configured to be sent upon a service request creation will now contain the system as the sender.


    • SD-82034: The Solution Add and Edit forms will support field resizing alike.


    • SD-82746: Unable to add user when the email ID contains special characters.
    • SD-80889: The field and form rule configured to remove options from the Group field does not work in requests and changes.
    • SD-81282: In request templates, bulk addition of options is supported for all Multi Select and Pick List additional fields.
    • SD-81190: Any custom SSP message in Japanese is garbled in the service catalog page.
    • SD-81380: Service templates with a resource description exceeding 200 characters couldn't be saved. The character limit has been increased to 1500.
    • SD-82348: Remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability during SCCM scan initiation (CVE-2019-19034) reported by Sahil Dhar (xen1thlabs).
    • SD-82224: In Advance Analytics integration, Instance/Scheduled sync fails even after successful completion of initial sync.
    • SD-82763 : Unable to add general instructions in service templates for technicians and requesters simultaneously.


    • SD-70572: Newly generated report automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page.
    • SD-71475: In non-English language setups, when a Report is generated with the date criteria, the date appears in the report having both the From and To in English.
    • SD-79593: On generating reports, single quotes in the description fields across modules is replaced with its relevant ASCII code.
    • SD-80136: Exporting a matrix or advanced matrix report into a PDF does not contain the page margins.
    • SD-81104: Remote Code Execution(RCE) vulnerability in reports module.
    • SD-81194: In some scenarios, multiple scheduled reports generated on the same time contain incorrect report titles.
    • SD-81196: In some scenarios, unable to run reports with null in the query.


    (Released on 04 October, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    • SD-81249, SD-80324 : Description of a request is not properly visible from the details page if fonts with different colors and formats are used in it.


    • SD-76470 : In Asset Loan, changing the timezone results in mismatch of loan dates.
    • SD-78392 : Zero (0) is not accepted as a value in the asset additional field pick list.
    • SD-80736 : Inconsistency in the order of fields during CSV import of assets.
    • SD-81610 : In Assets >> Barcodes >> Print barcodes, clicking the print button displays the page instead of the barcode preview. The issue occurs only in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • SD-81932 : In Assets, the height of the Groups widget is inappropriate.
    • SD-82002 : When we add assets by generating our own barcodes and then try scanning them, the generated barcodes get dissociated from these assets but continue to persist in the database as orphan values.


    • SD-80931 : In Purchase request notification, after approval action, the notification is sent to approvers & Created by mail IDs instead of notifying the purchase request's technician.
    • SD-81123 : Able to modify the quantity ordered value lesser than the received quantity value in purchase orders.


    • SD-80900 : Contract expiry notifications are sent even after disabling them.


    • SD-82669: User Criteria configured under Admin >> Users do not work when the application is viewed in any non-English languages.


    • SD-80908: The text line is overlapped by the next highlighted text line in HTML editor across modules.
    • SD-82551, SD-82459: Header is not visible , if the bundled administrator or guest login name is modified.
    • SD-82681: After the upgrade, if there are any old unsent feedback submitted through Product OverView >> Feedback form, the license switches to Enterprise version.


    (Released on 30 September, 2019)

    Behavior Changes

    In the following table, we have documented the behavior changes between the upgraded Version 11 and Versions 10.5 and earlier.

      Feature Version 10.5 and earlier Version 11 (ESM)

      Naming Conventions

      Requesters and Technicians


      User Additional Fields


      Maximum limit: 250 across instances.

      AD Import

      Users with attributes mapped to a Pick List additional field are added dynamically.

      Users with attributes mapped to a Pick List additional field will not be added, and the import will fail.

      For such cases, the possible values for the Pick List additional field must be already added before the AD import can happen.



      Assign to any Technician, even when no sites are configured.

      Role will be available ONLY when sites are configured.

      After migration, when no sites are configured, the All Modules role will perform all SDSiteAdmin tasks. When new sites are added, the SDSiteAdmin role will become available.

      View Technicians across all sites.

      View all Users/Technicians associated with sites mapped to SDSiteAdmin.

      Convert any Technician to Requester.

      Convert as Requesters only the Technicians associated with sites mapped to SDSiteAdmin.

      Associate departments across any site to a Requester.

      Associate departments to Users in sites mapped to SDSiteAdmin.

      Unable to change Requesters to Technicians.

      Change Users to Technicians.

      Advanced Permissions>>Adding Requesters

      Add fine-grained permissions.

      Not available.

      Technicians>>Adding Requester

      Can add new requesters.

      Not available.


      CI Types

      Referred as People, Requester, and Technician.

      Replaced with Users.

      Child CI Types

      Create Child CI types for Requesters and Technicians.

      Create Child CI types for Users.


      Change as Technician

      Unable to change Requesters to Technicians.

      Change Users to Technicians in bulk.


      API V2

      API V3

      Requester/ User






      User CI (CMDB)



      Requester Servlet API



      Technician Servlet API




      Flash Reports


      Not Available.

      Custom Reports

      Generate Technician-related reports.

      Not Available.

      Self Service Portal

      Requesters are allowed to: Edit/View profile

      The My Details tab available for the Requester.

      Replaced as My Profile and available under the user icon.

    • Admin configurations in ServiceDesk Plus 11 are reshuffled and grouped for better user experience.
    • Using old table names will throw an execution error. Under ESM, table names have undergone extensive changes. Therefore, while generating reports, query using the newly created ESM tables.

    New Features

    • SDF-42635: ServiceDesk Plus now brings you Enterprise Service Management (ESM), which extends the best practices of IT service management (ITSM) to other business functions, such as Human Resources, Admin, Finance, and Facilities.
    • SDF-35387, SDF-39629: The SDAdmin can now color-code requests in the list view page, based on Category, Group, Priority, and Status. To configure the color settings, go to the request list view page and click Color Palette.
    • SDF-59809: Add Technicians as VIP User.


    • SDF-76318: In the Request form, you can now search for requesters using these fields: Name, Email ID and Employee ID.
    • SDF-59939: Multiple email ID support now available for Technicians also.
    • SDF-81176: Allow Requesters to view or edit their Additional Fields. Configure under Self-Service Portal Settings.

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-74682: On deleting the administrator account, unable to save the changes made by the user with SDAdmin role in the dashboard, technician homepage, and self-service portal customization.
    • SD-82114, SD-82231: Editing a request from the request details page displays checkbox field values as plain text.
    • SD-53018: In the request details page, the requester details displayed on the right panel now include the 'Reporting To' user.
    • SD-78475: Execution of FAFR defined for Requester field change is fixed.
    • SD-77948: Global Config requester search functionality fix.
    • SD-69847: The Search button in the Users list view page is auto-focused when the page is loaded.
    • SD-82447: In some scenario, Default Request template is unnecessarily listed in the request catalog drop-down.
    • SD-75776: Unable to add or update a technician associated with more than 300 sites.
    • SD-82112: Unable to add attachments in some sections of the application for non-English personalizations.

    Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

    After upgrading to ServiceDesk Plus version 11, you can implement enterprise service management (ESM) in your organization.

    ESM enables you to bring ITSM-like help desk service to other business functions in your organization. Each business function can have a dedicated service desk instance with templates, categories, and configurations specific to that function. For example, you can have a template to request for new hire orientation under HR and request for air conditioner service under Facilities.

    Before you can create these service desk instances, you need to configure the ESM Directory, which will now be the central repository of all organizational data, including user information, service desk instances, and user association to these instances.

    All users can log on to the ESM Portal to access service desks to submit specific issues. User permissions to instances are configured in the ESM Directory. You can configure the application with a single service desk instance or with multiple instances.

    The following table lists module-wise differences between single instance and multiple instances under enterprise service management.

    Feature Single Instance Multiple Instances Feature Update under ESM

    VIP User

    Configure under Admin>>Users

    Configure under ESM Directory

    Available for all users.

    SMS Mail ID

    Secondary Email ID

    Additional Fields

    Configure under Admin>>Users>>Additional fields.

    Configure under ESM Directory. Configure instance-level additional fields under Admin tab of specific instances.

    • Available for Users and Technicians
    • Additional field data will not be available under CMDB users.

    AD Import

    Configure under Admin>>Active Directory.

    Configure under ESM Directory.

    All user data (Users and Technicians) will be updated during the Active Directory (AD) import.


    Add Users

    Not Applicable

    User Management done only under the ESM directory.

    Relationships and Attributes

    All People, Requester, and Technician relationships and attributes will be mapped to Users.

    Schema changes

    • Any query reports saved in the old schema or any new query report on the old table schema will now be redirected to be executed in the database using the new schema.
    • Errors during replacement are tracked in the FailedQuery.html file under logs.
    • All old schema queries successfully tracked are available in the SucceedQuery.html file.
    • Querying the following tables is not possible anymore: Requester, Technician, HelpdeskCrew, and UserAdditionalFields
    Deleted Replaced With




    NILL (Not handled)


    UserAdditionalFields and PortalUsers(for ciid)


    NILL (Not handled)


    UserAdditionalFields and PortalUsers(for ciid)


    NILL (Not handled)

    Column changes under ESM table schema



    Table Column Table Column


















    All columns except CIID


    Equivalent columns can be found in UserAdditionalFields.json file under logs directory

    Note: The "TechnicianId" column of the "HelpdeskCrew" table is moved to "UserId" column of the table "PortalTechnician"


    (Released on 28 December, 2020)

    Issue Fixed



    (Released on 12 November, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    (Released on 12 September, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    (Released on 03 September, 2019)

    Issues Fixed





    (Released on 20 August, 2019)


    Issues Fixed











    (Released on 06 August, 2019)

    Issues Fixed






    (Released on 01 August, 2019)

    Behavior Changes


    Issues Fixed

    Vulnerability :

    Home :

    Requests :

    Solution :

    Assets :

    Admin :

    General :


    (Released on 23 July, 2019)

    Behavior Changes


    Issues Fixed

    Vulnerability :

    Requests :

    Admin :

    Reports :

    Integrations :


    (Released on 16 July, 2019)

    New Enhancements

    Issues Fixed

    Dashboard :

    Requests :

    Projects :

    Assets :

    Purchase :

    Admin :

    Others :


    (Released on 03 July, 2019)

    Behavior Changes


    (Released on 14 May, 2019)

    Issues Fixed




    (Released on 6 May, 2019)

    Issues Fixed






    (Released on 30, April, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    (Released on 25, April, 2019)

    Behavior Changes

    Issues Fixed

    Vulnerability :

    Dashboard :

    Requests :

    Changes :

    Assets :

    CMDB :

    Purchase :

    Admin :

    Reports :

    Integrations :

    Others :


    (Released on 11, April, 2019)

    Issues Fixed


    (Released on 27, March, 2019)

    Behavior Change

    New Feature

    Issues Fixed







    (Released on 12 April, 2019)

    Issues Fixed in 9427


    (Released on 28, November, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9426

    • SD-74184 : Mail processing time increases in IMAP protocol if the attachment size is huge.
    • SD-74263 : The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build.


    (Released on 31, October, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9425


    • SD-61216 : Cross site scripting vulnerability in change password.
    • SD-73218 : Information disclosure vulnerability in Contact Support section under Help.
    • SD-73219 : Cross site scripting vulnerabilities in Language section of the Personalization menu.
    • SD-73928 : XSS vulnerability in Personalization menu.
    • SD-73929 : XSS vulnerability in View All Requesters API.
    • SD-70638 : Vulnerability: Inappropriate use of HTTP methods while resetting user password.


    (Released on 30, October, 2018)

    Behavior Change in 9424

    • SD-71761 : Earlier, while creating a request/ticket, the client machine's host name was stored in the request's history. Henceforth, only the client machine's IP address will be stored since the property 'enabledLookups' will be set to 'false' in 'server.xml' file by default.
    • You can revert to the old behavior by setting the property 'enabledLookups' to 'true' in the 'server.xml' file

      Note: This requires a restart and might result in performance problems since resolving the client host name depends on a call to the DNS server.

    Issues Fixed in 9424


    • SD-22200 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view all changes.
    • SD-22231 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to send announcements.
    • SD-22246 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to add reminders.
    • SD-22255 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view add remainder page.
    • SD-22267 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view change related reminders.
    • SD-69231 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a user being able to view task template details.
    • SD-70610 : XSS vulnerability in Request Form description under Insert Image, reported by Hussien Yousef of Saudi Information Technology Company, was fixed
    • SD-71464 : Input value is not encoded in log files resulting in a XSS vulnerability
    • SD-71473 : Vulnerability found in file extraction during the restore process.
    • SD-72074 : Vulnerability present in the attachment path.
    • SD-72572 : Fixed CRC related issue in restore process.
    • SD-73217 : Information disclosure vulnerability present in home page.


    • SD-69831 : Able to view project tasks in Home tab's tasks list view after downgrading the license from trail version to standard/professional.
    • SD-71972 : Under Home >> Tasks >> Show All Tasks, the 'Owner' field doesn't populate the Project members for the tasks created under a Project.


    • SD-71090: OOM Error occurs while processing 'Unassigned and Open Requests' Dashboard widget if there are many Open requests.


    • SD-71095 : In Service Template workflow, sending of approval emails fails for requesters who do not have 'Service Request Approver' permission but are Department Heads.
    • SD-71458 : Unable to translate request list view columns in non-English languages.
    • SD-73323 : 9418 Breakage: The issue fix for 'When more than one approver has same e-mail id, error message shown for actual approver while taking approval action' is broken.
    • SD-73417 : The set field action of FAFR does not work for radio button field.


    • SD-70802 : Task bars are blank in PDFs exported from Projects Gantt view.
    • SD-70919 : While navigating from a project to the next project by clicking the right arrow in project details page, same project loads repeatedly.
    • SD-72812 : @PROJECT_OWNER variable fetches milestone owner in milestone comments.
    • SD-73169 : Project Dashboard is present for technician without project module permission.


    • SD-73852, SD-73859 : 9422 Breakage: Requesters are not able to view solutions.


    • SD-69169 : Technician and Support Group are not saved in task templates when the application runs in Internet Explorer 11.
    • SD-69664 : Server link in the Account Lockout email notification is not opened.
    • SD-70368 : While creating a copy of a site, the sender name and sender email of the default site's support group is copied
    • SD-73678 : Field and form rules binding does not work for resources in grid view.
    • SD-71882 : Security settings >> Security response headers: After updating the latest service pack, custom security response headers are lost.


    • SD-72306 : Default report: Time spent by technician on projects is not working in MSSQL.


    • SD-73572, SD-73579 : SDP mobile app: When trying to reply to a conversation, the 'To' field is not auto-populated in mobile app version 4.7.1.


    • SD-69465 : Option to download digitally signed service packs
    • SD-70502 : Secondary installation configured for Fail Over Service (FOS) does not start if the application runs in the HTTPS mode.
    • SD-70646 : Files uploaded on to the application through UI are not replicated in the secondary installation configured for Fail Over Service (FOS).
    • SD-70739 : No proper authentication error message is shown for incorrect non-login URLs.
    • SD-70751 : Tasks added by changing the task template are not shown for technicians in calendar view(Home -> scheduler) in foreign language setups
    • SD-70947 : A grammatically wrong message is displayed while accessing a deleted task ID.
    • SD-71005 : Update manager heap size is set to 512M even after migrating to BIN setup
    • SD-71721 : Group is removed while editing a task using the 'Edit icon in task details page' from the comments tab.
    • SD-72857 : For instances enabled with Active Directory authentication along with dynamic user addition, user login fails if the username is in upper case
    • SD-73041 : Out Of Memory error occurs during the backup of directories with large number of files. If you adjust the memory size and complete the backup, Restore will still not be possible.
    • SD-73154 : Backup restore fails without the fileattachment zip in it. The issue occurs only if the previous backup has been manually terminated.
    • SD-73506 : Unable to change port number while installing ServiceDesk Plus in Windows machine.
    • SD-73562 : Incomplete backup files will have the .partial extension to distinguish from the complete backup files with the .data extension. Please note that the incomplete backup files cannot be restored.
    • SD-69306 : New indexes have been added to few columns in database tables for better performance.
    • SD-71578 : Application lag caused by logging and i/o delay.


    (Released on 22, October, 2018)


    • SDF-70993 : Option to disable automatic delta scan. Admin >> Discovery >> Scan Settings.

    Issues fixed in 9423


    • SD-71557 : XSS vulnerability found in success/failure message pop-ups is fixed.
    • SD-69428 : XSS Vulnerability in the Software Metering graph of the Software Summary page.


    • SD-70892 : In a certain scenario, issue occurs while viewing History tabs of some assets.
    • SD-71049, SD-71127 : Error occurs while Auto Assigning assets. The issue happens if the page has more than 150 workstations.
    • SD-71376 : Unable to update the WarrantyExpiry date in Diff scan while syncing the asset data from Desktop Central to SD.
    • SD-72560 : Org Serial Number field is getting duplicated in the CI details page of workstations and servers.
    • SD-72400 : Assets that are not associated to any site are not displayed for technicians without site association.
    • SD-71873 : There is no managed connection while uninstalling an agent.
    • SD-72411 : Agent information of the scanned XMLs from Desktop Central is now captured in ServiceDesk Plus.


    • SD-70632 : Unable to enter names with characters more than 30 in purchase orders.
    • SD-70798 : When an approver's name contains characters from a foreign language then these characters' encoded values are displayed in the Print Preview section of the corresponding purchase orders.
    • SD-69240 : Attachment names with commas cause page break in the Purchase Order form.
    • SD-70922 : Notification table entry undone after changing the PO status to 'Ordered'.
    • SD-71860 : Unable to delete an existing item and add new from PO edit page.
    • SD-72310 : Default Sales Tax Rate is not maintained in a PO once a vendor is selected.


    • SD-71128 : A technician with only "View" permission for contracts can attach documents to it.


    • SD-70941 : The scanned asset/workstation additional field values for a VM host get reset to default values, if configured.
    • SD-72376 & SD-74063 : While scanning CentOs machines with version above 7.2 and Red Hat machines with version above 7, the IP and MAC addresses are not captured.
    • SD-69033 : Custom CI type of workstations/servers is not preserved after a second scan.
    • SD-70950 : After the scan In SDP version9423, Network scanned status and last scanned time is not updated.


    • SD-69974 : Application freezes while clicking on the Add New Cost Centre button. The issue occurs due to loading of too many departments.
    • SD-70262 : Asset CSV import fails when a non-SD-Admin performs the import. The issue occurs if the username field is left blank and only the department name is filled in the CSV file.
    • SD-72303 : In Asset details page, the title is not in i18N.
    • SD-69147 : CIs under a child CI type is only partially preserved when the child CI is added to a different parent.
    • SD-69156 : Unable to access the Standalone Audit page by a technician who though is not an SDAdmin but has the "Scan Now" permission in Assets Module.
    • SD-73357 : Technicians (except admins) could not add/edit assets from the left panel in the Asset Home page.
    • SD-71861 : Global search under Assets now includes the value in Last Logged In User.
    • SD-73622 : UI glitch occurs on clicking expand icon in department field in Cost Center. Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management.


    • SD-70080 : Incorrect software information stored in the database.


    • SD-70564 : Under CMDB, unable to delete barcode if more than 100 CIs are deleted in one go.


    • SD-71612 : Security exception occurs during remote access by Web RDP for any non-English languages.


    • SD-73263 : GET API for CI Details using criteria is not working in the REST API Documentation tool.
    • SD-70008 : Applications installed in an Iphone scanned by Desktop Central and pushed into ServiceDesk Plus are not listed under the Applications tab.


    (Released on 11, October, 2018)

    New features in 9422

    • SDF-69532 : Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now supports two new modules - Projects and Solutions.
      • Project management analytics

        Track progress of all your projects simultaneously from a single console. These reports help you identify bottlenecks and closely monitor project activities using Burn-down and Burn-up charts.

      • Analytics on Solutions/Knowledge-base

        Keep your knowledge-base articles up-to-date by analyzing the usage patterns and measuring the relevance of your self-service solutions.

      • Analytics on Request transition history

        Analyze the transition history of a request such as,

        1. The number of times each request was re-assigned to a different technician.
        2. The amount of time a request was put in an on-hold state.
        3. The number of support groups that have worked on each request.
    • SDF-72903 : Support for Bulgarian language in ServiceDesk Plus

    Issue Fixed in 9422


    • SD-68374 : External Entity Injection (XXE) vulnerability while processing license XML data (CVE-2019-14693)
    • SD-68374 : When a vulnerable license file gets uploaded, no proper error message is shown
    • SD-69317 : Vulnerability: Credential information is hard coded in plain text format
    • SD-71558 : vulnerability in asset association field
    • SD-72592 : Script error pops up while changing the list view filter/personalization in projects/change list view pages.
    • SD-68703 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
    • SD-72082 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload.


    • SD-70986 : Time format configured in Personalize menu is not reflecting in My Reminder(s) widget in the home page
    • SD-73571 : 'Report an incident' widget contents are not translated for non-English languages.


    • SD-71616, SD-71420 : Technicians are not able to open pending tasks from their dashboard page if their name contains (,) comma


    • SD-68176 : Closure Code and Closure Comments added by a technician when resolving a request reset to a null value after the requester closes the request.
    • SD-68529 & SD-71431 : An exception is thrown while deleting a conversation in request
    • SD-70631 : Request couldn't be updated after deleting the user assigned as the request's Editor.
    • SD-70924 : A service request that's raised on a template configured with the approval condition Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved and converted into an incident request could not be reverted to a service request.
    • Please note that you can directly modify the template of a service request into a different service template.
    • SD-71888 : Query performance for shared list view filter is improved.
    • SD-72147 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Unable to view passwords for PMP resources from within SDP.
    • SD-72399 : Unable to select request group filter if there are special characters in the group name.
    • SD-73265 : Issue occurs while loading a resource question's pick list values in grid view.
    • SD-73303 & SD-73306 : Help card text is not wrapped properly in the request details page for requester logins


    • SD-70887 : Unable to add a technician in 'exclude list' under 'Technician Auto Assign' if the technician's email id contains a single quote (').
    • SD-70990 : In Professional and Standard editions, service category couldn't be deleted.
    • SD-71632 : Edited SSP message in incident and service catalogs get restored to the default message when PPM is applied
    • SD-71652 : HTTPS error message shown in ME integration page is not pointing to the right section in help card
    • SD-72795 : Closed option is not displayed for Status field in the criteria section of the custom trigger.
    • SD-73310 : Issue of field properties being editable from the requester layout
    • SD-73511 : Unable to add more than 100 values for incident/service request's pick list additional fields
    • SD-73536 : Inability to add more than 10 options for a resource question, under Service Catalog.
    • SD-73537 : Few customers, who configured the ServiceDesk Plus application in HTTP and simultaneously enabled the HTTP to HTTPS redirection, couldn't submit the surveys and encountered an 'undefined' error.
    • SD-73549 : Inability to add more than 10 questions for a resource, under Service Catalog.
    • SD-71212 : Users' email addresses are not merged if the user merge process is initiated from the requester list view.
    • SD-73496 : Advanced Analytics sync failure, caused by the addition of encrypted incident additional fields in configuration file, which resulted in breakages in 9418.
    • SD-69043 : Unable to add additional fields in Advanced Analytics Plus if the alias name has more than 60 characters
    • SD-65879 : For enhanced security, Zoho Reports will now be accessible only through TLS1.2 from Nov 1st 2018. Support for TLS 1.2 connectivity has been added in this release. Customers are requested to move to this version before Nov 1st 2018, to avoid Zoho Reports integration failure.
    • Chat

      • SD-72163 : Technician unable to receive chat requests if the technician is enabled for one chat group and excluded from other groups
      • SD-72593 : Technicians with 'Enable CMDB' role is not listed in Chat's 'All Technicians' list


      • SD-26644 : Query Report : Capitalized characters in the display name of a column in a table under query reports gets un-capitalized automatically.
      • SD-70145 : Deleted service catalog additional fields displayed under Available Columns in custom reports.


      • SD-73545 : Newly added and modified keys are supported in all languages.


      (Released on 04, October, 2018)

      Issue Fixed in 9421

      • SD-73564 :Cross site scripting vulnerability is present while viewing the asset details page


      (Released on 25, September, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9420

      • SD-73254 : Asset field is available in both incident and service templates of the standard edition.
      • SD-71359 : Configure Agent's TLS Protocols and Ciphers to secure communications from within the Agent side. Configure it under Admin >> Windows Agent Configuration >> Settings.
      • SD-73273 : Field and form rule configured with the "enable field" action for incident template does not get applied to request form.


      (Released on 19, September, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9419

      • SD-73208 : After upgrading to 9418, approvers are unable to approve incident/service requests in the Standard and Professional edition.
      • SD-73207 : Upgrade failure occurs if the notification subject and description in custom change status are empty. This issue occurs in those setups where mapping of old status to new custom status executed, after migrating from older versions to 9.0


      (Released on 17, September, 2018)

      Behavior Changes in 9418

      • SDF-63255 : Change workflow will be displayed only in Single view and not in Tab view anymore.
      • SDF-72086 : The application will function on free license after the acquired license expiry.
      • SDF-72909 : Duplicate additional fields will be automatically removed from the request template forms. To view the changes, go to the System Log Viewer.

      New Features in 9418

      • SDF-73175 : In service templates, ability to mark cost of individual resources along with the base service cost so that requesters get to know the over all service cost, and approvers can take action based on the cost involved. To learn more, click here.
      • SDF-45759, SDF-38935, SDF-47202, SDF-47573, SDF-53066, SDF-60260, SDF-61173, SDF-65154, SDF-45834, SDF-46616 : In request templates, add sections, search existing fields, preview the template, and provide help content for individual fields and for the template. In addition, you can bulk add pick list values and reorder them.
      • SDF-61033 : Field and form rules inclusion for each incident template will be indicated by an icon in the list view.
      • SDF-40475, SDF-47321, SDF-47888, SDF-46885, SDF-23574 : New field types such as Radio and Checkbox are available for incident additional fields.
      • SDF-36189 : You can now change the template of a service request. The new template can be from the same or different service category.
      • SDF-29892 : Archive requests by using the Any Completed Status criteria under Admin>>General Settings>>Data Archiving.
      • SDF-66881 : Files attached to a change in the Submission and Planning stages will be added to CAB recommendation email notifications.
      • SDF-65546 : SDAdmin can now mandate change roles in templates, and users can assign change roles while creating the change request.
      • SDF-63255 : Change roles to be notified for a given status is made specific to a change workflow. The Notify To field in a change status can be edited only within a change workflow.
      • SDF-65657 : In change workflow, configure auto-approval for changes recommended by all CAB members.
      • SDF-65114 : Define change custom triggers to be executed for recommendation, rejection, or any approval action by a CAB member. Also, you can set status change as a criteria to be fulfilled by changes for executing the trigger.
      • SDF-73177 : Share a Change Request with all technicians by selecting $AllTechnicians for SharedRole, or select specific technicians for the role.
      • SDF-60652 : User can view and perform approval actions on change requests from within iOS mobile application.
      • SDF-73179 : User emails and system notifications will be listed under Conversations inside a change. You can also reply to and forward notifications.
      • SDF-63637 : The Asset Loan feature enables you to mark loanable assets; track asset loaning, return, extension, and expiry; and configure asset loaning notifications. To learn more, click here.
      • SDF-61123 : Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Mobile Device Manager Plus to track lost devices and perform various tasks, such as lock the device and wipe off data.
      • SDF-31037, SDF-45095, SDF-37001 : User import from Active Directory can now fetch Employee ID and 'Large Integer' type field accountExpires.
      • SDF-70656 : ADManager Plus integration, with a revamped UI, now offers the following additional user management actions through Active Directory :
        • Add to Group
        • Modify Department
        • Modify Manager
        • Remove Folder Permissions
        • Remove from Group
        • Set Folder Permissions
      • Configure from the application UI the fields to be displayed in the User Creation form. Map individual user domains with specific templates through which select fields must be modified in the Active Directory.
      • ADManager Plus version must be 6640 or above for the enhancements.
      • SDF-73176 : Configure a password, for both login and non-login users, to ensure secure access to files, such as exported reports, scheduled reports, and exported request list generated from within the application. Enable File Protection Password under Admin >> Privacy Settings. To learn more, click here.
      • SDF-65144 : Install the SSL certificate from the UI under Admin >> General Settings >> Import SSL. However, SSL certificate trusted by an internal certificate authority cannot be imported from the UI.
      • SDF-61199 : Under Sites, use the Inactive Sites filter to list the sites that are deleted, but used in the product.
      • SDF-73054 : Customize the Report an Incident widget in the requester home page by editing the HTML. Search option for templates is now available inside the same widget, making it easy and simple for users to raise requests and to report incidents.
      • SDF-69125 : The application login page gets a UI revamp. Post upgrade, default login page will be displayed. Under the self-service portal settings, customize the page by editing the HTML. You can also revert to the previous login page by inserting the corresponding CSS script. To learn more, click here.
      • SDF-76414 : Support for new language - Macedonian


      (Released on 10, September, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9417

      • SD-72858: Failure in sending system notifications for incoming requests and conversations in environments where Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are configured. This is because even the valid emails sent within these domains are marked as bounced as they don't have the 'Return-Path' header.
      • SD-72318: Under Admin > Support Group > Edit Group, the 'Notify to' option doesn't show up when the option 'Send notification to group technician when a new request is added to this group' is enabled.


      (Released on 27, August, 2018)

      Behavior change in 9416

      • If authentication is disabled in the outgoing mail server, do not enable it under Outgoing Mail Server settings. Otherwise, outgoing emails will be stopped.

      Issues Fixed in 9416

      Vulnerability :

      • SD-69292 : Vulnerability of an unauthorized user able to create, edit, and delete currency in the application is fixed.

      Requests :

      • SD-72110 : Purchase requests couldn't be associated with a service request from within the service request.

      Purchase :

      • SD-70963 : Purchase Requests with similar vendors are not listed in the Associate PR list when trying to associate a PR with a Purchase Order.

      Reports :

      • SD-72161 : Exception occurs in survey-based custom reports (tabular) if the 'Survey Type Name' is added into the column.
      • SD-72107 : Exception occurs when a technician with site restricted login permission tries to access survey reports.

      Admin :

      • SD-72372: Error occurs while trying to save the customized self-service portal draft. The issue occurs when we remove a widget from the portal and try saving it.
      • SD-71923: After upgrading to 9412, survey reports are projecting the wrong values.
      • SD-71937: Unable to edit the incident and service surveys created in Evaluation/Enterprise edition. The issue occurs when we try to edit those surveys after downgrading to the Standard Edition.
      • SD-72047: Unable to view older survey responses in some MSSQL (SQL Server) DB environments after migrating to 9412/9413/9414/9415.
      • SD-71945: Technician with SDSiteAdmin role is not able to trigger a survey from the request details page.
      • SD-72148: Exception occurs when an On Behalf of User (OBO User) tries to save a survey response.
      • SD-72426: Notification rules are cleared while editing the rules if VIP user or Department based survey exclusion rule is applied.
      • SD-72000: In MS SQL setups, an exception occurs if we click on Organize Business Rule under Admin>>Business Rules.
      • SD-68586: No alert message is shown while enabling mail debugger informing that the mail server's username and password will be printed in the logs.
      • SD-70794: In some environments, bouncing emails causes an indefinite looping of conversations as replies to such bounced emails triggers another loop.
      • SD-71608: Support group names are not fully displayed if the name of the support group contains more than 50 characters.


      (Released on 20, August, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9415

      Vulnerability :

      • SD-72109 : XSS vulnerability found in the asset details page is fixed.
      • SD-71576 : XSS vulnerability found in Change Calendar is fixed.
      • SD-72080 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload is fixed.
      • SD-71495 : ZipSlip vulnerability found in distributed asset scan is fixed.
      • SD-72568 : Vulnerability in deletion of default license types is fixed.
      • SD-68282 : No alert message is displayed, warning about the impacted scan types when we enable "Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL" under the Security Settings.
      • SD-71928 : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in project module Gantt view.
      • SD-69108 : Security response headers are missing in the login form.
      • SD-71704, 71703, 71702, 71676, 71675, 71674 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
      • SD-71595 : Vulnerability : Able to create a table and copy data in MSSQL.
      • SD-66826 : Vulnerable HTTP method (OPTIONS) disabled.

      Requests :

      • SD-72141 : In the request history, Before Modification and After Modification sections with regards to Description changes are not displayed.

      Assets :

      • SD-71491, 71490 : Failure exception message displayed during network scan is fixed.


      (Released on 24, July, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9414 :

      Vulnerability :

      • SD-71123 : Vulnerability in the login page as domain filtering is not enabled.
      • SD-69907 : Vulnerability of a technician with request view only permission being able to add attachments and add/edit worklogs is fixed.
      • SD-68547 : Vulnerabilities fixed in requester search.
      • SD-65745 : Vulnerability fixed : Password has been encrypted in the Incoming Mail Server settings.

      Requests :

      • SD-71938 : 9412 Breakage : Service templates are listed under 'Incident Catalog' tab even if the "Combine incident and service templates listing for the service' option is disabled in Self service portal.
      • SD-71876 : Task filter name is not encoded in requests list view.
      • SD-71587 : If a request has a table in its description field, then error occurs while printing that request.
      • SD-71180 : Description field is left blank in some cases where requests are created through Mail.
      • SD-71122 : Images in email signatures are considered as attachments while sending a reply to a request.
      • SD-70481 : Admin requester history is not recorded when a technician spot edits any requester's field in the request details page.
      • SD-69187 : Archived requests are not listed up while performing a Request ID search using the global search bar.
      • SD-68277 : Typo in the request approval success message has been rectified.
      • SD-66339 : When a Technician with permission to a particular group changes the group of a request, the resulting page redirects to the requests list view.
      • SD-64098 : The requester's list view doesn't load completely while creating a custom view and in Advanced Search when there is a large number of Requesters
      • SD-70909, SD-70770, SD-70017 : FAFR : Unable to create a request when a mandatory field present under resource section is hidden through FAFR.
      • SD-71188 : Field and form rules are not applied for disabled fields in IE.
      • SD-68439 : Request Status Scheduler popup doesn't appear for a Technician if his/her role doesn't have the FGA "Reopening Request" enabled under Advanced Permission.

      Changes :

      • SD-71192 : Option to allow a Change Owner to globally edit a Change Request.
      • SD-71572 : While printing request/problem/change list view using the browser print option (Ctrl/Cmd + P), request URL gets added to prints.
      • SD-71094 : After saving default values for all user roles, values do not get reflected in change template roles tab.
      • SD-69947 : Non-login attribute link added in the subject of a change template exposes the key in change details page. Also, the description after the non-login link is not displayed.
      • SD-69784 : Alignment issue occurs in change details page if there are a number of users in a change roles field.
      • SD-69046 : Performance issue occurs in Change Form if there are a large number of options (few thousands) in any of the select component (site, group etc).
      • SD-68375 : Error exception report thrown instead of error messages across product.

      Dashboard :

      • SD-71211 : Unable to open requests from the following dashboard widgets; 'SLA violated requests and requests', 'Requests received in last 20 days' and 'Requests closed in last 20 days'.
      • SD-71478 : Report widgets in dashboards page are not displaying custom reports.

      Projects :

      • SD-71877 : Requester with a project owner role is not able to view task link present in the notification email. An authorization error is thrown.

      Solutions :

      • SD-70665 : Public solutions are not displayed for requesters even if no user groups are selected.

      Reports :

      • SD-71377 : Incorrect report data gets exported if we have selected 'default reports' as the filer option. Issue occurs while exporting reports in HTML, XLS, and CSV formats.

      Others :

      • SD-71959 : Upgrade failure is not handled in foreign language setups for MS SQL databases.
      • SD-71188 : Field and form rules are not applied for disabled fields in IE.
      • SD-71177 : Mail fetching schedule does not function as per the fetch interval customization.
      • SD-70961 : While importing users from AD, notification gets triggered for the AAAUser table even if the username doesn't get changed.
      • SD-70932 : HTTP to HTTPS redirection settings are not retained after the upgrade.
      • SD-70917, SD-70881 : Loading screen doesn't get closed even after SDP gets started.
      • SD-70832 : Technician with SDSiteAdmin role with restriction to a specific site can edit requester accounts and provide all sites view permission to requesters.
      • SD-70822 : Application backup runs into an infinite looping condition if the primary key for the table is large.
      • SD-70777 : Login details appear even after selecting 'Don't show login details" option in the login page.
      • SD-70357 : In additional fields' pick list values, "+" symbol is getting replaced with space.
      • SD-70347 : When editing a requester's details who is also a purchase approver requester, site, and department data is not loaded.
      • SD-70222 : In a Multi-language license setup, where a requester login is personalized to Arabic, home page solution search throws an error (the same search works fine if the login is personalized to english).
      • SD-70213 : In SSO enabled setups, header tabs keeps reloading.
      • SD-70069 : While importing company logo under organization details, 'GIF Image' option is selected by default instead of 'All Files'.
      • SD-69952 : Department name gets duplicated during LDAP user import if the department name has some trailing space.
      • SD-69473 : Account lock option is enabled by default in fresh installations.
      • SD-68666 : UI glitch occurs near Available User Groups and Selected User Groups while creating a new announcement.
      • SD-68487 : Filter option "View Emergency Templates" under change template UI flows out of select box.
      • SD-67654 : Unable to log in to the application when domain filtering is disabled and there is no public domain.
      • SD-66169 : Alternative mail server configured under 'Outgoing' mail server settings does not work.
      • SD-40643 : User-defined fields are allowed to be imported using LDAP.


      (Released on 12, July, 2018)

      Behavior Change in 9413:

      • SD-71872 : Custom statuses, created before 9.3, displayed as system project filters are removed with this release.

      Issues Fixed in 9413:

      • SD-71818 : Upgrade failure occurs during migration if a PO had "null" value for the "item" field.
      • SD-71817 : Upgrade failure occurs due to non-synced entries in "changetoci" and "ciinfo_otherapps" table.
      • SD-71816 : While adding a new relationship to a relationship map, non-English characters appear as "??"
      • SD-71810 : Upgrade failure occurs if the personalization data is missing in "ACTABLEVIEWCONFIG" table.
      • SD-71808 : Upgrade failure occurs if a task comments owner value is 'null'.
      • SD-71800 : Upgrade failure occurs if both incident and service business rule have a same name under the same site.
      • SD-71796 : Task list view does not load properly after migrating to the latest version in certain cases.
      • SD-71783 : Projects custom filters added in versions prior to 9.3 are missing after migrating to the latest version.
      • SD-71782 : Webinar URL has been updated.
      • SD-71871 : Projects' private filters, created in versions before 9.3, will be visible in the "Manage Views" section only to users who created them.


      (Released on 05, July, 2018)

      Behavior Change in 9412:

      • SD-70724 : Actionable items in the Admin module are moved to the left side.
      • SD-70728 : 'Add new form' in business rule, SLA, custom filter has a revamped UI.
      • SD-71104 : Community tab is hidden for technicians (non-admins).
      • SD-71646 : Item price is mandated in purchase order.
      • SD-56821 : Links displayed for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones in the Associate Project pop-up in requests are removed.
      • SD-71027 : "More Fields" button is removed in the New project form.
      • The maximum character limit for command scripts in custom triggers has been restricted to 200.

      New features in 9412:

      • Privacy settings enhancement:

        • Encryption At Rest for sensitive data: Option to encrypt the confidential information collected in Incident/Service Additional Fields. Single or Multi-line and Pick List fields can be encrypted. Click here to know more.
        • Password protected backup data: The application backup is now protected with a password. The password is required to open the backup file / restore it. This password can be changed in the Admin-> Backup schedule page. click Edit Scheduling and input the backup password to change the backup password.
        • Anonymize deleted users: Option to anonymize deleted users from the Requesters list. Click here to know more.
        • Limitation :
          Reports, advanced search, custom filters will not display any of the encrypted fields.
          The MasterKey password cannot include non-English characters.
      • SDF-71766 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Option to remotely access privileged accounts in target machines (or resources) from within ServiceDesk Plus without account credentials. Find the feature at Admin >> General Settings >> ME Integrations. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-71759 : Do more with V3 API: Now you can perform the following operations using the V3 API: ADD, UPDATE, GET, GET ALL, DELETE, CLOSE requests. Add Resolution, pickup requests, associate requests, and link requests.
      • SDF-21131 , SDF-22400 , SDF-24334 , SDF-61555 : Enhanced Survey - Some of the enhancements include,

        Option to:

        • Configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
        • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
        • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
        • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey. To learn more about this features. Refer to this.
      • SDF-63939 : Custom Scripts in BR: Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules. You can use this to completely abort operations or update field values (like additional field value). Find the feature at Admin >> Organization Details >> Business Rules. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-31605 , SDF-62977 , SDF-63517 : Request status is given under business rule criteria.
      • SDF-61713 , SDF-61890 , SDF-62294 , SDF-63690 : Business view: Option to view and manage the saved relationship maps of CIs from one place.

        Find the feature in CMDB > Business view. Click here to know more.

      • SDF-68798 : Chat enhancements: Option to interact easily with fellow technicians using the inbuilt chat. Click here to learn more.
      • SDF-65490 : User merge tool : Option to merge duplicate requesters. Find the feature at Admin >> Users >> Requesters. Click here to learn more.
      • SDF-65398 : Task custom filter: Option to create custom task filters.
      • SDF-51449 : Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields
      • SDF-71757 : Project Dashboard: Get projects related key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-71758 : Enhanced comments for projects/milestones/tasks: Notify users in comments by using '@ mentions'; For e.g., use @John to notify John. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-49791 : Global search for projects: Find projects easily by using keywords, and also column fields, such as Priority, Owner, and other column heads in the global search.
      • SDF-50361 : Multiple associations between projects and changes: Streamline the change or project process by associating multiple changes to a project and multiple projects to a change. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-50266 : Project template creation made easy: Create project templates from already existing projects, saving the redundant effort involved in creating a project template similar to an existing template.
      • SDF-55327 : Notifications for comments: Option to have bell icon notifications for comments added on projects.
      • SDF-56887 : Option to customize projects list view to display the projects important to you by default. Mark filters as favorites and change the order of the filters as per your requirement.Click here to know more.
      • SDF-63244 : "Estimated Effort" column included in the custom report for Tasks.
      • SDF-23878 :Created time for tasks: Option to view the created time of tasks.
      • SDF-63515 : Personalized task filters will remain specific to each module (Homepage, requests, changes, problems, and projects).
      • SDF-63674 , SDF-63961 : Purchase order enhancements: Option to create a purchase order for non-asset purchases such as training and services. Find the feature at Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management >> Vendor Services. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-28658 : Resource state enhancements - Option to add custom asset state with the ability to enable/disable scan for assets in those states. Option to enable ownership for assets in these custom states. Find the feature at Admin >> Asset Management >> Asset State. Click here to know more.
      • SDF-70727 : Collapsible tabs introduced in header and sub-header of the application to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
      • SDF-71169 : Support for 'Lithuanian' language in ServiceDesk Plus.
      • SDF-70397 : Support for 'Greek' language in ServiceDesk Plus.
      • SDF-70722 : Community page inside the application sports a new look.
      • SDF-71948 : Desktop Central Integration : "Tools" introduced under Actions menu of requests for performing operations such as "Lock", "Hibernate", "Shutdown", "Restart" etc., on target machines remotely from SDP.

      Issue Fixed in 9412

      • SD-66006 : Vulnerability in the storage of private key for scanning Linux devices is fixed.
      • SD-67623 : Insecure storage of passwords in credential library.
      • SD-65170 : Business Rule's 'description' criteria such as "ends with" and " contains" does not work for requests with description size greater than the one configured in GlobalConfig DESCPSIZE. This issue occurs in requests added or updated through mail.
      • SD-70875 : Unable to save new content in scribble pad. An internal error also occurs while trying to close the scribble pad.
      • SD-22280 : When a ROBO Template is invoked through API, it does not perform the password reset function automatically. This issue is fixed in V3 API.
      • SD-24532 :Null pointer exception occurs while trying to open a survey without any answers.
      • SD-46249 : When a user submits a survey but fails to close the confirmation message and hits the back button, the user is not able to submit the survey the second time. A null pointer exception is thrown.
      • SD-56821 : On clicking Associate Project Button, the links for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones are present in the pop-up.
      • SD-61872 : Unable to save a password with special characters in credentials library.
      • SD-67496 : Chat module : Technician online/offline status is not considered when a chat is initiated to a technician.
      • SD-70325 : In / URL, the parameter 'form' is passed twice.
      • SD-70380 : Technician with request and project edit permission is unable to detach an associated project from a request.
      • SD-70600 : Private / Public filter icon is not displayed in the custom filters list view.
      • SD-71029 : After 9409, AD import doesn't start if more than 300 OU's are selected.
      • SD-71351 : Unable to access the technician availability chart and calendar from 'Quick Actions' menu.
      • SD-71713: With Zoho reports integrated, the application fails to start when internet connectivity is disabled.


      (Released on 28, June, 2018)

      Issue Fixed in 9411

      • SD-71715: Sometimes, when multiple threads or multiple users access Incident/Service templates or the Service Catalog simultaneously, the application may fail to create corresponding cache for the operations and crash.


      (Released on 20, June, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9410

      • SD-70610 : XSS vulnerability in add new request form's 'insert image' section is fixed.
      • SD-71186 : If PM tasks are created using templates with service catalog additional fields, then the back up (with 9404 data in particular) and restore operations on a fresh installation fails.
      • SD-70749 : Scheduled tasks are not getting triggered in certain environments after the latest framework update.


      (Released on 24, May, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9409

      • SD-71092 : An inappropriate message is displayed when a technician (with permission to view the group requests) reassigns a request to a different group.
      • SD-70972 : In some scenarios, a few business rules and custom triggers couldn't be accessed or executed. Also, the dashboard isn't loaded for some technicians.
      • SD-70978 : Non-login approval link isn't opened when another user has logged in to the application in the same browser of a system.
      • SD-71105 : Unable to create a group under Assets.
      • SD-70538 : In the MS SQL setup, when you upgrade a build to 9400 or above, service requests created using custom templates can't be archived or removed from trash.


      (Released on 14, May, 2018)

      Issues Fixed in 9408

      • SD-71056 : After entering a requester's name in the new request page, the requester's details are not fetched.
      • SD-70885 : Logged-in approver is not able to download attachments from the approval page.
      • SD-71098 : Blank page appears while accessing Gantt view under any project.
      • SD-71006 : Custom trigger's executor type is saved as "script" even when we have selected the executor type as "class".


      (Released on 07, May, 2018)

      Behavior Changes

      • SD-69982 : Beyond the Submission stage of a change, the Change Owner will no longer be allowed to globally edit the fields.
      • From the Approvals stage of a change, any global edit made by the Change Manager will be notified to all Change Roles associated. You can disable this under the Change Notification Rules.

      New feature in 9407

      • SDF-67777 : Option to choose the US/EU data centres for Zoho Reports under Advanced Analytics Configuration Wizard.

      Issues fixed in 9407


      • SD-69155 : Information exposure vulnerability in change notes.
      • SD-68759 : XSS Vulnerability in change stage status.
      • SD-68232 : XSS Vulnerability in problem's details page.
      • SD-68092 : XSS Vulnerability in problem's history tab.
      • SD-67954 : XSS vulnerability in custom reports.
      • SD-67928 : Information exposure vulnerability in change and status.
      • SD-67891 : XSS Vulnerability in scheduled reports.
      • SD-67786 : XSS Vulnerability in custom report's folder name.
      • SD-70829 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of generating requests.
      • SD-67696, SD-67693, SD-67692 : Information exposure vulnerability in change roles.
      • SD-67317 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change dashboard.
      • SD-67373 : Privilege escalation vulnerability during a request merge.
      • SD-67142 : XSS vulnerability in "Manage Folder" section of reports.
      • SD-63223 : CSRF vulnerability in password reset form.
      • SD-70451, SD-70247: Privilege escalation vulnerability in custom reports.
      • SD-69912 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change reports.
      • SD-69611 : SQL injection in query report.
      • SD-69261 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change modules' non-login pages.
      • SD-70605 : CSRF Vulnerability while adding and updating the technician details.
      • SD-68568 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in the incident to service request conversion.


      • SD-67978 : In requests' Reply, Forward the Request and Email/SMS the Technician notifications, when you enter script tag in the Description field, the script is executed and an error message is thrown.
      • SD-68584 : When XLS files of requests with the custom status Completed are imported, the Completed Date field takes the current date rather than the pre-set values.
      • SD-70653 : Unable to add Service Requests from a requester login if the template has more than 24 single line additional fields with "Requester Allowed to Set" option unchecked.
      • SD-70142 : When auto-closure is enabled and all the tasks of the request are resolved, then status changes are not captured in the history.
      • SD-68996 : Values doesn't get displayed for the additional fields in the dependency list view of a request.
      • SD-68989 : Support groups' sender mail address is getting displayed as from address for the request which is assigned to that support group. Issue occurs if the requester replies through portal.
      • SD-68953 : Reply mail is triggered when pressing the enter key from subject column of the reply window.
      • SD-25343 : Clicking on choose button in the Advanced Filtering section under Add custom views page displays a pop up window in smaller size.
      • SD-69394 : Request description's edit history is not captured if the content is greater than the maximum limit.
      • SD-69753, SD-70167 : Requesters are not able to search requests using request ids.
      • SD-68778 : While printing a request of an actual half page content, it takes up two pages.
      • SD-67445 : In request details page, clicking on monitor icon under the requester's name does not open up the requester's asset pop-up as expected in the center of the page. This issue occurs only in Chrome.
      • SD-67527 : Unable to print in the Landscape mode while using Chrome after migrating to 9308.
      • SD-70889 : Requests: In combined tasks list view, the estimated effort field's value is shown in minutes.
      • SD-70929 : In request list view left side pane, task's subject has a bold font which is not pleasant.


      • SD-69758 : Default size of the Add Notes window in problems' create/edit page has been increased.
      • SD-68743 : Problem - While hovering over a problem in problems list view, associated incidents count is not shown even if there are associated incidents.
      • SD-69884 : In a case, where the application server runs on Windows and has Linux as the client, problem attachments with special characters in their names aren't saved properly and therefore can't be downloaded.


      • SD-69474 : In 9323 and the following versions, Assets Involved field value is not added upon adding/updating a change using API.
      • SD-69475 : When field names in change API contain forward or trailing space, the field values are not auto-populated in the change.
      • SD-69903 : When the maximum number of assets are added to a change, only the key is displayed rather than the message itself.
      • SD-69595 : When you create and associate a new change from within an incident or a problem, the assets associated with the incident/problem aren't added to the change.
      • SD-70143 : After you associate incidents or problems to a change, the incidents/problems selection window fails to automatically close.
      • SD-66044 : Error occurs while updating a Change through API when Group field is marked as mandatory.
      • SD-66292 : 'Not associated to any site' option is listed in alphabetical order instead of at top of the list in the Site field under Change details page' edit section.
      • SD-66868 : Unable to assign group for a change through API if the site is not provided along with the group.
      • SD-61895 : While clicking 'Send for Recommendation' in approval section of a Change, the pop-up that appears has a misleading title ("Submit Change For Approval" is shown instead of "Submit for Recommendation").
      • SD-70981 : Users not able to add approval comments using non-login URLs.
      • SD-68370 : Change owner without the create change permission is not able to edit a change.
      • SD-68708 : Change Additional Fields - Fields added using "Add new field" option in change template gets added to both the template and "Available Fields".
      • SD-68814 : Change - HTML content is shown in the print preview page.
      • SD-69132 : Change - Print view does not contain the Image attached in the 'Description' field of change in "Review" stage. The image's source is alone shown.
      • SD-68632 : Invalid request (in planning stage) is displayed under archived request for SDAdmins.


      • SD-66579 : Project title is displayed as undefined in the project gantt view when the project doesn't fall on the selected time span but any of the milestones/tasks fall in the selected time span.


      • SD-61821 : On hovering over 'All Solutions' under Topics section of Solution module, the scroll bar flickers and becomes immovable.


      • SD-67899 : Error message is not shown properly while adding a duplicate Custom Triggers name with a script tag.
      • SD-67541 : Admin>> Advanced Analytics: Clicking on texts near the radio button in configuration wizard also enables the radio button. Also, option provided to close images under Reports-->Advanced Analytics.


      • SD-69615 : Print preview page in reports comes with large space between passages.
      • SD-69454 : In CI History and Audit reports, when you miss out From/To date and update them, an untranslated error message with just the key in it is thrown.
      • SD-35320 : Exception occurs when executing a query with ORDER BY clause under Reports--> New Query Report.
      • SD-60523 : Custom report output containing boolean and date fields are right aligned.
      • SD-67835 : Unable to generate "Audit History by Workstation" report.
      • SD-68477 : Reports - In matrix reports, clicking on the currently selected tab changes the tab but not the content.
      • SD-68512 : Reports - Exception occurs in custom report's filter if there is no value specified in the criteria's value field.
      • SD-68511 : Reports - Exception occurs when same column name is given in "then group by" select options.


      • SD-70391 : Users could save reminders across the product with just entering some space (without text/numeric entry) in the Summary field.
      • SD-70465 : Broadcast message option is displayed for requesters when the Quick Actions menu is enabled.
      • SD-69583 : In problems and changes, the notes icon appears distorted in notes the list view.
      • SD-70587 : The less privileged users are able to view the technician and the domain details.
      • SD-69304 : NullPointerException occurs when you integrate Analytics Plus (version 3120 and earlier ones) with ServiceDesk Plus.
      • SD-69327 : When one of the two technicians with the same login name in different domains executes a scheduled report, domain credentials of the other user (without the module/scheduled reports privilege) is loaded, at times, and an exception error is thrown.
      • SD-69990 : When you delete service catalog additional fields, they aren't removed from Zoho Reports integrated with ServiceDesk Plus.
      • SD-70123 : Performance issue due to high CPU usage.
      • SD-65752 : While clicking on Dynamic View for any Data Models under Reports, an error message pops up and disappears automatically.
      • SD-70496 : Issue in re-assigning category if subcategory is moved under another category.
      • SD-68281 : Zoho Reports - Special characters are sent in encoded form while sending an initial success mail.
      • SD-68317 : Zoho Reports - After saving zoho reports credentials, not able to change to Analytics plus as resetting the password is not possible.
      • SD-68628 : Zoho Reports - Nullpointer exception occurs while parsing change.xml and adding it in zrmemodules.xml. Issue occurs if change.xml entries are already present in zrmemodules.xml
      • SD-68954 : Incorrect 'Schedule Start' & 'Schedule End' time are shown in Change Calendar if the client and server time zone are different.
      • SD-62367 : Import now button has been provided at the bottom of the AD import window to avoid unnecessary page scroll down.
      • SD-68212 : Proxies will be skipped for locally installed Analytics Plus.
      • SD-68272 : Zoho Reports - Edit option for the 'host' field in Analytics Plus configuration is provided.
      • SD-70400 : Timer value is not shown properly for chats transferred to a different technician. Issue occurs if the technician to whom the chat was transferred hits refresh.
      • SD-70807 : Unable to see the Announcement settings section since upgrading to the latest version.
      • SD-70865 : Formatting in the chat box is not done properly.
      • SD-70915 : Announcements order is not proper in the latest version.


      (Released on 25, April, 2018)

      New feature in 9406

      • SDF-68872 : Auto delta scan: Automatic identification of hardware and software changes by the agent in the client machine and notify the application server to initiate the scan from the server.

      Issues fixed in 9406:


      • SD-69461 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in attachments section of assets.
      • SD-69294 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in default license types.
      • SD-69460 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in associating workstations.
      • SD-69302 : Privilege escalation vulnerability while editing the asset details page.
      • SD-58456 : The SSL handshake failure occurs if the cipher suite algorithm used by the server is not supported by the windows agent.
      • SD-66584 : Information exposure vulnerability in credentials library.
      • SD-68070 : XSS vulnerability in purchase order list view search.
      • SD-66403 : XSS vulnerability in add new contract page.
      • SD-68516 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in associating child contracts.
      • SD-56921 : Weak ciphers removed in Agent.
      • SD-66409 : XSS vulnerability in the barcode's history page.


      • SD-69056 & SD-67925 : Incorrect information is displayed in the asset dashboards' 2d bar graphs.


      • SD-70891 : Unread requests in the request list view are not bold enough.


      • SD-68985 : SMBIOS information is not getting fetched while scanning a workstation.
      • SD-68339 : Unable to fetch the "last logged in" user's information using script scanning in Linux machines.
      • SD-68056 : Sound card information does not get updated even though it is present in scanned XML for all XML scans.
      • SD-70119 : Distributed asset scan fails when the domain name contains space in the central server settings.
      • SD-70555 : NullPointer Exception occurs when processing OS information scanned and pushed from ManageEngine Desktop Central.
      • SD-66609 : Processor (CPU) changes are not reflected in the history tab during a scan.
      • SD-67320 : Unable to fetch the "last logged in" user's information during Mac machines scan.
      • SD-68136 : Based on the sysdescription, incorrect model names are assigned to snmp devices. Because of that unknown models are not listed in unknown OIDs list.
      • SD-70590 : Agent upgrade is delayed in build versions with the latest framework change.
      • SD-70606 : Able to configure the Windows agent by using the CSRF vulnerability.
      • SD-66809 : Web remote session continues even after logging out of the application.
      • SD-68137 : Permission Denied Error occurs while executing a linux script file for commands like "Dmidecode".
      • SD-70772 : Web remote is not working in exe,https setups in recent builds.


      • SD-66317 : Business impact data is only partially shown in the drop-down in add new CI type page.
      • SD-69531 : When you edit a child configuration item (an asset with OS unspecified) manually or through API, it is moved into the parent CI.
      • SD-69541 : Users are not able to update requester's login name and domain name through CMDB API.


      • SD-69053 : NullPointer Exception occurs while allotting CAL for users.
      • SD-67584 : Wrong warning message is shown while deleting software licenses.
      • SD-53608 : Multi Line License additional fields are not shown in the Software License CSV import page.
      • SD-67428 : Software suite is not getting deleted in a workstation's software list even if there are no software in the workstation.
      • SD-69431 : Software license keys are limited to hundred characters.


      • SD-69215 : When a PO is edited and the approval process is initiated for a second time, then the approval process faces a breakage.
      • SD-69017 : If a Product's Name contains '_' while creating a PO from PR, then that name does not populated in the New PO Form.
      • SD-68912 : In Purchase Requests's approval notification mail, values for udf-char variables are wrongly replaced.
      • SD-68659 : While creating a purchase order, the cost center lists names instead of the codes.
      • SD-68285 : If the default terms and conditions for purchase orders exceed 3500 characters, then the PO is not getting saved.
      • SD-68534 : Purchase requests display the Cost centre Name instead of the Cost Centre Code.
      • SD-67651 : Unable to approve the PR from the Approval tab if a comment is added with special characters.
      • SD-69876 : Search function doesn't work while choosing a technician in a purhcase request.
      • SD-69873 : '&' in a software name is replaced with 'amp' in purchase orders.
      • SD-69216 : When you add a product through a purchase order, and then edit its vendor details under the Admin setup, the vendor details are not updated until you specify the Warranty Period.
      • SD-69501 : Inline search doesn't work after searching a purchase order in the global search.
      • SD-69483 : When technicians are deleted while being associated to purchase requests, they continue to list in the Technician drop-down of new purchase requests.
      • SD-68662 : Unable to close the error message pop-up that appears when a purchase order is saved without filling the quantity field.


      • SD-69067 : If a contract has special characters as values in its pick list fields then they are changed to empty values while editing.
      • SD-68813 : Ampersand characters present in the description and support details fields of the add new contract form are not displayed properly.
      • SD-69442 : Pick list additional field values containing space or special characters are not displayed when creating/editing a contract.
      • SD-69632 : Users are able to add/remove assets to expired contracts after renewing them.


      • SD-69082 : Incorrect error message is shown for duplicate key exception while editing the name of an asset.
      • SD-69047 : Unable to delete workstations from the "Workstations failed during last scan" list view.
      • SD-68947 : Asset Probe data is not deleted from the central server after a successful import of remote data.
      • SD-68258 : Vendor names are not listed alphabetically in the Asset creation form and edit form.
      • SD-67078 : Unable to search Russian user names in the 'Choose User' field of the Asset state pop-up.
      • SD-65944 : Navigation message for the flexigrid view is not in I18N.
      • SD-70604 : Able to add and update requester details by CSRF vulnerability.
      • SD-70041 : When you remove assets from a static group, they are not detached until you refresh the page.
      • SD-70738 : Robo technician functionality does not work in exe setups.
      • SD-70743 : In IE 11, Impact page under Admin is not loaded properly.


      • SD-70771 : Duplicate Fields are displayed in reports after the latest upgrade.


      • SD-70806: Default font in the application is changed after upgrading to 9404.


      (Released on 16, April, 2018)

      Behavior Changes in 9405

      • SD-70241: Ntlm log accumulation is cleared during server startup.

      Issues fixed in 9405:

      Vulnerability Issues:

      • SD-70608: XSS vulnerability in the request list view is fixed.
      • SD-70609: XSS vulnerability in distributed asset scan's list view.
      • SD-70607: Able to add custom schedules by using the CSRF vulnerability.
      • SD-69186: XSS vulnerability in request collaboration.
      • SD-68638: Privilege escalation vulnerability in user roles.
      • SD-68373: Privilege escalation vulnerability in logs.
      • SD-69384: Information exposure vulnerability in log files.
      • SD-68230: XSS vulnerability in merge request pop-up.
      • SD-68214: XSS vulnerability in the logged-in technician pop-up.
      • SD-68125: XSS vulnerability in solutions' topic.
      • SD-68112: Privilege escalation vulnerability in archived requests attachments.
      • SD-68007: XSS vulnerability in reply template.
      • SD-67814: XSS vulnerability in importing projects.
      • SD-67802: XSS vulnerability in imported solutions.
      • SD-67533: Privilege escalation vulnerability in requester details.
      • SD-70382: Privilege escalation vulnerability in password reset configurations.
      • SD-69972: Privilege escalation vulnerability in generating API keys.
      • SD-69491: Privilege escalation vulnerability in problem attachments.


      • SD-68213: Characters ('<' and '>') are replaced by ('<' and '>') in the back up technician drop-down while a assigning back technician rule under Scheduler>>Back up Technician.
      • SD-66615: Exceptions occurs while adding or viewing tasks from the home page.
      • SD-70419: Error occurs while approving a request from the home page.
      • SD-69817: Task Owner is not displayed when the edit icon is clicked from Comments/Work log/History tabs under Home-->Tasks.
      • SD-70623: In the home page Scheduler, technicians with '&' in their names, when marked on leave continue to list in the backup technicians drop-down.


      • SD-70047, SD-70171 : Add worklog page is blank for requesters with add/view task permission.
      • SD-69024, SD-70440 : Description content in the task notification is displayed without line breaks.
      • SD-70720: Encoded characters are present in subject field of the task notification email.


      • SD-69131: Under service request's resource questions if the answers have a colon(':') between numeric values (E.g,10:30), then it is not getting saved.
      • SD-68115: Diff updates are not mentioned in the history tab if a resource section of a service template is updated multiple times.
      • SD-66739: In some cases, diff updates related to checkbox questions in the resource field of a service template are not captured in history.
      • SD-70454: Unable to create purchase request from service request when priority is High or Medium or Low.
      • SD-70413: When the approval configuration 'Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved' is enabled, then the original technician is assigned via service template instead of backup technician after the service request is approved.
      • SD-70385: When a signature variable is included in the 'Notifying for Approval' notification template through a non-login view, an approval notification is not send to next level approvers automatically after the current stage is approved.
      • SD-70356: Unable to perform a column search in request list view with two parameters.
      • SD-69880: Expand/Collapse option doesn't work in the History tab of any tasks under Requests.
      • SD-70752: When technicians who are not SDAdmins add/edit resolutions to requests, they are unable to select and use resolution templates.
      • SD-70741: When technicians who are not SDAdmins reply to requests, they are unable to select and use reply templates.
      • SD-70521: When incoming emails with images are addressed to two custom groups with different aliases, they are created as two requests, but images appear only in one request.
      • SD-70579: Requesters are able to delete approvers under the Approval tab of incident requests.
      • SD-69279 : Text wrap is not applied for archived log's description in the work log list view.


      • SD-70717: When a software, initially with unspecified CI type is edited and saved, the CI type is set to null.


      • SD-66855: Task description field is missing in the custom reports for tasks.


      • SD-69050: Alternative email ids of the requesters listed in the CI info tab are encrypted twice.
      • SD-68721: If any user group is saved without criteria, then user group specific service templates are not available for requesters.
      • SD-68139: Mail fetching is stopped while receiving a push notification.
      • SD-63913: If the TLS 1.0 is disabled in the mail server, then the mail fetching stops.
      • SD-70442: Closure code and closure comment values for Resolved status are not maintained when the request is auto-closed.
      • SD-70367: Support group's site ID in CI table of a referred site is updated as Null when default support group's site is updated.
      • SD-69449: Unable to import users from AD if all the required OUs are selected.
      • SD-69794: V1 GET_WORKLOGS API doesn't respond properly if the worklog field contains special characters.
      • SD-70708: In privacy settings enabled builds, when users try to delete technician accounts accommodating special characters, the names appear broken in the anonymizing window.
      • SD-70697: In privacy settings enabled builds, users are unable to delete technician accounts when their anonymous names hold the character, '%'.
      • SD-70533: Mail fetching is ceased in large environments.


      • SD-69436: While accessing AjaxServlet using an invalid argument, blank page with a 'null' text is displayed
      • SD-70620: Users are able to upgrade the build to a higher version while running the server which results in a partial upgrade error.
      • SD-70619: Users are able to proceed with the build upgrade after an exception error (for current and upgrade versions being the same) is thrown and this results in a partial upgrade error.


    (Released on 5, April, 2018)

    New Features in 9404 :

    • GDPR
      • User privacy management : Handle personal data of users (both technicians and end users) in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. In the Request module, you can now mark out all fields that contain users' personally identifiable information (PII), making it easy for admins to identify what PII is collected and stored in ServiceDesk Plus. In addition, when users exercise their right to be forgotten, admins can anonymize the deleted users' names to random text and delete the associated PII from the application. Find this feature under Admin >> Privacy Settings. For more details, Click here.
    • PM Tasks for Service Request - Plan your preventive maintenance tasks well in advance for service requests as well.

      Find the feature in Admin >> Organizational Details >> Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

    • Custom Trigger Enhancements
      • Execute custom trigger actions for requests that contain replies and for approved/rejected requests.
      • Groups defined under other sites are now listed under criteria.
      • Requester name, sites and technician will now be listed under criteria.
      • Create triggers without any criteria. By default, this option is disabled. To enable, follow the instructions from the link

      Find the feature under Admin >> Custom Trigger >> Execute Actions.

    • Technician Homepage Enhancements - Customize technician's home page by adding/organizing widgets, and changing the layout and background color.

      Find the feature under Home >> Customize.

    • Export Requests - Select and export requests right from the list view, in various formats.

      Find the feature under Requests >> Actions.

    • Organize Request Catalog - Easily sequence the templates under the request catalog to suit your requirements.

      Find the feature in Admin >> Service Catalog >> Reorder.

    • Scribble Pad - Make simple, hurried notes in a jiffy using the all-new inbuilt scribble pad.

      Find the feature at the top right corner of the header pane.

    • HTML Editor Enhancements - Edit email notification content as HTML and use $ to add variables to the content.

      Find the feature at Admin >> Notification Rules >> Customize template >> Edit HTML.

    • Health Meter - Assess your application's health metrics in just a glance from the community tab.

      Find the feature under Community >> Health Meter.

    • Unified Notification Rules - Customize and configure notification rules across modules under a single roof.

      Find the feature under Admin >> Organization Details >> Notification Rules.

    • Admin Search Enhancement - Experience the enhanced admin search functionality with the categorically listed searched items.

      Find the feature in the Admin section.

    • AMS Renewal - Be notified of the subscription expiry and apply for its renewal, right from the application.

      Find the feature under Technician Profile >> Get your new AMS.

    Issues Fixed in 9404 :

    • SD-69036 : Custom triggers are not executed for duplicated requests.
    • SD-64060 : Custom triggers are not executed on requests that are generated from preventive maintenance tasks.
    • SD-61050 : XSS vulnerable "JQuery" framework version (1.8.3) has been upgraded to stable version (2.2.4)


    (Released on 21, March, 2018)

    New Features in 9403 :

    • SDF-69258 : Support for 'Georgian' language.

    Issues Fixed in 9403 :

    • SD-69139 : XSS vulnerability in Request API.
    • SD-70508 : AD authentication doesn't work in the mobile client context.
    • SD-70395 : In recently upgraded setups, start server/ shutdown server shortcuts does not work properly.
    • SD-70341 : Due to the API calls restriction to Zoho Reports, the SDP-Zoho Reports integration fails.
    • SD-70211 : Under "Requests by" filter in the dashboard, we are not able to access open/onhold/overdue tickets of technicians with commas in their names.
    • SD-70148 : Field and Form Rules configured to modify resource sections do not work on the request details page for inline edits.
    • SD-70138 : When starting ServiceDesk Plus by using the desktop icon, the browser is not automatically invoked.
    • SD-70065 : For non-English language requesters, the request ID search throws an authentication error.
    • SD-70000 : When data related to requests are partially added in mssql database, archiving/deleting a request from trash is not possible.
    • SD-69808 : Under Quick Create, if we select a requester name and select a change template for that requester, the requester name gets swapped with the logged-in technician's name.
    • SD-69350 : While copying a service template's FAFR to another service template, incident templates associated to service categories are listed in the "Copy rules to template(s)" drop-down.
    • SD-69145 : When multiple API calls are made simultaneously in the request module, issues occur.
    • SD-68637 : Under workflow, the Notify stage change to users value is not set when you modify the Move to stage & status filter.
    • SD-65128 : In some scenarios, custom trigger list view disappears when a new custom trigger is added.
    • SD-70509 : Sending task notifications to groups takes a lot of time.


    (Released on 26 February, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9402 :

    • SD-70246 : Application header does not load properly if the web remote configuration fails to fetch the server name from the DNS.
    • SD-70228 : DC tight-install in SDP is not getting started if the application is invoked as a service.
    • SD-69920 : Unable to save any change templates after upgrading to the 9332 build. The issue occurs when we select change manager and refresh the page.


    (Released on 13 February, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9401 :

    • SD-70135 : Issue post 9400: Unable to create service requests, merge requests, or convert incident requests to service requests if the default additional fields are deleted in the earlier versions of the product.
    • SD-70066 : Change module goes blank if the change type in a change has more than 22 characters. The issue occurs if the change type column is chosen from the change list view.
    • SD-70155 : Custom trigger scripts are not working when the application is started as a service after a restart.
    • SD-70210 : After the mickeylite update, when the Globalconfig category "mailfetching" has "RUNNING" as its value, then mails are fetched from both "MailFetcherService" and "MailFetchingTask" resulting in duplication of tickets.


    (Released on 31 January, 2018)

    Framework changes :

    This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

    New SCCM Connector:

    New SCCM to SDP connector (Mickey lite compatible) is updated in the resources section of the web page. Download the latest connector zip for integrating SCCM with SDP.

    MySQL support:

    MySQL will not be supported from this version.


    (Released on 11, April, 2019)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-77871 : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2019-10008) and User Enumeration Vulnerability (CVE-2019-10273) in login page has been fixed.


    (Released on 22 January, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9335:

    • SD-69732 : Technician name is set as empty in Desktop Central when the technician name is edited in ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SD-69971 : In some SSO-enabled environments, blank page appears during login.
    • SD-69958 : Vulnerability fixed.


    (Released on 8 January, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9334

    • SD-69824 : Agent certificate and jar signed certificates are expired. Msi and jar files needs to be signed with the latest certificates.
    • SD-69626 : Upgrade failure occurs when a CI type which is created later is made the parent type of a CI type created earlier. Issue occurs when both the CI types are mapped to a same product type.
    • SD-69625 : Migration to 9332 fails due to the duplicate values present in URL encryption details.


    (Released on 2 January, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9333

    • SD-69633 : Vulnerability fixed.
    • SD-69338 : Migration fails while applying the 9327 patch throwing the following error, "Out Of Memory" which is due to the huge data present in the Notification table.
    • SD-69629 : Issues with marking of filters as "favorites" and in filter order rearrangement in Request custom filter.Breakage occurs when migrating to 9331 & 9332.
    • SD-69635 : If the task dependencies in service request template is enabled, then the approval tab does not show up while a requester submits a request.


    (Released on 21 December, 2017)

    Issues Fixed in 9332

    • SD 69627 : Request custom filters and advanced search are not working.


    (Released on 19 December, 2017)

    Behavior Changes in 9331

    • Group filter in request list view filter will be removed by default. You can enable the groups again in the request list view filter by accessing admin>>self service portal settings>>Show groups in request list view filter.
    • V3 API: The parameter name 'input_data' must be in lower case.
    • V3 API: Technician key is replaced with "authtoken" and it should be sent in request header.

    Issues Fixed in 9331

    Vulnerability Issues:

    • SD-61620, SD-69438, SD-55684, SD-65300,SD-63635,SD-69157, SD-65635, SD-65884,SD-65600,SD-65625,SD-66817, SD-69323, SD-69324, SD-69325, SD-69326, SD-67516 : Vulnerability fixed.


    • SD-67723 : In leave mail notification : To and From dates are interchanged.


    • SD-67691: Under Problem & Change, Change by Typegraph is not updated on changing the site.
    • SD-69078 : "If we select "group by" option while creating a custom report : line/area charts are not properly displayed in report's widget view under dashboard."
    • SD-69212 : The request summary report projects wrong "Last Week and This Week" data during the start/end period of DST.


    • SD-65757 : When requests are merged, the "Due By Time" and "Response Due By Time" are wrongly calculated.
    • SD-66371 : Logged in requester is not able to access a survey link from a portal.
    • SD-66764 : Approval flow is executed twice if we click on the Accept/Reject button twice in the approval action menu.
    • SD-60354 : A url with braces in it is not saved as a link in rich text fields across the product.
    • SD-60746 : Status change comment is not mandated if the status is changed via global edit option.
    • SD-62883 : Default values of Service Additional Fields in Service template are not picked up on converting Incident to Service request.
    • SD-65118 : Requester is able to access all requests by changing the URL of requests list view.
    • SD-65746 : Requester is not able to create a request in an MSSQL setup if the requester's name has square braces.
    • SD-66128 : Home page task list view filter and Request task list view filter are dependent.
    • SD- 66256 : Archived Request History is not shown for the requests where worklog timer is stopped by status change.
    • SD- 65742 : Self-Service Portal settings allow admins to display or hide groups in Request List View filters.
    • SD- 65743 : If a request custom filter is edited, only open requests, and not custom filter, view is displayed under the request list view.
    • SD-68030: While clicking on the the approval link under conversation details, an error page is displayed.
    • SD-68011 : Inactive support groups will not be listed in request list's filter view.
    • SD-68054 : Technicians are able to get requests out of their scope during a default search.
    • SD-68060 : Request's "DueByTime" is wrongly calculated when we put the requests on hold and update their SLAs.
    • SD-68117 : Reply window does not get closed after sending reply mail if Request tab is closed.
    • SD-69372 : Duplicating a service request takes more time if the number of users are high.
    • SD-68057 : After approving a Service Request with unassigned technician , notification with blank technician name is triggered.
    • SD-68180 : REST API V1: When adding or updating resource answers (plain text type answers) with json input format under service request : the answers get auto revised to lower case.
    • SD-67674 : While converting a service request to an incident request : with "Overwrite field values with template values' enabled : the description content becomes blank if the template does not have one (description) in it.
    • SD-67724 : Request ID Search is not working properly in requester login.
    • SD-67600 : 'Resend' button is removed in approval mail notifications under request>>conversation details.
    • SD-66802 : While the tech auto assign is enabled and the technician field is changed to 'unassigned' status and the save button is hit multiple times, then the technician also gets dynamically changed/updated multiple times.


    • SD-55537 : Problem status is shown as ID in Day view of the problem history.
    • SD-67567: Unable to close a problem when the Closed Date field is empty.


    • SD- 65664 : When assigning more than one change role to a technician, multiple notifications are sent for the user through change stage and status.
    • SD- 56906 : If the mail content or subject does not contain the Non login link, bulk notifications are sent to all users.
    • SD-65252 : Task-related status comment not updated in the Change Implementation phase.
    • SD-65664 : Users with multiple change roles receive multiple notifications through Change Stage and Status.
    • SD-66672 : - When a change is deleted, the corresponding row in approval details table is not deleted.
    • SD-66801 : In the planning tab, user information disappears when the page is refreshed or when the tab is toggled, after adding impact, rollout, backout plan, checklist, or downtime.
    • SD-67938 : Additional fields are allowed with similar name in Change additional fields.
    • SD-68414 : File attached with an empty description in change request and again viewing the same page displays '&nbp' in the description of the attached file.
    • SD-69007 : Links in the Print Preview page of a change doesn't work.
    • SD-67698 : Error occurs when Add/ Delete option for Downtime field in the planning stage is clicked multiple times.
    • SD-67162 : When Downtime set in the planning stage is edited in the implementation stage, it does not get updated.
    • SD-67323 : The field values that are added or edited under planning stage are hidden when using the application in Microsoft Edge.


    • SD-68799 : While importing assets through CSV, additional fields' values are displayed as null.
    • SD-68937 : Unable to scan SNMP devices during network scan when multiple credentials are configured for it.
    • SD-69094 : UK constraint Exception after migrating to 6129.
    • SD-67750 : A technician with permission to edit assets is not able to reconcile two assets.


    • SD-67825 : Error while deleting CI Type under which there are more than 10000 assets.

    Purchase Order

    • SD-68900 : Comments in the cancelled PR's snippet view is encrypted.


    • SD-60470 : Additional fields that exceed the character limit are truncated when it is associated with a template and when a problem or change is created.
      Warning message is not displayed when the character limit for additional field name exceeds.
    • SD-68428 : While creating a pick list change additional field with empty values or defined values, random values are displayed instead of the defined values.
    • SD-68434 : Values selected in 'Services Affected' field in Change template are unchecked when reopened.
    • SD-68436 : If we click on any one of the selected assets in change template's 'Assets Involved' field and then re-edit, assets get duplicated.
    • SD-68965: In ADMP action menus edit page, 'Roles' dropdown is empty in MSSQL. Roles API is sending the failure message, when we try to fetch the roles.
    • SD-69209: While adding a product name with special characters for a new software, the auto populated product name is encrypted.
    • SD-69177 : User gets authenticated via SSO even when LDAP authentication is configured.
    • SD-69126 : "When a requester in a site that refers to another site initiates a chat request : the support groups associated to the site are not displayed"
    • SD-68739 : "When a request with on hold time is duplicated : the duplicated request displays incorrect due by time."
    • SD-68558 : Tabs in the mail server settings page takes longer time to load.
    • SD-67868 : Application does not restrict lengthy (Exceeding 100 characters) additional field names that are associated to templates which results in truncation of those names while creating a request.
    • SD-67737 : Additional fields mapped with incident/service templates are removed if we rename the additional fields.
    • SD-67617 : Standard Edition : "Notify technician when a request is shared with him/her." option is not available in Notification Rules.
    • SD-66311 : Email command does not work for outlook mails in HTML/Richtext formats.
    • SD-66669 : Requester is not able to create a request in an MSSQL setup if the requester's name has square braces.
    • SD-67010 : Tasks does not get copied while copying Service Catalog Template.
    • SD-60226 : Unable to copy Service Request Template containing tasks with dependencies.
    • SD-24345 : URL with braces mentioned in the description of a request is displayed as a plain text instead of as a link.
    • SD-49399 : Unable to view Requester details from request details page if technician is not having 'Editing Requester' role.
    • SD-48586 : When a support group is renamed in the default site, it does not get updated in the respective copy site


    • SD-21428 : Link icon (hand symbol) is not displayed while hovering mouse over delete/edit buttons under 'Scheduled Reports' list view.
    • SD- 24908 : Questions marks in additional fields are converted as hyphens after running reports.
    • SD-29462 : New line feeds are missing in request's report description field.
    • SD-30037 : Grid lines are missing in advanced matrix reports when they are exported in pdf format.
    • SD-30518 : For users with custom/special roles, their permission check is not applied other than the first page of the reports results page.
    • SD-32323 : Unable to run audit and workstation summary reports when the organization's name has double quotes.
    • SD-34859 : While generating stacked reports in vertical orientation, invalid labels with 'zero' value appears. Also while generating stacked reports in horizontal orientation, labels are not displayed properly.
    • SD-35320 : Exception occurs while trying to execute a query with "ORDER BY" phrase in it.
    • SD-38105 : Improper construction of query while running a matrix report with date filter.
    • SD-38109 : Issue occurs while generating reports if the logged in user's name has a back slash character.
    • SD-38257 : Default items are not appearing under advance filter while creating custom reports in change.
    • SD-48747 : For tech having custom roles, edit permission is not available in the reports list view page, however edit permission is available after the report is generated.
    • SD-49068 : Issue : When license is changed from Enterprise to Standard , "Change Approvals" is shown in Home Page.
    • SD-52536 : In custom report's 'Date filter' if the 'from' date is not given, then the report gets generated but it cannot be saved.
    • SD-53734 : When date fields are null in advanced matrix report, irrelevant entries are found in first column of the report.
    • SD-66205 : Charts in custom reports appear right-aligned.
    • SD-66286 : The scheduled time displayed on the page refers to sever time and not the user's time zone.
    • SD-66372 : Unassigned date fields in advanced matrix custom reports displayed incorrect values under the Date and Time columns.
    • SD-66562 : Only a part of the organization name is displayed in some reports.
    • SD-68433 : Unable to generate frequently asked query reports.
    • SD-67100 : Error occurs upon triggering a report with an additional field column containing '}' character.
    • SD-67375 : A report with too many columns, when exported as pdf is illegibly zoomed in.
    • SD-67305 : Error occurs when you try editing the 'Chart properties' of a saved line chart report.
    • SD-67438 : A 3D bar chart report with certain combination of columns appears truncated when exported as pdf.
    • SD-67509 : 'OverDue Status' field is introduced for archived request reports.


    • SD-66285 : Search through "All Assets" creates a huge load on the server and causes it to crash.
    • SD-65046 : Auto-completion in password fields is disabled.
    • SD-69440 : Pass Through Authentication gets delayed in IE 11.
    • SD-69344 : SD-Users are unable to login to the application via pass through authentication in IE and Microsoft Edge, as page gets redirected to j_security_check.


    (Released on 6 December, 2017)

    Issues Fixed in 9330

    Vulnerability issues:

    • SD-63275,SD-65316,SD-65524,SD-65525,SD-65593,SD-66578,SD-67996,SD-68298,SD-68387,SD-68390,SD-68391,SD-68392,SD-64424:Vulnerability fixed.


    • SD-68259: Default widgets in dashboard page does not facilitate scroll functionality.


    • SD-69301: In some scenarios, domain name in the application URL is missing when we pick up a request from the request list view.
    • SD-69238: Custom triggers values organized and saved in the 'Organize Actions' pop-up are not retained when the pop-up is opened again.
    • SD-69136: In Quick create request form, associated site of a requester is not populated on selecting the requester's name.
    • SD-68623: Unable to add attachments with commas (,) in their names in requests.
    • SD-68609: Unable to view conversations of archived requests.
    • SD-68342: When multiple approvers are selected through 'Select Approvers' field in a service request, only one approver is saved.
    • SD-68279: While adding a pick list additional field, the text "select option" gets added as a value in Japanese version of the product.
      Note: This fix will only solve any future issues, however, for the older ones, we suggest you delete the wrongly added values manually.
    • SD-65236: Request Module: If the size of system triggered notification exceeds 64k, they are not moved as attachments.
    • SD-29923: Attachments with ampersand character in their names are missing in forwarded requests.


    • SD-68262: In solution's details page, associated problem's id is displayed with an anchor tag.
    • SD-68044: When "solution" string is used while searching for a solution, a number formatting exception is thrown.


    • SD-68383: When windows domain scan fails, it displays "Agent Connection Timeout" error even though the agent Port is open and the machine is reachable.
    • SD-68320: Option to configure server IP address and edit web server port for agent under Admin - >> Windows Agent Configuration >> Configure.
    • SD-67022: Support for infinite scrolling in department's dropdown similar to that of the user's dropdown.
    • SD-62900: Unable to delete attachments from CIs. It's listed up when refreshing the page even after deletion.


    • SD-69073: Technicians (with full purchase permission/access to view all sites) are not able to view PRs created by them if PRs are associated to sites.
    • SD-69016: Items associated to the previous vendor are not removed while editing /adding a vendor in purchase order.
    • SD-68841: Loading issue with "View PO Associated Assets" list view / Global Search with "All Assets" option does not work once we sort the "PO Associated Assets" List view with CIType.


    • SD-68879: Issue in overriding custom styles in Admin page.
    • SD-68788: While executing custom triggers for a request, JSON object related exception is thrown.
    • SD-69122: Unable to save quick links for apps under Admin>>General Settings>>ME Integrations>> Quick Links.


    • SD-68220: When reports are generated from report's list view, spacing between lines in the reports are increased.


    • SD-69346: While clicking on the community tab, the following error is thrown "Unable to process your request. Please check the URL ".


    • SD-69330: The string 'Feedback' is replaced with 'Contact Support' in feedback page of the application and under header section of 'Help'.
    • SD-69245: IE 9 browser support removed, alert message is not shown properly while upgrading through console mode.
    • SD-69104: While performing a lucene search, latest records are not displayed at the top.

    Mobile app Info:

    • Links for IOS and android apps are given under profile and admin section , available for SDAdmins and SDSiteAdmin.


    (Released on 9 November, 2017)

    Issues Fixed in 9329

    • SD-68949 : CMDB API: Delete CI: The SDAdmin is unable to delete an asset that is not associated to any site.
    • SD-68388, SD-67081, SD-66890, SD-67007, SD-67455, SD-67456, SD-67606, SD-67607, SD-67809, SD-67810, SD-66889, SD-68557, SD-68231, SD-68158, SD-68943 : Vulnerability issue fixed
    • SD-66032 : Unable to reset the Project's code field value to null.
    • SD-67443 , SD-67995 : Content variable $associatedlink added as a hyperlink in the "task comment notification template" doesn't work.
    • SD-64242 : When multiple files are attached to a request and saved, the order in which the files were attached is not maintained
    • SD-65988 : An alert is displayed when you attempt navigating between the sub tabs of a project associated to a request.
    • SD-66736 , SD-67870 : Exception occurs while saving unique data by hitting the enter key multiple times.
    • SD-67601 : Approvers are missing in service requests that are created using a template with tasks dependencies. Issue occurs if one of the dependent tasks are unchecked.
    • SD-67875 : Error message does not display well while adding a duplicate task template name that has a script in it.
    • SD-67807 : Unable to edit "Project Type" from the list view page if the project color contains special character.
    • SD-66319 : Approval reminder notifications are wrongly sent for requests that are already approved.
    • SD-67829 : All list views under Projects can now display a maximum of 100 items
    • SD-69093 : Field and form rules are not executed when an incident template is changed, then reverted.
    • SD-69012 : In some SQL environments, schedules of reports and preventive maintenance tasks were deleted after upgrading to the latest version.
    • SD-68118 : If users add worklog additional fields and edit an existing worklog, the additional field values of that worklog changes to null.
    • SD-68385 : Text wrap doesn't apply to description in the work log list view.
    • SD-68631 : Rendering exception occurs in project if tasks are sorted by milestones.
    • SD-69009 : Inline edit for task list view doesn't maintain page navigation.
    • SD-68163 : Variable "$comments" in the 'projects comments notification template' does not change to a value in the notification.


    (Released on 27 October, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-69087 : The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build. The current certificate expires on October 29, 2017.
    • SD-68971 : Request form hangs if 'add resource' field is disabled in FAFR.


    (Released on 24 October, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-69035 : Schedule to clean up duplicated Software CIs.
    • SD-69032 : Mail fetching error occurs if the configured keystore file name contains special characters.
    • SD-68973 : Replies sent to the notification mails are not getting added as a conversation if the delimiter is removed from the subject.
    • SD-68280 : XSS vulnerability issue.
    • SD-68217 : Selected fields for an AD import are reset and reverted to default settings when the 'Active Directory Import Success' window is closed.
    • SD-67566 : In some environments, single sign-on functionality fails abruptly due to the following exceptions, "SocketTimeOut" & "ArrayIndexOutOfBounds"
    • SD-67356 : Exception occurs in loading users list while assigning users to assets if email is not specified for a user.
    • SD-68978 : Migration fails if we migrate from 9319, 9320 or 9321 to a higher build. Issue occurs while we restore data to a fresh setup before migrating.
    • SD-68864 : Department in the custom trigger's criteria gets duplicated multiple times in custom trigger's list view page.
    • SD-68832 : Requesters name with special characters (umlaut) are not loaded in requester field's ajax which causes loading failure in Quick Create menu.
    • SD-68827 : While adding a worklog, if we select 'Consider Worklog Addition as First Response', then the first response value in the history stamp is shown in milliseconds.
    • SD-68812 : Unable to add an additional field as a criteria to a business rule.
    • SD-68078 : In 'On Form Submit' section of Field & Form Rules, 'clear fields' option is not working for multi-select fields.
    • SD-68077 : While copying a field and form rule with execute script action, that has tags, unwanted slashes are getting added.
    • SD-68523 : Model doesn't get auto populated while editing a workstation or server in professional edition.


    (Released on 05 October, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68936 : Mail fetching error occurs if the server redirection is configured in server.xml.
    • SD-68901 : Unable to create requests on behalf of another user.
    • SD-68919 : Request custom menu is not displayed under the "Actions" menu of the request tab.


    (Released on 28 September, 2017)

    New Featues

    • SDF-68773 : ServiceDesk Plus now supports deploying Desktop Central's User-defined Configuration templates from your request window.

    Behavior Changes

    • Steps for installing or uninstalling software applications using Desktop Central Software Deployment feature has now been simplified.

    Issues Fixed

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-79120 : XSS vulnerability in purchase requests (CVE-2019-12543)

    Dashboard :

    • SD-67021 : Count mismatch of Purchase Orders in Asset Dashboard

    Request :

    • SD-68563 : Field and Form Rules are not working for 'Select Approvers' Field.
    • SD-68546,SD-68537 : 9320 breakage: Unable to search the merged requests.

    Asset :

    • SD-68393,SD-68394,SD-68395,SD-68396,SD-68397 : Vulnerabilities in asset details page and workstation list view page have been fixed.
    • SD-68854 : Ssl certificate configured for mail fetching and analytics+ is being overwritten by SDP web server's ssl certificate.
    • SD-66846 : Unable to delete the attached file of a software license if the file name has a "#" symbol in it.
    • SD-39260,SD-56353 : Exception while editing dynamic asset group.
    • SD-59881 : "All Assets" filter is not displayed if "All Assets In Store" link is clicked after viewing other product type list views.
    • SD-66424 : Not showing the depreciation details while adding a new asset or workstation in SDP Professional Edition.
    • SD-68010 : Asset edit page stalling while trying to load unwanted js/css files.
    • SD-51451 : The technicians having Asset View-only role can delete the attachments in asset detail page.
    • SD-64442 : The relationship for Virtual machine and host are not showing in relationships tab while updating the server.
    • SD-65173 : Listing all Workstation/Server inventoried without site restriction.
    • SD-67449 : Scan : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability issue fixed while scanning.
    • SD-59991 : Scan : Users having lower privileges than administrators can view the system log viewer after a scan failure.
    • SD-68643 : Currency : British pound sign "£" is replaced with \A3.
    • SD-68545 : NullPointerException while importing assets through CSV Import in Professional Edition.
    • SD-68398 : Unable to receive Software licenses in Purchase orders.
    • SD-68269 : Unable to scan switches in Network scan.
    • SD-67633 : ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if Serial Number column is sorted in workstation list view.
    • SD-66132 : If product type name change has modified the name of a child CI Type instead of the parent CI Type, during migration the child CI Type name is reverted back to the original name and parent CI Type name is modified as the latest product type name. For eg: if product type "IP Phone" is changed as "ABC", then the child CI Type "Cisco IP phone" would have changed to "ABC". Now in this migration, "Cisco IP Phone" CI Type would be reverted back to its old name and "IP Phone" CI Type would be modified as "IP Phone'.

    CMDB :

    • SD-65115 : API : Range not working for GET_ALL CI in MSSQL build.

    Purchase :

    • SD-65713 : Empty space in file names are replaced with "+"symbol while downloading as attachments.

    Contract :

    • SD-63036 : Cannot open an expired software license from Contract Expiry notification mail.
    • SD-67559 : Vulnerability issue fixed in Contract List view.

    Admin :

    • SD-52766 : Removed the unused option to add image under Admin-->Product comments.
    • SD-60734 : Admin Additional fields : Cannot view a lengthier pick list item in a Pick List additional field.
    • SD-67619 : Vulnerability issue fixed in Credential library.
    • SD-68548 : Sites are not loaded in the 'Exclude chat for site(s)' field under Chat settings.
    • SD-68216 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
    • SD-61854 : Hebrew characters are wrongly parsed in the mails received from Exchange mail server.
    • SD-68711 : Sample code given in the "Execute Script" section of field and form rules is wrongly showing ID's instead of text.

    Reports :

    • SD-60235 : Vulnerability in Audit Reports has been fixed.

    Others :

    • SD-67772 : Option to configure the fetch size for individual tables in the database while taking backup.
    • SD-66687 : Request is not getting created since the Sequence Generator is not properly updated.


    (Released on 13 September, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68612 : Request's 'Site' gets changed to 'Not associated to any site' while saving a resolution.
    • SD-68614 : When a service request has resources, then the resolution page freezes while clicking the add/ edit button.
    • SD-68629 : Pick List values are not listed in Incident Template.


    (Released on 11 September, 2017)

    New Features

    • SDF-65596 : Broadcasting a message to all Technicians.
    • SDF-68177 : Custom vendor configuration for sending SMS Notifications.
    • SDF-65302 : Easier value selection component introduced for all fields in Change request.
    • SDF-66082 : "All must approve" option, introduced for incident request under the Approval Configurations, can be used to mandate approval of all the approvers involved in a request. This option can be configured from any Incident template >> Work Flow Tab.
    • SDF-65208, SDF-30431 : Introduction of 'Allow approval action for logged-in users only' helps to make sure only the intended users take approval actions. This option can be found in Self-Service Portal settings under the "Approval Settings" section.
    • SDF-64182, SDF-21042 : Option to add attachments in the resolution of a request.
    • SDF-64167 : Now technician can view requester details and requests created by them during request creation.
    • SDF-63026 : WebRemote feature helps in taking remote session of Windows machines.
      • It is fast, and does not depend on any browser plugin.
      • Since it is HTML5 browser based, remote to Windows machine can be perfomed from any OS/device.
      • This feature uses Microsoft RDP and does not require agents to be installed in the remote machine.
      • The remote sessions can be recorded and played back later.
      • The sessions recorded are captured under asset's history and request's notes section.
      • Limitation : Remote sessions to Windows 10 machines is not possible now and would be resolved in one of the immediate service pack as we upgrade to Jre 1.8.
    • SDF-63185: Option to set the LocalAuthentication password as random or predefined, for users added through ActiveDirectory (AD), LDAP, Dynamic user addition and for users created via e-mail requests, from the UI itself. This can be found under Admin >> Users >> Active Directory/LDAP.

    Behavior Change in 9323:

    • In Self Service Portal, Asset Selection is disabled only for Change Request.
    • Modify "ChangetoAsset" table to "ChangeToCi" in query reports to avoid errors.
    • Status change from resolution page is not allowed with an empty resolution.

    Issues Fixed in 9323:

    • SD-68108 : Change: Unable to add attachments via global edit form, by a Change Manager/Change Owner of a given Change Request, which has crossed the Submission stage.
    • SD-68338 : Non-English characters appear as symbols in Status Comments in the Change module.


    (Released on 6 September, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68525 : In 9319, LDAP authentication is not working when users are imported from Microsoft Active Directory Ldap server.
    • SD-68470 : In dashboards page, clicking on "Requests approaching SLA Violation" widget's drill down count does not redirect to the request list view page.
    • SD-68119, SD-68238 : Request details page : After updating the status, changes are not visible. This happens only if "Status change comment mandatory for request" is enabled under Self Service Portal
    • SD-68473 : Issue in receiving the scanned xmls in SDP server pushed by Windows agent or system startup script.
    • SD-67450 : Reports: Vulnerability issue in viewing database schema.
    • SD-68483 : In Non-login request close link, line breaks in resolution content is shown as div tags.
    • SD-68510 : Unable to exclude chat functionality for technicians (Admin>>Chat settings>>Exclude chat for technicians).
    • SD-68305 : Unable to create a request when the site, group and technician fields are configured in the Incident/Service template.
    • SD-68482 : Unable to access scheduled activities when the application has MS SQL server as a backend database.
    • SD-68424, SD-68531 : Issue with weekly and monthly schedule for Preventive Maintenance Tasks.


    (Released on 30 August, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68246 : Request Filter : Unable to select Group filters, if the group name contains special characters.
    • SD-68343, SD-68255 : Unable to close the request using close request link received from resolved notification mail.
    • SD-66939, SD-67155 : Service Template fields cache is not created properly such that the additional fields get disappeared in some scenarios.
    • SD-68278 : Service additional fields pick list values are not listed in sorted order.
    • SD-67729 : Wrong output key is fetched for "worklog_timetaken" operation in Worklog API.


    (Released on 18 August, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68034 : Request Listview : Request column spacing is getting increased intermittently.
    • SD-68227 : Request Listview : Unable to resize "Linked Requests" column.
    • SD-68235 : In addition to the default module delimiter for request, emails with subject having the base delimiter is also considered to identify the parent request id.


    (Released on 16 August, 2017)

    Behaviour change

    • SD-67833 : Behavior change in Search: If a request id is used in the search box, and a request exists with that id, then the search will take the user to the particular request's details page. If texts are used in the search box then it will function as a default search and show the list of requests that contain the searched text.

    Issues Fixed

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-79117 : XSS vulnerability while searching solutions (CVE-2019-12541)
    • SD-79116 : XSS vulnerability while searching site (CVE-2019-12538)
    • SD-78117 : XSS vulnerability in global search (CVE-2019-12189)
    • SD-79119 : XSS vulnerability in global search (CVE-2019-12542)

    Others :

    • SD-60611 : Timeout issue occurs while importing large number of users from LDAP
    • SD-47313, SD-66129, SD-62175 : Cursor is not placed in the "to" field or the "description" field when we hit the 'reply' button in requests.
    • SD-65711 : "Change Password" option is available for users who have logged using the AD authentication.
    • SD-66772 : Field and form rules doesn't work if asset values are selected as options for a resource question in the service catalog.
    • SD-67473 : When a request is created through Chat, the "Mode" field would be set to with a default value of "Chat" if present.
    • SD-67797 : If a request additional/default fields' values has a forward slash, then it is getting replaced with a backward and forward slash in the request list view.
    • SD-67753 : The text "Actions" under Requests tab is not translated for non English languages.
    • SD-67834 : Extra lines are added to texts that are copied and pasted from Outlook to the Announcements.
    • SD-60839, SD-66853 : When we update a service category with an icon, it gets updated in a different service category.
    • SD-67018 : If the count of Service Approvers in the application is high (say around 7000), then the Service Request creation form loads slowly.
    • SD-67771 : If we hit enter key on the resolution text box of a default template, before creating a request, a blank resolution gets added.
    • SD-65810 : Attachments are not visible in the solutions that are published in the Self Service Portal.
    • SD-68126 : Credentials are not loaded properly in API in some scenarios.
    • SD-67956 : Request Pick List additional field values are not listed in sorted order.
    • SD-67341 : No response on saving closure code comments in a Change request.
    • SD-59362, SD-59503, SD-60060, SD-60114, SD-60134, SD-61035, SD-61036, SD-64425, SD-65356, SD-65357, SD-66446, SD-66667, SD-66692 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed
    • SD-68229 : Not able to change the site using the site search icon when the number of active sites are more than 100.


    (Released on 11 August, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-68181 : When service catalog common additional field are added as columns under the request list view, when a pickup/assign operation happens from the request list view, those visible column's common additional field information will get removed from service request which is picked up or assigned.


    (Released on 21 July, 2017)

    Issues Fixed

    • SD-67766: When users migrate from builds older than 9313 to the 9315 and having two or more users with same login name but different domain along with "Not in Domain" present, then those user's will not be able to login to the application.
    • SD-67751: Request list view page is blank, if the selected custom filter name has a single quote in it.
    • SD-67743: Request history is blank, if any of the additional field's name contains "time" in it.
    • SD-67767: Technician is unable to set their availability status


    (Released on 20 July, 2017)

    Issue Fixed

    • SD-67740: Request list view page is blank for some technicians after migrating to 9315, the scenario is as follows,
      • Some technicians sets the 'Refresh frequency' to some value, say 3 or 5
      • After some time, he sets it back to 'Never'
      • The server is now upgraded to 9315.
    • 9315

      (Released on 19 July, 2017)

      New Features

      • SDF-65167: Request List View Enhancements: Mark request filters as favorite, resize request columns, and view tasks and requests in a single page.
      • SDF-67564: Revamped request history: Option to filter and sort history details of a request using various fields such as status, priority, mode, impact, and level.
      • SDF-42517: Option to automatically close a request when approval is denied - i.e, if the approval status of a request is changed to the "Denied" state. This configuration can be done in Admin >> Request Closing Rules.
      • SDF-65212: Option to merge service requests.
      • SDF-65393: Email reply gets auto merged as conversation based on email header (in-reply-to header). This feature is enabled by default .It can be disabled through the Globalconfig Table in the database. [Parameter=AppendOnRequestReferences].
      • SDF-63883: Live Chat for Users: Allow requesters to have a quick chat with technicians easily.
      • SDF-65278: Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now offers reports and dashboards on change management module. In this update you will get-
        • An overview of upcoming and in-progress changes.
        • Insight into the CAB approval process.
        • Change management dashboard, CAB approval dashboard, business impact analysis and much more.
        Also, Request - MultiSelect additional fields are supported.
      • SDF-28592: Refer settings of one site for configuring another site. Referring site follows the settings of the chosen site. Admin >> Sites >> New/Edit Site.
      • SDF-65039: Option to configure the base delimiter. Admin >> Mail Server settings >> Delimiter.
      • Note: By default, the base delimiter is ## and delimiter for each module is Request-RE, Change-CH, Problem-PB, Project-PJ, Solution-SO, Task-TA, PurchaseOrder-PO, PurchaseRequest-PR, and Contract-CO.
      • SDF-67252 : Scan status with troubleshooting steps will be displayed in details page of SNMP devices too.
      • SDF-51608: Option to list users who are deleted in the active directory. From this list, users can be deleted either manually or automatically.
      • Note: Deleted user data from the remote server cannot be transferred to the central server.

      Behaviour change

      • Request ID search has been removed. Instead, the global search will have the "request id" filter enabled by default. Switch to "default search" filter to perform global search within the application.
      • When Business Rules are applied to move a request to Closed / Resolved / Completed status, the action will be successful only if the Request satisfies the Request closing rules.
      • Previously,$EntityID was used in Notification template. This has been changed to ##ModuleDelimiter-$EntityID##. For each module, replace their respective delimiters. For example, $RequestID should be replaced with ##RE-$RequestID##. The modified delimiter will be applied to the e-mail Notification template.
      • SDSiteAdmin without "ModifyingDueTime" permission will not be able to edit the 'created time' in global edit.

      Issues Fixed

      Home :

      • SD-65821 : Mark Unavailability option under Quick actions tab displays the first Technician listed instead of the logged in user in Technician drop-down.
      • SD-64371: Vulnerability fix in task module.
      • SD-42026: Vulnerability in scheduler.

      Request :

      • SD-66176 & SD-65953: Unable to assign the site technician in the task template within the incident template and service catalog.
      • SD-63831: Worklog additional field's tool tip is shown as "Null" in the "add new" worklog page.
      • SD-66253: Not able to edit "Date/Time" additional field of a WorkLog, if the field has no value assigned to it.
      • SD-66034: Attachment and History of tasks associated with a request are not archived when the request is archived.
      • SD-66345: Request's template doesn't change when updated with a template with no service category via Email command by Requester.
      • SD-65987: Response due by time is set for a request duplicated from a request which doesn't have a response due by time.
      • SD-48968: "Category" and "Description" details of a request are not present in the tooltip snippet over the archived requests.
      • SD-63535: Task attachment files are overwritten while adding attachments files of similar names.
      • SD-63611: Content in the reply text box of a request is not properly aligned if a requester/technician, who is not assigned to the request, replies.
      • SD-63664: Default request template page is displayed when we close a request with the FCR check box selected.
      • SD-66239: "Start Timer" option is unavailable for a technician who doesn't have the permission to reopen a request.
      • SD-66137: Saved "Date" field values in the custom view criteria are automatically incremented in some cases.
      • SD-66153: Error occurs if we hit the "Convert" button multiple times while converting a Service Request into an Incident Request or vice versa.
      • SD-67377: In the IE browser, "Page not found" error occurs while trying to print a request page from ServiceDesk Plus.
      • SD-60592: Able to close requests with blank description even though it is configured in request closure rules.
      • SD-65197: Exception occurs while changing a request's template in some scenarios.
      • SD-66059: 'New DueBy Time' calculation does not work when a ticket is reopened from 'OnHold' status during a holiday.
      • SD-66238: Incident additional field values are maintained in the request list view even after converting the request type from incident to service.
      • SD-66360: Overdue flag is displayed even when the resolved date is less than the due by date for a service request that is converted from an incident request.
      • SD-66856: Unable to remove all template tasks of a request via global edit.
      • SD-28229: Technician without an access to modify the 'due by time' is not able to modify the 'created time' as well.
      • SD-65978, SD-65997: Request collaboration does not work, if any of the technician's display name has a single quote in it.
      • SD-65716: Unable to edit the pick list values once they are added to the request additional fields.
      • SD-66373: Able to change service category for a service request.
      • SD-46127: Extra space is added to texts that are copied and pasted from Outlook 2007 to the request description field.
      • SD-60599: Notifications are not sent when Requests are moved to Closed / Resolved / Completed status via Business Rules.
      • SD-66386, 63118: Unable to view Requester pop-up window of a Request by a Technician who does not have Adding/Editing Requester permission.
      • SD-66673: Request inline images are shown as attachments in the outlook.
      • SD-26693: Request pick list additional field's default values are automatically selected in a request template even when we select "None".
      • SD-66172, 66773: Unable to move Requests to unassigned state while configuring backup technician.
      • SD-66624: Technician notifications are wrongly sent for scheduled status changes.
      • SD-65800: Mail Fetching stops when a Request template has a deleted custom defined status
      • SD-66215: Unable to reset the "E-mail id to notify" field while updating request.
      • SD-66442: Task template list view pop-up is garbled while performing a column search, when a task is added to a request using task templates.
      • SD-66196: When we hit the tab key from the "Subject" field, cursor goes to the "Created Date" field instead of the "Description" field.

      Change :

      • SD-66788: Rich Text option's are not shown in Send notification of Change.

      Solutions :

      • SD-66303: Unable to dissociate user groups from a solution.

      Project :

      • SD-64246: The Gantt View page is blank for certain time zones.
      • SD-66100 & SD-66168: Project history does not change to the default language selected in the browser.
      • SD-66333: Unclear error message appears when unauthorized technicians access the milestone displayed on the breadcrumbs trail.
      • SD-66334: Associated project milestones are not listed in the Milestone List View for certain authorized users.
      • SD-66343: While viewing the Project history, an error is displayed if a user is deleted from the application.
      • SD-66438: Certain authorized users unable to add comments to a milestone.
      • SD-66451: Certain authorized users unable to view history of a milestone.
      • SD-66876: Total time spent by a project member in a milestone is not displayed.
      • SD-66877: Edit options not displayed in the Task List View under Project -> Milestones for certain authorized users.
      • SD-66298: In IE browser, an unwanted alert pops up on cancelling add task form in project.
      • SD-62494: Milestones list view page does not get refreshed after bulk deletion of milestones.
      • SD-66121: Project Estimated/Actual cost fields are shown in exponential format when the values are greater than 7/8 digits.
      • SD-65998: Site field is not populated as "Not associated to any site", when a project is created using a project template that is not associated to any site.
      • SD-66033: In the site field, the "Not associated to any site," option is alphabetically listed instead of being at the top, for projects.

      Asset :

      • SD-63971 : Scan : VMs added in exclude device/IP list are not excluded while scanning.
      • SD-60286 : Scan : Exclude IPs/Devices from scan does not accept any IP range that ends with 100 like x.x.x.100
      • SD-64178 : Agent : Fetching last 5 characters of license key when the license key is not available.
      • SD-65719 : Agent remote control is not working when DC is integrated with product.
      • SD-66127 : Error while performing remote control from IE as it required administrative privileges.
      • SD-44820 : Agent : Issue in fetching Service Packs/Hotfix while scanning windows 7 machines
      • SD-66893 : Agent : User account information were duplicated during script scan.
      • SD-66226 : Scan : Serial number is not fetched while scanning Cisco IP Phones.
      • SD-66627 : Scan : StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while scanning a Cisco IP Phone.
      • SD-67025 : Scan : NumberFormatException while scanning a Switch.
      • SD-66249 : Exception on editing CIs with similar names that are marked as Assets.
      • SD-66163, SD-62126, SD-66185 : Unable to add attachments for Assets and software licenses.
      • SD-58915 : Unwanted 0kb pdf files are attached in mail notifications even when no audit changes are detected during Domain/Network scan.
      • SD-66241,SD-62091 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, if Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled under Control Panel.
      • SD-66816 : OS of Debian machines was not properly identified.
      • SD-65347 : Unable to fetch correct model name for HP, Canon IR505 and Brothers printers.
      • SD-67058 : Changed the field name "Device Serial Number" to "Manufacturer Serial Number" and "Serial Number" to "Org Serial Number" in asset forms.

      Software :

      • SD-58880 : Software : When the manufacturer for a software is changed from "Others" to "Microsoft", certain individual/volume licenses are moved under CAL.
      • SD-63987 : Software : While adding a license agreement, the pick list values for custom fields are not loaded.
      • SD-64441 : Software : Unable to delete the site when it is associated with downgrade software license.
      • SD-66365 : Software : NullPointerException while deleting certain software licenses imported from CSV.
      • SD-64172 : Issue in displaying "Add Manufacturer" pop up in "Add New Software" form, in dual monitor.
      • SD-65399 : Duplicate CI relationships are created for manual software installations after scan.
      • SD-62150 : Unable to change the software types from scanned software list when software is manually added from workstation/server details page.

      Purchase :

      • SD-65673 : Purchase: Item total cost fields are not restricted to two decimals in purchase request details page.
      • SD-65804 : Purchase : Purchase request id jumps by 300 on every restart of the application.
      • SD-66174 : Purchase : Unable to open purchase order(s) in new tab from the PO list view.
      • SD-66527 : Purchase: The approval link in the notification mail doesn't work for second level approvers in purchase request. Isuue occurs when previous approver have approved from a Non-login link.
      • SD-63126 : Purchase : Approval limit of Purchase Order of an user is based on base currency instead of currency used in the PO.
      • SD-65747 : Purchase : Multiple submit clicks in "Notify the Vendor" popup in PO results in multiple POs being placed to the vendor.
      • SD-66200 : On receiving PO, CIs are added to child CI types, if the CI type has child CI types.
      • SD-66679 : Error occurs while canceling a purchase request if the "E-mail to purchase request's requester and technician when request is cancelled" option is disabled under Admin --> Purchase Notification Rules.

      Admin :

      • SD-65631: Priority color band in milestone template is not aligned properly.
      • SD-65630: Status color band in milestone template is not aligned properly.
      • SD-27685: "$NoteMadeBy" and "$NoteDesc" variables don't work in the "Subject" field of "Notify technician when a note is added" email notification template.
      • SD-67368: Unable to fetch System Updates using Proxy Settings.
      • SD-47571: Reset button in the translations page is not working properly.
      • SD-65280: Emails filtered out by SPAM rule still creates Requester account in the application.
      • SD-66183: Mode cannot be set as 'not for further usage' if it is associated with a module.
      • SD-65982: SLA Escalation actions are not applied to a request when the action fields (Group, Technician, Priority & Level) that are set as "Allow Requester to View" disabled in template configuration.

      Reports :

      • SD-64303 : Report: Unable to delete the advance filter for saved custom report.
      • SD-56494 : Report: Renewed contracts are also displayed under Reports --> Contracts --> Expired Contracts.
      • SD-65484 : Reports: Unable to view both dynamic and static views of the data model belonging to a CI History.
      • SD-65640,SD-65534 : Unable to run the CI History report for MSSQL database.
      • SD-66677 : "NullPointerException" occurs while generating a schedule report for CI History.
      • SD-65723 : Scheduled reports with criteria for Project module fetches incorrect data.
      • SD-65709 : Cancel button in Reports window does not get disabled even after the Report is triggered.
      • SD-65454, SD-66799, SD-66798 : Error occurs while trying to run Audit history by Changes under Custom Reports.
      • SD-66519 : Unable to execute queries containing description field and workordertocharge table.
      • SD-65581, SD-66202 : Error occurs while executing scheduled reports by non-SDAdmin users.
      • SD-65620 : Able to create Report folder without giving any name.
      • SD-66029 : Improper error message while trying to create a Report folder with an existing name.
      • SD-46315, SD-59517, SD-66208 : The special characters in text columns are shown improper in Reports.

      Others :

      • SD-64321 : Failure message displayed during "Delete credential" operation is not translated for Non-English languages.
      • SD-60797 : "File not found" error occurs while downloading attachments when SDP server location is changed.
      • SD-66244 : Documentation link under help redirects to an invalid page while viewing the admin tab.
      • SD-65451 : Vulnerability issue fixed.
      • SD-60084 : Able to view server details in the response header.
      • SD-65608, SD-65611 : Keep me signed-in does not work in some environments when automatic browser upgrade is enabled by the user.
      • SD-65889 : DC & MDM Permission check boxes are unchecked for technicians despite disabling the DC configuration in the application. DC & MDM tab(s) are not visible to SDAdmins, when we disable the DC configuration.
      • SD-66686 : Technician Notification pop-up to accommodate more notifications preview based on resolution.
      • SD-42026 : Vulnerability issue fixed.

      New Features in 9314 (Released on 05 July, 2017)

      • SDF-41121: Option to login to the mobile application using LDAP Authentication. If both LDAP and Local Authentication is enabled in your application, then entering either one of the passwords will allow you to successfully login to the application.

      Issues Fixed in 9314

      • SD-67037: If we click on the resolution text box of a default template and create a request, a blank resolution gets added.
      • SD-66363, SD-66841, SD-66842: Vulnerability issues are fixed.

      Issues Fixed in 9313 (Released on 30 June, 2017)

      • SD-67431: In SSO enabled environments, owing to the POST data loss, web form data doesn't get submitted while creating or editing a request and form resets. Similarly, replies sent via email are not sent; in some cases resolutions, notes, and worklogs are not getting saved too.
      • SD-66780: Following issues have been fixed in the request module
        • Request form freezes while adding a request.
        • Technicians are getting logged out randomly.

      Issues Fixed in 9312 (Released on 22 June, 2017)

      • SD-67331: Unable to submit post data in IE when the SSO and Keep me signed in options are enabled.
      • SD-66364: CVE-2017-9362 : Vulnerability while adding CI in CMDB API.

      Behavior change in 9312

      • In an SSO-enabled environment, the Keep me signed in option will be unavailable.

      Issues Fixed in 9311 (Released on 09 June, 2017)

      • SD-67015: In SSO enabled environment, technicians are not able to access API after upgrading to 9310

      Issues Fixed in 9310 (Released on 08 June, 2017)

      • SD-65898: Single Sign on does not work if we disable SMBv1 protocol in domain controller.
      • SD-66793: During scan when the prohibited softwares are identified, only one machine gets listed in the technician notification

      Behavior Change in 9310

      • SD-66938: Expiry time format for STATE_COOKIE is changed from session to seconds(60sec).
      • SD-66934: The "keep me signed in" option in the Login page is to be kept unchecked by default.

      Issues Fixed in 9309 (Released on 23 May, 2017)

      • SD-66745: Subject of a Request gets hidden in the reply window, if the sender's e-mail Id is configured to a support group and the Request is assigned to a Technician in that Support group.
      • SD-65802: Resurfacing of this issue in 9308 (which was fixed in 9305), Automatic status change configured based on Request Status Scheduler fails to work, has been fixed.
      • SD-65697: Unable to access V3 API when Single Sign On is enabled.

      New Feature in IOS App 4.2 (Released on 19 May, 2017)

      • Option to take Approve / Reject actions on Incident and Service Requests. (from server build 9303).
      • Issue Fixed in IOS App 4.2

      • Invalid API key error occurs in the Assign technician option for some users.

      New Features in 9308 (Released on 9 May, 2017)

      • SDF-65900: Following enhancements have been made in SMS notification settings:
        • Platform account support for Clickatell
        • Option to modify SMS Gateway API URL from UI
        • Unicode support for Site 24X7
      • SDF-66288: The following script methods have been supported in Field and Form Rules:
        • $CS.getValue("REQUESTER.EMPLOYEEID");
        • $CS.getValue("REQUESTER.SITE");
        • $CS.getValue("REQUESTER.ISVIPUSER");
      • SDF-59980: Option to delete/hide default CI types and product types.
      • SDF-65935: Option to include Shared Requests in Custom Reports. This will be available under Reports >> Custom Settings >> General settings.
      • SDF-32969, SDF-44559: Option to assign technician / back up technician based on either the due by date of the request or the created date of the request. This will be available under Admin >> Self-Service Portal Settings.

      Issues Fixed in 9308


      • SD-65816: In PGSQL DB, when a Technician is marked on Leave, From and To date fields get interchanged in details page and leave notification.
      • SD-65424: Unable to add a Requester from quick actions menu by non-admin technicians.
      • SD-66549: In Requester login, although texts in Request summary are hyper-linked, it does not get re-directed to the intended page when clicked.


      • SD-66469: Overdue Requests count mismatch between 'filter Requests by' widget in the dashboard and the 'Overdue Requests' count in list view, when the page is redirected from dashboard to the Request list view.


      • SD-65748: Business Rule configured for a Request associated with sites, get executed even during non-operational hours although it is configured to be executed during the operational hours.
      • SD-65759: Certain Incident and Service additional fields created in Turkish language does not get displayed in the Self Service Portal although it is configured in the template.
      • SD-65823: Request Type field is shown in custom view filter, but the values are not fetched. Now it is modified to show the Request Type field with values for problem module enabled environment.
      • SD-28156, SD-65296: Vulnerability in Request module.
      • SD-38444: Translation issues in Italian language.
      • SD-64462: The integer zero on the left of the decimal point in a decimal additional field displays blank value.
      • SD-65942: Performance optimized while loading a Request form in environments where large number of resource questions are present in the Service template.
      • SD-50327: Default resolution set for a request template is not applied to requests created via email or the Quick create option.
      • SD-53431, SD-63662, SD-64073, SD-64281, SD-66601: Issues with assigning Technician/ Group have been fixed.
      • SD-66358: Page gets scrolled to the bottom while forwarding a Request.
      • SD-66366: Reply editor for Requester Conversations feels smaller.
      • SD-66453: Less clarity in displaying disabled fields.
      • SD-66368: Multiple approval emails being sent for request on clicking send button multiple times in Submit for Approval action from the request details page.
      • SD-65885: In Notification Rules, "Alert (or Notify) technician by email when there is a new reply from the requester" has been changed to "Alert (or Notify) technician by email when there is a new reply for the Request".
      • SD-61745: Tool tip in Request List view fails to disappear when switched between browser tabs.
      • SD-61928: Tool tip display issue in Request list view while mouse hover.
      • SD-64365: While performing a Request import from XLS, an alert message to disable survey has been added.
      • SD-66590: Field and Form Rules are not applied If any field options contain special characters.
      • SD-66554: Request archiving fails for Service Requests created under custom service category in some scenarios.


      • SD-66351: Screen flickers while trying to scroll down the Task page.


      • SD-64309, SD-59754: Resolution does not get updated while changing the Request template using a Business Rule.
      • SD-65977: Error in Business Rules list view due to the presence of empty strings in the text-based "starts with" / "ends with" criteria.
      • SD-62661: Site entry gets Duplicated while trying to update a site with copy settings for department, and if the department with same name (in different case) exists in copy site.
      • SD-66048: Performance optimized while fetching department name in environments with a large number of departments.


      • SD-66301: Less spacing between lines in Reports.
      • SD-65288: Details link under Build information of community Tab does not redirect to the Japanese URL even if the language is chosen as Japanese.


      • SD-26079: Unable to re-size the text area for MultiLine/Single Text additional fields.
      • SD-65886: Error occurs in API documentation when opened in Firefox.
      • SD-66287: Typo in alert message.
      • SD-66385: Approval reminder notification for request fails to work after 9303.

      Behavior change in 9308:

      • Previously while deleting a CI type or a product type, a message would be displayed if there are products under the corresponding type. The user had to delete the assets and products under it before deleting the CI Type/Product Type. From now, If a CI type or a product type is deleted, the number of assets and products under it will be displayed and it will prompt the user to proceed with deletion. If the user chooses "Yes", the assets and products would be deleted and the corresponding CI Type or Product Type would be hidden. The user can make them active, if required.
      • Only Technicians with SDSite Admin and SD Admin role can add a Requester from the Quick Actions menu.

      Issues Fixed in 9307 (Released on 13 April, 2017)

      • SD-65887: Status change of a Request does not get recorded in Time elapsed analysis in some scenarios.
      • SD-65952: Technician details gets collapsed in Time elapsed analysis while re-assigning the Request to the same Technician.
      • SD-66247: Scheduled report(s) do not work after the server is restarted.
      • SD-66008: In SSO / Pass-through authentication enabled environment, during login process, the login page gets displayed for a while before user is automatically logged in.

      New features in 9306 (Released on 6 April, 2017)

      • SDF-65096 : You can now share a Request with Technicians and Requesters from the Request Details page.
        • Requests can be shared with all technicians or technicians of selected support groups and departments
        • Can be shared with all Requesters or Requesters of certain sites.
        • New filters like Pending Request shared with me and Requests shared with me have been added in the filter drop-down.
        • View/edit permission for a Shared Request will be the same as the access permissions provided to the Technician while a Requester can only view a Shared Request.
        • Note that reports will not contain Shared requests listed in them. For more info on this feature, refer this Admin guide link.
      • SDF-22978 : Change module will be available for a Requester login when the user is assigned with a Change role.
        • Earlier a Requester could access a Change Request only through non-login URL. Now they can access it from their self-service portal.
        • Requester will have complete access to mini-calendar and calendar views.
        • A new filter 'All My Changes' has been introduced in List/Calendar view.
        • Access permissions to a Change Request and its operations will be based on the roles assigned to the Requester. However, there are a few operations like add/copy/delete Change, associate Incident/Problem, list view actions, history etc., restricted for Requesters.
      • SDF-54282 : Easier user selection component introduced for Change Roles.
      • SDF-65562 : Option to notify users when they are removed from Change role.
      • SDF-65441 : A new variable '$StatusSetBy' has been added under Change stage and status notification template.
      • SDF-63002 : New fields 'Department' and 'Requested By' has been added in Projects.
      • SDF-64381 : Enhancements in Field and Form rules.
        • 'show resources', 'hide resources', 'set task' and 'unset task' actions are supported.
        • 'set task', 'unset task' and 'clear field' actions are supported in 'on Submit' Rule.
        • 'Select Approver', 'Requester Details' and 'Login Details' fields have been added in conditions.
        • New script has been provided for 'Requester Details' and 'Login User Details'.
        • 'Show Tasks' and 'Hide Tasks' has been added in Actions and in ScriptEditor for Tasks.
        • Inbuilt javascript methods 'addAllOptions', 'setDateFromCurrentDate' and 'getApprovalStatus' have been supported.

      Issues fixed in 9306

      Dashboard :

      • SD-65660 : Add new widget pop up not being displayed properly for the Chinese language in self service portal customization.
      • SD-65971 : Support groups filter in Dashboard fails to list the default site specific groups for refer sites.
      • SD-65937 : Unable to choose or save few support groups by Technicians with restricted site access in Dashboards, when the default site is associated with them.
      • SD-65955 : Support group search filter in Dashboards is case sensitive.
      • SD-65956 : Requests by Technician and Request Summary widgets display wrong count in Dashboards for a restricted site access technician if there is a marked as deleted group present.

      Request :

      • SD-66135 : Unable to set the status of a Request to resolved through API / Mobile App when request auto close is enabled.
      • SD-64106 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
      • SD-66203 : Request details page become blank in some scenarios in few languages.

      Change :

      • SD-65401 : Status comments dialog box appears during status change although it is marked as non-mandatory in Change template.

      Projects :

      • SD-65402 : PDF export fails in some environment for Gantt View, Project Overview Map and Task Dependencies.
      • SD-65378 : Unable to delete Projects from list view, while switching from project details view page to Project list view using the projects link.

      Solution :

      • SD-63901 : Unable to search solutions when 'Solution' is accessed using non-login view.
      • SD-65793 : Error occurs on loading request details page randomly due to solution suggest API call.

      Purchase :

      • SD-64198 : Unable to create Purchase Request from a Service Request, when the application uses MSSQL database.
      • SD-65650 : Requested item names fail to get populated in add new purchase request form while creating a Purchase Request from a Service Request.
      • SD-63928 : Site filter does not get displayed properly for a few admin technicians in Software and new Purchase Request page.
      • SD-65902 : Unable to download attachments from a Purchase Request details page when the attachment path is changed in Self-Service Portal.

      Admin :

      • SD-50909 : Self service login details notification does not get sent when a new Requester is added through CSV import.
      • SD-64332 : The display name given in the CSV file is not imported through schedule CSV import.

        NOTE : In the migrated setup , to import displayname field, as part of the schedule CSV user import, you have to add the below entry

        <USERFIELDMAPPING AppFieldName="displayName" CsvFieldName="displayName"/> in the scheduledCSVUserImportMapping.xml file, and the corresponding csv file should have the colum name "displayName" to get imported.

      • SD-65995 : Unable to configure a 5 digit port number in the Port field in Proxy settings since the max length of the field gets restricted to 4.
      • SD-66516: Confused translation for the word 'Requests' in Swedish.

      Reports :

      • SD-65708 : Boolean columns fail to work while generating Custom Reports.
      • SD-46136 : Error while executing valid query reports with column names containing sql keywords like update, exec, into etc.

      Others :

      • SD-64188 : Restoration fails when the backup sql file is more than 1GB.
      • SD-65909 : Data Restoration fails in console mode in versions above 9240.
      • SD-65265 : Text wrap is not applied in the dynamic notification pop up.
      • SD-64419 : Vulnerability issue fixed.

      Behavior changed in 9306

      • SD-65814: Solution suggestions bulb icon will be disabled and resolution section is made as default view on clicking resolution tab.

      Issues fixed in 9305 (Released on 30 March, 2017)

      • SD-66052: Unable to send Reply to a request using IE11 browser in some environments.
      • SD-65933: Unable to choose 'Entire Content' search option in solution module in languages other than English.
      • SD-65802: Automatic status change configured based on Request Status Scheduler is not working.
      • SD-65798: Global search fails to work for few modules for languages other than English.
      • SD-66043: If Field and Form Rules are configured, fields are not validated properly if the field value contains trail end spaces.
      • SD-66073: All tasks are listed under 'My Tasks' section in Home page where change module is not enabled

      Issue fixed in 9304 (Released on 16 March, 2017)

      • SD-65950: Migration fails during deletion of asset relationship of a resigned user. Particularly happens in some environment where the count of resigned users with asset relationship exceeds 1000.

      New features in 9303 (Released on 9 March, 2017)

      • SDF-62564: Option for Technicians to mark their availability by choosing 'Online' or 'Offline'. The significance of this indication can be viewed while assigning Requests/Tasks to an available Technician from the home page of Tasks and Request module.
      • SDF-38788: Prompt for Request closure code when the status of a Request is changed to 'resolved'. This option will be available only if the 'auto close' option is enabled.
      • SDF-58913: 'Change' module has been provided for Standard and Professional trial editions.
      • SDF-63250: API support for 'Approvals' only for operations where the user can get his/her pending approvals and take approve or reject action on the same.

      Issues fixed in 9303


      • SD-65803: Able to view the deleted groups getting listed in select2 components due to cache issue.
      • SD-65801: Technicians who have access to all Sites are unable to choose/save support groups that are assigned to them from group filter in Dashboards.


      • SD-65588, SD-65762: Unable to add closure code details and status change comment from the resolution section when status of the Request is changed.


      • SD-64196: Deleted technicians are displayed under "Quick Create - Relationships".
      • SD-64026,SD-57833: Unable to view more than 50 products that are associated to a vendor.
      • SD-64308: NullPointerException while trying to import Linux machine's scanned xml.
      • SD-61695: Memory details shown in Workstations/servers hardware report is not matching with total memory of the device.
      • SD-65778: Location Field is getting reset to null on csv import under asset.
      • SD-61679: In asset details page, the word 'State' has been wrongly translated in polish language.
      • SD-65773: Unable to scan AIX machine as timeout error occurs while executing a command.
      • SD-62968, SD-62976, SD-65533: Unable to modify the Asset state from the Resources List View.


      • SD-42063: Prohibited software installation is not notified for new assets identified during network or domain scan.


      • SD-63205: Exception is thrown if form is submitted without selecting the XLS file while importing CI relationships.
      • SD-65159: Ambiguous user error on importing relationships for users.


      • SD-65498: Unable to import contracts if date values are not provided in DATE formats supported in XLS file.


      • SD-63932: The word 'Show' is removed from the 'Requester allowed to view' drop down.
      • SD-65050: In junk notification filter, i18n key is shown for "is" condition.
      • SD-65283: Dropdown missing for the option "Reopen the same request within no. of days from closed time. Else, create as a new request." under Admin -> Self-Service Portal Settings in Polish language.
      • SD-65739: Advanced Analytics tab, when accessed, points to Zoho Reports although Analytics Plus is configured.
      • SD-65220: Site based departments are not listed in Add/edit requester page when the site field is displayed as text box.
      • SD-64247: Site field is available in Business Rule Criteria dropdown lists for copy/custom sites when the total site count is greater than the SiteIconListConfiguration paramvalue.
      • SD-64078: Unable to modify the technician for cost center under Admin module.
      • SD-65781: New video updated for Service Catalog under Product Overview.
      • SD-65256: Associated Users list view does not get listed when 'Associate User(s)' option under Region/Site/Department in 'Admin' is clicked.(Occurs only in MSSQL DB)


      • SD-62595: Wrong scheduled reports are sent to the users if there are more number of reports scheduled at one particular time in some environments.
      • SD-64284: Barcode column is displayed twice for while creating "All Assets" new custom report.


      • SD-64090: In AD authentication, when dynamic user addition is disabled, domain names will be listed for the exact username searched.
      • SD-63919: Unable to migrate the ServiceDesk build when Assetexplorer build is running in same server with 8080 port
      • SD-63993: The text "Software" under Assets tab --> Left panel is not translated for non English languages.


      • SD-32674, SD-32675, SD-61482, SD-61483, SD-65358, SD-39963: Vulnerability issues fixed.
      • SD-65799, SD-65648: Vulnerability in Dashboards
      • SD-64105: XSS Vulnerability in Solutions.

      Behavior changed in service pack 9303

      • If any one of the approvers approve the Incident approval, the status of the Incident Request would be set to approved. Yet, the other approvers would have been able to register their recommendation on the approval. Now, once the Incident Request is approved by any one of the approver, the other approvers won?t be able to register their action or recommendation on it, since the Request is already approved.
      • While importing contracts, there won't be any option to choose date format for date fields as before. Instead, all date formats supported by excel will be supported if the cell containing date is formatted as DATE in excel. Otherwise, default date format supported will be "dd mm yyyy".

      Issues fixed in 9302 (Released on 1 March, 2017)

      • SD-63979, SD-65613: Unable to login to the application in certain scenarios by multiple users with same login credentials when 'Keep me signed-in' is enabled.
      • SD-65786: Unable to access the Purchase module after migrating to 9301 in some environments due to the additional fields configured previously before migrating.

      Issues fixed in 9301 (Released on 15 February, 2017)

      • SD-65655: Task tab under the Incident template displays a blank page for users who have changed their page length.
      • SD-65659: Unable to modify the customizations done to self service portal post upgrade
      • SD-65705: When the text to be searched in Assets module is entered in global search, it displays results from solution module instead of asset module.
      • SD-65706: Credentials fields in login page appears misaligned, when the application is accessed in some languages.
      • SD-65707: After upgrading to 9300, Project Templates and ME Integrations fail to load due to browser cache issue in some environments.

      New features in 9300 (Released on 8 February, 2017)

      • SDF-48098 : Save time and effort by creating Project Templates for projects that are repetitive and contain milestones, tasks, and sub-tasks. This option is available under Admin >> Project Management >> Project Templates.
      • SDF-63463: Customize dashboards per your requirement. You can now re-size and re-arrange the dashboard; add, remove, and restore widgets; and even define privacy settings. The administrator can make private dashboards viewable by all Technicians or make shared and managerial dashboards viewable only by a specific group of users.
      • SDF-58820: Undeleted support groups will now be made inactive and unvailable for further usage.
      • SDF-63691: Perform customized actions through a customized script file at scheduled intervals. This feature enables the administrator to set up a new schedule, modify an existing schedule, and remove, activate, or deactivate a schedule. This option is available under Admin >> General Settings >> Custom Schedules.
      • SDF-63451: Users can now upload a profile picture that's not more than 5 MB in size and in the .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or .bmp format.
      • SDF-60547: Add external links to the application, making it easy for users to access a variety of online or custom applications. This option is available under Admin >> General Settings >> ME Integrations.
      • SDF-61601: Configure security settings under Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings.
      • SDF-34955: Create a new service request by using an existing service request. The new service request will contain all the request details copied from the existing one.
      • SDF-63858 : Requesters can now edit their request before it is approved, resolved, or closed. With this feature, requesters can correct any wrong information, or fill any missed out fields in their request.
      • SDF-65287: Add the first response time for a service request while adding worklogs and notes. Normally, first response time (indicated by field Responded Date in the request form) corresponds to the time when a technician replies to a request through mail. Technicians can also choose to record the same when adding worklogs and notes to the request as well.
      • SDF-64036 : Add up to 50 additional fields of any type to a service request.
      • SDF-57703: You can now convert a service request to an incident request. This is available under the Actions tab in the Request details page.
      • SDF-65591 : Choose the restriction type while sending Request approval emails. This option is available in the Self-Service Portal settings.
      • SDF-64463 : Technicians now have the option to resend conversation details.

      Issues Fixed in 9300

      • SD-63138 : The 'Email to Notify' common field is not displayed in the template when an incident request is converted into a service request.
      • SD-63911: Technician is not able to view the request details, if the 'overwrite template values with request values' option is enabled, while converting an incident request into a service request.
      • SD-65309: User is able to update an incident additional field with a default(or system) field name such as priority.

    ServiceDesk Plus 9.2 ReadMe

    Issues Fixed in 9242 (Released on 12 April, 2019)

    • SD-77871 : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2019-10008) and User Enumeration Vulnerability (CVE-2019-10273) in login page has been fixed.

    New Features in 9241 (Released on 31 January, 2017)

    • SDF-38562 : Option to search POs using additional fields in global search.

    Issues Fixed in 9241

    Work Stations

    • SD-62547 : A site restricted technician can view other site's VM Hosts/VM Machines in their respective list views.
    • SD-65306 : While importing assets/workstations through CSV, exception is thrown if the owner's login name is provided for ownership.
    • SD-62867 : Unable to copy workstation(s) which have a barcode value.
    • SD-63937 : Hard disk details are not getting populated during the scan of Linux machines.
    • SD-39256 : For windows machine, the Ci type is shown as 'workstation' instead of 'Windows Workstation'.
    • SD-63915 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, when the Hyper-V feature is enabled.
    • SD-63652 : Scanning a Host does not fetch the Servicetag and IP Address of the machine.
    • SD-63308 : Vendor name in the workstation listview is rendered blank


    • SD-65307 : Updating an asset with ownership details fails during CSV import if the same asset is tried for import without ownership details.
    • SD-64260 : Able to delete entry from Unaudited Asset list view by Technicians who have no permission to delete assets.
    • SD-63705 : Base element CI type is displayed under CI History report.


    • SD-65380 : Allocated count gets mismatched in Software License details page.
    • SD-62346 : Custom software type count does not get listed in "Software" dashboard.
    • SD-60783 : Unable to enter licence key if the character is more than 100.


    • SD-63125 : Unable to attach files larger than 10 MB in the contract module.
    • SD-62152 : Wrong purchase order ID gets listed in associated asset's list view in contract edit/view page.

    Purchase Order

    • SD-63607 : Purchase Requests' additional fields does not get displayed in E-Mail notification template.
    • SD-65108 : After applying the service pack, Purchase Request additional fields does not displayed in the details page.
    • SD-64001 : Previously selected "Purchase Request" roles fails to reset when clicking the "Save and Add New" button.
    • SD-65193 : Purchase Request notification messages appear garbled in technician space notification.
    • SD-65279 : Requester name in a Purchase Request does not get displayed under "My Approvals" in home page dashboard.
    • SD-64139 : The last decimal number after the decimal point of the total cost in PO listview gets removed if the last decimal number is zero.
    • SD-64138 : PO name containing a backlash '\' displays the name excluding the '\' in the PO List view, after saving the PO.
    • SD-64087 : Only one Approver appears in the "Approved by" info of PO print preview in case of multi approver.
    • SD-63929 : Over due PO link in Purchase Order Summary widget gets redirected to 'All POs' in listview.
    • SD-63909 : 'Invoice Received' and 'Payment Done' notification for the PO does not get sent even though it shows the success message.


    • SD-21276 : Printer "Serial Number" does not get displayed in Custom Reports.


    • SD-65047 : Application server fails to start when the application is installed and service pack is applied with remote mysql database.
    • SD-62587 : XSS Vulnerability issue fixed.
    • SD-39619 : Vulnerability issue fixed.
    • SD-64422 : XSS Vulnerability issue in Asset Group name.
    • SD-61836 , SD-60137 : XSS Vulnerability issue with Contract fields.


    • SD-63445 : Issue with generating random password for robo technician.
    • SD-62825 : CI History is not handled for tracking of asset changes in the Professional edition.
    • SD-59121 : Newly added Cost Center does not get displayed in Cost Center list view even though it is added.
    • SD-61664 : Based on Database configuration, an option to set the LocalAuthentication password as Random or predefined, for the users added through ActiveDirectory (AD), LDAP, Dynamic user addition, users created via e-mail Requests has been provided. Make sure that the notification under Admin >> Notification Rules >> Send Self-service login details is enabled before performing the import so that LA user details will be notified to users through email.
    • SD-65500 : Synchronizing the data of those configured additional fields failed in ME-Advanced Analytics/Zoho Reports, when the application is upgraded above the 9229 ppm
    • SD-65532 : UI appears distorted when there is only one default template available in the application.

    Behavior Changed in 9241

    • After upgrade, subsequent new users added through AD / LDAP / DynamicUserAddition / users created via email will have a random password set for Local Authentication. If it needs to be changed to 'predefined' password, please contact our support for further assistance.
    • Entire row of the unread Request will be displayed in bold in order to differentiate between read and unread Requests. Earlier, only the title of the Request was displayed in bold.

    New Feature in 9240 (Released on 19 January, 2017)

    • SDF-62529: You can now configure a setting on the Self Service Portal to automatically delete system-generated notifications, such as acknowledgment or assignment mails, that are older than a certain time period.

    Issues Fixed in 9240


    • SD-60716: Unable to reopen a request when the site to which it has been associated has been deleted.
    • SD-62862: When a request is associated to a site that has been deleted, and if an SLA is associated to it, then the request cannot be closed.
    • SD-64373: Requester Details window opens with a "null" value name when the Change Requester is not associated.
    • SD-65126: Unable to differentiate between read and unread notifications displayed in technician-space notification.
    • SD-65164: Unable to view the internal scroll in Request details section while viewing Approval details.


    • SD-63935: Unable to assign a Task owner from Tasks list view if the application is opened in Firefox browser.


    • SD-62446: 'Unassigned problems' count in the home screen of the SDAdmin role do not match the 'Unassigned problems' count in the problems list view.
    • SD-63633: Each time a technician closes a problem, all associated incidents are closed even if the technician does not have the request closure permission.
    • SD-63845: Vulnerability: Problem module is accessible in standard and professional edition.
    • SD-65151: A technician with view permissions for a problem is unable to access the View Problem button on the Request details page.


    • SD-61466: Non-login users are not able to download attachments from change.
    • SD-64337: Unable to save any change through inline edit, when "group" field is set as mandatory field in change template.
    • SD-64092: Performance issue in setups with large number of sites, category, subcategory, and item.
    • SD-64258: Rendering exception in change planning stage -> Archived incidents view (Exception in showing FCR, so FCR to be shown for associated archived request).
    • SD-64271: Closed Date value is not updated as empty, while changing the closed problem status to open.
    • SD-64330: Attachment description is not displayed in the submission stage of a change request.


    • SD-62996: Keywords of a solution disappears, if the keywords are added by editing the solution.


    • SD-63830: 'Plain text' format configuration in notification rules are not applied for change and problem notification content.
    • SD-63938: Inconsistent date values shown in the Holiday List View due to personalised time zone.
    • SD-65035: Unable to view headings (Stages, View, Edit and Approve) while adding a Change role.
    • SD-65267: While importing requesters through csv files, passwords for already existing users was being updated by default since build 9228. This has been moved as a database configuration with the default behavior of not to update the passwords.
    • SD-65273: Typo error in the phrase 'computer account name' under Active directory configuration page.


    • SD-64052: Exception in the advanced search option when reports with chart and advanced searches are run simultaneously.
    • SD-64310: Reports tab loading issue for non-SDAdmin users.
    • Backup & Restore
    • SD-62957: When there is a failure in backup restoration, customers will have to do a full restoration again. Now, when the same backup is applied, customers will have an option to go for a complete restore or a partial restore, where in the application continues the restoration from the last successful table restored earlier.


    • SD-64120, SD-63212: XSS vulnerability related to technician calendar view.

    Behavior Changed in 9240

    • Problem Closure Rules:
      • 'Copy problem solution and workaround to all associated incidents', is a SYSTEM operation.
      • 'Close all associated Incidents', is a SYSTEM operation.
      • By Default, if a problem closure rule is selected in Admin, it will appear selected while closing a problem.
    • Font family used across the product has been changed to 'Roboto' for consistency. Any styles added / modified by customer's manually will be removed during this upgrade. Customers have to redo the modifications again after the upgrade.

    Issues Fixed in 9239 (Released on 12 January, 2017)

    • SD-63443 : Buffer overflow error in agent while taking remote control.
    • SD-63657 : More than one viewer opens up while taking remote control in IE.
    • SD-65040 : "Certificate has been revoked" error is displayed while taking remote control.
    • SD-63262 : Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path Enumeration error in agent.

    Issues Fixed in 9238 (Released on 29 December, 2016)

    • SD-65361, SD-65269: Issue with Desktop Central integration when the option 'Enable to access Desktop and MDM Plugin Functionality' is chosen and certificate error while running DC in https mode.

    New Feature in 9237 (Released on 27 December, 2016)

    • SD-63274 : Support for SNMP V3 scan has been introduced.

    Issues fixed in 9237


    • SD-65225: Reply windows gets over-written when trying to reply multiple requests simultaneously.
    • SD-65190:Request page gets slowly loaded when the resource section contains lots of questions with check box options.
    • SD-63552:Alias mail ID does not get removed when replying from a conversation.
    • SD-49333:'Closed without user acknowledgment' message gets displayed in 'Request closure details' section even if the Request is closed by a Requester.
    • SD-63119:History gets captured wrongly as 'Note deleted' although a request is deleted.
    • SD-64183:Unable to update Service Request resource details via inline edit in some environments.
    • SD-63936:Default Request does not get listed in its Service Category in Catalog list when it is associated with a Service Category.
    • SD-64081:Performance optimized when there is a large number of options in pick list additional fields for a Request.
    • SD-59925:Unable to take approval action in some scenarios.
    • SD-59801:'File not found' exception occurs while downloading the attachment from Requests created via PM Tasks and when the default attachment path is changed.
    • SD-62983:Navigation buttons in the request details page not available in some scenarios.
    • SD-63611 :Page gets misaligned when requester/technician(who is not assigned to the ticket) replies to the ticket.
    • SD-63664 :First call resolution (FCR) during close operation causes exception in some MSSQL setups.
    • SD-63676 :The option "view request details" (for the tasks associated with a Request) in the task details page does not take any action upon clicking.
    • SD-63795 :Unable to add additional field in Service Template with special characters in the name.
    • SD-63902 :Survey gets sent for Open Requests as the 'Send survey' button does not check if a Request is closed or open.
    • SD-64054:Content gets slightly hidden on the left side when an email is sent using MS-outlook.
    • SD-62615 :Vulnerability in task module.
    • SD-63412, SD-63892, SD-64445, SD-63644:Vulnerability in Request module.
    • SD-64421, SD-64123, SD-64122, SD-64117, SD-64116, SD-64115, SD-64112:XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
    • SD-63218, SD-64107, SD-63217 :Vulnerability in file attachments.
    • SD-64153, SD-60965:Vulnerability issues fixed.


    • SD-63448, SD-62815:The maximum number of fields restriction does not work as intended while adding additional fields in Change Template.


    • SD-49934 :Project List view gets displayed instead of the last viewed model (Projects List View/Recent Update View/Gantt View) on revisiting the Project tab.
    • SD-64134 :Failure in Importing projects when the deleted default priorities (such as "Low" with the range from 0 to 250) are set for the projects.
    • SD-64415 :Failure in importing projects if the MPP files are in certain formats (Particularly "ansicpg1256").


    • SD-65289 :Unable to disable Solutions auto suggest for Technicians. This can be done by updating the column paramvalue as 'false', for the category 'ShowSuggestionsToTechnicians' of 'globalconfig' table in db.


    • SD-65200:Set value and get value method does not work for resource questions when the existing CI(s) are added as values for the question.
    • SD-65188:Validation issue in the 'To address' field, if the SMS gateway is configured under Request details --> SMS the Technician.
    • SD-63388:Characters get encoded wrongly in the content of few notification templates.
    • SD-64312 :"content_url" returning invalid path in View All operation of the Attachment API.
    • SD-64454 :Rest API documentation displays only the introduction section without the other sections in Chinese and Japanese languages.
    • SD-65100:In custom triggers, duplicate approvals are sent to approvers who are already configured for the approval stage.
    • SD-64035:Performance optimized while auto saving huge size drafts
    • SD-64320:Exception when trying to edit "Change Request Template to" action while creating new Business Rule.


    • SD-64069:Report related entries for Multi-select additional fields fails to get deleted when the actual Multi-select additional fields are deleted.
    • SD-63977 :Reports does not include "Not associated to any site" Requests, if Reports are generated by non SDAdmin.


    • SD-63863:Unable to report an issue from the community tab in a chrome browser.

    Behaviour changed in 9237

    • Asset inline edit will trigger Request update workflow.
    • Approver history will now show the logged in user Id of the approver instead of the email id if approved when logged in.
    • If Default template is associated with any Service Category, it will not be listed separately in Request Catalog menu and 'New Incident' button will not be present in Template listing.

    Issues fixed in 9236 (Released on 14 December, 2016)

    • SD-64437: Exception while approving the final stage of a request.
    • SD-64108: XXS vulnerability issue in showing the auto suggestions while creating request.
    • SD-65254: Error while running query report with column name /alias name containing the keyword 'from' and function 'longtodate'.
    • SD-65245: Unable to assign Technician via spot/inline/global edit for Service Requests, if the Request has a category and the option 'Do not assign Technician before Service Request is approved' is enabled.
    • SD-63480,SD-62783: Tasks for which the user does not have permission gets displayed in list view even though clicking it throws an authorization error.
      Note: Due to this fix, a SDChangeManager with restricted access permission who used to see all the tasks in a change will now be able to view only the tasks that are assigned to them /their group (based on the level of restriction configured). We will patch this in an immediate hotfix.
    • SD-63251 : Table lock, mail fetching and performance issue occur during Asset scan when Software Compliance is calculated simultaneously.

    Behaviour Changed in 9236:

    • Software Compliance can be scheduled at different time intervals by enabling the checkbox available under Admin » Discovery » Scan settings » Schedule based Software Compliance Calculation.

    Issue fixed in 9235 (Released on 1 December, 2016)

    • SD-65253 : Unable to perform agent based scan when SSO is enabled.

    New feature in 9234 (Released on 28 November, 2016)

    • SD-60295 , SD-63336: Solution Auto Suggest for Technicians: Suggesting solutions for requests based on the keywords found in the requests. This allows the Technicians to try different solutions from the suggestions, copy them as resolutions if applicable, or add comments to the solutions that didn?t work while keeping track of the tried solutions.

    Issues fixed in 9234:

    Request :

    • SD-63912: Custom mode containing the string 'mail' gets assigned instead of the default mode "E-mail", when adding a Request through e-mail.
    • SD-64020 : Inline images in a Request are shown as attachments.
    • SD-64102: Issue while importing requests from the XLS file containing DATE cells whose values are calculated using formulas.
    • SD-62674: Business rules are not applied properly when the value in the Picklist field, which is a part of the criteria, contains a comma.
    • SD-62698: Incorrect Business Rule is applied to a Request when a request, with an additional content in the Title / Description of the email, is received from the Outlook mailbox.
    • SD-63869: Error occurs when the option 'Send e-mail to following technician(s) when a request is closed' under 'Admin -> Notification Rules' is enabled, but no Technician is added to the notifications list.
    • SD-65143: Error occurs when the option 'Alert the following technician(s) by e-mail when a new request is created' under 'Admin -> Notification Rules' is enabled, but no Technician is added to the notifications list.
    • SD-65179: Able to duplicate Requests when 'Add Request' is clicked multiple times.
    • SD-65234: Null pointer exception while accessing the Survey link.
    • SD-60717: Emails sent from ServicedeskPlus with inline images are shown as attachments in Outlook 2007.
    • SD-63904: Showing unwanted text in logs when email is fetched with attachment(s).

    Problem :

    • SD-63629: Multiple notifications are triggered when the 'Apply' button is clicked multiple times in the Problem Closure Rules page.
    • SD-63632: No error message is shown while trying to close a Problem Request and its associated Incident Requests, with the option 'Copy Problem Solution and workaround to all Associated Incidents' selected, provided the Technician does not have Edit permission for those Incident Requests.
    • SD-63592, SD-63593: Notes are not sorted in Problem and Change modules.

    Change :

    • SD-61428: Changes are duplicated when the Copy button is clicked multiple times while copying a Change.
    • SD-64050: Error occurs while duplicating the Change workflow.
    • SD-58428: When Change Requester is chosen in a Change form, the Change Site gets replaced with the Requester's Site.
    • SD-63528: Unable to spot/inline edit the role 'Change Manager' in Change Roles if 'ChangeManager' is updated in Admin section.

    Solution :

    • SD-65223: Unable to view solutions in Solution Non-login URL.

    Purchase :

    • SD-64093: The message "PO is attached as PDF in the mail" is displayed instead of "PO is attached as HTML in the mail" in the 'German' language version, when 'Order this PO' is clicked after PO Approval.

    Admin :

    • SD-60931: If 'Test Setup' is chosen during data restore, outgoing and incoming mail server details get removed on every restart.
    • SD-63875: "Next" navigation button in Roles List view does not work in IE 11.
    • SD-64137 : Previously edited Requester name is displayed when 'Add New Requester' is clicked in the below sequence of operation 'Edit Requester -> view list -> Add New Requester'.
    • SD-63394 : After a support group is added, the page gets redirected to 'CMDB home page' instead of Support Group List View in Professional edition.
    • SD-62519: Error while searching sites in the SiteSearch Option pop-up.
    • SD-63777: Blank page is displayed while trying to update a Status with an already existing Status name.
    • SD-64379: SLA escalations are sent during operational hours and working days, even though the option "send notification irrespective of operational hours and holidays" is enabled.
    • SD-64317 : Label name explaining the associated site for a Technician is not uniform in Edit and Details pages.
    • SD-62994: Wrong Site value gets displayed in Technician's details view page and List View.
    • SD-64447: Older version of the API page is displayed under Admin → API, when language is personalized to Chinese and Japanese.

    Report :

    • SD-63651: Incorrect Summary report gets generated if the left column is of type 'string' and summarization column is unselected.
    • SD-62894: Unable to generate few Reports when the product language is changed to 'Turkish'.
    • SD-61991: Unable to generate Tabular Report using Line chart & Area chart in cases where 'All Asset' or 'All computer module' are chosen.
    • SD-63459: Maximum number of records generated for Reports get restricted to 5000, even if the column names contain 'description/resolution/fulldescription' of any other tables other than Request module's tables.
    • SD-63981: Error occurs in MSSQL while running a Report if the query Report contains 'longtodate' conversion.

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-64118, SD-64119, SD-64104, SD-64108, SD-64109, SD-65184, SD-64380: Vulnerability issues fixed.
    • SD-64114: XSS vulnerability in Requesters List.

    Login Page :

    • SD-63711: The 'Log on to' drop-down is displayed even when a single domain is available.
    • SD-62570: When a user logs into the mobile client (/mc) from the mobile device, closes the browser and reopens it, the user is redirected to the web client of the product.

    Behaviour changed in 9234:

    • SD-63673: On receiving an e-mail with the Outlook e-mail file (.msg) as an attachment, the content of the file is added in the request Description and not added as an attachment to the request. Now, the content will be available both as inline and as a .eml attachment.
    • SD-64071: By default, domain is displayed as a drop-down list in mobile (\mc) context.
    • Only the users with Admin privileges on Servicedesk Server (where ServiceDesk Plus is running), will be able to upgrade ServiceDesk Plus.

    Issues fixed in 9233 (Released on 21 November, 2016)

    • SD-63813 : Vulnerability issues fixed in agent.
    • Note: Users are requested to upgrade to latest agent version to resolve scan issues.

    • SD-64239 : All XSS vulnerabilities are fixed in "Purchase Request" module.
    • SD-63222 , SD-63215 , SD-63210 , SD-63211 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
    • SD-63930 : Struts related vulnerability fixed.
    • SD-64372 : Low privileged user can view all assets in some cases.
    • SD-64111 : Server version discloser vulnerability.
    • SD-64429 : Unable to index the data using reIndexData.bat.
    • SD-63885 : Option to view Purchase additional fields from the PO list view.

    Issues fixed in 9232 (Released on 3 November, 2016)

    • SD-64457: Admin Page gets misaligned in the Arabic language.
    • SD-65033: Desktop Central Action names appear garbled in Non-English Languages.
    • SD-64461: Unable to perform translations using the developer tool.

    New features in 9231 (Released on 31 October, 2016)

    • SDF-64374: ServiceDesk Plus is now integrated with AD Manager Plus. Administrators can reset password, create, delete, unlock, enable, disable users in AD from Request details page of ServiceDesk Plus and thus efficiently manage their Active Directory in both the Applications. This feature can be configured under Admin >> ME Integrations >> AD Manager Plus. SDP-ADMP integration is compatible with ADMP build number 6500. Refer this link for more details on this feature.
      • After upgrading, users need to re-configure the ADMP details in order to display the ADMP actions.
    • SDF-62411: Option to notify Technicians on any action in which he/she is associated with, through SMS Gateway Provider. Earlier SMS could be sent as mails through Mobile service provider. Now, Technicians can be notified through SMS Gateway Providers like Click-a-tell, Bulk SMS and Site 24x7. This feature can be configured under Admin >> Organization Details >> SMS Notification Settings. Refer this link for more details on this feature.
    • SDF-61840: Configuring Organization Roles: Feature to create and associate organization roles to the users to enable the role based approval process in service requests. Once the organization roles are created and users are associated to it, the role based approval process can be configured from the service templates.

    Behaviour changed in 9231

    • IE version 8 and below will no more be supported.
    • Revamp on Headers and Themes configuration: UI for Header section has been changed. Any theme configured earlier will not be retained. Users are requested to reconfigure the themes after upgrading.
    • Theme configuration for subsections has been removed. Users will not longer be able to customize the subsection colors. It is set to grey by default.
    • Custom logo size has been modified from the earlier (168*46 ) to (155 * 38). Logos which are greater or lesser than this size will be shrunk or expanded accordingly with the current size.

    Issues Fixed in 9230 (Released on 26 October, 2016)

    • SD-64033 : Unable to select on-behalf-of user from search requester list with the name containing special characters.
    • SD-64340 : Service Request creation failed for the Service Catalog templates which has the option 'Do not assign technician before service request is approved' enabled under workflow, and created with category set and no technician assigned.
    • SD-63920 : The word 'operational' is misspelt in 'Include non operational hours' tool tip present in Tasks -> Add New worklog.
    • SD-63990 : Performance optimized during Asset scan.
    • SD-63539 : Software Dashboard page shows 'Loading' image if no Software is present.
    • SD-64051 : Privilege-based access provided to delete CIs as opposed to restricted access which was granted only to the Sdadmin.
    • SD-64061, SD-64084, SD-63886, SD-63821 : Duplicate 'New PO' and 'Delete' buttons appear in the PO ListView page.
    • SD-63997 : Unable to search Purchase Orders from global search using PO's item name.
    • SD-63435 : Unable to view Purchase Order approval details page in non-login view.
    • SD-63685 : Performance optimized in 'Requested by' field in new Purchase Request.
    • SD-63571 , SD-63573 : Unable to view Purchase Details in archived request history and when 'Purchase request details' is clicked in archived Requests.
    • SD-63968 : Migration fails when same approvers are configured at the same level in a PO.
    • SD-64082 : Performance issue while constructing request custom filter with additional fields as criteria is executed by users.
    • SD-64270 : In some environments , Error in getting the IMAP message object details while trying to fetch mails.
    • SD-62492 : Fixed the following issues.
      • Unable to edit few SLAs since Rendering Exception occurs in SLA list.
      • Unable to edit criteria for Spam Filter and Notification Filter since Rendering Exception occurs in criteria list.
    • SD-63995 : Copy site SLA gets corrupted when the default site SLA is edited and saved in some scenarios.
    • SD-64000 , SD-63353 , SD-63590 : Vulnerability issues fixed.
    • SD-62932, SD-63130 : Unrestricted file size growth of the file startout.log in the product.
    • SD-63121 : The word "Leave" is wrongly translated in Spanish language.

    Behaviour changed in 9230

    • Log files - startout.log and wrapper.log have been moved from "ServiceDesk\bin" directory to "ServiceDesk\server\default\log" directory. Also, these files will be bundled by default when generating the support file.

    New features in 9229 (Released on: 11 October 2016)

    • SDF-59416: SDP-Zoho Reports/Analytics Plus Integration enhanced with Custom fields sync. Custom fields created for Incident, Service Catalog and Worklog can be viewed in Zoho Reports/Analytics Plus when synced.

    Issues Fixed in 9229 :

    • SD-64176: Format of Change details in INPUT_DATA given for custom script/class is obtained wrongly for 'Change' custom trigger from version 9203. Any scripts/class written for 'Change' custom trigger after version 9203 has to be written according to the format mentioned here
    • SD-64265 : Unable to send IOS Push Notifications as the certificate expired.

    New features in 9228 (Released on: 29 September 2016)

    • SDF-63023 : Service Catalog can now be obtained as an Add-on for Standard edition.
    • SDF-63419, SD-61445 : Field and Form Rules Enhancements:
      • Ability to copy rules to multiple templates
      • Action to add/remove options from the Pick List field through UI (except Site & Group fields)
      • Action to set values for fields through UI
      • Action to remove the value of fields
      • The introduction of "Email Id(s) to Notify" field
      • The Resource section is hidden when all the questions are hidden
      • Accessing requester details of a request while using Custom scripts/triggers
    • SDF-63168 : Option to set Response time for a Service Request and Actions to be taken on escalation of that Request. This is available under Admin >> Helpdesk Customizer >> Service Catalog >> Manage >> Service Level Agreements.
    • SDF-60845 : REST API has been provided for Projects and Milestones.
    • SDF-63812 : Purchase request feature is available in "professional edition".
    • SDF-62965 : Tools action integration between SDP and Desktop Central - Ability to restart, lock, wake on LAN, hibernate, shutdown, initiate chat and view system manager of Windows machines from the machine's details page or request details page if SDP is integrated with Desktop Central.
    • SDF-61108 : Option to 'Search' in all select boxes in 'Request' module.
    • SDF-63576 : Option to add 'Downtime' variable in all Change Notification Templates.
    • SDF-49499 : Option to view Project based Reports has been provided under Reports tab
    • SDF-61158 : Doctool Enhancements:
      • Grey themed UI
      • Operation search and Attribute search
      • 'Group >> Entity >> Operation' Hierarchy in Table of Contents
      • 'Sample response' output for every operation
    • SDF-57541, SDF-62275: Product can receive notifications related to region-specific announcements and events, new build releases and upcoming features for SDAdmin technicians.

    Behaviour changed in 9228

    • SD-51789 : Access permission 'Add' and 'delete' Projects has been provided for a project member who can view Associated Projects.
    • SD-62884 : API version tag is included in failure response of operations in API(XML format only).
    • SDF-61108 : 'Select boxes' have been optimized for better search through out Request module. If the Picklist entries exceed 4000, then Picklist field will load slowly in IE browser.
    • Change Notification Rules:
      • The variables Review ($Review), Change Roles ($ChangeRoles) and individual change roles ($ChangeOwner, $ChangeManager, ..... ) are made common to all type of notifications and will be present in content only.
      • Requested By ($InitiatedBy) is removed from all type of notifications.
      • In "Alert Change Manager, Change Owner, Change Approver, CAB members by Email when any Recommendation is taken on change" notification:
      • Unused variables namely Resolution ($Resolution) and Technician ($Technician) have been removed.
      • The variables Stage ($StageName), Roll Out Plan ($RollOut), Checklist ($CheckList), SLA Name ($SLAName) have been added
      • The variable Old Status ($Status) is replaced with Status ($StatusName)
      • The variable CAB Approval - Submitter ($Submitter) is added to the notification "Submitting a change for recommendation to CAB".

    Issues Fixed in 9228:


    • SD-63497 : Solution suggestions popup dislocated while creating a new request.
    • SD-63876 : When external images and inline images are present in a description and if the src attribute immediately follows the img tag for the external images, then the content between these images will be lost. ( i.e <img src='image' is an issue but <img height='50' src='image' is not an issue)
    • SD-30943 : Empty page rendered on login for technician without permission to access technician availablity chart.
    • SD-62349 : Custom on hold status doesn't change to open while replying from requester's login.
    • SD-63163 : Not able to add inline images in Admin, Product description field.
    • SD-62666 : Additional line spaces occuring in reply window for default reply template content.
    • SD-62691 : Custom trigger is not executed when a request created by API.
    • SD-63310 : 'Tab' key functionality for moving to next row fields while creating/editing/viewing Request does not work as per its behavior.
    • SD-63389 : Rules and subsequent rules are not applied for Requester login when the rule contains a text type field that is not added for a Requester.
    • SD-62067 : Task configured in Default template is not added to the Request created.
    • SD-49256, SD-62614, SD-62317, SD-62735 : Issue while importing Requests, with field values containing special characters.
    • SD-44732 : The case sensitive parsing issue has been fixed. Introduced an Email Command Parser that identifies parse string in a case-insensitive manner.
    • SD-63469 : Issue in 'contains' search, in default search of Request module.
    • SD-63296 : Status of the Request moves to 'Closed' when only one of the tasks gets closed instead of all tasks, violating the behavior of closing rules.
    • SD-63426 : Notification is triggered to the Technician of the Request stating that all the tasks has been completed although some tasks are left open.
    • SD-62487 : After entering the requester name in requester field, blank page gets loaded in Incident form while changing the template.
    • SD-62820 : Overdue Request in Request summary widget label is shown wrongly as Overdue Task in Dashboard.
    • SD-63280,SD-63281,SD-63282,SD-63283 : Able to access non-permissible functionalities by a low privileged user under Request module.
    • SD-62773 : When 'Notify Requester when a Request is appended with Technician's reply by e-mail' is enabled, then the Requester gets a copy of the mail sent by him, if the Requester is a Technician.
    • SD-63495 : Requests which are not assigned with any technicians are still shown as "Unassigned" (in English) even in other languages when viewed in request list view.
    • SD-62878 : Error while creating/updating a Request on behalf of a Requester, if the Requester name contains special characters.
    • SD-57160 : In Incident SLA, Response time and Resolution time are validated by site based operational hours.
    • SD-62558 : Although 'Column' and 'Criteria' are selected, wrong alert message gets displayed in Request custom view.
    • SD-62737 : Date additional field is tracked as 'long' format instead of 'date' value in the Request history.
    • SD-63376 : Response time gets calculated even after a Request's status is changed as 'Closed'.
    • SD-63462 : Request updates does not get captured in the history if size of the Request description is greater than 64kb.
    • SD-63293 : Unable to view conversation for Notification sent on closing a Request.
    • SD-51213 : Unable to insert approval link $ApprovalLink to a text in approval mail.
    • SD-63183 : Unwanted Alert message gets popped up while clicking 'Create a Service Request'.
    • SD-64055 : Business Rule does not get executed when stages are configured in a Service Template work flow using Service Catalog.


    • SD-63203 : Unable to send approval mail to the email id which is already included in a stage.
    • SD-61258 : Proper Info message is not provided when roles are not configured in Change Roles tab in Change Template.
    • SD-61267 : Wrong info message 'Change Details saved successfully' is shown instead of 'Change Details and Change Roles saved successfully'.
    • SD-61382 : Able to view Notification rules in Change tab by a Technician with no Admin privileges.
    • SD-61807 : $Reviewer does not get replaced with its intended content. Instead it is replaced with $Review Content in 'Change' Notification content.
    • SD-62088 : Unable to add 'Change closure code' and comments in IE9 via non-login access.
    • SD-63039 : Vulnerability while updating/deleting Change workflow.
    • SD-63040 : Vulnerability while trying to delete Change Template.
    • SD-63304 : Unable to edit the start time and end time for Change down time using inline edit.
    • SD-63324 : Cursor focus does not get focused into comments text box during change recommendation.
    • SD-63879 : Unable to choose content variable for Notification message under Admin > Change Management > Stage and Status
    • SD-63687 : Non login url appears blank while accessing a Change Request, after a completion of change.


    • SD-53196 : Project module disabled, but Project role is shown in Requester details page in Standard edition.
    • SD-61171 : Error while trying to view Project Gantt View after exporting as PDF.


    • SD-60658 : Issue while importing Date field values in Solutions using XLS.
    • SD-62158 : Solution status does not get changed automatically to "Unapproved" when Adding/Removing attachment from the solution.


    • SD-62835 : "Installed on" column value is not proper date format when the list view under Installations tab in software details page is exported.
    • SD-62970 : Exception while changing requester as technician in AE Remote server
    • SD-63169 : Software licenses received from PO shows Internal ID as PO number in its details page.
    • SD-63332 : Unable to search assets with partial name in "Add Relationships" popup.
    • SD-63704 : List view option not displayed under relationships tab of CIs for non-SDAdmin technicians.
    • SD-62209 : Vulnerability in scanned XML file

    Purchase & Contract

    • SD-63554 : The text "Contracts which have expired in the last 30 days" has been changed to "Contracts which have expired in the last 7 days" under contract summary in Home/Dashboard tab.


    • SD-62963 : 'Change old status' and 'Migrate to new status' options have been removed from admin details page and left navigation options.
    • SD-56449 : When for a Requester, the password is changed in CSV and the Requester is imported back in ServiceDesk Plus, the password is not reset.
    • SD-60518 : If Priority name is long, then while sorting, it is shown twice (actual value + trimmed value) in the list view. This has been corrected to show only the actual value.
    • SD-63027 : Issue while importing Requesters via CSV through schedule.
    • SD-63263 : Groups belonging to custom sites are not getting listed while configuring the "Allow Exception" rule under the Data Archiving Section.
    • SD-63089, SD-63473 : Unable to access the Survey URL by a user with role other than 'SDAdmin' and 'SDGuest'.
    • SD-45970 : Questions and answers are not sorted alphabetically under Service Template >> Add Resources
    • SD-62508 : Order of Escalation time does not get sorted, when Incident SLA is created with 'Escalate before' and 'Escalate after' options.
    • SD-61977, SD-62533, SD-62910 : Typo error in the phrase 'Choose Technicians' under Admin -> Notification Rules.
    • SD-62905 : Tabs freeze/get highlighted when switched from Requester Tab to Field and Form Rules Tab while updating Service catalog.
    • SD-61266 : Unauthorized access to Change Template's Configuration Wizard by SDSiteAdmin.
    • SD-63703 : Unable to add widget's names using Non-English Languages in 'Customize self service portal settings'.


    • SD-62734 : Exception occurs when Tabular Custom Report is generated for all Workstations and Servers.
    • SD-62946 : Request Description field gets truncated to 500 characters when Custom Report is generated.
    • SD-63171 : In report stability settings , 'top 50000' has been added in all queries after the keyword 'select'. If the query contains 'distinct', top 50000 is added between 'select' and 'distinct'.
    • SD-63234 : Multiple columns get merged into one while exporting a Report as XLS file.
    • SD-61576 : Option to add Description field in Custom reports of Projects module.
    • SD-61642 : Decimal field values displayed with currency symbol in Reports.
    • SD-63627 : Unable to generate reports when a non-string based entry is used as 'group by column' in stacked charts.
    • SD-62956 : Unable to view chart in the graph view for certain Reports when maximum limit (default of 18 columns) is reached.


    • SD-62549 : Performance optimized while fetching meta data for JIRA fields from server, when large number of projects are configured in JIRA.


    • SD-63030 : Issue in updating last modified time under 'Problems' module.
    • SD-63713 : Vulnerability in adding notes for 'Problems'.


    • SD-43173 : Unable to view day and date on scrolling, when the Technician count increases in Technician availability chart.
    • SD-62650 : Technician unavailability is marked incorrectly when the Leave period contains Daylight Saving Time transition period.
    • SD-63516 : Unable to view Tasks through Dashboard and 'My Tasks' in Home page in some scenarios.


    • SD-62613 : Exception occurs when Custom Trigger is scheduled to timeout in 30 seconds. It has now been increased to 60 seconds
    • SD-62832 : Translation related issue fixed in Danish language.
    • SD-62618 : Able to update Service Category of the Service Request through API.
    • SD-63227,SD-63213 : Reflected XSS vulnerability issue.
    • SD-63655 : Unable to login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using mobile client (/mc), when the domain name is typed in lowercase.
    • SD-63471 : When a Reply notification with multiple lines is sent with plain text formatting, notification content are shown in a single line.
    • SD-63708,SD-63226 : Attachment name is empty/displayed with only file type in non English characters file.
    • SD-63549 : Error occurs and worklog list view is shown as a blank page randomly.
    • SD-63583 : Upgrade will be marked as failed if 'Access Denied' error occurs when patch is applied.

    Issues Fixed in 9227 (Released on: 7 September 2016)

    • SD-63846 : Unable to view Technician space notification icon and Request Collaboration, when the NIO port is occupied.
    • SD-63872 : Success/Failure messages are not displayed in Request custom menu >> Request view.
    • SD-63654 : In some customer environment, AD authentication fails, when there is a delay during login.
    • SD-63325 : Failure message is displayed while selecting a priority which is marked "not for further usage" in the Priority matrix.

    Issues Fixed in 9226 (Released on: 22 August 2016)

    • SD-63712 : Unable to login into application when passing user name and password as parameter.
    • SD-63873 : Duplicate assets found when searching an asset.
    • SD-63692 : Unable to create Purchase Order from Purchase Request when modifying the requested item name.
    • SD-62640 : Software compliance does not get updated properly when workstations are deleted from list view.
    • SD-63094 : CMDB API : CI Attribute's description is not provided along with the CI Type details.
    • SD-63580 : CMDB API : Mandatory check is provided for 'workstation name' while updating software CI.

    Issues Fixed in 9225 (Released on: 11 August 2016)

    • SD-48827 : The access denied exception caused during the backup of physical files from file attachments, inline images etc., results in schedule/manual backup operation failure. Now, We ignore the files which cannot be included, complete the backup operation and mark the backup status as PARTIAL. The skipped files are added to the skippedFiles.txt file and included as a part of the backup .data file for reference.
    • SD-60228 : When invoking a standalone trimmed backup, the backup file gets placed under the folder "confbackup" instead of "trimmedbackup".
    • SD-62334 : User Import fails for several users, since Department appears along with spaces.
    • SD-63470 : Generic error message is displayed on failure of WMI related activities.
    • SD-61739 : Unauthorized access to Print Preview page of a Problem.
    • SD-61671 : Error while viewing workflow configuration from non login under Change >> View >> Workflow.
    • SD-63193 : Vulnerability issue while fetching User Domain details.
    • SD-63323 : Unable to save and display inline images, when a solution is edited by multiple technicians and updated with inline images. (Prior to 9212 build)
    • SD-63684 : Unable to create a Purchase Order from Purchase Request by a Technician. Technician without SDAdmin and SDsite Admin role, but with 'Create PO' role can now create PO from PR
    • SD-63192,SD-63594 : Mandatory field check fails for Pick list additional field in a Request.
    • SD-63849 : On executing scripts via custom triggers, the content of Multi-select field is included with unwanted characters.

    Issues Fixed in 9224 (Released on: 05 August 2016)

    • SD-63823 : In 9220 - 9223, the PO Approver flag is disabled automatically after importing users from AD/LDAP
    • SD-63916 : Failure while upgrading to builds 9207-9223, when same barcodes with unwanted spaces are populated in the database

    Issues Fixed in 9223 (Released on: 27 July, 2016)

    • SD-63861 : Custom Header Image gets corrupted while migrating to 9222.

    Issues Fixed in 9222 (Released on: 21 July, 2016)

    • SD-63479 : Failure while upgrading to builds 9207-9221, if same barcodes with different letter case are populated in the database.

    Issues Fixed in 9221 (Released on: 20 July, 2016)

    • SD-63530 : Unable to create a Request with "On Hold" status through web form. In an environment where the default Request Template is set with status as "On Hold", then the creation of Request gets failed and eventually mail fetching gets stopped.

    New features in 9220 (Released on: 14 July, 2016)

    • SDF-62076 : Request collaboration: If a Technician modifies a request, the modifications are visible to all Technicians accessing that particular request. By default, the request collaboration feature works on port 8081. (If ServiceDesk Plus is configured using an alias URL, make sure you configure the same using 8081). The port number can be changed in server.xml.
    • SDF-59460 : Change module: Field and form rules can be configured in the change module to define the rules that can be executed on a change request form. Field and form rules are executed during the following conditions: after a change form is loaded, when some field in the form is changed, and before a change form is submitted. The rules can be disabled or enabled, wherein the disabled rules will not be applied.
    • SDF-61191 : Purchase module: The purchase request can be created in the early stages of creating a purchase order. Vendor quotes can be attached to a purchase request and sent for approval to the concerned approvers. Once approved, a purchase order can be created from the purchase request.
    • SDF-62837 : Reports module: To ensure stability of the application, a 'stability settings' option along with recommended values has been provided under reports >> custom settings to set up threshold on the number of parallel reports, maximum number of rows per report, and report time out in minutes.
    • SDF-34779 : Self-service portal: Approval reminder notifications can be configured under admin >> self service portal settings to send out notifications to the approvers on pending approvals.

    Behavior changes in 9220:

    • Change of default theme from blue to grey.
    • Notes icon turns yellow, whenever a new note is added to a Request. For this to work, press CTRL+SHIFT+R.
    • Assignment of category-based Technicians is now taken into consideration for all edit operations of Requests.
    • Assigning Technicians through Business Rules is of more priority than the Category based Technicians.
    • When a Technician is assigned via either Business Rule or Category and if the assigned Technician is not a part of the Group in the Request, then the Technician is retained rather than the group. However, this behaviour is applicable only for form based Add and Edit Request operations.

    Issues Fixed in 9220:

    • SD-51149 : "Rarely used software installations" report does not get generated properly.
    • SD-58916, SD-59427 : Unable to allocate the users to CAL license when the user name contains any umlaut characters (like ä,ö,ü).
    • SD-59868 : Exception is thrown when 'Managed Software' link under Home tab of a remote server is clicked.
    • SD-60549 : Workstation does not get listed under global left panel search, when searched under 'Asset' category using IP address.
    • SD-62401 : Unable to precisely update Software license count.
    • SD-62295 : 'Add Attachment' option is wrongly shown in Software details page.
    • SD-62973 : Technician Auto assign does not work while editing a Service Request.
    • SD-62967 : Migration failure due to the pre-existence of ConstraintName UVHValues_UK1.
    • SD-56892 : The Sub-categories/Items are not loaded properly while viewing a Request in Native App.
    • SD-62490 : Problem while assigning Technicians during Request creation / modification through various modes, like Business Rules / Category based Technicians, is now corrected. (Refer Behavior changes).
    • SD-63449 : Translations fixed in Survey and Project modules in Turkish language.
    • SD-62721 : Unable to edit few Business Rules since Rendering Exception occurs in Business Rules List.

    Issues Fixed in 9219 (Released on: 11 July, 2016)

    • SD-62877 : Technicians with the role "All in group & assigned to him" are unable to view their permissible standalone tasks.
    • SD-63574 : Request does not re-open, when users in CC reply to the request.

    Issues Fixed in 9218 (Released on: 22 June, 2016)

    • SD-63307: Latest "On Hold" time entry is considered in the calculation of a request's "Time Elapsed" and "Dueby Time", instead of the first "On Hold" time entry, resulting in the miscalculation of "Time Elapsed" and "Dueby Time" in some environments.
    • SD-63291: Issue catalog is displayed even when there is only default request template instead of new incident.
    • SD-63190: When an alert is cleared in OPManager, Request fails to auto close the same in SDP.
    • SD-63474: The issue id SD-57567 "When trying to a close a request, if the mandatory fields are not filled, it is redirected to 'Edit Request Page', where the previously entered comments get cleared." released as part of 9212 has been pulled back.

    Issues Fixed in 9217 (Released on: 16 June, 2016)

    • SD-62560: When Pass-through Authentication is enabled, any application URL accessed in fresh browser session gets redirected to HomePage.

    Issues Fixed in 9216 (Released on: 14 June, 2016)

    • SD-63385: Unable to close a request via global/inline edit even after the mandatory fields are entered.
    • SD-63378: 'Cancel' option does not work for Inline edit of a Change.

    New feature in 9215 (Released on: 8 June, 2016)

    • SDF-59858 : Option to use Multi Select field type as additional field/common additional field for Incident and Service Requests.

    Issues Fixed in 9215

    • SD-63265: Unable to login through Mobile App (Android/iOS) using AD Authentication.
    • SD-63189: Unwanted data gets appended to the values in some additional fields under notification/reply template.

    New Features in 9214 (Released on: 6 June, 2016)

    • SDF-62521: Host Name/IP Address of the client from where the Request is created, gets added in the Request history when the request is created via web form, mobile, and API.
    • SDF-59878: Option to customize the E-mail generated when a Purchase Order is created or submitted for approval.

    Issues Fixed in 9214


    • SD-60573: Additional Line spaces occur in Request Template description when content is copied and pasted from Ms-Excel files.
    • SD-62543: 'Asset' field is not displayed while creating a new incident Request through template.
    • SD-62379: Request attachments cannot be downloaded from the approval action page viewed by clicking approval link.
    • SD-62646: Unable to archive the requests in some scenarios.
    • SD-62839: Unable to close requests in certain scenarios due to cache issue.
    • SD-62840: Unable to view the conversation for notification sent on closing a request.


    • SD-58736 : Unable to create a change when change requester is a technician due to site restrictions.
    • SD-62194 : Unable to delete a custom status 'Requested' under any stage in change management.


    • SD-50488: Unable to delete a comment while another comment is in edit mode under projects.
    • SD-59997: When a Project is added and the Project details view page is reloaded, a new Project is created with the same title.
    • SD-61489: Unable to view the Timesheet tab for Milestones, for Project Custom role based Technician login.
    • SD-62341: Unwanted alert message, while opening Projects in IE9.
    • SD-62345: NullPointerException occurs while trying to view a deleted project from the recent items URL.


    • SD-62622: Solution status does not get changed to 'unapproved' while updating an approved solution.
    • SD-62647: While editing Solutions, the 'Last updated On' field does not get updated.


    • SD-60977,SD-61239: Incorrect product version number is shown in scanned software list for AssetExplorer and ServiceDesk Plus.(Installation only)
    • SD-62890 : Scan : Cisco IP Phones will be uniquely identified and updated based on its Mac Address and not by IP Address.
    • SD-62982 : Scan : Barcode is set to empty while scanning Cisco IP Phones
    • SD-60816 : Provision to mention user's login name for ownership assignment of Assets/Workstations during CSV import.
    • SD-61541 : Vendors are not listed in the vendor drop down when "Save and Add New" is submitted in workstation's form in enterprise edition.
    • SD-62139: Vendors drop down is not populated in add new workstation/server form in professional edition.
    • SD-61420: Decline percent and Depreciation percent values are not rounded off to two decimal points.
    • SD-56170: Unable to add IPV6 address in workstation/server form.
    • SD-62891 : The Barcode field disappears while scanning workstation/server.
    • SD-62445 : Unable to import scanned xml when a software's location value is more than 100 characters.
    • SD-62285 : Unable to import scanned xml when a software's file version value is more than 20 characters.
    • SD-62284 : Exception occurs while importing linux scanned xml file.
    • SD-62224 : Exception occurs while importing mac scanned xml file .
    • SD-62212 : The Asset tag field disappears while scanning Cisco IP Phones .(Assets)
    • SD-62208 : Unable to add/delete bulk software under Workstation/Server .
    • SD-62699 : Standalone workstation audit : NullPointerException occurs while importing the scanned xml file.
    • SD-62658 : Wrong Purchase cost gets populated while selecting the vendor in 'Add New Asset' form.
    • SD:62066 : Exception while scanning Windows 10 machines if the Hyper-V is enabled without any virtual machines.


    • SD-62188 : CMDB API : Error Invalid Table alias "CI" while fetching CI List.
    • SD-62448 : Unable to set value for "Location" field while updating workstations using CMDB API.
    • SD-60078 : Unable to delete different type of CI's in bulk under CMDB tab --> All CI's List-view.

    Purchase & Contract

    • SD-60200 : Unable to add attachments when "E-mail the owner" or "E-mail the vendor" is performed in both Purchase and Contract modules.
    • SD-61491: File Attachments are not accessible in Purchase Order module.
    • SD-60610 : Invoice and payment details added by a technician are not displayed in Purchase Order when the technician who added the details is deleted.


    • SD-59914: Columns like Mobile, Phone, and Email get duplicated in Admin>>Technician List View, for Standard and Professional editions (without CMDB add-on).
    • SD-61114: If the Server and the Client are running in different timezones, then the backup schedule time configured from the client is not shown based on the personalized client time.
    • SD-62625: SMS notifications are not sent when Business Rules are triggered.
    • SD-62686: Email notification for Business Rule is not sent if Plain Text Formatting under Admin >> Notification Rules is chose.
    • SD-52740: While adding Site, countries such as Curacao, DRC(Democratic republic of congo) , South Sudan and Serbia Countries are not listed in the Country drop down.
    • SD-62435 : $ChangeOwner variable gets replaced wrongly in the escalation mail sent for change SLA Escalation.
    • SD-63225 : Mail Fetching stops with Null Pointer Exception, while marking the fetched mail as 'reply from requester'.


    • SD-62220 : In custom reports generated with pie charts, sum of the categories of the chart do not equal 100 percentage.
    • SD-62409 : Custom reports generated with bar chart (2D) displays 17 sub-categories only.


    • SD-61537: Unable to view the latest release build version number from "About" and "Community" pages when ServiceDesk Plus service runs in HTTPS mode.
    • SD-50253: Incorrect entries in Module and Sub Module fields of System Log viewer while updating Project Admin configuration. Now the Module is set as Admin and the Sub module as the relevant entry (e.g, Project Status, Project type, etc).


    • SD-60415: Vulnerability issue while logging into the application after the service restart.
    • SD-62556 : XSS Vulnerability under change templates.

    Native App

    • SD-59673,SD-62242 : Logged in user name is shown as 'unknown' or user name gets replaced by another user's name in some scenarios.

    Issue Fixed in 9213 (Released on: 26 May, 2016)

    • SD-63184 : The Issue ID SD-62071 "The following will be displayed as mentioned below for Requests in REST API: WORKORDERID replaced as REQUESTID, CREATEDTIME replaced as CREATEDDATE, RESPONDEDTIME replaced as RESPONDEDDATE, DUEBYTIME replaced as DUEBYDATE, COMPLETEDTIME replaced as COMPLETEDDATE, RESOLVEDTIME replaced as RESOLVEDDATE" released as part of 9212 has been pulled back.

    New features in 9212 (Released on: 19 May, 2016)

    • SDF-39695, SDF-48909 : Option to restrict sending survey to select users/domain. It is available under "Admin>>User Survey>>Survey settings".
    • SDF-37668 : LDAPS support added under user import.
    • SDF-62375 : Option to enable/disable 'Email Debug' mode from Mail Server Settings page.
    • SDF-62376 : Option to enable/disable 'Domain Filtering during Login' option in Self-Service Portal Settings.
    • SDF-62410 : A Requester can view all the requests , if the admin provides him the permission to view all requests under "Admin'>>Users>>Requesters>>Requesters allowed to view" drop down.

    Issues Fixed in 9212


    • SD-60453 : Unassigned link shows wrong URL in Dashboard task summary.
    • SD-62153 : Unable to display default statuses with long labels, after editing.


    • SD-61877 : Unable to update/delete approval status, if the approval status is 'To Be Sent'.
    • SD-28974 : No "Mandatory" field alert for 'group' field in inline edit, if it is kept as Mandatory in request template.
    • SD-62296 : Unable to update site from inline edit, when Technician field is removed from the template.
    • SD-62226, SD-59072 : Description is empty, if the request is created via E-Mail with description containing only an image.
    • SD-62201 : Characters after quotes are missing in 'Submit for approval' popup for a request with quotes in subject line.
    • SD-62193, SD-60857 : Same 'sent time' gets updated for all the approvals in a stage, including those that are not sent.
    • SD-60869 : Sent time does not get updated for approvals that are added dynamically through ADD Approvers option in UI.
    • SD-39182 : Group assignment is not disabled in Assign Dialog box, if the group field is not a part of the request template.
    • SD-59072,SD-30921 : When a 'column value' is added in custom filter with an already existing column value or part of the value, the column value does not get added.
    • SD-27679 : Behavioral Change in Auto Close : Auto close of request will happen only during Operational hours.
    • SD-58565 : Comma separated values selected in Advance Search filter does not fetch proper results.
    • SD-45913 : Resolution added in default template is not sent, when $Resolution is added in "Acknowledge Requester by e-mail when a new request is received" and "Alert the following Technician(s) by e-mail when a new request is created" notification.
    • SD-46054 : Unable to create a new request, when "Do you want to show Technicians as part of Requesters list, while creating a new request?" is set to 'No' in Self-service portal.
    • SD-47949 : When a ticket is assigned to a Technician, e-mail notification is sent both to the Technician as well as the persons mentioned in the 'CC' field.
    • SD-49869 : When 'Reset' is clicked, the Sub Category and Items fields do not get reset to the configured default value in the service request creation page.
    • SD-56177 : 'Department' field does not get updated instantly, when request details are edited from 'Search Requester' icon.
    • SD-58789 : Notification is not sent, if the Requester is a Technician and the option 'Alert/ notify Technician by e-mail when there is a new reply from the Requester' is enabled.
    • SD-61636 : OnHold' request changes to 'Open' status although a Technician replies to it.
    • SD-57567: When trying to a close a request, if the mandatory fields are not filled, it is redirected to 'Edit Request Page', where the previously entered comments get cleared.
    • SD-62312, SD-62311 : When custom trigger is invoked for request creation, the JSON file does not return resource related data.
    • SD-56569, SD-56506 : Only Requesters will be listed for the applied configuration in the editor field in Requester login, whereas all users will be shown in Technician login.
    • SD-62555, SD-62531 : Performance enhancements on request templates cache.
    • SD-29432 : Some deleted Request fields are shown in custom view under Requests and Custom reports.
    • SD-57100 : HTML tags are inserted in request reply drafts.
    • SD-60424 : UNC path not supported in RTA links.
    • SD-62388 : Worklog timer does not work, if a request is edited.
    • SD-30574 : Formatting issues in request quick create.
    • SD-48188 : Backslashes get removed in notes notification.
    • SD-50228 : Content within tags are removed in request reply drafts.
    • SD-59873 : Approval tab is missing, when a request is raised from a service template copied from an existing template with inline images.
    • SD-62116 : Worklog archiving truncates description text to 3500 characters.
    • SD-62480 : Word 'Operation' gets appended in the group notification content.
    • SD-45628 : History does not get captured, when an attachment is removed from the request.
    • SD-62460 : Able to close request with open tasks using 'close request' link in e-mail notification, although the request closing rules has 'Associated tasks should be completed'.
    • SD-62377 : Sending notification gets failed, when a mail contains more than 255 characters in CC field.
    • SD-62307 : Draft button is displayed for a request, when logged in with Requester login.
    • SD-62238 : Creation of service request using E-mail commands will no longer be supported.?
    • SD-48715 : No warning message is displayed, when Technician clicks 'assign' to assign/pickup a service request, although 'Do not assign Technician before service request is approved' is enabled.
    • SD-61641 : Wrong history is shown, when the status is changed from 'open' to 'onhold'.
    • SD-61410 : Task notifications are sent to task owner and request owner, although the request has been moved to trash.
    • SD-48784 : Requester Status does not change in request details page, although the Requester gets marked as service request approver by default.
    • SD-46177 : Improper alert message is shown, when trying to merge similar requests.
    • SD-62154 : History is captured incorrectly, when a Technician replies to a request via REST API.
    • SD-62569 : Date fields are displayed incorrectly as created date-completed date-responded date, instead of created date-responded date-completed date.
    • SD-62071 : The following will be displayed as mentioned below for Requests in REST API: WORKORDERID replaced as REQUESTID, CREATEDTIME replaced as CREATEDDATE, RESPONDEDTIME replaced as RESPONDEDDATE, DUEBYTIME replaced as DUEBYDATE, COMPLETEDTIME replaced as COMPLETEDDATE.
    • SD-62821 : Technician name is displayed twice in Requester login.
    • SD-58842 : Low privileged user able to view high privileged user data in request.
    • SD-47675 : Assigned time does not get updated, when a Technician is assigned to a request via business rules.
    • SD-60244 : Auto suggestions for Solutions & Announcements are not displayed, if the search string contains special characters like, + - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /, in the New request form for Requesters.
    • SD-61996, SD-59973 : While importing requests via XLS, the date values in the date formatted cells of XLS file are replaced with the time of import.
    • SD-62117 : Request created with valid Description is getting replaced with empty description of the template changed through business rule.
    • SD-62450 : In Standard edition, the suggested solution does not open on clicking the auto suggested solution.
    • SD-62385 : Inability to update a request, with a new Requester.
    • SD-61509 : Request List view becomes blank , if more than 30 columns are listed, where each page consists of 250 Requests.
    • SD-41479 : While using Quick Create option, the Site value does not get populated correctly, if the Requester is selected from the Requester List Icon.
    • SD-62535 : Technician does not get filtered based on group, in Request creation page, when no sites are present.


    • SD-61188 : The word 'Print Preview' gets printed along with the request, when a change request is printed.
    • SD-61152 : Able to edit the closure code for a change, even after the change is closed.
    • SD-60828 : Change/ Request gets created partially, if any exception occurs during creation.
    • SD-60544 : Change gets overlapped with next column in change list view, if there are more columns and if the change type is long.
    • SD-55486 : Send for Recommendation is shown under "Change>>approval" tab even after removal of all CAB members.
    • SD-62161: Unable to access change details page if the technician is privileged with 'View-all in group and assigned to him' role.
    • SD-61990 :TypeError occurs when 'All site asset' is selected in Japanese language.


    • SD- 49603 : Confirmation dialog missing for comments deletion in tasks.
    • SD-49706 : Tooltip missing for task comments delete button.
    • SD-51189 : Tooltip missing for 'more fields' button in tasks.
    • SD-55135 : Unclearness in task trigger failure alert message .
    • SD-55396 : Multi line task comments are shown as a single line in history.
    • SD-59506 : Calendar fields not rendered properly, when adding new tasks from quick actions menu.
    • SD-60226 : Task dependencies are not replicated, when a request is raised from request template containing tasks with dependencies.
    • SD-60452 : Able to add tasks with empty title.
    • SD-62000 : Task dependencies are not replicated, when a request is raised via email command with request template containing tasks with dependencies.
    • SD-62210 : Task history shows attachment added, although it fails on account of max file size restriction.
    • SD-53402 : Actual end time does not change to 'Null' on re-opening a closed request.


    • SD-59926 : Inline images added by editing an existing solution are not getting saved.


    • SD-62195 : From now, additional fields with same name as Default fields cannot be created.
    • SD-60046 : Unable to delete a resource from the service template, if a service request is created using the template containing the corresponding resources.
    • SD-49042 : Restricted service templates are not visible to SDAdmin in the service catalog list view.
    • SD-62257 : Exception occurs, when editing site with special characters in name.
    • SD-27319 : Cost per hour field for Technician rounded off to single decimal point.
    • SD-47357 : Resolution template edit view breaks on adding specific content.
    • SD-55913 : Survey Link URL is not hyperlinked.
    • SD-62222 : '+' symbol gets replaced with space in 'Name' field of Incident additional fields.
    • SD-36946 :When the set 'business rule' is matched, all values in 'notification' are displayed in single line, if an email is sent.
    • SD-38623 : Able to assign requests based on priority and urgency, when a business rule is matched, although priority and urgency fields have been greyed out.
    • SD-24843 : Robo password reset template is visible to Technicians and Requesters, although robo license has expired.
    • SD-58599 : Custom and copy sites are not included in exception column of "Helpdesk>>Technician" Auto Assign.
    • SD-47369 : Unable to change the status of a request for 'Approvals' in self service portal.
    • SD-60806 : Unable to save the subject with '*' symbol in spam filter.
    • SD-62248 : In Business rules, while specifying criteria, rendering exception occurs when '*' is specified for certain fields.
    • SD-60571 : In Service request templates, when the length of the question exceeds the predefined limit, the extra text is cut-off.
    • SD-60054 : Incident template list view displays the available template count as 'Show per page' count, instead of displaying the option selected from 'Show per page' drop down.
    • SD-62607 : Custom trigger throws NullPointerException , if the getRequest API JSON contains more than 4000 characters.
    • SD-39279 : Previously, deletion of a Region was allowed, even when sites were associated with it. Now, the application prompts you to delete the associated sites, before deleting the Region.
    • SD-62044 : Technician's Domain changes to 'None', when edited by self.
    • SD-62146 : Other users not getting listed in the User dropdown, when a custom role is assigned to a Technician with SDAdmin role.
    • SD-62466 : Unable to add multiple approvers and departments, while creating change template.
    • SD-62259 :Unable to insert inline images in description field of request template.


    • SD-60834 : Query containing built in function 'HOURS' throws error in MSSQL setups.
    • SD-60584 : Wrong date format is displayed in matrix report.


    • SD-62532,SD-62704 : Performance optimized for keyboard shortcuts.
    • SD-62668 : Performance issue: Application slows down during high concurrent access.


    • SD-62467 : Vulnerability issue while fetching User Details.


    • SD-62589 : Unwanted text is printed in the console, while starting the server.
    • SD-62389: Error while trying to connect to Mysql bundled with application while taking manual backup over 9200 has been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 9211 (Released on: 3rd May, 2016)

    • SD-62895 : Unable to login to application when AD/LDAP authentication is enabled.
    • SD-62896 : Unable to login to android app after upgrading the application server to 9210.

    Issues Fixed in 9210 (Released on: 21 April, 2016)

    • SD-46251, SD-58815, SD-21277, SD-34788, SD-60147 : Vulnerability in "Keep me signed-in" feature.
    • SD-60086 : Active user sessions not being destroyed/invalidated after a password change.

    Issues Fixed in 9209 (Released on: 14 April, 2016)

    • SD-62738 : Field & form rules are not applied when criteria contains pick list additional field value as 'Not specified'
    • SD-62255 , SD-62441 : Dependent child tasks are not triggered on closing parent tasks.
    • SD-62723 : Support group changes to 'None' when requester name is specified during request creation.
    • SD-62740 : Exception while editing requests having inline images without src tags.
    • SD-62742 : Service common pick list additional field value gets saved as -1 if no value is selected.

    Issues Fixed in 9208 (Released on: 11 April, 2016)

    • SD-62526 : Unable to start the application with MSSQL database in some environments.
    • SD-62695 : Unable to view Time Elapsed Analysis tab in request details page in some environments.
    • SD-62712 : Problem in displaying fields in new request form and in edit request page due to browser cache.
    • SD-62352 : Issues related to Technician Auto Assign :
      • Unable to add more number of technicians in the exclusion list.
      • Complete exclude list for Technician Auto Assign is not displayed in the UI.
      • Complete exclude list is not considered during Technician Auto Assignment.

    New features in 9207 (Released on: 31 March, 2016)

    • SDF-62433 : Barcode Generation for assets. This initial version contains an option to add assets (bulk) by scanning the vendor barcodes, ability to generate and print new barcode labels, associate barcode with the existing assets. This feature is available under Assets -> Barcode section.
    • SDF-61862 : Earlier, through Request Custom triggers, approvers can be added to a request (ie. add approvers to existing list of approvers in a approval stage). Now approvers can be added so as to replace existing set of approvers.
    • SDF-47849 : Option to view task dependencies for tasks and percentage of completion in Project Gantt view.
    • SDF-56922 : Ability to create Custom filter for Projects list view.
    • SDF-59839 : Previously when time entry is added in worklog, operational hours will not be considered to calculate the time, now there is option to mark whether work log time need to consider operational hours or absolute hours.
    • SDF-62370 : Earlier Category / Sub category / Item entry needs to be added one by one. Hence it could take more time to construct the needed category - sub category - item tree structure. Now with 'Add Quick CSI' available under Admin>> HelpDesk Customizer>> Category section, the relevant tree structure can be constructed quickly.
    • SDF-60795, SDF-60631: Enhancements in Field & Form rules section inside Request templates :
      • Alert message before closing Script Editor if script is not saved
      • Proper handling of on field change event for text fields like Subject, impact details
      • Triggering of event when setting value of a field through $CS APIs. This enhancements are required for the case so that value of Subcategory will be changed based on setting the value of Category through APIs.
      • Resource fields will also be copied when copying rules from one template to another if same resource exists in new template. This is required when making copies of a service template.
      • Earlier when a field is hidden through rules, blank space will be present (for that field) though the field is hidden. Now blank space will also be removed when any field is hidden through rules.
    • SDF-60807: Option to assign a request to a Group / Technician from request list view.
    • SDF-61459: Support tab is getting renamed as Community so as to reflect the primary purpose and its UI got revamped . Community tab will prominently contain the ServiceDesk Plus community forum posts so that users can view the ongoing discussions, announcements related to product just in a click.
    • SDF-61864: Reports : While analyzing customer environments we found that running more reports in parallel and generating reports which returns huge data (say report over a long date range) causes stability issue for the application. To ensure stability of application, we are setting up threshold on number of parallel reports and max number of rows per report.

    Issues Fixed in 9207

    • SD-62251 : Unable to list custom triggers if the criteria contains 'To' or 'CC' fields.
    • SD-61686 : When request custom menu is invoked for the second time in IE, it displays that the action has been performed but does not update the action.
    • SD-60966 : If a rule is created with 'On field' change as 'Priority' and if the priority field is changed using priority matrix, then the rule fails to work.
    • SD-62030 : Able to set date by using calendar although date field has been disabled using field and form rules.
    • SD-60725, SD-60905 : When conditions are defined for any rule using 'Site' field, those rules fail to get applied for requester login.
    • SD-56919 : Text entered after single quote in 'Site' name gets truncated in requester login.
    • SD-58506 : 'Not for further usage' unavailable under Admin >> Department in standard and professional editions.
    • SD-58619 : Unable to delete task type in standard and professional editions.
    • SD-59000 : Unable to view all associated tasks after applying 'All tasks' filter in technician login.
    • SD-60698 : 'Last updated on' time gets updated when solutions are viewed.
    • SD-61157 : HTML tags appear in task description when trying to edit the task through API.
    • SD-61691 : Trying to delete a non-existing worklog shows wrong error message 'User doesn't have sufficient privileges' instead of 'Worklog doesn't exist'.
    • SD-61844 : Able to provide 'Edit' permission to a non-privileged task owner who doesn't have permission to edit parent entity.
    • SD-61975 : Unable to sort request list view with ProjectID.
    • SD-60899 : 'worklog' misspelt in projects >> timesheet.
    • SD-53070 : Option to include 'All status' in status filter of project Gantt view.
    • SD-46603 : Tooltip for public solution is wrongly shown as 'Solution is available to all' instead of 'Solution is available to technicians and requesters/selected user groups'.
    • SD-48878 : Unable to create tasks under incident templates via Email command.
    • SD-52739 : Unable to create tasks using default request template via Email command.
    • SD-58980 : Unable to change the status to / from 'closed' for a task saved in Incident/Service templates.
    • SD-60156 : Option to restrict access to non login solution view.
    • SD-61402 : Unable to associate service request to a project.
    • SD-61559 : Unable to view request list page by user if the display content exceeds 1 MB.
    • SD-61615 : Tasks Gantt view shows task start as 'previous day' if the from/to date is in DST.
    • SD-61673 : Unable to edit tasks by technicians with 'Edit Project' permission.
    • SD-61690 : Improper positioning of text after mapping parent or child in task dependency view when large number of tasks are present.
    • SD-61982 : Unable to delete tasks when all tasks in request created using request template are unchecked and deleted.
    • SD-59513 : Grayed out/deleted statuses are displayed in 'Task status' list.
    • SD-61777 : Solution search icon does not show results when clicked.
    • SD-61873, SD-61874 : Vulnerability issue in Announcements and Solutions autosuggest.
    • SD-52436 : I18N key missing for 'title' and 'description' when copying a solution as resolution.
    • SD-61080 : 'Task dependency map' becomes frozen when child task is moved or clicked.
    • SD-52860 : Backslashes are removed in task comment notifications
    • SD-53143 : Notes not editable when it contains style tags
    • SD-58754 : Project title shown as html escaped characters in edit view
    • SD-59968 : Images inserted in solution articles not sent in mail when Solution is forwarded
    • SD-61182 : Unable to change the date filter, milestone, task, task types filter in gantt view(LTR Languages)
    • SD-61391 : Internal spell check not working
    • SD-61613 : Content in the Request Notes do not appear while editing
    • SD-61823 : Alignment of content in Submit for approval popup changes while converting rich text to plain text
    • SD-53561 : Request History shows description change when editing requests without modifying description content
    • SD-57359 : Edit task view shows html escaped characters
    • SD-60568 : Product not able to start if ManageEngine folder is renamed
    • SD-59758 : Alphabetical order set by default for the column names listed in advanced search.
    • SD-61346 : Priority field value getting changed to "Not Assigned" while replying a request issue has been fixed.
    • SD-60239 : Issue of content type listing as "text/html" in Solution for "plain/text" notifications has been fixed.
    • SD-60624 : Enable/disable popup notification when a stage or status is altered for change.
    • SD-58714 : Unable to include 'Reporting to' when a requester name contains backslash and single quotes
    • SD-60193 : Undesired HTML tags appear in the description area of notes for a task in implementation stage of a copied change.
    • SD-60958 : XSS vulnerability in change roles under Admin>> change management
    • SD-60513 : E-mail signature appears in the notification sent for CAB recommendation although the E-mail signature variable is absent in the template.
    • SD-61059 : When editing a change template , 'isemergency' field does not get applied properly in specific cases.
    • SD-60889 : Horizontal line appears on clicking drop down of task list view actions when a change has crossed the implementation stage.
    • SD-61866 : Unable to select technicians with two letters for any change role in change template.
    • SD-61300 : Problem with spot edit of UDF fields and assets in change details page.
    • SD-61980 : Error while sending recommendation mail for 'Change' in specific cases.
    • SD-61500 : $ChangeManager and $ChangeOwner variables do not get replaced with original value in notification mail window.
    • SD-60305 : Removal of permission configuration for change manager role.
    • SD-62241 : Directory traversal vulnerability.
    • SD-61722 : Date configuration does not get copied to duplicated custom report.
    • SD-60236 : Software summary page shows wrong count for "Expired Agreements".
    • SD-62043 : Global search in software list view does not show results when clicked.
    • SD-38751 : Boolean column values are not displayed in query report when "MSSQL" and "PGSQL" servers are configured as back end database.
    • SD-61308 : No update in History on Reopening Request.
    • SD-60730 : On changing status to OnHold/Custom Stop Timer, 'Status change comment' popup doesn't appear when 'User Acknowledgement' popup is disabled in Request Closing Rules.
    • SD-60585 : Request created with Email CC user field value gets truncated due to lesser column size, is increased to 500 characters.
    • SD-58948 : Mail fetching stops processing EMail with EMail command having incorrect syntax.
    • SD-59972 : Email notification from ServicedeskPlus when viewed in Outlook shows same inline images because of the same content-id referred for the inline images.
    • SD-59848 : Domain name field is not loaded in login page in IE when UserName contains special/foreign characters.
    • SD-60855 : URL vulnerability in add / modify/ delete Announcement by requesters.
    • SD-61643 : When Technician updates request created with OnBehalfOf user, incorrect message shown.
    • SD-62089 : Some of the translation messages in German language localization is corrected.
    • SD-60792 : Vulnerability fixed under Support/Community Tab.
    • SD-58715 : Copying images using clipboard fixed for IE 9 and 10 in machines running 32-bit Java installations.
    • SD-60798 : Delay in getting name of sites if the application contains large number of sites.
    • SD-59950 : Time saved under date field alters for all daylight saving time.
    • SD-37524 : Able to set the request status as 'None' under custom filters.
    • SD-62199,SD-61612 : Keyboard shortcuts appear garbled in Chinese and Japanese language.
    • SD-61773 : Tool tip in request conversations shows 'Delete Request' instead of 'Delete conversation'.
    • SD-61674 : Text added after '&' symbol gets removed in comment box while linking requests.
    • SD-61251 : After failure in sending message, error message is shown in blank window instead of composer window.
    • SD-61245 : Able to close request by requester in the link redirecting to login page of portal.
    • SD-30863 : The variable '$Requester phone' is added as 'Requester phone' under notification template in standard edition.
    • SD-27260 : When the status of a request is moved from 'Open' to 'Onhold', the history of the request shows 'ISAFTEROVERDUE changed from 'None' to 'True' even before the request is overdue.
    • SD-55907,SD-59348, SD-22796: Option to customize the text displayed for notification message via request template for variable $RequesterAge
    • SD-38676 : While editing the notes, notification E-mail is not sent to the technician on notes addition.
    • SD-60927 : Able to view requests of other groups by a non-privileged technician when he uses 'search' pane.
    • SD-61155 : Vulnerability in survey link.
    • SD-47072 : Technician with privilege to 'view problem' but no 'add' and 'edit' permission is able to view 'New problem' option on opening an incident request.
    • SD-60980 : Empty title is shown when '$title' is given in reply template.
    • SD-61280,61281,61791 : SLA shows 'due by' instead of 'delay by' if the status is 'Onhold' and the service request has a configured editor.
    • SD-61272 : 'Add notes' tool tip is shown in archives list.
    • SD-48698 : Vulnerability issue in raising requests.
    • SD-52868 : After logging in, the user is re-directed to technician space URL.
    • SD-61000: When 'Should be resolved/responded irrespective of operational hours' is disabled for SLA,'Time elapsed analysis' shows wrong resolution time in Request details page .
    • SD-61330: After the editor updates the service request with no approval, the status of the request does not change to 'open'.It remains 'onhold'.
    • SD-44393: Negative values are shown in 'Timespent' report of a request.
    • SD-58519,SD-57248,SD-61804 : Status change does not get updated when an image is inserted in the resolution description area of a request.
    • SD-61639 : Backslashes are removed when editing a note containing backslashes.
    • SD-61517 : 'Requests approaching SLA' widget in dashboard shows only requests in open status. Custom 'Open' status and status with timer 'on' can be now be viewed.
    • SD-59847 : When adding a request, 'Requester name doesn't exist' message gets displayed even if the requester already exists in the application.
    • SD-60602 : All tabs except 'Submission' goes missing in change request, when change notification contains enclosed tags.
    • SD-61477 : Single line additional field values get updated with old values when value for that field is removed.
    • SD-61303 : Additional field added from service catalog template disappears.
    • SD-60903 : Picklist field value is shown wrongly as '0' in reports while it shows 'not assigned' in the request page.
    • SD-59647 : Although the physical table gets deleted when deleting a service category, the entries for additional fields still remain in column aliases table.
    • SD-59219 : Unable to export Incident add
    • itional fields from archived requests.
    • SD-50582,SD-38194 : Unable to close a service request even after all the mandatory fields are entered since closing rule for incident request gets applied for service request.
    • SD-48545 : 'Requester view' is available for a technician even if 'Show to requester' is unchecked in service template.
    • SD-39419 : Configured fields under preventive maintenance task appear distorted when listed.
    • SD-59297 : User defined fields are omitted in archive list view.
    • SD-59760 : Unable to update 'length value' for numeric additional fields.
    • SD-62029 : Unable to set Schedule status change , if the status is changed to 'Onhold' by inline edit.
    • SD-62031 : Exported pdf file shows line break in projects gantt.
    • SD-62035 : Autosuggest of Solutions / Announcements overlaps with the subject field when subject is typed in the 'new request' form.
    • SD-62528 : Request SLA DO has been cached for better performance.
    • SD-62553 : Performance issue while identfying the Request Dependency group has been fixed.

    Issue Fixed in 9206 (Released on: 22 March, 2016)

    • SD-62577 : Customer upgrading first from any of the versions below 9200 to 9200, and then again from 9200 to 9203 or 9204 can apply this ppm from 9203 or 9204 so that the login page blank issue can be resolved.

    Issue Fixed in 9205 (Released on: 16 March, 2016)

    • SD-62522 : While importing users from Active Directory (2003 and 2008 versions), all OUs are not listed.
    • SD-55876, SD-61156 : Support group created under a custom site in CMDB/Admin module does not get assigned to that custom site.
    • SD-62498 : Able to perform upgrade / restore data / reindex in a parallel manner, when the server is running in https mode.
    • SD-62440 : Business rule notification does not get triggered when adding and editing a request based on certain criteria.
    • SD-62554 : Getting a blank Login page, after upgrading first from any of the versions below 9200 to 9200, and then again from 9200 to 9203 or 9204, without doing a service startup.

    New feature in 9204 (Released on: 4 March, 2016)

    • SDF-62215 : Enhancements in the 'Advanced Analytics' module. It will now include a new option to setup On-Premise integration using ManageEngine Reports. ManageEngine Reports is a business intelligence and reporting software from ManageEngine.

    Issue Fixed in 9204

    • SD-58911 : 'Mandatory fields' check has been removed for saving the proxy settings details.

    New features in 9203 (Released on: 1 March, 2016)

    • SDF-60978 : Option to customize the home page of self service portal has been added under "Admin -> Self Service Portal Settings". This includes re-arranging, restoring, adding, deleting, re-sizing and hiding the widgets
    • SDF-61707 : Rest API support for 'Solutions' module
    • SDF-59958 : Option to import Microsoft Projects
    • SDF-60681 : Option to mark First Call Resolution (FCR) on Requests
    • SDF-61960 : Timer that tracks the Technician's work log has been added under 'Requests' module.
    • SDF-61614 : Ability to import CI relationships from XLS file
    • SDF-61045 : Support for 'Romanian' language
    • SDF-25241 : Ability to add Requesters and Technicians with the fields, First name, Middle name and Last name. It is also possible to customize notification e-mails using these fields.
    • SDF-35633 : Auto refresh of Dashboard
    • SDF-59489 : Worklog Type can be configured for Request worklogs.
    • SDF-61437 : Option to hide solutions for Requesters
    • SDF-62041 : Worklog additional fields are newly added.
    • SDF-62042 : Floating menu bar: the entire 'Actions' menu bar floats as you scroll down the page. This allows you to perform any action without having to scroll up each time.
    • SDF-61222 : Any e-mail reply from a Technician with the option 'Notify Requester when the request is appended with technician's reply' enabled, will be forwarded to the relevant Requester.

    Issues Fixed in 9203

    • SD-38189, SD-58228 : Overdue flag is not set/reset when due by date is changed for request in on-hold/resolved state.
    • SD-58421 : Users cannot login after importing from LDAP with 'Others' as LDAP type.
    • SD-56035 : Compliance calculation happens for softwares that are not managed.
    • SD-60949,62074 : Suite component software installation count is not updated properly.
    • SD-60206 : A software license is moved to 'Expired' state, when the associated software agreement expires.
    • SD-23647 : Bulk 'Edit' option for changing the state has been added in Asset components list view.
    • SD-47478 : 'Unassigned Workstations/Servers' count gets mismatched when the 'Count' is clicked in Assets home page.
    • SD-49229 : Technicians with "Add New Product" and "Add New Vendor" role can add new products/vendors under Assets/Contracts and PO tabs.
    • SD-52770 : Although address is added in multiple lines under Admin --> Sites, shipping and billing addresses in PO details page get misaligned into a single line.
    • SD-58223 : Runtime Exception is thrown, when 'Managed Software' is clicked in 'Getting Started' page.
    • SD-59978 : Separate list view for Laptops and Desktops have been included under 'Workstation' list view, by default.
    • SD-61788 : I18N key is missing for 'Total Cost of Ownership' in Asset list view page.
    • SD-61006 : File Attachment folder gets recursively created.
    • SD-61349 : Unable to generate custom reports by site restricted user.
    • SD-61740 : Approval behavior prevents an approval from getting rejected, when an approver rejects an approval. Hence, "All must approve but no one should reject" checkbox has been added.
    • SD-61393 : Active Directory authentication support in Rest API.
    • SD-60758, SD-59929 : Incorrect data gets displayed in 'Criteria' section, when a Business rule is added with "Begins with" and "Ends with" Criteria in Additional fields.
    • SD-60041, SD-59434 : Unable to create service templates for services imported via CSV.
    • SD-59879 : Site of request is not auto populated for Requesters, when requests are created using REST API.
    • SD-48691 : Service Category based operations are supported in Standard edition.
    • SD-60762 : Unable to display field details, when trying to edit Incident additional fields in some environments.
    • SD-61934 : Approval Notifications are sent to the users configured using service templates, even after deleting the users.
    • SD-58791 : User's association with the department does not get deleted, even after the user is deleted and marked with 'Resigned' state.
    • SD-61670 : 'Reporting To' field is assigned with 'resigned users', when Requesters are imported through CSV.
    • SD-56369 : Issue with Mail fetching process, due to corrupted attachment.
    • SD-61999 : 'Approvalstatus' attribute has been added for Get Request API.
    • SD-57907 : Reports get truncated when exported as PDF files.
    • SD-59686 : 'Technician' is misspelt as 'Techician' in Assign popup box.
    • SD-56422 : 'Convert Incident request to Service Request' popup appears in english, even when translated to other languages.
    • SD-58987 : Option to view survey results of the associated requests by the Technician, if the permission is provided.
    • SD-59687 : Issue in 'To' and 'Cc' fields while creating requests through e-mail, where word wrap does not occur.
    • SD-60769 : Performance optimized, while sending survey to requester.
    • SD-59615,SD-52206,SD-58689 : The user's name does not get auto populated in 'requested by' field in Purchase module.
    • SD-55945 : Ability to associate asset component to an user, while using the 'Import CSV' option.
    • SD-57891,SD-59034 : Unable to delete service packs.
    • SD-58857 : Agent remote control settings does not not populated properly from workstation list view.
    • SD-59175 : Inactive departments are shown in the 'Department' drop down field of Cost Center.
    • SD-59435 : Manually entered software license keys get removed after scanning the workstation.
    • SD-59439 : Workstation/servers which are excluded from scan are removed from failed workstation/server list view.
    • SD-59803 : Unable to generate the report for "CMDB" module, filtered by "windows server" with servicepack column.
    • SD-60534 : The Host name gets truncated in virtual machines list view.
    • SD-60777 : Unable to run the CMDB report with Applications filter.
    • SD-61220 : Unwanted entries are added in CI History while editing the asset.
    • SD-61434 : Unable to edit virtual machine's name.
    • SD-61820 : Unable to get some data for Technician CIs via API.
    • SD-61667 : Not able to push scanned xml generated from a linux machine using the scan script.
    • SD-61685 : scan : Cannot scan El Capitan Mac OS machines.
    • SD-59940 : scan : Linux Prompt gets appended with the workstation name.
    • SD-61697 : Exception while scanning Windows machine, if the model of hard drive is not obtained.
    • SD-59942 : scan : Cisco IP Phones getting overwritten during network scan.
    • SD-60345 : scan : Solaris : Processor details and Bios details are not fetched in SPARC solaris Servers.
    • SD-60570,SD-61514 : Issue in removal of Filters in Advanced Search under 'Requests' Tab.
    • SD-37370 : If the 'Does not contain' criteria contains multiple values, junk filter under notifications does not work.
    • SD-60572 : Hyperlinked texts appear as plain texts under conversations, when the hyperlinked texts in description are included in reply/forward.
    • SD-59006 : Vulnerability issue while trying to delete a default status.
    • SD-62244 : Agent : Problem while scanning Windows machines, if the software name is null or empty in the registry.
    • SD-62249 : Scan : Issue in identifying default printer, while scanning Windows machines.
    • SD-62036 : Agent : Issue in fetching manufacturer information for physical drives in Windows machines.
    • SD-62036 : Scan : Issue in fetching multi-monitor information from windows machines.

    Issues Fixed in 9202 (Released on: 18 Feb, 2016)

    • SD-62316 : Unable to view / add some of the non-english language content, after upgrading to 9200 environment with mysql database. The text is garbled.

    Issues Fixed in 9201 (Released on: 11 Feb, 2016)

    • SD-62186 : Unable to view request details / page becomes blank in few languages.

    Enhancement in service pack 9200 (Released on: 11 Jan, 2016)

    • SDF-60651 : Tomcat Version Upgraded from 5 to 7.
    • SDF-61987 : Jre Version Upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7.

    Issues Fixed in 9200

    • SD-60312, SD-60108, SD-57847, SD-61344 : TLSv1.2 support with default strong ciphers (Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key)
    • SD-61113 : NullPointerException while invoking scheduled backup.

    ServiceDesk Plus 9.1 ReadMe

    Issues Fixed in 9121 (Released on: 20 Jan, 2016)

    • SD-62128 : Invalid image url is loaded in login page.

    Issues fixed in 9120 (Released on: 29 Dec, 2015)

    • SD-61341 : Unable to access 'Custom trigger' under Request module in Standard and Professional editions.

    Issues fixed in 9119 (Released on: 17 Dec, 2015)

    • SD-61413, SD-61577 : Request form gets submitted even if the mandatory field 'Select Approver' is not filled.
    • SD-61621 : Request Custom Menu based ADMP integration does not work , when SSO is enabled.
    • SD-61822 : Performance issue due to task comment notification.

    Issues fixed in 9118 (Released on: 24 Nov, 2015)

    • SD-61387 : Unable to view request details page/create new request, due to migration failure in MySql.
    • SD-61427 : Reply and forward conversations in plaintext format contains html content

    Issues fixed in 9117 (Released on: 19 Nov, 2015)

    • SD-43461, SD-57898 : When user tries to edit a support group but discards the changes without saving them and then proceeds to add new support group immediately, existing support group is overwritten.
    • SD-46763 : In new request creation, cursor does not get placed in requester field form when user is Technician.
    • SD-47197, SD-47414 : Business Rule does not get executed when criteria is set as "Group is None".
    • SD-61115 : When large number of approvers are configured and the request approver accesses approval link sent to mail, an error message "Invalid Key" gets displayed .
    • SD-61137 : Unable to upload an image for E-mail signature in 'Personalize' section.

    Issues fixed in 9116 (Released on: 12 Nov, 2015)

    • SD-61054 : Directory traversal vulnerability while downloading support file from 'Support' tab.
    • SD-61460 : Able to upload/download attachments in software without necessary privileges.
    • SD-61416, SD-61200, SD-61431 : Unable to save service workflow settings without configuring an approver for a stage.

    New Features in 9115 (Released on: 05 Nov, 2015)

    • SDF-56931 : Option to configure change roles in change template.
    • SDF-60858 : Enhancement in Request List View where the "due by" time and "due in" time can be viewed by enabling the SLA Column. Option to view the template type (service/incident) under "Template type" column.
    • SDF-39294 : keyboard shortcuts for various operations under request module

    Note : The keyboard shortcuts are applicable only for technicians and can be viewed under 'Help' menu.

    Issues fixed in 9115

    • SD-61105 : Preventive Maintenance request gets scrambled on updating the request, if the request description content is more than 15K.
    • SD-55284 : Multiple alias emails can now be configured in the Incoming Mail Server Settings. While replying to a request, Alias Email ID to which the mail was sent gets automatically populated in CC field.
    • SD-51402 : Request History is not captured properly, when a request is moved from an assigned Group to 'None'.
    • SD-58855 : UI issue in 'Conversations', where the headings appear unusually bold.
    • SD-53623, SD-54916 : UI issue where the bullet styling and list does not get aligned properly when saved and re-opened.
    • SD-61331 : UI issue in REST API document where the content appears scattered.
    • SD-61112 : No response while clicking Solution/Tasks/Mobile Push Notification under Notification Rules (Admin) in Standard and Professional edition.
    • SD-59122 : When a new request gets created, templates which have resolution with non-breakable space gets added as resolution content.
    • SD-61376 : Unable to set the Request status to "On Hold" using REST API.
    • SD-61287 : Login page appears in top left corner due to cache.
    • SD-61432 : CMDB REST API does not work when 'Single Sign-On' is enabled.
    • SD-58843 : Vulnerability issue in flash report.
    • SD-61474 : Unable to create Preventive Maintenance task in Standard edition.
    • SD-51392,SD-53927,SD-56042,SD-60066 : Frequently asked reports in Postgres does not work as intended.

    Issues fixed in 9114 (Released on: 22 Oct, 2015)

    • SD-61345 : Unable to add request via requester login in standard edition
    • SD-61343 : Unable to create request using REST API with Requester key.

    New Features in 9113 (Released on: 20 Oct, 2015)

    • SDF-61083 : Adding conditional approvers for a request, through custom triggers.
    • SDF-61086 : Announcement integration between ServiceDesk Plus and DesktopCentral. Option to notify active announcements added / updated in ServiceDesk Plus to user through DesktopCentral agent.
    • SDF-61106 : Enhancement in 'Admin' user interface for easy access to various configurations along with 'Search' option.
    • SDF-60984 : 'Login Page Customization' enhancement -After applying this hotfix it requires just one time customization and later on the changes will remain permanently. Refer the help document for more details. Users who have already customised their login page can make use of this hotfix and customize it permanently.
    • SDF-60083 : 'Custom Trigger', a plugin to execute custom script/class is provided for Change Module.
    • SDF-58836 : Option to associate multiple assets to a request.
    • SDF-49693 : Tracking manual changes in CI History.
    • SDF-60143 : Addition of Product Overview Portal that provides an overview of various modules and their key features in one place through videos
    • SDF-57024 : Ability to search user / department / site in assign owner section of assets

    Issues Fixed in 9113

    • SD-34232 : Scan : Scanning multi monitor information from Windows machines.
    • SD-59774 : Scan : Issue in fetching Manufacturer information from Hard disk.
    • SD-60654 : Scan : Issue in fetching license key for Windows OS 8 and above.
    • SD-60785,SD-60786 : Issue while deleting the main asset or moving the asset to expired or Disposed state, where the associated resources or asset components does not move to 'Instore' state.
    • SD-60161 : Issue in 'Assets' module, Where changing site of an Asset, does not change the site of its Associated components.
    • SD-61174: Certificate Updation required for IOS Device Push Notifications.

    Issues Fixed in 9112 (Released on: 8 Oct, 2015)

    • SD-61107 : Failure whi??le migrating to 9111 in some environments.
    • SD-60790 : Error when generating reports with charts having 'numeric' type as one of its 'group by field'.
    • SD-59888 : When a request created through email command does not match with the given requester name and email-id or the given requester email-id alone, then a new requester does not get created.
    • Behaviour Change : When Identifying a user based on user name and email-id, both 'user name and email-id' or 'email-id' alone should match the user details. Earlier, the users matching the user name were fetched ,ignoring the email-id.

    • SD-60522 : When default template alone is allowed for requester login, Field and Form Rules are not applied.
    • SD-61057 : Performance issue while viewing requests with huge description.
    • SD-60285 : Partial printing of a few requests while printing using IE.
    • SD-59988 : UI Issue in displaying scheduled data archiving under admin module.
    • SD-60314 : IE - when hovering over a report in 'reports list view', report name popup flickers.
    • SD-59356 : Hyperlinks in announcement section are not underlined and appears blue.
    • SD-59009 : IE11 specific issue - In new query report , the text does not get wrapped properly.
    • SD-58522 : In IE 11, Request Print output includes check box filter section also.
    • SD-61079 : Filter to sort 'Pending-My Group tasks' displays both pending and completed tasks.
    • SD-60270 : XSS vulnerability while accessing Request Templates.
    • SD-61116, SD-58705 : Technicians recently added to support group are not able to view the Request Templates for which the support group is associated.
    • SD-60165 : Ability to create a request using URL even when Request template is disabled.
    • SD-59589 : Removed 'Add New Field' option under 'Requester view' in Incident Template.
    • SD-58937 : Resolved time does not get reset when requester replies to the mail.
    • SD-41507, SD-27734 : Subcategory, Item, Group, and Request Type fields are added to request list view in self-service portal.
    • SD-59278 : IPPhone table not created in the database for customers who migrated from builds 9000-9022 to 9028 or above.
    • SD-60999 : Change closure rules get duplicated during every upgrade.
    • SD-60971 : In PostgreSQL ,Change Template cannot be added without Retrospective field.
    • SD-60823: Performance issue while viewing request details page.
    • SD-61177 : Ability to create a Request using URL even when the Request template is not under user's scope.

    Issues Fixed in 9111 (Released on: 28 Sep, 2015)

    • SD-60803 : Issue of "non-English" characters appearing as "???" in request object for Request Custom Menu, HTML file invocation is fixed.
    • SD-60297 : Vulnerability and penetration issues in Un-handled errors and exceptions are fixed.
    • SD-60283, 60280 : Vulnerability in Authentication bypass is fixed.
    • SD-60274 : XSS vulnerability in incident template is fixed.
    • SD-60282 : Prevented Low privileged user from adding reminder and cross site request forgery.
    • SD-50240 : Option to search the contract with Contract id, additional text fields and vendor name is added.
    • SD-58800 : Issue of Resigned Users getting duplicated in central server when data is imported from remote AE server is fixed.
    • SD-58902 : Data Parsing issue while scanning physical drive information from HPUX machine is fixed.
    • SD-58903 : Issue in scanning a network device when its CI type is changed to any one of the child ci types is fixed.
    • SD-58992 : Issue while scanning a ESX host when DNS name of the virtual machine is missing is fixed.
    • SD-59144 : Time out exception while scanning AIX server.
    • SD-60264 : Issue of Asset information getting overwritten when schedule scan is running at the same time in the remote server's is fixed.
    • SD-60298 : Null pointer exception while scanning network device using SNMP when the OID returns null value.
    • SD-60299 : Issue of FQDN name getting changed to IP When assets are updated during import from remote server is fixed.
    • SD-60300 : Invalid XML character issue while distributed scanning is fixed.
    • SD-60301 : Number format Exception while taking remote via third party remote tool.
    • SD-56510 : Issue in fetching edition of Microsoft visual studio 2012 is fixed.
    • SD-56528 : Microsoft exchange server duplicated for a single workstation.
    • SD-58293 : Certain unwanted software reported while scanning Windows machines.
    • SD-58732 : Option to disable ping during scan under Admin tab --> Scan settings.
    • SD-59641 : AD Import : User import fail issue due to duplicate relationship created between user and department is fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 9110 (Released on: 21 Sep, 2015)

    • SD-60991 : If a request is created using Request Template for which 'Requester can set' has been disabled for Numeric/Decimal fields, then alert message is prompted due to which request cannot be created.

    Issues Fixed in 9109 (Released on: 15 Sep, 2015)

    • SD-60736 : Task Completion Status automatically changes to 'Closed' during application upgrade.
    • SD-58884 : Unable to archive the request if it contains task with work log in it.
    • SD-60907 : Technicians who do not sort the task list before migration can not view the task tab under the request.

    New Features in 9108 (Released on: 14 Sep, 2015)

    • SDF-35346 : Requesters will be notified when 'ticket owners' reply by email.
    • SDF-58676 : 'Task Filter' has been added for tasks under Request, Problem, Change, Project and Milestones.
    • SDF-58750 : 'Service Level Agreements' configuration feature, is provided for 'Change' module.

    Issues Fixed in 9108

    • SD-58527 : Description content under 'Report an issue' shows total count, if same logged in user logs in with a different browser. Now it shows distinct count.
    • SD-58436 : Changed UI style in 'Report an issue' under 'Support' while sending mail.
    • SD-58435 : Changed format of date column in upgradeDetails.html from 'long' to 'date' format.
    • SD-58347 : While generating support file, include .sh files if the os is mac or linux .
    • SD-60398 : 'Out of memory' error fixed.
    • SD-60268 : Task count mismatch in 'dashboard' and 'task list view' is fixed.
    • SD-60061 : When user enters space in 'non login' view, 'auto search' solution does not work.
    • SD-56611 : "New Milestone" I18N key added.
    • SD-53468 : Unable to delete general tasks.
    • SD-60069 : IE11 line space issue.
    • SD-60329 : Notification content has no line breaks which is a plain text formatting issue.
    • SD-53143 : Notes containing style tags not editable.
    • SD-59614 : FOSInputs.conf file overwritten during upgrade.
    • SD-59118 : 'Mark as inactive' option missing in resolution templates.
    • SD-60392 : Issue with 'push notifications' of the native app, when the device is shared between users.
    • SD-60330 : 'Export as PDF' shows the login page in PDF file instead of GANTT.
    • SD-60005 : Unable to export 'dependencies map' in linux setups.
    • SD-60510 : Unable to spot 'edit technician' field in 'problem details' page.
    • SD-59209 : Columns are merged while exporting report in XLS format.
    • SD-59099, SD-46093 : Company logo appears in scheduled report, even if it is disabled in Admin > Organization Details section.
    • SD-58947, SD-57556 : If a user has SDAdmin role and has also been assigned to some site restricted role, then reports show data from sites only assigned to him.
    • SD-58858 : Report Name is not shown properly, if it contains special characters.
    • SD-58805 : Attachment names are garbled after downloading, if it contains special characters.
    • SD-58727 : Recent items do not show full title on mouse hover.
    • SD-58700 : Filtering a flash report based on 'resolved time', shows no data when the respective list of data is viewed.
    • SD-58434 : Error accessing the Change Details, when all sites assigned to a logged in user are already deleted.
    • SD-57158 : Emergency and Retrospective check boxes are removed from 'add and edit' change form. Instead, Retrospective field is added as boolean pick list in change template. Emergency and General templates are categorized and listed in the Template field itself.
    • SD-56414 : Site restricted technicians are unable to edit and delete their own query reports.
    • SD-54994 : Issue while viewing Admin > Notification Rules > Problem Notification tab in Swedish language.
    • SD-60723 : Request template fields missing in some environment.

    Features in 9107 (Released on: 03 Sep, 2015)

    • SDF-59913 : Additional Fields can be configured as 'common' for both incident and service requests.

    Issues Fixed in 9107

    • SD-60694 : Issue with request description, when simultaneous 'edit' operation is done on a request.
    • SD-54731: Issue in attaching files with same name for a request.
    • SD-60251 : Admin -> Support Groups -> Associated technicians are dissociated and other technicians are included in the options,if the 'group notification' checkbox is not disabled.
    • SD-59887 : Option to enable 'allow only numbers' for 'single line' incident additional field.
    • SD-59351 : Unable to update some user defined fields during request bulk edit.

    Features in 9106 (Released on: 31 Aug, 2015)

    • SDF-60445 : Enhancements on Field & Form Rules feature.
      • Support for date type fields are added.
      • Support for Service Catalog Resources are added.
      • Template tasks can be set or unset using Custom Scripts,based on criteria.
      • Script Editor is enhanced to support auto-completion and display errors and warnings. Use CTRL+SPACE key for auto-completion.
    • SDF-59769 : Enhancements on Mail Fetching option, a mechanism to fetch outstanding mails in mail box at that instance of mail fetching, instead of fetching 20 mails per minute. Once all the mails at that instance get fetched, next schedule will be enabled.
    • SDF-58430, SDF-60422 : Zoho Reports Integration Enhancements:
      • Zoho Reports Integration is now named as 'Advanced Analytics' in SDP.
      • Sub Category field will also be populated into Zoho Reports.
      • Added '12 Hours' and '24 Hours' options in "Periodic Data Synchronization". Default value is changed from 10 hours to 12 hours.
      • Displaying the number of times 'Instant Sync' is invoked.
      • Pushing the SDP-Zoho Reports integration error into's (Integration Error DB).

    Issues Fixed in 9106

    • SD-59948 : When updating Technician through Assign operation from Request details page,'Due By Time' which is updated manually, is changed even when there is no change in SLA
    • SD-59735 : When users with same Email id are imported from Active Directory, duplicate key exception is thrown in logs.
    • SD-56967, 55882 : Problem in downloading file attachments having two consecutive dots.
    • SD-50542 : when importing users from Active Directory, Technician login name does not get updated .
    • SD-27641 : Numeric fields are not listed in Group By / Order By list box when generating Custom Reports.
    • SD-60440 : System log viewer does not capture Add/Edit on Risk, Reason For Change, ChangeClosureCode, ChangeStage, Theme, Proxy Settings and Translations.
    • SD-57730 : 'Approval status' column has been added to the column customizer in the Request List View for Requesters.
    • SD-60581 : Issue status gets updated as 'Open' while merging requests.
    • SD-52745 : The responded date and time does not get updated properly, when using 'reply request' operation in REST API.
    • SD-59073 : If Approval Stages are configured and 'Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved' is enabled for a Service Request, Business Rule to assign Technician does not get executed.
    • SD-60616 :Technician change as Requester does not get applied to the Technician login.
    • SD-60279 : XSS vulnerability when editing priority, leave type and change type.
    • SD-58220 :In case of postgres database, DB Password is not stored as encrypted.
    • SD-59354 : Tasks which are associated with the request template, but not selected during the request creation gets added to the created request.
    • SD-59122 : when a new request gets created, templates having empty resolutions (spaces added part of the resolution under template configurations) gets added as resolution content.
    • SD-58520 : Able to close request without resolution, even when "resolution" is marked as mandatory in the request closing rules.
    • SD-57301 : Problem in displaying the status name in the request details page, if the configured status name has the display name as "On Hold".
    • SD-60248 : Rest API content not properly wrapped. Single word gets split into another line.
    • SD-57581 : Usability issue in reports in French language:when requester/technician filter is selected, the popup showing users list does not dynamically adjust the scroller as per the width.
    • SD-57021 :When the Service request details are viewed through the approval link,the Resource info is not aligned properly in chrome and Firefox .
    • SD-60026 : Unwanted image is present while selecting the date in calendar in all tabs.
    • SD-55497 : Technician details page viewed from the request details page, could not show data properly if there are more number of additional fields configured for technician.
    • SD-56064 : HTML tags are displayed in the tooltip, when hovered over the subject of the Request in the 'Request List View'.
    • SD-59748 : Wrong date value appears in the advanced filtering of custom report.
    • SD-58953 : In requester login, 'My Approvals' section in the home page is not properly aligned.
    • SD-60034 : In RTL mode, the 'Custom Triggers' icon is missing under Admin screen.
    • SD-58790: When a reply is sent to the merged request with the request ID of the child request in the subject, a new request is created, instead of adding as conversation.
    • SD-34649 : Schedule Report,Scheduled Scan runs for every month of the year, even if configured for specific months.
    • SD-57026 : When user from one department is changed to another department,the templates associated to changed department through 'UserGroups' are not shown to user.

    Issues Fixed in 9105 (Released on: 3 Aug, 2015)

    • SD-60530 : Licensing error when more number of users login at the same time.

    Issues Fixed in 9104 (Released on: 31 July, 2015)

    • SD-60454 : Issue in integrating Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus when Desktop Central is running in secure mode (HTTPS).
    • SD-60499 : Issue occurs in certain requests created via email, such as loss of hyperlink and loss of formatted text, which makes the description difficult to read.

    Issues Fixed in 9103 (Released on: 23 July, 2015)

    • SD-60088 : 'X-Powered-By' response header has been removed to protect the server details.
    • SD-60099 : XSS vulnerability in login page.
    • SD-60096 : XSS vulnerability when adding new software license type and option.
    • SD-59982 : Vulnerable file attachment URL in software details page.
    • SD-60095 : XSS vulnerability while sending the report by email.
    • SD-60076, SD-60097 : XSS vulnerability in input parameters of 'Add new task' (module & from).
    • SD-60092 : XSS vulnerability in input parameter (UNIQUE_ID) of Solution module.
    • SD-60093 : XSS vulnerability in email notification window.
    • SD-60094 : XSS Vulnerability in request template, reminder and technician calendar.
    • SD-60123 : Low privileged user can update the incident details.
    • SD-60175 : Data loss in request closure code and closure comments, when the 'Closed' status' name is customized by the user.
    • SD-59635 : Auto suggest solution is not shown in Swedish language when a new request is created.
    • SD-59640 : Unable to save the Active Directory / LDAP Schedule import in IE & Chrome browsers.
    • SD-59049 : While assigning the users to a 'change' role,if the role name contains non-english characters, the alert pop-up shows garbled message.
    • SD-60122 : Access to problem and change details for an unprivileged user along with SQL and XSS vulnerability.

    Issues Fixed in 9102 (Released on: 17 July, 2015)

    • SD-60229 : Duplicate requests are created in IE8, after clicking (single click) the save button.
    • SD-60318 : Request reply/forward notification window sends an email even when the Cancel button is clicked.

    New Features in 9101 (Released on: 9 July, 2015)

    • SDF-56913, SDF-56916, SDF-57063, SDF-57337: Closure Rules of the Change Request is now mandated stage wise i.e while completing each stage.
    • SDF-56581: Auto populating change requester field while creating a Change Request from Incident Request.
    • SDF-40167: In homepage, CAB Change Approvals will be shown again, if recommendation is sent again.
    • SDF-56875: Request mail for CAB recommendations is now added to 'Change History'.
    • SDF-57122: Option to mark the field 'Status Comments' as mandatory or not, by configuring the same in a given Change Template.
    • SDF-57233: Display the status notifications details when Stage/Status is changed.
    • SDF-20953, SDF-46087, SDF-57686, SDF-58439: In Request, the content in main description, conversation and notification will be shown,even if the content is more than 64K.
    • SDF-59519: REST API Documentation tool which gives the option to try different REST API.
    • SDF-59310: "Approvers" column in Solution List View which would show the most recent set of approvers for a pending solution.
    • SDF-59360: Search for solutions, if the user enters space after the word to be searched.
    • SDF-59311: Status for solutions imported from XLS cannot be Approved/Rejected, if the logged in user does not have the permission to approve solutions.
    • SDF-59896: Suggestions of announcements and solutions will be sent in Requester's acknowledgment mail when a new Incident Request is created. This is regardless of the mode of creation-Web Form/ E-Mail/ E-mail command/ API/ Mobile applications/ Mobile clients.
    • Note: After upgrading, enable the "Acknowledge requester by e-mail when a new request is received" under Admin->Notification Rules. Also, include the $AutoSuggest token in the 'Customize Template' section and save it.

    • SDF-60160: Asset Cost Enhancements: key cost values like operational cost, total cost of ownership, current book value are made available in asset's list view and reports.
    • SDF-58758: Notifications on asset warranty expiry and asset expiry to technicians can be configured under Admin tab -->Notification rules.

    Issues Fixed in 9101

    • SD-53054, SD-56115: Technicians are not removed from support group notifications even if they are removed from the support group members.
    • SD-58280: Change Report does not return data, when Approval Status criteria is set to the value 'Approval Pending'.
    • SD-43924: Proper error message is not shown when an invalid change id is entered in the change URL.
    • SD-46579: Link to 'Change Request' approval is broken, when the variable $ApprovalLink is inserted in notification content.
    • SD-52191: The icon for Associated Requests in Change Details Page>Planning tab is misleading.
    • SD-55647: Notification e-mail is not sent to Change Requester when a Change Request is added.
    • SD-56810: 'Status Comments' field is shown as mandatory in 'Edit Change' page, although the Status field is not edited.
    • SD-57242: Change Manager field gets reset when the Category field is modified.
    • SD-57419: Backslash characters are removed in Change notification mails.
    • SD-57431: Non-login keys are not deleted in the database when a user is removed from a Change Role.
    • SD-57617: In a case ( moving stage back and forth manually), the Stage is still shown as 'Approved' instead of 'Skipped', when the Stage is changed by editing the Stage field via Edit Change Request Page.
    • SD-57618: Pre-approved changes are shown as 'Unapproved' when it's Stage is set to move back prior to Approval stage.
    • SD-57882: Error occurs during installation, when MSSQL DB is selected and configured.
    • SD-58273: Attachments could not be downloaded in 'Change Print View' and 'Take Approve Action' page view.
    • SD-55701: Launching a SDP server from Desktop kills DB Connection, when the SDP Server is already running.
    • SD-58853: System log viewer does not capture the addition/deletion of support groups.
    • SD-59221: In Change Request, description with Multiple Inline images are broken in notification mail content.
    • SD-59450: Exporting reports in xls/html format throws exception if product installation folder contains "html" in it.
    • SD-59554: Timezone mismatch in change/problem notifications.
    • SD-59668: Change List view is mismatched such that, the column headers get swapped and values fail to match.
    • SD-59670: Leave notifications show wrong date instead of the actual date.
    • SD-59992: 'Change notifications' do not follow the formats and timezone in personalize option.
    • SD-58383: Whenever a domain with small case is assigned to a technician, it shows 'None' while editing.
    • SD-57221, SD-58217: Conversation attachments are not stored in the specified path, as mentioned in self service portal settings.
    • SD-55570: Project Notifications are not received by the change owner when the associated project is moved to 'cancelled' status.
    • SD-33748: Unable to remove an already added email id from 'To' field in Submit for Approval Page.
    • SD-59440: While sending a solution for approval,"Invalid email alert" is thrown even when a valid email address is present.
    • SD-58502: Unable to generate custom report for "Problem", when "Solution" or "WorkAround" columns are selected.
    • SD-58473: Sent mails get duplicated when user clicks 'send' button multiple times in reply window.
    • SD-58507: When a merged request is searched using the search option,the parent request shows up but with a Trash icon on the top.
    • SD-58508: We can merge an active request with a trash request,by searching trash id during merge.
    • SD-58728: Service Catalog Business Rules list the option "Change Request Template to" in 'perform these actions',which is actually intended only for Incident Business Rule.
    • SD-58834: When a requester raises a service request on behalf of another user,multiple approval mails are sent. The approval mail is sent to 'reporting-to' managers of both actual requester & on behalf of user.
    • SD-59050: Unable to Open notification content, if the content has improper closing tag.
    • SD-59445,SD-59457,SD-59923: All non-English Categories are shown garbled in Admin -> HelpDesk Customizer -> Category tree view.
    • SD-58889: Lengthy notes content displayed in the request details page are not wrapped, resulting in viewing them with horizontal scroll.
    • SD-60153: Forum content is not listed under the Support Tab.


    • The Support and Documentation for Servlet API is removed from the application from 9100, however the code for Servlet API will still be in the product and functional.
      For any further enhancements to the API, we strongly recommend you to make use of the Rest API. We will make an official announcement regarding the ETA on when the code for Servlet API will be removed.
    • Some features are not supported in IE version 8 and below.

    New Features in 9100 (Released on: 22 June, 2015)

    • SDF-59477 : Earlier we supported executing custom scripts (like vbscript, python) from Request custom menu which can be used to integrate SDP with external applications. Now we have supported to pop up custom HTML file from Request Custom Menu and upon submission of Html form, custom scripts can be executed. Request details will be passed to the html file. This allows Requests to be integrated with external applications in User Interface mode. Sample implementation for following application integration are included :
      • Creating user in AD Manager Plus
      • Creating ticket in JIRA
      • Creating post in ME Social IT Plus
    • SDF-24740 : Fail over service introduced. Option to configure a secondary ServiceDesk installation to provide uninterrupted service in case of Network/Hardware/Software/Power failures in the primary installation.
    • SDF-58407 : Field & Form Rules are introduced to manipulate Request forms elements (upon creation and update of Requests). With Field & Form Rules, you can customize Incident and Service templates to execute actions such as :
      • Disabling / Enabling fields
      • Mandating / Non-Mandating fields
      • Show / Hide fields
      • Execute custom JavaScript code which can be used to create dependency among fields, remove some of the drop down values for Requesters login, custom validation for fields during submission of Request
    • SDF-58239 : Feature to mandate the status change comments for request module, by default comments are not mandatory. This can be disabled/enabled under Admin->Self-service Portal settings.
    • SDF-56834 : Export as PDF option introduced for Project Gantt view, Project overview map and Task dependency map.
    • SDF-34512 : Rest API support to GET/ADD/DELETE the attachments under Request and Tasks module.
    • SDF-59467 : Rest API support for requesters.
    • SDF-59595 : iOS/Android apps are supported for the Requester login. For iOS it is supported from version 3.0 and from version 1.4 in Android
    • SDF-59569 : Search option in Request list view filters.
    • SDF-59163 : Option to configure the fields to be included in the search for automatic suggestion of announcements and solutions during Incident request creation. By default, category/subcategory/item(CSI), title and description will be included in the search. Optionally, CSI_Include and Description_Include can be set to false in GlobalConfig to exclude the corresponding fields from the search.

    Issues Fixed in 9100

    • SD-57709 : Additional single quote at the end of the text column in backup file produces syntax error during restore process.
    • SD-57279 : Vulnerability issue produced when reindexdata.bat is executed.
    • SD-58516 : Newly added / modified keys part of the upgrade are not shown in Admin-> Translations section.
    • SD-58412 : When a request is deleted(moved to trash) and the page is force refreshed, the request does not go to the trash. It gets deleted permanently.
    • SD-46883 : Support Groups Description field is missing in the Standard and Professional Edition.
    • SD-44716 : In SDP's iPhone and Android application, in the request list view page, subject of request containing "<" , ">" are shown as "<" , ">" respectively.
    • SD-58017 : While trying to access Flash Reports in IE 11 broswer, it shows a message saying "Flash Reports will run only in IE".
    • SD-58568 : In request details page, when Assign-> Assign Group and Technician is chosen and a Technician Group is selected, the "Choose" text in the Technician drop down box is not internationalised.
    • SD-58413 : In german language, the info that appears on the Email vendor/ Email owner window of a PO is wrong. "PDF" appears in the place of "HTML".
    • SD-59234 : During Incident Request creation, when announcement and solution suggestions are shown, if "Submit My Request" is clicked multiple times, multiple requests get created.
    • SD-46437,SD-50651,SD-51995 : Incident/Service templates are not displayed based on the alphabetical order. This is a behavior change.
    • SD-57537,SD-56514 : Approvers configured in the service templates are removed automatically.
    • SD-58426 : Able to configure a service request approval stages in a template without any approver.
    • SD-58395 : Useability issue in listing the asset products under the resource section of the service request.
    • SD-57346 : Pick list additional fields not listing all the available options properly in the custom filter.
    • SD-57059 : While editing a service request, text after the double quotes are not visible in plain text field.
    • SD-56975 : When converting a incident to service request, the fields which are not available in service template are considered while applying the Business Rule and SLA.
    • SD-52056 : For pick list field, the value already selected are not highlighted when we edit the criteria from edit business rule page if the pick list item has space in it
    • SD-52093 : Service category is not listed in the column customizer of standard edition of Service Desk Plus
    • SD-52421 : Group Notification is not sent when the group is assigned through business rule on editing a request
    • SD-52757 : Issue with Custom Request View in IE 7/8/9 and Google Chrome. While trying to edit the filter criteria for a custom request view, criteria values are not highlighted if the criteria values has comma in it
    • SD-52788 : When the user personalizes SDP time zone and adds a resolution for any request, the resolution time is as per the local time and not the personalized time
    • SD-53063 : A technician with 'add requester' disabled role is able to add a requester using email commands
    • SD-54875 : Description field shows "No Description" in the View Requester Details pop up even if there is some content in the Description field of the Requester
    • SD-55235 : ONHOLD Schedule alive when the request is moved from onhold to Resolved status
    • SD-56041,SD-58729 : Issue while editing the Requester details from quick create Requester field in some scenarios
    • SD-56347 : Request -Assigned time doesn't get updated when the request is assigned/picked up through REST API.
    • SD-57232 : In service template, when both editor and approver are set, the request can be viewed by the editor upon submission. After updating the request, the status automatically changes to open,although the approvers haven't approved the request.
    • SD-57840 : NullPointerException on trying to edit requester in some scenarios
    • SD-59272 : Unable to use the product on the last day of the license period.
    • SD-58914 : Full description is included in Get Request API Call
    • SD-58924 : Software compliance calculation is not accurate if the concerned table gets locked during schedule scan.
    • SD-58863 : When the notification query is blocked during schedule scan, subsequent schedule scan is not triggered.
    • SD-59453 : XSS vulnerability attack when adding/updating asset details.
    • SD-59225 : SSL vulnerability in login page.

    ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 ReadMe

    Issues Fixed in 9049 (Released on: 8 October, 2015)

    • SD-60818 : Line feed is missing in request notes.

    Issues Fixed in 9048 (Released on: 26 June, 2015)

    • SD-58908 : Migration failure if any of the workstation/server default report is deleted.

    Issues Fixed in 9047 (Released on: 19 June, 2015)

    • SD-59646 : Issue occurs in certain requests created via email, such as loss of hyperlink and loss of formatted text, which makes the description difficult to read.

    Issues Fixed in 9046 (Released on: 09 June, 2015)

    • SD-59895 : Single line additional fields with 'Allow only numbers' for incidents, will no longer be converted to numeric fields as done in post 9039(Leading zero's would have been lost).Option to re-configure 'Allow only numbers' in Single line field will be available post 9100.

    Issues Fixed in 9045 (Released on: 04 June, 2015)

    • SD-59818 : Unable to save the service template from the requester view tab, when the 'Select Approvers' field is not present in the template.
    • SD-59890 : In IE 10 and below, on selecting a user and pressing the enter key in request quick create and new request page, the entire page is submitted.

    Issues Fixed in 9044 (Released on: 25 May, 2015)

    • SD-59350 : Unable to update Service Request Additional Fields through spot edit.
    • SD-59481 : Unable to edit Preventive Maintenance Task in some scenarios.
    • SD-58861 : Vulnerability Issue.
    • SD-59674 : Dates in Problem/Change notifications are not formatted.
    • SD-59355 : Draft content in the reply or forward window does not appear when the draft is reopened for sending.
    • SD-59753 : In IE, Request Approval mails are sent automatically to the highlighted user email address when enter key is pressed.
    • SD-59244 : DueBy Time is set to null, for a request which do not have any SLA but has DueBy Time, when assign operation is performed from the request details page.
    • SD-59235 : Domain password is not saved when edited from Domain's details page in Windows domain scan.
    • SD-58765 : Problem importing users sAMAccountName which has leading or trailing space / or in uppercase in Active Directory , resulting in infinite execution of Active Directory user import.
    • SD-50463 : Mail properties is enhanced with timeout and connection timeout property for SMTP.

    Issues Fixed in 9043 (Released on: 13 May, 2015)

    • SD-59100 : Field focus issue in reply and forward requests.
    • SD-59106 : Rich Text area not accessible in some pages for the Arabic and Hebrew languages.
    • SD-59120 : User group option invisible in the Add new announcement page.
    • SD-59226 : Content missing in the Report an issue page.
    • SD-59316 : Screenshot paste issue in IE 8,9,10.
    • SD-59454 : Task Comment section notifications is not working, if the task notifications are updated under notification rules.

    Issues Fixed in 9042 (Released on: 7 May, 2015)

    • SD-56514,SD-57537 : Approvers configured in the service templates are removed automatically.
    • SD-58426 : Able to configure a service request approval stages in a template without any approver.
    • SD-58425 : Clear button not working properly in the stage approval addition popup of the service template page.

    Issues Fixed in 9041 (Released on: 13 April, 2015)

    • SD-59305 : In a few customer environments,the description in the change module are not displayed properly by the client.

    New Features in 9040 (Released on: 2 April, 2015)

    • SDF-59094 : Incident additional fields limit has been increased from 48 fields to 90 fields.
    • SDF-57601 : Option to configure Multiple mail Ids for requester
    • SDF-59095 : Conversation(s) Yet To Respond Count will be shown to technicians in Request List View

    Issues Fixed in 9040

    • SD-59001 : Group/Technician options are not loading for tasks under request template, if the application has no site.
    • SD-58767 : Searching for Solution module does not work if Lucene Search is disabled.
    • SD-58927 : 'All approvers have to approve the Service Request' option will be considered for manually added approvers also.
    • SD-56369 : Issue with Mail fetching process due to the corrupted attachment.
    • SD-53123 : For the SPAM mails,System Log message type will be displayed as 'Info'.
    • SD-51936 : Unable to Add/Update the request using Email command, having "operation name" in formatted text.
    • SD-57568 : Line Feed is not retained for the multiline request additional fields created through Email Commands. This fix will work only for the requests created after the upgrade.
    • SD-57425 : Alert Message is not localized for adding service request additional fields with existing name.
    • SD-56788 : Mandatory sign(*) alignment issue in New Request Form.
    • SD-59074 : Unable to create a New Custom Trigger if the Incident additional field name contains single quote.
    • SD-59092 : When the incident additional field present in the custom trigger is deleted, then the customer triggers list view disappears.
    • SD-59136 : Unwanted tags & commands appear in the tool tip of the request description in the request list view page.

    New Features in 9039 (Released on: 16 March, 2015)

    • SDF-59065 : Custom Triggers is introduced to perform external actions, like JIRA integration and custom script execution, based on custom configurations. Example: Creating a JIRA Ticket, when a request is created
    • SDF-56434 : Feature to mark dependencies among requests from request details page. Dependency of each request over the other can be marked / viewed through dependency graph. Last request in the dependency can be completed only if all the parent request in the dependency gets completed. 
      Note : Dependency can be marked between any Incident-to-Incident Request or Incident to Service Request (vice versa) or Service-to-Service Request.
    • SDF-45817 : Support for canceling purchase orders.

    Issues Fixed in 9039

    • SD-58860 : Requester additional fields are not in alpha order and not in type based in My details tab of a Requester
    • SD-58683 : Scan : If a VMWare Host scan or Network Device scan gets failed, those devices were scanned using the default Cisco Phone credentials.
    • SD-58822 : Unable to download HP-UX scan script from Stand alone workstation audit section.
    • SD-58881 : Scan : Exception during Solaris machine scan while parsing BIOS information.
    • SD-58898 : Scan : Ubuntu OS name not detected in Linux script scan.
    • SD-58655 : Stand alone workstation audit : Wrong help content for using HP-UX script scan.
    • SD-58876 : Unable to update department head for department which is created during AD user import

    New Features in 9038 (Released on: 10 March, 2015)

    • SDF-58879 : Notify option under comments section of Tasks.
    • SDF-58977 : WorkLog API has been extended to support all modules.
    • SDF-58976 : Rich text area has been upgraded with additional features for all modules.
      • Image copy paste is now supported in all browsers.
      • New button for the insertion of table in the editor.
      • New button for increase and decrease indentation is available.
      • Additional fonts and font sizes available.
      • Images attached inline can now be re-sized.
      • Image can be customized even after saving it.
      • Enhanced method to create hyperlinks for the selected text.
      • New button to remove hyperlink.
      • New button to Insert Quote.
      • New button for Removing Formatting.
      • Formatting issues have been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 9038

    • SD- 55917 : Improper HTML tag escaping in request @ add notes.
    • SD- 44518 : French Spell Check Issue.
    • SD- 52746 : Automatic mailto tag addition to links containing @ Symbol.
    • SD- 53143 : Issue occuring when notes contain html tags.
    • SD- 54825 : Unable to copy paste Images in description field.
    • SD- 57407 : Images not copied to solution description.
    • SD- 58202 : Images not displayed in solution forward.
    • SD- 21823 : Solution description gets truncated on copy paste.
    • SD- 22279 : Solution description rendered improperly in list view.
    • SD- 54227 : Solution, No alert on inserting non image files.
    • SD- 57411 : Cursor stays in description area of reply to requester.
    • SD-58709 : Mobile Push Notifications sound not coming.
    • SD-58498 : Editing site information leads to duplicate entry in site.
    • SD-58382 : While editing task without changing the group, all technicians are listed.
    • SD-58378 : Solutions approval notifications not working.
    • SD-57900 : When associating project from request, it goes to new request page.
    • SD-57426 : Recently added Preventive Maintenance task is not getting listed.
    • SD-57357 : Reminder email not working, when the reminder is added from QuickActions > Reminder > AddNew.
    • SD-57336 : When status name changed from "On Hold" to "OnHold", it is not reflecting under tasks.
    • SD-57161 : Link is broken in the received milestone notification.
    • SD-56898 : In calendar popup, time is showing as currenttime instead of selected time, if the month(or) year is changed.
    • SD-56783 : Multiple worklogs are getting added, if the save button is clicked multiple times.
    • SD-56273 : Empty entries are appearing in System log viewer.
    • SD-53397 : Error occurs while changing site settings from refer to copy.
    • SD-51306 : While updating Support Group, it's getting moved under custom site from default settings.
    • SD-58113 : Conversations and action buttons should be left aligned.
    • SD-58900 : Unable to disable Technician auto assign.
    • SD-58899 : In Login screen, 'Domain' dropdown misaligned in IE 9 and IE 10.

    Issues Fixed in 9037

    • SD-58706 : Unable to create request from requester login when "Requester can set" option for Description field is disabled in Request template.
    • SD-58797 : When technician creates a request for a non-existing user, Description does not get saved.
    • SD-58922 : Unable to add Service Approvers while raising a Service Request from Requester login.

    New Features in 9036 (Released on: 26 February, 2015)

    • SDF-58825 :The Request Action Menu is introduced to perform external actions, like JIRA integration and custom script execution, based on custom configurations.Note: For users having Servicedesk Plus with JIRA (provided by us) implementation, the integration will not work post migration. Kindly contact ManageEngine Support for further assistance.

    Issues Fixed in 9036

    • SD-58824 : XSS vulnerability through rich-text-area has been prevented.
    • SD-47619 : Group drop down is reset when creating request with blank requester name.
    • SD-56738 : Numeric request additional fields are displayed with decimal values (.00) in reports.
    • SD-57193 : All technicians were not listed in the choose technician list of the Service Catalog SLA escalation.
    • SD-57716,SD-57732 : User additional fields are not displayed in the column chooser of the Requester / Technician list view in Professional and Standard Version.
    • SD-57846 : Unable to configure Op-manager central server from ServiceDesk.
    • SD-57875 : Place holder $Subject does not yield the required result in 'Notifying requester when a new request by mail is rejected' notification.
    • SD-58022 : Date Additional Field value is not stored in Service Request.
    • SD-58193 : SLA is not applied when updating the Group using the Assign option in the Request details page.
    • SD-58282 : Mail id gets populated incorrectly in the To field of the New Schedule Reports page.
    • SD-58569 : Scheduled Report is generated with TimeStamp instead of the Report's name.
    • SD-23233 : For a technician with site restricted role, custom report folders of other technicians are not visible while saving a Report, but the folder is visible in Reports List Page.
    • SD-55943 : In a custom report, when a date range is chosen, the date range is not displayed in the report.
    • SD-56894 : In a custom bar chart, "Others" category bar is shown with a huge gap.
    • SD-57237 : Generating the report using jasper reports framework, with huge data results in application into poor performance and out of memory errors. The performance is improved three times approximately.
    • SD-57290 : In a Custom and Query report, Column name trimmed while generating the report using group by clause of the given Column.
    • SD-57380 : In a Custom Change Module Report, all technicians are listed when ChangeManager is chosen as filter criteria.
    • SD-55690 : Customized survey welcome message is not shown in Survey Preview page.
    • SD-56000 : Service Catalog menu is overlapped with the contents of 'My Scheduler' section in home page.
    • SD-56626 : Requester list view in admin page is not accessible, if SDSiteAdmin and EnableCMDB roles are assigned to a technician.
    • SD-56966 : XSS Vulnerability error is thrown when the Product Type of Assets have 'script' in its name, for example:'subscription'.
    • SD-57127 : If a technician is SDChangeManager, he/she is unable to edit the Change Request if ChangeOwner or ChangeManager is on leave.
    • SD-57235 : Change Additional fields are getting removed from Change templates and Change Requests, when they are renamed.
    • SD-57545 : The date & time fields included in Change module related notifications are not represented with any time zone.
    • SD-58058 : In the Self Service Portal setting, when 'Show technician as part of Requesters list, while creating a new Request?' is disabled, Requesters list for the 'Reported By' field is empty in Problem module.
    • SD-58195 : Change Request deletion is not logged.
    • SD-58249 : When a technician has a 'Edit' permission in Planning stage, but does not have a 'Edit Change' role, he/she is unable to associate incidents to the Change from planning tab.
    • SD-58472 : Couldn't associate assets to the Change Request through inline edit in submission tab.
    • SD-58477 : Zoho Reports Integration: When a wrong AT Key is configured, then an error is shown in the client while adding any entities in SDP application.
    • SD-58551 : Zoho Reports Integration: Data synchronization between SDP and Zoho Reports is failed in non pgsql database setup, after migration since 9029.
    • SD-49802 : Solution Approver details not getting updated in solution 'Submit for Approval' popup.
    • SD-58598 : Problem in Copy problem solution and workaround to all associated incidents.
    • SD-58671 : Enabling scroll bar in Project Overview Map.
    • SD-58442 : Upgrade issue when CreatedBy column of Solutioninfo table has a null value.
    • SD-58767 : Searching for Solution module does not work if Lucene Search is disabled.
    • SD-58605 : CMDB : In the list view of assets the VIP symbol is shown even though the user is not assigned in IE.
    • SD-58841 : Vulnerability issue in accessing the dashboard reports.
    • SD-58882,SD-58852 : Survey results do not show the user selected options for satisfactory levels , instead all the satisfactory levels are shown.The user selected option is not highlighted.
    • SD-58471 : Solutions Topics list view become blank and left nav does not work, if the customized I18N string for solutions tab header have space before the string.

    Issues Fixed in 9035 (Released on: 04 February, 2015)

    • SD-58778 : Unable to login with "Local Authentication" in languages other than english after migrating to 9030.
    • SD-58766 : Automatic suggestion of solutions is not working after upgrading from 9030 to the latest patch
    • SD-58793 : "401:unauthorized" alert is shown while opening the IOS mobile application, after upgrading to version 3.0.M.
    • SD-58786 : Error while attaching documents to Software license in Asset module.
    • SD-58623 : After filling out the survey sent through mail and submitting it, when user clicks on "View Survey Results" under Actions menu, a message saying unauthorized access is displayed.
    • SD-55589 : Issue in displaying custom report widgets under home tab.
    • SD-57404 : Products and Product Types are not in alphabetical order in their respective select box in New and Edit Purchase Order Page.
    • SD-57466 : Total count is incorrect during navigation in failed scan workstation list view.
    • SD-57702 : Close button issue is resolved in connection relationship pop up screen when the technician logged in does not have permission for CMDB.
    • SD-58240 : Login issue due to 256 bit encryption while scanning Linux machines.
    • SD-58262 : Problem while importing remote server data when citype name is renamed in central server.
    • SD-58264 : Option to update software license product even if the association between software and product is removed.
    • SD-58269 : Issue in scanning printers if null character is returned for OID for location.
    • SD-58271 : Issue in scanning switches if default CI attributes are deleted.
    • SD-58467 : SNMP Version 2 support for fetching sysOid from the network devices.
    • SD-50702 : Unable to ping IPV6 enabled workstation.
    • SD-55256 : Issue in fetching correct version of IE10 and above during scan.
    • SD-55458 : Audit notification content is empty, if there is no hardware changes detected during scan.
    • SD-55687 : Unable to start AE server from desktop icon and start-up menu option in windows 8.
    • SD-56560 : Unable to take remote connection to a windows 8 machine,when prompt users option is enabled.
    • SD-58181 : During scan, the edition of MS SQL Server R2 software is not fetched.
    • SD-58225 : OPENSSL is upgraded to the latest version.
    • SD-58418 : VMs are listed multiple times in VM list view.
    • SD-58424 : In network scan, the progress bar shows the completion status as more than 100 % completed at times.
    • SD-58468 : Migration failure due to unwanted ci relationships created between VM hosts and VMs.

    Issues Fixed in 9034 (Released on: 28 January, 2015)

    • SD-51035 : Only the Technician Groups which are in the Default Settings are shown in the Add New Task page of Service Template.
    • SD-51948 : "Email me before" for task text changed.
    • SD-55515 : Duplicate task order after converting incident request to service request and while merging requests.
    • SD-57670 : While adding a new task, the group associated with the template is not auto populated.
    • SD-53081 : Task dependency marking are captured in Task history.
    • SD-54952 : Task order configured in template is not reflected in Add Request page.
    • SD-56021 : Tasks present in trashed requests are included in task count.
    • SD-52755 : Displaying complete list of worklogs in worklog printview.
    • SD-57750 : Attach file link is removed from taskdetailsview page under "Home".
    • SD-58567 : In Software Installation list view check box is missing instead workstation id is listed in place of same .
    • SD-58541 : Requests Received In Last 20 Days' and 'Requests Closed In Last 20 Days' Widget on Dashboard isn't working.
    • SD-58597 : Closure code list is empty when closing the request in some scenarios
    • SD-58702 : Dashboard Error - Invalid XML in Open Request widget

    Issues Fixed in 9033 (Released on: 8 January, 2015)

    • SD-58690 : SDP to DC integration is made secure with API key based communication .Note: This is supported only with the DC build version "90109" and above.

    New Features in 9032 (Released on: 2 January, 2015)

    • SDF-57719 : Option to assign Incident Template in Business Rule action.

    Issues Fixed in 9032

    • SD-58559 : Brazilian Portuguese language properties are not loaded when it is selected as a Browser Language.

    Issues Fixed in 9031 (Released on: 23 December, 2014)

    • SD-58396 : Vulnerability Issues fixed.

    New Features in 9030 (Released on: 18 December, 2014)

    • SDF-38321,SDF-57551 : Request Extended History : Option to display the time spent details by Group, Technician and Status for the request.
    • SDF-55865, SDF-57588, SDF-23080, SDF-28559, SDF-29740, SDF-40330 : Request : Automatic suggestion of Solutions and Announcements to requesters while creating new Incident Requests through the self-service portal. By default, this feature will be enabled. Optionally, it can be disabled/enabled under Admin->Self-service Portal settings.
    • SDF-58423 : Solutions : Solutions can be searched with particular fieldnames and values under the Solutions tab (for both Requesters and Technicians). Searching with the format Fieldname:SearchString will retrieve all solutions matching the condition provided. The fields that can be searched for are Solutionid/Id, Topic, Subject/Title, Description, Keywords and Statusname/Status (Field names are case insensitive).
    • SDF-23548, SDF-55897 : VIP requesters: Ability to mark a requester as a VIP User and Technicians can prioritize a request with different SLA and business rule for a VIP User.
    • SDF-51827, SDF-57850 : Rest API Support for Tasks.
    • SDF-52526, SDF-58438 : IOS Mobile Push Notifications related API support.
    • SDF-24039, SDF-27595, SDF-27876, SDF-46654, SDF-55171 : Providing Group attribute in Change Module.
    • SDF-52596 : Copy Change Request.

    Issues Fixed in 9030

    • SD-48305 : Unable to take approval on a ticket for which approval action has been taken.
    • SD-56892 : Sub-category / Item are not loaded properly in Native App.
    • SD-57458 : Unable to delete custom added service categories in standard and professional editions.
    • SD-56757 : Vulnerability issue fixed.
    • SD-57595 : Translation issue of Arabic language in Request Reply window is fixed.
    • SD-58246 : When "Browser default" language is selected under personalization and non English language is selected in browser, Alert messages are shown in English is fixed.
    • SD-57914 : Cross site scripting issues in Problem and Change module.

    New Features in 9029 (Released on: 04 December, 2014)

    • SDF-57895 : Solution import from XLS.

    Issues Fixed in 9029

    • SD-58286 : Admin: Editing the default entries under Software Type,Software Category,Contract Type,Asset State makes the Asset Tab invisible / inaccessible has been fixed.

    New Features in 9028 (Released on: 26 November, 2014)

    • SDF-57361 : SDP - Zoho Reports Integration: Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you easily analyze your business data, create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision making. Its part of the Zoho online business suite with over 5 Million users and growing. Zoho Reports - SDP Integration enables you to easily analyze your data from Service Desk Plus.
    • SDF-58283 : Report an issue : Under suppport tab administrators can report an issue to the support team and the same will collect the ServiceDesk Plus logs and installation details for analysis. User will have the option to view / restrict the details generated before submitting to the support team.

    Issues Fixed in 9028

    • SD-22985 : Comment history section fails to refresh after solution approval/rejection.
    • SD-24134 : Saving/Cancelling of Notification Templates (belonging to modules other than Request) misleading to Request tab within Notification Rules section.
    • SD-38188 : Worklogs related to a deleted problem are present in chargestable.
    • SD-40915 : Unnecessary back link is present in Manage topics in Solutions module.
    • SD-41491 : Solution adding/editing page does not show Usergroup selection box even if the technician has full control over Solutions.
    • SD-54985 : Font related issues in Add/Edit pages of projects.
    • SD-55445 : Retaining of Task comments even after a change of task template for a given task.
    • SD-55634 : Wrong variables occur while editing the notification templates for project module.
    • SD-56531 : Clicking the Show/Hide button of Reports Folder having the same name as a Header Tab shows/hides the corresponding Header Tab.
    • SD-57845 : Modified custom image not loaded in solution module in non login view.
    • SD-57908 : Unnecessary organize button under Tasks List of Project module.
    • SD-57910 : Inline update of tasks from the list removes the search from Task List view.
    • SD-52385, 52392 : Vulnerability issues are fixed.
    • SD-57729 : Updating serial number via Servlet APIs removes the model, product name.
    • SD-58258 : Migration : Duplicate primary key entry in reportsubmodules table.
    • SD-58260 : CMDB API : Need option to add requester with Domain name.

    New Features in 9027 (Released on: 17 November, 2014)

    • SDF-55084 : Scan : Support for scanning Hyper-V machines.
    • SDF-56866 : Scan : Identifying servers during scan.
    • SDF-56867 : Asset : New view for VM hosts and VMs in left panel under Assets tab.

    Issues Fixed in 9027

    • SD-58247 : Task Closing Rules under HelpDesk Customizer shows blank page after upgrading to 9024.
    • SD-57430 : Scan : Vulnerability issue has been fixed.
    • SD-58204 : When calculating the dueBy time, 'Should be resolved/responded irrespective of Holidays/Weekends' are not considered even when they are checked under SLA configuration.

    Issues Fixed in 9026 (Released on: 10 November, 2014)

    • SD-58232 : SLA Escalation notification is not sent after upgrading to 9018, except those which are edited and saved after upgrading to 9018.

    New Feature in 9025 (Released on: 06 November, 2014)

    • SDF-28529 : Configuration to import Manager field of a user from Active Directory and assigning it to ReportingTo field of a User.

    Issues Fixed in 9025

    • SD-58117 : 9023 Migration got failed if a CI type named IP Phones already exists.
    • SD-58155 : Add/Edit approval were not configured based on the request role of the technician.
      NOTE : Earlier, Technicians with View/Add Request role could Add/Send/Submit for Approval is now restricted to view the Approvals. Technicians with Delete Request role could only delete the Approvals. This is a behavior change.
    • SD-57751 : Business Services having the same name as a Support Group could not be deleted.
    • SD-47499 : Print Preview page is not displayed properly in Requester Login, when the Default Request Template is disabled in Self-Service Portal.
    • SD-58194 : Improper due-by-time calculation when requester replies for the request in pending status, after upgrading to 9019.
    • SD-58203 : The request status changed from on-hold to open even option 'No' is selected for "Open the on-hold request upon requester reply" in self service setting, after upgrading to 9019.
    • SD-58040, 57434 : Vulnerability issues are fixed.

    New Feature in 9024 (Released on: 29 0ctober, 2014)

    • SDF-43312 : Request : Advanced Search filter for Request list view. Option to search the request based on multiple filter criteria which involves AND , OR combination on different fields.
    • SDF-56776 : Solution : The following enhancements have been done in Solution Module.
      • Solution Topics will be displayed separately in Tree Structure format in the left panel of Solutions list view page.
      • Topics can be managed by clicking on the Settings icon available in the "Topics" panel.
      • Navigation buttons have been included to help users easily move from details page of one Solution to another.
      • Users can now add/delete solution's attachments right from Solution details page.

    New Feature in 9023 (Released on: 14 0ctober, 2014)

    • SDF-57095 : Scan : Support for scanning Cisco IP Phones

    Issues Fixed in 9023

    • SD-57142 : Scan : Service tag not fetched for AIX machines.
    • SD-56206 : Scan : Software not fetched in SUSE Linux Enterprise server 10.
    • SD-56823 : Scan : Cannot scan VMWare machines using special characters ($,&) in their credentials
    • SD-57435 : Scan : sudo su - command is executing for all non-linux machines (solaris).
    • SD-57389 : Scan : Exception while scanning ESX machines if the relationship between Host machine and Virtual machine already created manually.
    • SD-57424 : Scan : Null Pointer Exception during scan if entry is added in exclude IP Address settings.
    • SD-57295 : Scan : Software are duplicated if backslash is at the end of the software name.
    • SD-57624 : Scan : VMWare machines get duplicated (new machines with <Name>_old being created) while scanning ESX host machines.
    • SD-57296 : Scan : While scanning network devices, preference is given to DNS name of devices instead of sysName obtained through SNMP while scanning.
    • SD-57338 : CMDB API : Unable to update Support group via CMDB API.
    • SD-57293 : Asset : Drive usage information is displayed wrong in workstation hardware details page.
    • SD-43938 : Asset : Ability to add new product and vendor by technicians with "Adding New Product" and "Adding New Vendor" roles in add new Workstation/asset form apart from just PO form.
    • SD-57133 : Asset CSV Import : Cannot add a server with value for "Is Virtual" as false.
    • SD-57222 : Asset : Depreciation percentage value in workstation details page is not truncated after two decimal points.
    • SD-57743 : Agent : Timeout value for agent scanning and remote desktop have been made configurable in the database.
    • SD-45037 : Asset CSV Import : IP Address field is not available while importing IT Assets.
    • SD-57305 : Contracts : Need to show the custom contract id in contract notification template instead of contract id.
    • SD-57323 : Contract : While editing a contract invalid e-mail address is thrown if there is no mail-ids configured.
    • SD-57297 : PO : Unable to receive items from Purchase Order when the user does not have role to create PO.
    • SD-57294 : Remote Server : Null Pointer Exception while importing user data from the remote server when the user has login credentials only in remote server.

    Issue Fixed in 9022 (Released on: 6 0ctober, 2014)

    • SD-49864 : Request : Multi-line additional fields were not included during XLS import of Requests.
    • SD-51967 : Request : Replying to the Conversation of a request, placeholder $CreatedDate is replaced by the created date of the Conversation instead of the Created time of the request.
    • SD-57051,SD-57453 : Request : Entry in System log viewer is not updated when a Request is moved to trash and deleted from trash
    • SD-57606 : Request : Mandatory field check is not done for Service Category field while creating Incident Request.
    • SD-57733 : Request : Search using sub-module do not retain the submodule entry after the search is performed.
    • SD-59120 : Admin : Performance issue while editing and update the status with stop-timer enabled.
    • SD-57341 : Admin : Under Service Templates workflow, selecting the default approvers having special characters in their name is not shown properly.
    • SD-56377 : Reports : Dates are not in chronological order when creating a report with chart having Group by (x-axis) as a date column.
    • SD-56135 : Request : Unable to create a service request by a Requester when the 'On-behalf-of' field is enabled but not populated after associating an asset to that Requester.

    Issue Fixed in 9021 (Released on: 18 September, 2014)

    • SD-52001 : Request : Action menu details under the Request details page is not shown properly in Spanish / Russian languages, has been fixed.
    • SD-57373 : Request : Task tab under Request details page goes blank, when TaskID column in Worklog ListView is sorted, has been fixed.
    • SD-55941,57577 : Service Request : Additional fields becomes invisible at times in the service template because of the caching problem, has been fixed.
    • SD-46579 : Change : Link to 'Change Request' approval is broken, while inserting a variable $ApprovalLink in a notification content, has been fixed.
    • SD-52634 : Change : Technicians for change role are not fetched based on modified site value, if site is edited through inline/spot edit, has been fixed.
    • SD-56639 : Change : Modified change role name is not reflected in List view and Reports Module, has been fixed .
    • SD-56669 : Change : Change old status helpcard shows wrong content, has been fixed.
    • SD-56779 : Change : 'Retrospective' field is not included in Reports section, has been fixed
    • SD-56853 : Change : Technicians without approval permission can approve the 'Change Request' via Add/ Edit Change Request form, has been fixed.
    • SD-57079 : Change : In 'Change Request' non login url view,in a HTML Area of notification window, page error shown while selecting font color, background color and insert url icons, has been fixed.
    • SD-57204 : Change : Deleted workflow shown while adding a Change Request, has been fixed.
    • SD-57739 : Change : 'Set as Default' option shown for templates which are marked as not for further usage, has been fixed.
    • SD-57586 : Change : Status Action menu not shown in non login url view, has been fixed.

    Issue Fixed in 9020 (Released on: 08 September, 2014)

    • SD-57632 : Request And Problem: Task and Worklog are not shown under Request and Problem in Standard and Professional edition after upgrading to 9019.

    New Feature in 9019 (Released on: 3 September, 2014)

    • SDF- 57473 : Change : Change AddOn for Standard Edition.
    • SDF- 56845 : Problem & Change : Worklog field introduced for Problem and Change closure rules.
    • SDF- 55054 : Request : Option to mark the first response time while adding a work-log under request.
    • SDF- 50233 : Tasks : New filter added to show All Pending Tasks, under Homepage task list view.
    • SDF- 38958 : Tasks : Task group members based notifications are moved as separate section under Task notifications as "Task Group Notifications".

    Issues Fixed in 9019

    • SD-57185 : Request : Admin - Self-Service-Portal settings, Requester replies through E-mail to the closed request perform the following: Create as new request,Reopen closed request always,Reopen based on configured number of days ,Append as conversation and notify technician is modified to work for both Email and Portal reply.
    • SD-57360 : Request : Null Pointer Exception when trying to add new Business Rule, after deleting all existing rules issue has been fixed.
    • SD-57352 : Request : When Technician Auto Assign and "On-Behalf-Of" feature is enabled, its history is not added to the request and the notification is not triggered, has been fixed.
    • SD-50745 : Request : Worklog added under a request is not getting added under it's linked requests, has been fixed.
    • SD-50281 : Request : UI is not proper in German language, for showing tasks count under Request list view, has been fixed.
    • SD-56625 : Tasks : Tasks auto-trigger not working while creating request, if the request is created by requester, has been fixed.
    • SD-56138 : Project : Users with only Project-view permission can delete Project attachments, has been fixed.
    • SD-52050 : Report : In Task custom report, Group names are not listing while selecting group field under Advanced filtering.

    New Feature in 9018 (Released on: 12 August, 2014)

    • SDF- 56676 : Integration : Feature to integrate ServiceDeskPlus with ADSelfService Plus. Associated applications can be configured under Admin tab --> Configure Other ME Products.
    • SDF- 56520 : Software : Support to export the software and licenses listview data as PDF/XLS/HTML/CSV.
    • SDF- 53892 : Task : Task Closing Rules is introduced(under Admin>Helpdesk Customizer), to make task fields as mandatory before Task completion.
    • SDF- 57318 : Request : Action based SLA escalations can be configured for each SLA. SLA can be configured to change the priority, group, level and technician automatically,whenever escalation happens.
    • SDF- 56907 : Reports : Jasper Report Upgrade.JasperReports jars have been upgraded from version 2.0.5 to 5.5.1.

    Issues Fixed in 9018

    • SD-47200 : LDAP Import : OperationNotSupportedException while importing users from LDAP server.
    • SD-57077 : Software : Unable to view the attachment files when adding attachments to more than a month old agreement.
    • SD-56524 : Software : Status of the associated software licenses is not changed when changing the agreement's status.
    • SD-57200 : Software : After marking the software license status as "Expired", the associated downgrade license status is not changed as "Expired".
    • SD-57128 : Software : Showing number value for date column in summary report when editing the report immediately.
    • SD-54934 : Tasks : PercentageOfCompletion is set as 100 before the task completion, while trying to complete child task before it's parent task, has been fixed.
    • SD-57117 : Backup : Backup file name(s) is not listed in the Backup Scheduling page.
    • SD-56813 : Backup : Backup fails when the fileAttachments configured in network path does not contain a file.
    • SD-57116 : Request : On clicking the Approval tab, the overdue flag in the header section of the request details page, is hidden.
    • SD-57197 : Request : Inline editing the Request Details section hides the overdue flag in the header section of the request details page.
    • SD-57118 : Request : In History tab, Common Additional date fields of a Service Request are displayed in Long format.
    • SD-56419 : Request : Issue while converting a closed incident request to a service request, technician receives a mail that the request has been assigned to him, which has been fixed.
    • SD-56251 : Request : Issue while converting the incident request to service request, 'Send notification to group technician(s) when a new request is added to this group' is notifying the technicians of the group has been fixed.
    • SD-55455 : Request : Unable to use the service categories with the '<' and '>' has been fixed.
    • SD-51231 : Request : The link in the approval mail that is sent for the last stage of a service request/incident could be used many number of times has been fixed.
    • SD-56202 : Request : After the intermediate editor updates the request, the approval notification sent to the approver but the approval status is shown as 'To be sent' has been fixed.
    • SD-56186 : Request : When we manually send the request approval,the approval status not changed properly has been fixed.
    • SD-49453 : General : Select requester listview invoked from icon near Requester fields in 'Quick Create Request', 'Request', 'Problem', 'Change', 'ReportingTo' of requester, 'Department Head' of department is modified to show Requester 'Common Additional fields' and 'Requester specific additional fields' in the column chooser.
    • SD-55880 : Admin : While updating the group criteria of the sla under the default site, the change is not getting applied for the same copied sla under the copy sites.
    • SD-57068 : Admin : Unable to use the 20th additional field in the criteria section of the business rule has been fixed.
    • SD-56936 : Admin : Resources section of the service template was not i18n-ed properly has been fixed.
    • SD-56541 : Admin : Null Pointer Exception occurs while searching the incident template has been fixed.
    • SD-56771 : Admin : Cannot get the requester details through Rest API, by passing requesterid in input xml, has been fixed.

    New Feature in 9017 (Released on: 22 July, 2014)

    • SDF- 55999 : Option to configure IP/name of devices which have to be excluded from scan. These devices can be configured under Admin tab --> Scan settings.

    Issues Fixed in 9017

    • SD-54748 : Scan : Null Pointer Exception while scanning a VMWare host after moving a virtual machine from one host to another host.
    • SD-56824 : Scan : Exception while inserting special character in sysDescr during SNMP Scan.
    • SD-55858 : Scan : Last logged in user name is not identified correctly in certain versions of Mac machines.
    • SD-55878 : Scan : Issue in identifying model in non global zone solaris machines.
    • SD-55413 : Scan : Exception while clicking on the machine name in the page which is loaded first time after starting the server.
    • SD-56825 : Scan : wget is used for pushing the inventory xml to the SDP/AE server when the scan script is executed in a Linux machine if curl command is not available.
    • SD-55764 : Distributed Asset Scan : Importing assets in the central server halts even if a single machine fails during import.
    • SD-56871 :Distributed Asset Scan : Exception while importing remote data if invalid XML character is present in the inventory data.
    • SD-55267 : Purchase Order : Purchase order closure notification is not triggered when a purchase order is closed.
    • SD-56264 : Purchase Order : Problem in displaying the purchase order details page if the currency exchange rate is configured as 0.0.
    • SD-56479 : Purchase Order : In purchase order list view, the header "Created date" is shown as "Date Ordered".
    • SD-56073 : Purchase Order: Purchase order additional fields are not displayed in print preview.
    • SD-56429 : Contracts : Java script error is thrown while adding more than two notify before dates while renewing contract.
    • SD-57080 : Performance : Unwanted select queries have been removed during audit history clean up and deleting workstations.
    • SD-56020 : Asset Ownership : While associating an asset to a component, ownership details of the asset (user and department) are not carried over to the component.
    • SD-56564 : Scan Summary : The count shown under scan summary in Assets tab does not match with the count in list view loaded upon clicking these links.
    • SD-49317 : Asset Status : Disposed and Expired state workstations/servers are not included in the Unassigned Workstation/Server list views.
    • SD-56952 : CMDB : Cancel button not working in add new CI form in Arabic language.
    • SD-57179 : Purchase Order : Non English characters are not shown properly inside Request tab of purchase order.
    • SD-55298 : Request : Vulnerability issue related to associating purchase order with service request.

    New Feature in 9016 (Released on: 14 July, 2014)

    • SDF-56870 : Business Rules for Service Request.
    • SDF-57219 : Option to specify site as a criteria while defining business rules for default settings.

    Issues Fixed in 9016

    • SD-56610 : In SLA when escalate timer is set as 0 for any one level, then every levels' escalation mails are not sent to the technician.
    • SD-56549 : Technician Space - Requester reply through mail client not notified to the technician
    • SD-56517 : Unable to Push/Update Service Request Resource Info using External Action Plugin
    • SD-55901 : While updating a field of a technician through Servlet API, the technician gets dissociated from Support groups
    • SD-41839 : In Migrated build - Default Reopened Reports not working
    • SD-57162 : The request description is not getting displayed in IE in some few random cases. Gets displayed properly upon refreshing the page.
    • SD-56725 : Unable to perform Update operation in Change API since 9004.
    • SD-56228 : If new status/old status is deleted which is configured in 'Migrate to New Status Wizard', then Change module could not be accessible.
    • SD-56142 : XSS vulnerability attack when adding/editing Impact, RollOut, BackOut, Checklist, Review for Change from Add menu.
    • SD-56083 : The Status under configuration, is also listed under 'Move to stage & status' drop down while configuring Change Workflow for the Status.
    • SD-56031 : Changes are not searchable through Global Search for default fields (template, workflow, site, change manager, stage, status, risk).
    • SD-53982 : Dates are not shown as per personalization in non-login view and in Change history.
    • SD-52550 : Change closure mandatory fields are required to be filled even though, those fields are not present in the Change.
    • SD-56183 : When there is a holiday marked for a month, navigating to next/previous month shows the same day as holiday in 'Tech Availability Chart' if there is no other holiday configured for that next/previous month in the setup having no sites.
    • SD-56640 : In case of MySQL DB, it is unable to remove Fields from change template.
    • SD-56571 : The contents of Fields in planning,review and closure stages cannot be added/modified if the logged in technician's name contains special character in it.
    • SD-56513 : In Change module's Get API, internal names are returned for change stage and status.
    • SD-36668 : In Change List View, value for change type field is shown twice if length of the value is more than 22 characters.
    • SD-56637 : Non login link variable is shown in Change Module's Send Notification template under Notification Rules.
    • SD-56636 : In a Change Non Login View , send notification was not shown under Actions menu.
    • SD-56448 : Change link sent in notification mails prior to 9.0 breaks.
    • SD-56285 : Status Comments field in change template is allowed to mark as non mandatory.
    • SD-56081 : Today's Change was not included in next 7,15 and 30 days filter in charts under problem and change dashboard.
    • SD-55849 : Page not found error shown while selecting Font color,Background color and insert weblink option in change's send notification description area.
    • SD-48497 : Change Notifications are not ordered by date.
    • SD-53162 : Browser issue - UI distortion when selecting a date in change mini calendar view.
    • SD-57027 : Technician having SDChangeManager role could not edit change roles when change has passed through Submission stage.
    • SD-56406 : In mssql database, out of memory issue while taking backup.
    • SD-56665 : Backup of tables having primary key columns with huge gap in primary key values, takes more time to get backup.
    • SD-57165 : In some customer environment, problem during upgrade from 9000 to 9015 as the entry is not matched in the ConfFile URL.
    • SD-56843 : Lucene Search is not working properly in Japanese Language.

    New Feature in 9015 (Released on: 2 July, 2014)

    • SDF-55868 : "Asset State" and "Expiry Date" filters added in Summary report section.

    Issues Fixed in 9015

    • SD-56615 : Software version column is not available in installation list view in software details page.
    • SD-56037 : License name is missing in software license list view after upgrading to SDP 9000 build.
    • SD-56893 : Unable to import the software licenses via CSV when their license key values are empty.
    • SD-56496 : Allocated and available column details are not shown in software license listview for CAL.
    • SD-56478 : Unable to generate the tabular report when choosing "Is Laptop" column in report.
    • SD-57144 : Problem in upgrading from 9013 to 9014 for the mysql DB has been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 9014 (Released on: 23 June, 2014)

    • SD-57072 : Problem in upgrading to 9013 for the SDP instances have initially installed SDP version 7500 (or earlier) and had modified any of the default Requests reports (till 7514 build) has been fixed.
    • SD-57090 : Unable to execute some default custom reports having 'summary type' for columns configured after upgrading to 9013 has been fixed.

    New Feature in 9013 (Released on: 16 June, 2014)

    • SDF-52648 : Technician and Requester can have option to associate the request to the project to which they are associated to. Based on Self Service Portal Settings,Project association to Requesters can be enabled or disabled. By default this option will be disabled.

    Issues Fixed in 9012 (Released on: 06 June, 2014)

    • SD-56926 : After upgrading to 9011, Some of the Dashboard charts under Helpdesk tab shows Plugin is missing / Install Missing plugin. This issue is fixed.

    New Feature in 9011 (Released on: 21 May, 2014)

    • SDF-52732 : Support for scanning HP-UX OS machines.
    • SDF-53337 : Backup process (manual/scheduled backup) will create multiple .data files based on the file size. By default size of each .data files will be 1GB and this can be configurable based on the globalconfig database entry ranging from 500MB to 1.5GB. Backup file will be placed in a separate folder, that overcomes the unzipping error for huge backup file during restore.
      NOTE: If the complete backup data size is less than 1GB, single backup file will be created. And if the backup size more than 1GB, multiple .data files each of size (1GB) with the name, etc., will be present under backup folder. While restore any one of the split backup file can be selected, and restore will identify all the other dependent split backup and restore.
    • SDF-56641 : The backup process will include the keystore file if exists.

    Issues Fixed in 9011

    • SD-46727 : Request Description moved to an iframe so that any mismatch in html construction in the description content will not affect the details page UI construction.
    • SD-56591 : Slowness in mail fetching when the mail description having more html tags.
    • SD-56588 : Inline images are added without extension when it is processed based on content location is now handled to set the extension based on contenttype.
    • SD-54736 : Software compliance is wrong when changing the user's site during scheduled user import.
    • SD-55434 : When product type "Software" is edited under Admin, the new products of type Software are added under product type with name as empty.
    • SD-55488 : Software compliance displayed in graph is wrong when site chosen is 'Not associated to any site' in Software tab.
    • SD-55530 : Unable to add multiple licenses simultaneously to a license agreement.
    • SD-55857 : CMDB software report is not working in Postgres and SQL Server database.
    • SD-56080 : CMDB relationships are not showing after upgrade to 9000.
    • SD-56270 : Unable to renew the contracts which are having file attachments.
    • SD-55758 : Distributed asset scan failed when the remote server assets are in active state but the same assets are marked as 'Expired'/'Disposed' in central server.
    • SD-53946 : Installed software are not fetched while scanning workstations with Maverick OS.
    • SD-55767 : NullPointerException is thrown if Printers are tried to be identified based on the sysDescr obtained from the device.
    • SD-55768 : Unable to import data from remote server if the number of physical drives in a single machine is huge as incase of clustered machines.
    • SD-55472 : Site details are not updated for IT assets except workstation and server when importing remote data.
    • SD-53446 : Showing wrong model number when scanning a lenovo machine.
    • SD-56072 : Guest OS information is removed when scanning virtual machines
    • SD-55692 : VMWare discovery failed when SSH service is disabled in device.
    • SD-56451 : Problem during restoring of data by specifying the errorignore table list is fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 9010 (Released on: 12 May, 2014)

    • SD-56592 : Unable to save Admin > Self Service Portal Settings for users using Standard edition of ServiceDesk Plus.

    Issues Fixed in 9009 (Released on: 7 May, 2014)

    • SD-56235 : In Reports > Custom Reports > Request related reports, when selecting the Workstation as one of the columns, it displays only the workstations that are associated to requests and not the other assets that are associated. The column now has been changed to Assets. Selecting this column will display both the workstations and assets that are associated to a request.
    • SD-56548 : While modifying the sites that are associated to a technician, the criteria of all the business rules that are present in his associated sites gets changed from 'OR' to 'AND'
    • SD-56551 : While replying to a conversation and updating the status from the reply window, the status of a different request is updated. It works fine when a reply is made to the original request instead of the conversation.
    • SD-55905 : Exception in the widgets present in the Dashboard. Happens for technicians who have SDAdmin and a site restricted role associated to him.

    New Features in 9008 (Released on: 29 April, 2014)

    • SDF-56428 : New 'Self Service Portal" option to assign any completed status (like resolved, completed etc.,) as status representing task completion, instead of using the default closed status.
    • SDF-56255, SDF-50464 : The time period of SLA Escalation Schedule is changed to 5 Minutes
    • SDF-55946 : New Date format is added in Personalize menu( MM DD, YYYY ).
    • SDF-55925 : Group/Technician Marking option of Task is now available in Project Gantt view.
    • SDF-55922 : Details page next-previous navigation is introduced in Project and Milestone.
    • SDF-54871 : Only View control for All Projects, is now possible in Project roles.
    • SDF-50427 : Now a worklog can be added with 0 as value for "Time Taken To Resolve".
    • SDF-34005 : New Option given to add tasks using Task template, inside Request template(both incident and service request).
    • SDF-24196 : Option to add Attachment for Tasks is now available.

    Issues Fixed in 9008

    • SD-56427 : In Swedish and Korean translations some of the alert messages and texts are not i18n-ed properly. They are appearing in English language itself.
    • SD-52079 : In Dashboard tab, sites drop down, all the sites that are available for a technician will not be displayed. Only the first 7 or 8 sites would be shown. This issue happens only in case of Internet Explorer.
    • SD-56443, SD-55492, SD-50648 : In DST enabled zones, the calendar used for selecting dates display's Apr 1st a wednesday, when actually Apr 1st is a Tuesday. This happens in places where DST is enabled. Reports, Marking unavailability, setting project dates etc.. will be affected by this.
    • SD-55964 : In Portuguese language, the SLA section present in Admin > Organizational Details is wrongly translated as Software.
    • SD-56144 : Unsaved resolution content gets lost, while changing tab in Request details page has been fixed.
    • SD-56133 : Modifications of "Actual hours" field in Project is not getting recorded in Project history, has been fixed.
    • SD-55944 : While spot editing the Task's date fields, the calendar gets submit while changing the time, has been fixed.
    • SD-55923 : Cannot view Project history, when value for "Estimated Hours" is changed to 0.
    • SD-55916 : Throwing error message popup in Homepage task list view, after the refresh frequency time is completed.
    • SD-55859 : In Task notifications, received email contains I18N key instead of replaced String, has been fixed.
    • SD-55681 : Request's tasks auto trigger not working, when the request is approved using link given in approval email.
    • SD-53726 : Improper UI in Gantt view, if the task name is lengthy, has been fixed.
    • SD-50752 : Now the "Total Time Taken" in worklog list will summarize the time taken of all worklogs, instead of summarizing only worklogs displayed on screen.
    • SD-50710 : Worklogs added under Request's tasks is now included in Request Timespent report.
    • SD-56022 : Task and Worklog description window default height increased.
    • SD-55021 : Tooltip(with appropriate message) added for Task's Group/Technician marked icon.
    • SD-56490 : Schedule time is updated for ADSynchronizationSchedule. Next schedule time of AD/LDAP schedule is updated based on schedule start time

    New Features in 9007 (Released on: 21 April, 2014)

    • SDF-56001 : WorkLog operations as in Web Client view can be performed using the REST API.
    • SDF-56007 : In REST API - Option to make note addition as request first response.

    Issues Fixed in 9007

    • SD-56125 : In REST API - GET_REQUEST operation response, '&' symbol is shown duplicated for short description column in JSON format.
    • SD-56043 : In REST API - Unable to remove service request resource answers in JSON format.
    • SD-56008 : In REST API - GET_REQUEST_FILTERS operation response, Filter label "My Groups" is shown.
    • SD-56007 : In REST API - Option to make note addition as request first response.
    • SD-55937 : In REST API - Support Group - GET_ALL operation shows 'No Groups' as response for 'Refer Site'.
    • SD-56002 : Unable to move request to Unassigned state through REST API - ASSIGN_REQUEST operation
    • SD-49872 : While reply request through REST API, Technician Reply is shown as Requester reply in Request List View.
    • SD-56009 : In Native App, Values for fields Responded time,Resolved Date and Completed time not shown in Request Details page
    • SD-56004 : While editing Refer Site request, the group names are not get listed in Native App
    • SD-56003 : When group field is above the site field in template canvas, group field value of request is incorrect in Native App
    • SD-48577 : Backup Technician is not getting set to the unassigned state.
    • SD-56124 : Service Catagory names are not shown in full while accessing service templates.
    • SD-56143 : Incorrect caching of incoming-mailserver details instead of mailportdetails.
    • SD-55129 : Change Downtime Related issues:
      • If the Start time or End time of a Downtime is not set, "N/A" string is displayed in the input box on spot edit.
      • Tooltip for "-" link wrongly shown as "Add Downtime". It should be "Remove Downtime".
      • Assume downtime are not added yet. Click "Add" button under DownTime header. Add more than one row using "+" link. Now remove all rows using "-" link. This action removes "Add" link under downtime header.
      • Spot edit of Start time/End time of a downtime is not working after Edit and Update that downtime.
      • While editing a downtime, previously edited downtime section is not get closed.
      • Add multiple downtime details using "+" link then remove description for some downtime. In this case, Mandatory check for description is not working when "Save" button is clicked.
    • SD-56121 : Vulnerability issues fixed.

    New Features in 9006 (Released on: 14 April, 2014)

    • SDF-27287 : Scheduled user import from LDAP can be configured.

      This can be configured from the Admin -> Active Directory -> Schedule AD/LDAP import.
      NOTE : User import schedule will work based on Global config entry, with category='Scheduled_User_Import' and parameter='EnabledFor' and allowed paramvalues are BOTH (default), AD and LDAP. If it is BOTH, AD as well as LDAP schedule import will be done. If it is AD, ActiveDirectory schedule alone will be done. Or if it is LDAP, LDAP schedule alone will be done.

    Issues Fixed in 9006

    • SD-56090 : Group/Technician turns unassigned while editing requests through bulk edit from request list view.

    New Features in 9005 (Released on: 8 April, 2014)

    • SDF-48763 : On Splitting a conversation as a new request, Site, Group and Technician of Parent request will be set to the New Request created.
      NOTE : This is a behavior change, earlier the Site of the Parent ticket alone will be set in the "New Request" created as a result of the split operation.
    • SD-55847 : The size of the Reply/Forward popup windows of the request are enlarged.

    Issues Fixed in 9005

    • SD-55545 : On reply from the request having TO/CC filed with group email addresses, mail sent to group email id gets created as new request and assigned to the group to which the email is sent.
      NOTE : We fixed the above issue by removing any of the configured Group Email id in TO / CC fields while replying. This is a behavior change, as earlier all the email id's will be filled in the TO / CC fields.
    • SD-56046 : UI collapse when changing tabs under Personalize window for the environment having license without Multi-Language provision.
    • SD-55935 : Unable to renew contracts which has attachments.
    • SD-55490 : In the service request multi-level approval, approval status modified to 'to be sent' instead of 'pending approval', when one of the stage approval is approved.
    • SD-55440 : For service requests configured with multiple stages of approval, 'Awaiting approval' count in requester login doesn't show those requests once the first stage approver approves it has been fixed.
    • SD-54981 : When a service template is associated to a support group and then if the support group is renamed, technicians of that support group is not able to view that service template has been fixed.
    • SD-55469 : The default value is not loaded in the date additional field of the service template has been fixed.
    • SD-55480 : All the technicians are listed irrespective of the selected group in the request template page under the admin section has been fixed.
    • SD-55501 : Below notifications which sends the notification in the plain text formatting though the rich text formatting is enabled has been fixed.
      * Notify editor when a request is waiting for update
      * Notify requester when a request is waiting for update by editor
      * Notify requester when a request is updated by editor
      * Notify requester when intermediate editor is changed by technician
      * Notify old editor when he is removed from the responsibility
      * Notify new editor when a request is waiting for update
      * Notify technician when a request is updated by editor
    • SD-55271 : While searching the request template, the request template which are associated to the user groups are not listed has been fixed.

    New Features in 9004 (Released on: 31 March, 2014)

    • SDF-55860 : Enhancements to the New Service Request page->select approvers field in technician login.
      • Option to type,search and select the service request approvers from the 'select approvers' field.
      • Placeholders like $REPORTING_TO$, $DEPT_HEAD$ along with the approvers will be displayed with username, emailid, department so that it will be easy for the user to identify the exact approver from the approver list.
      • Option to select / remove multiple Approvers from the 'select approver' field.

    Issues Fixed in 9004

    • SD-55921 : While generating Custom Report the department names are shown duplicated in report criteria values. This happens when copy site exists in the product.
    • SD-55579 : When Request Custom View created with Filter columns like OverDue Status, ReOpened not working in PGSQL
    • SD-54936 : After Request Creation , non-english character (?34) disappears in the description field
    • SD-52706 : Null Pointer Exception Occurs while duplicating the Approved/Rejected request
    • SD-55939 : Technician Space Notification count shown on Browser Title
    • SD-52483 : Technician Space Notification will not be shown for technicians performing any operations on a request for themselves
    • SD-51786 : Technician Space Approval notification not shown for Third Stage Service Approver
    • SD-54877 : In REST API help doc, XML Input format for GET_REQUESTS operation updated
    • SD-55123 : Completed Time of the Change does not reset while stage-status changed from close-completed or close-canceled
    • SD-55903 : Global search for Change module is not working in non-english language
    • SD-55904 : Unable to download the file attachments from planning or review stage (Change details page) if the Change gone through planning or review stage.
    • SD-55657 : Conversation is not set as public when a reply from a requester contains mail address in upper case format
    • SD-55855 : After upgrading to 9.0, some times the Lucene based search is not working, as the indexing is not committed
    • SD-55965 : We can search an exact string by specifying them with in the double quotes. Say for Ex: Earlier when we search for John Roberts, it will fetch results of "John", "Roberts", and "John Roberts". And now we can able to search exactly on "John Roberts" by specifying them with in the double quotes.

    Issues Fixed in 9003 (Released on: 12 March, 2014)

    • SD-46182 : Site Restricted technician have no option to edit/delete his own report.
    • SD-52754 : Service Category configured in default template not get updated when request added through Quick Create/Email.
    • SD-53480 : When a request is created using servlet API, the provided template is not set in the request created.
    • SD-54064 : Spelling mistake in the alert message, when technician login through native app.
    • SD-54428 : HTML tags got removed while reply request through REST API.
    • SD-54773 : If request subject contains < and > symbol, it is changed to < and > in notification mail
    • SD-54848 : When a incident additional field is configured with a default value as 'N/A', while doing inline-block edit in request details page, the value gets disappeared.
    • SD-55583 : In new request page, select the Site, Group and Technician. Now if the requester name is selected using the auto complete function, the Site, Group and Technician would be modified based on requester's site. In such case, the Technician listing is not in alphabetical order.
    • SD-55139, SD-36909 : In IE 10 Compact view and chrome, the Group names are not sorted alphabetically.
    • SD-51987, SD-49322, SD-48476, SD-35158 : When selecting a Category, the Subcategory values are not sorted alphabetically.
    • SD-51341 : In new Problem and new Change, when a site is selected, the corresponding Technicians list is not in alphabetical order.
    • SD-48459 : In IE 10 normal mode, the Group and Technicians values in the new Request drop down are shown multiple times.
    • SD-55670 : If any technician name start with a 'single quote' or other special characters, then while changing the site, the '-- Select Technician --' option is missing from the Technician drop down.
    • SD-51595 : 'First response time should be lesser than Dueby time' has been corrected as 'First Response time should be less than Dueby Time'.
    • SD-55562 : Notification not sent to assigned Technician for a Service Request, if the Service Request workflow is configured with assign technician on approve is enabled.
    • SD-55680 : In some cases, unable to edit support group because of some inconsistencies with the CIID associated with it.
    • SD-46049 : Support Group added / updated with description is not shown in SupportGroup List View.
    • SD-49491 : Unable to edit Service Request when a asset associated with the Service Request gets deleted.
    • SD-54211 : Autofill of Requester names is not working in "Requested By" field of change module and "Reported By" field of Problem module while creating/editing change or problem.
    • SD-55716 : Unable to add or modify change template in Professional edition with Change Add On.
    • SD-55844 : If "Alert Change Manager, Change Owner, Change Approver, CAB members by Email when any Recommendation is taken on change" notification is enabled, notification are wrongly sent to approvers of all changes instead of a particular change.
    • SD-55745 : In Change module, additional fields with value "N/A" is not shown on inline/spot edit.

    Behaviour Changes:

    • "Reported By" field of problem module can not be editable in details page. It can be edited through Global Edit as in Requester module.

    Issues Fixed in 9002 (Released on: 03 March, 2014)


    • SD-55837 : When importing scanned XML(s) or scanning assets, scheduled activities like E-Mail Fetching, SLA escalation, Scheduled reports, Backup schedule etc were affected. This may occur due to multi thread racing condition (during scanning) which causes database tables to get locked.

    Issues Fixed in 9001 (Released on: 25 February, 2014)


    • SD-55699 : Actions menu not visible in request list view when the technician does not have request "Delete" permission.

    New Features in 9000 (Released on: 11 February, 2014)


    • SDF-53448 : New Change Management with Workflow, Stage and Status, Notifications, Change Roles, Change Template etc.
      • Change Template: Option to create multiple Change Templates and specify a workflow for each template.
      • Change Workflow: To represent the business change process as a workflow. Support for creating a normal template and an emergency template with each having its own workflow
      • Stage and Status: Six stages of Change path. Submission, Planning, Approval, Implementation, Review and Close. Each stage has their own status list.
      • Change Roles: Defining various change roles being played in the organization e.g Change Implementer, Analyzer, CAB Member, Line Manager, etc... Each role defined with scope on accessing various stages.
      • Notifications: Notifications based on status - Option to configure the roles to whom the notification should be sent when a change comes to a specific status
      • Others: Support for specifying the closure code, down times, impacted user and assets, reason for change and the risk involved in the change

    ASSETS :

    • SDF-26804 : Support for license management of software suite.
    • SDF-31289 : Support for upgrade and downgrade license.
    • SDF-54974 : Detecting suite software installations automatically based on rule.
    • SDF-52063 : Support for site based software compliance.
    • SDF-52064 : Customizable report for software.
    • SDF-52066 : Ability to purchase upgrade licenses from Purchase Order.
    • SDF-54975 : New enhanced UI is introduced in software details and list view page.
    • SDF-53455 : REST API for CMDB Module: API for performing add, update, read and delete CIs, relationships between CIs and creating CI Types.


    • SDF-53952 : Update request status while replying to a request.
    • SDF-53450 : Ability to schedule OnHold requests to ReOpen at a specific time.
    • SDF-53451 : Ability to link requests with comments.
    • SDF-35370 : Featuring 'Request Trash' to recover deleted requests.
    • SDF-52720 : Reply Template can be customized to add variables.


    • SDF-53452 : Ability to create new service request from an incident request.
    • SDF-53954 : Service Request to Purchase Order association.
    • SDF-36913 : Service Category of Service Catalog can be changed while copying a Service Template.
    • SDF-53938 : Reordering the resources inside the service catalog is introduced.
    • SDF-53642 : Under Requester login, all the first level approvers configured in the service template in "Select Approver" field will be shown by default.
    • SDF-54879 : Feature to set "ReportingTo" or "Manager" field of users through CSV import based on "Reporting To Email" has been implemented.
    • SDF-55103 : "Reporting To" or "Manager" field can be imported through scheduled CSV import has been implemented.


    • SDF-53937 : Enabling high speed Lucene search for request and solution module.
    • SDF-46685 : New button 'TODAY' in calendar to set current date
    • SDF-53698 : Dashboard Customization : Matrix reports & Charts of Custom report can be added to dashboard.
    • SDF-50157 : Marked task owner of the dependent task will be assigned once it's parent tasks are closed. Inline edit of task attributes under task list view provided. Dependent tasks will have a dependency icon before title under task list view. On-hovering the same the parent tasks will be highlighted under that list.
    • SDF-53953 : Support for Active Directory password reset using Robo technician in 64-bit installation.


    • SDF-53454 : Multi-currency support in purchase order for procuring assets/services from different vendors who deal with different currencies.

    Issues Fixed in 9000


    • SD-51793 : Notification for the requester when a request is assigned to a technician via native app is provided.
    • SD-51776 : "Notify Requester when a new request by mail" notification will not be sent for Spam Mails.
    • SD-53017 : "Notify requester when a request is assigned to a technician" notification is not available in the Professional and Standard Edition has been fixed.
    • SD-54646 : Issue in calculating time spent on request if it is in On-Hold status during weekends/holidays has been fixed.
    • SD-53124 : Marking Conversation status as public/private in MySql has been fixed.
    • SD-50554 : Business Rules configured with TO/CC field having "Contains/does not contains" criteria and it has multiple values, then the criteria will be disappeared in list view and edit page. [NOTE : We need to users having problem with the BR with above criteria to be edited and saved once to show the criteria properly in the UI]
    • SD-50907 : In Business rule, condition is saved as 'Ends with', on choosing condition as 'Begins with' has been fixed.
    • SD-55042 : While adding new request, base href tag getting appended to link tags has been fixed.


    • SD-53409 : User configured in the 'Reporting to' or "Manager" field get removed after Active Directory/LDAP/CSV import.


    • SD-53904 : Error occured while performing search in template list view has been fixed.
    • SD-53745 : Error occured at sometimes in dashboard for Request_Received_In_Last_X_Days,Request_Closed_In_Last_X_Days has been fixed.
    • SD-54827 : Performance issue has been fixed when attaching files under change, problem, project and milestone Details page
    • SD-49135 : Unable to send reply/forward (Request module), Notifications (Problem / Change module), if the inline image present in the content does not exists in the respective folder.
    • SD-46159,54468 : For some Languages, Action button missing in Requester List view page has been fixed.

    ASSETS :

    • SD-41384 : Workstation Advanced filter : RAM (in MB) filter is not working.
    • SD-46814 : Workstation Advanced filter : Model name filter is not working in Internet Explorer.
    • SD-52188 : Error occured while viewing printer details page.
    • SD-49753 : Error occured while performing "Save and Add New" from create new server page.
    • SD-50265 : Assets by region graph is not showing correct data.
    • SD-50405 : Scan - Proper error message is not displayed if duplicate Service Tags are added under Admin --> Scan settings --> Invalid service tag list.
    • SD-48168 : Scan - Software not scanned in Japanese Ubuntu linux machines.
    • SD-50843 : Scan - Memory leak issue during Agent scan.
    • SD-50565 : Scan - Error occurred while scanning a linux machine if the linux machine is not configured under any domain.
    • SD-51209 : Scan - Usability issue in displaying BIOS version in the workstation hardware details page.
    • SD-52095 : Scan - Solaris scan : Total memory displayed with wrong information.
    • SD-52096 : Scan - Sudo support is enhanced using sudo su -" command for all unix based scanning.
    • SD-50404 : Remote Server - Cannot push data to central server due to invalid xml characters in printer details.
    • SD-51403 : Remote Control - Dameware remote control showing $DOMAINNAME instead of the Domain value.


    • SD-52069 : Unable to create software product from "Add New Purchase Order" page.
    • SD-51049 : If the PO is approved, clicking on the link provided in approval notification mail leads to a page which displays "You cannot approve this PO".
    • SD-51440 : Unable to send PO approval notifications if the description contains $ symbol.
    • SD-52763 : PO approval in non-login mode doesn't work if $ symbol is present in the comments.
    • SD-47944 : "Associated software" menu in PO details page is not working when PO is in closed state.
    • SD-46041 : Loading products list is too slow in create new PO page if the number of products is huge.
    • SD-51932 : XSS vulnerability issue while submitting the PO for approval.


    • SD-45490 : In add new contract page, invalid E-Mailid is getting saved for Users to be Notified" field.
    • SD-49436 : Contract which is already renewed is being allowed to renew once again.

    REPORT :

    • SD-51197 : Reports - Updating the company details in Admin is updated in the generated report.
    • SD-53352 : Reports - Cannot generate the Audit history report after restoring pgsql data.
    • SD-50740 : In PGSQL, Report generated using piechart with axis column as overdue status shows only overdue request has been fixed.
    • SD-54662 : Issue with constructing custom reports by including On-Behalf-Of user column of incident/service request has been fixed.

    ServiceDesk Plus 8.2 ReadMe

    Issues Fixed in 8217 (Released on: 16 January, 2014)

    • SD-49319, 53651 : Additional Email Signature gets added while selecting reply template for request reply has been fixed.
    • SD-53435 : Upon replying a Request created into servicedesk without any CC emailid, CC field is populated as 'Not Provided', has been fixed.
    • SD-53778 : Performance memory leak identified while performing continuous Servlet / REST API calls on the server has been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 8216 (Released on: 6 January, 2014)

    • SD-55108 : If the CI type 'Switch Port' or the relationship type 'Includes-Member Of' got edited to any other language, then not able to scan switch.
    • SD-54910 : Cannot upgrade from the build 8212 if local credential configured with the public key authentication.

    Issues Fixed in 8215 (Released on: 16 December, 2013)

    • SD-50215 : In PGSQL database, Technician's cannot able to create a request for a requester if the requester name contains single quotes.
    • SD-53756 : If default product type got edited to any other language, then not able to scan the asset of that product type in 8213 build.
    • SD-54460 : Unable to add notes using the External Action plugin.
    • SD-53648 : Technicians unable to add/edit worklogs when technician count that is trying to do the same exceeds certain limit (eg 150 technicians and more).
    • SD-54408 : Unable to login randomly on peak hours when there is more number of project members logged-in.
    • SD-51070 : Technician with "All in group & assigned to him[Requests only]" role not able to edit task assigned to him/group when the parent request is not in his permitted scope.

    Issues Fixed in 8214 (Released on: 19 November, 2013)

    • SD-53170 : Request catalog section is included with scroll bars each on left side and right side panel. This will allow to display the Request catalog templates easily even when the Template Categories are scrolled down and selected.
    • SD-53414 : In some cases, NullPointerException upon performing the upgrade to 8213 is fixed.
    • SD-53500 : After upgraded to 8213, Column Chooser is not working under Assets tab is fixed.
    • SD-53855 : While closing request through Servlet API,close Accepted, close comments, closure code and closure comments not get set.(From build 8213,Servlet API operation parameters supported only in lowercase)

    New Features in 8213 (Released on: 22 October, 2013)

    • SDF-50501 : Option to configure multiple credentials for each subnet in Network scan. If a subnet has Windows, Unix, VMWare and Network devices, different credentials can be configured based on the protocol (WMI, Telnet/SSH, SNMP V1/V2 & VMWare) used for scanning. These credentials are stored in a central credential library and can be associated to Network scan, individual machine scan and remote control.
    • SDF-51483 : All Network devices with SNMP enabled can be scanned for inventory.
    • SDF-34689, SDF-47612 : The threaded contents in conversations will be hidden by default for better and quick readability.
    • SDF-52555 : Option to configure the max file attachment size that can be allowed from the Admin > General Settings page.
    • SDF-52741 : While importing fields from LDAP, only one field from LDAP can be mapped to a field in ServiceDesk. Option has been provided to map multiple LDAP fields to one ServiceDesk field.
      Insert into SDLDAPFieldMap values ('[Max ID + 1]', '[LDAP_ID]', 'displayname', 'cn+sn', 't');
      [ MAX ID + 1 ] should be replaced with the max id of the ID field in SDLDAPFieldMap + 1 [ LDAP ID ] should be replaced with the LDAP ID from which the data has to be retrieved displayname is the field in SDP to which the value from LDAP has to be imported. cn+sn indicates that the value of 'cn' and 'sn' that are present in the LDAP should be combined and used for the "displayname" attribute of SDP.
    • SDF-52829 :In Requester login : OnBehalfOf user field is added for raising request on behalf of other user.
      • Initially OnBehalfOf user field will be disabled. Inorder to configure this field we have to set paramvalue as 'true' for parameter 'ON_BEHALF_OF_USERFIELD' in globalconfig table.
      • OnBehalfOf user list view in requester login will list only requester's department users as default, which can be modified in globalconfig table through parameter 'SHOW_OBOUSERS'.
      • Need to restart the servicedesk plus service inorder to take the above changes into effect.
    • Known Issue : If requester is not allowed for OnBehalfOf user's site then group and technician will not be populated.
    • SDF-51607 : $Reporting_To$ place holder has included in service request workflow similar like $DEPT_HEAD$. By configuring it in Service template workflow or in new service request page, can send the approval notification to the 'reportingto' or 'Manager' person..
    • SDF-40203 : Email Signature is able to configure in Notification customized template for the following notifications.
      • Request : Reply
      • Request : Forward
      • Request : Approval
      • Problem : Notify to Incident Technician\Requester
      • Change : Send Notification
      • Change : Send CAB Recommendation
      • Solution Approval
    • SDF-47663 : Under Admin-> Access permission for Roles, It is possible to allow assigning specific advanced permissions without activating the main access permission. For example: Now it should be possible to activate the option delete/update own notes, without giving technicians full delete rights on the request.

    Issues Fixed in 8213

    • SD-46524 : Agent : Unable to take Windows backup if AssetExplorer agent is installed.
    • SD-48805 : Agent : If agents are deployed using GPO, agents are downloaded to workstations even if same version of the agent is installed.
    • SD-30393 : Scan : Service packs are not detected while scanning Windows Vista machines.
    • SD-44569 : Scan : Unable to scan a linux workstation from linux server installation.
    • SD-47252 : Scan : IPV6 address is not shown properly in the workstation details page during scanned xml import.
    • SD-29711 : Scan : AIX machines getting added with name as
    • SD-51419 : Scan : Fetching Oracle installation details for linux machines during scan.
    • SD-48679 : Agent : Issue in starting the agent service when scan at boot is set to true while installing the agent.
    • SD-50917 : Scan : CentOS machines are detected as Redhat machines.
    • SD-50775 : Unable to paste images from clipboard in chrome
    • SD-51957 : Unable to delete support group(s) which are associated to Copy/Custom site.
    • SD-51346 : Null pointer exception while taking backup, when the fileattachments/archive folder is empty.
    • SD-51305 : When user(s) Email-id having upper case letters, Public/Private icon is not set properly in conversations section.
    • SD-48111 : Unable to access 'Impact' option under Admin-Helpdesk after applying addon license for change Module and problem module is fixed.
    • SD-51943 : User Additional Fields page is not shown after the attribute name of CIType changed is fixed.
    • SD-51452 : Support Groups : Exception occurs when same group mailId is given to the different support groups.
    • SD-52381 : Issue while updating a site marked as inactive.
    • SD-52277 : Professional & Standard Edition-Common & Requester UDF fields are missing in user csv import wizard.
    • SD-51157: SDSiteAdmin(s) are not able to update requesters.
    • SD-41831: Unable to duplicate the custom -> matrix report using 'Save As' option.
    • SD-50815: During hotfix upgrade, backup is not getting skipped even when we click on 'No' in the confirm dialog.
    • SD-52846 : Request Case sensitive fields not getting added through E-mail Command.
    • SD- xxxx: Vulnerability issues fixed.

    New Features in 8212 (Released on: 17 September, 2013)

    • SDF-52310 : Group Notification - Notify the selected Technician in the group for the following operations of the Request.
      • PickUp
      • Assign
      • Merge
      • Link\DeLink
      • Problem Associate\Dissociate
      • Change Associate\Dissociate
      • Add\Delete Attachment
    • SDF-52415 : REST API support for Service Request. Below are the additional operations provided for Service Request.
      • Add\Update Resource Section
      • Add\Update Common Additional Fields and Service Category Additional Fields
      • Add\Update Editor Field
      • Add the Select Approvers Field
    • SDF-50167 : Calculation of Task Scheduled Endtime based on Starttime and Estimated Effort. Calculation of Endtime will consider site's operational hours and sla( if request's task ).
      • Cannot complete child task before parent task is completed.
      • Cannot mark dependency between Closed child and UnClosed parent task.
      • Scheduled Starttime will be set for child task when all the parent tasks are closed.
      • Scheduled Starttime will be set for Request's non dependent tasks while creating request from request template based on Self Service Portal Setting under Request Feature list.

    Issues Fixed in 8212

    • SD-46837 : In IE 8 and 9, "Portal Usage" area in self service portal does not load after the user goes to a different Module and returns back to the Home page in Requester Login. After refreshing it loads properly.
    • SD-51315 : Currenttime will be set as endtime while creating new worklog.
    • SD-51623 : Work log description is not "Word Wrapped" in Worklog list view.

    New Features in 8211 (Released on: 28 August, 2013)

    • SDF-50707 : New field 'Reporting To' is included for Requesters and Technicians, using which the 'Manager' of these users can be marked manually. ReportingTo/Manager field can also be imported using CSV import of users.
    • SDF-26639 : Reminder email will include link to the corresponding entity (Request, Problem, Change)
    • SDF-43514 : Earlier users included in the 'Email Id(s) to Notify' field will be included for Request Acknowledgement, Resolved, Closed notifications. But for requests created through email, the email CC recipients will not be included in those notifications. Now Request Acknowledge, Resolved, Closed notifications will also include Email CC recipients. Note : If those notifications should not include the Email CC recipient, it can be disabled in database table 'GlobalConfig' for the entry (category = 'Request_CC_Notification' and parameter = 'Include_CC_From_Email') and set the paramvalue = 'false'.
    • SDF-51994 : In ServiceDeskPlus-DesktopCentrol integrated mode, option to invoke the remote desktop using DC's agent instead of SDP's agent. By default, in integrated setups, DC agent will be used. [ Needs DC build 80260 and above ].
    • SDF-51914 : After an incomplete restore of backup data, the start-up of the server will be restricted.
    • SDF-51762 : SLA can be configured with Support Group based criteria.
    • SDF-52039 : Business Rules can be executed based on Operational hours.
    • SDF- 52040 : Business Rules List View Enhancement - Criteria and Actions for Rules is shown in List View.

    Issues Fixed in 8211

    • SD-49171 : Links present in request description / conversation opens in the same window / iframe instead of a new window.
    • SD-49734 : Assets of 'Not associated to any site' is not shown, if the logged in technician have associated sites as 'Not associated to any site' is fixed.
    • SD-50369 : Assets based on 'All sites' is not shown to requester on clicking the more asset link in Request create page is fixed.
    • SD-26690 : Custom report generated based on range of date criteria upon editing will not show the date range criteria has been fixed.
    • SD-51823 : Time spent of request is incorrect while changing the status from OnHold to Resolved.
    • SD-50781 : Under Admin-> Notification Rules, while editing some of the request notification templates, it opens up a different template has been fixed.
    • SD-52020 : After upgrading the application to 8210, Mail fetching gets stopped when there is no Domain name in the sender mail address.
    • SD-52012 : In Native App, HTML contents shown in request description field.

    New Features in 8210 (Released on: 7 August, 2013)

    • SDF-43916 : Option to "close/resolve" parent request under "Admin > Helpdesk > Request Closing Rules", when all the associated tasks are closed.
    • SDF-24328 : Task escalation notification can be configured under "Admin > Notification Rules > Tasks" and sent to entity owner, task owner / group, when a task is overdue.
      • Task overdue will be marked, if a task is not completed within schedule.
      • Task's % of Completion will be set as 100, when a task is moved to any completed status.

    Issues Fixed in 8210

    • SD-51837 : Email fetching problem after upgrading to 8209 has been fixed.

    New Features in 8209 (Released on: 29 July, 2013)

    • SDF-51472 : Technician Space - Showing some of the technician related notification alerts on the application screen. The supported notifications are listed below.
      • Notify Technician when a request is assigned.
      • Notify Technician when a task is assigned.
      • Notify Technician when there is a new reply from requester.
      • Notify Technician when a note is added.
      • Notify Approver when a request is submitted for approval.
      • Notify Technician when a request is approved.
      • Notify Technician when a request is rejected.
    • SD-51401 : Any resources of an request can now be set in the request notifications template. Earlier, only the workstation name can be set in the templates. For this, now the variable $WorkstationName is replaced with the $ResourceName in the request notification templates.
    • SD-27604 : Introduced a new option to disable the new requests from being created through email but existing ticket notifications will be appended properly.
    • SDF-51426 : Notify the requester when a technician is assigned to a Request.
    • SDF-51486 : Support for additional operations in REST API for Change module. The following new operations are supported.
      • Add Change
      • Update Change
      • Get Change
      • Get All Changes
      • Delete Change
      • Add Attachment

    Issues Fixed in 8209

    • SD-50574 : On creating a custom view with criteria site, the site is not listed in the select data pop-up window when the database is MSSQL has been fixed.
    • SD-49667 : Earlier, for a service request, if the CreatedBy and RequestedBy are the same user, the approval action mail was sent twice. Now it has been intelligently handled to send once.
    • SD-47531 : In the resolution tab of the request, the status is not getting updated when an image is being inserted in the resolution description area along with the status change, has been fixed.
    • SD-46533 : Under Asset custom report's advance filter options, the User list is listed as Ids instead of User name has been fixed.
    • SD-51274 : Users imported from LDAP having no department field or if the department is not marked to import, and having the site field marked for import will now gets imported with department as General along with the site.
    • SD-49697 : In the Project & Milestone Details popup, the sticky positioning of color indicators for 'Status' and 'Priority' inputs against page scrolling are getting fixed.

    New Features in 8208 (Released on: 8 July, 2013)

    • SDF-48361 : Info related to Project Member Addition/Update/Deletion now gets listed in the project's history.
    • SDF-49532 : Logged-in project members and Project owner cannot reassign themselves to lower ranked project roles.
    • SDF-49646 : Project members cannot delete themselves from the project
    • SDF-49029 : Attachment related activities - add/delete attachment - now get listed in the project's history..
    • SDF-50817 : Project-Change association and dissociation details too get listed in the project's history.
    • SDF-49025 : Bulk closure of Tasks now possible from Tasks List View page
    • SDF-32049 : Global configuration available to enable/disable of task group members notification once the task is assigned to a group.

    Issues Fixed in 8208

    • SD-48759,45799 : While forwarding the request conversation and selecting the reply template will set the conversation description as null.
    • SD-50722 : Display of Projects Tab for Technicians who have been assigned Project Roles/ having a Project membership.
    • SD-49923 : Gantt bar Status 'Open/Closed' changed to 'Pending/Completed' in Gantt chart.
    • SD-50283 : Worklog description trimming issue fixed in Worklog list view page.
    • SD-50119 : Visibility issue related to Task icon in Project Overview Map.
    • SD-49917 : Difference in 'delete messages' of projects, milestones & tasks, from their respective details page and the list view page
    • SD-49654 : Project and Milestone related attachment descriptions now appear beside the attachment
    • SD-50550 : Issue related to appearance of worklog 'description' field while printing requests
    • SD-50845 : Inability to display HTML tags in Worklog description in Worklog list view page
    • SD-49842 : Undesired selection of Advance Permission 'Edit Options' (in the roles page) while unchecking Access Permission 'View Checkbox' of Requests.
    • SD-50156 : Issue related to 'date field population' while creating additional fields in Incident Templates.
    • SD-50457 : Appearance of unwanted HTML tags in problem/change notifications.
    • SD-50986 : Total cost associated with worklog changes to zero (while updating worklogs post 8026 migration)
    • SD-50985 : Inability to edit worklogs post 8026 migration
    • SD-50834 : Incorrect listing (or ordering) of Milestones based on 'created date' in Gantt chart.
    • SD-50354 : Appearance of comments - related to tasks - when in reality no comments have been added (occurs when a task is newly assigned to a technician)
    • SD-50857 : The configured text color for the section headers in Admin > Themes is not getting applied in the Request, Problem and Change Detail pages
    • SD-50367 : When a request is submitted for approval, then viewing the browser page source of the approval page reveals all the technician names
    • SD-49235 : Even though a notification template is configured in RTL, the notification is always sent in LTR format.
    • SD-50810 : Bullet styles now made visible in the list views under Description box.
    • SD-51066 : Lack of synchronization between PO Approval Status and PO Status. (ie. PO Status indicating Approval, while Approvals tab suggests something else)
    • SD-50670 : Inability to dispatch mails related to purchase orders
    • SD-50818 : Error message display on clicking CI Name of the CI Relationship dialog box (availale in the CI Relationship page)
    • SD-46323 : Disappearance of Asset Description field upon Server/Workstation scan
    • SD-38820 : Inability to populate Vendor E-Mail address during Purchase Order creation
    • SD-51062 : Issue related to DNS Caching
    • SD-51049 : Issue faced by Purchase Order Approvers in accessing PO Approval links (sent via mail)
    • SD-50575 : Time between the Incident creation to Service Catalog conversion will not be considered as onhold.
    • SD-51218 : Performance issue while loading approvals and cab for change is fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 8207 (Released on: 18 June, 2013)

    • SD-50809 : The certificates used for signing the add-ons for Remote Control are expired.
    • SD-50768 : Unnecessary shortcut created in desktop while taking Remote Control of a machine through agent.
    • SD-50969 : Issues while upgrading from 8202 to higher versions - a) Due to inappropriate data in DynamicTables table, b) FK missing between CItype Dynamic table and BaseElement table.
    • SD-50537 : UI Issue in IE8 on project tab when we have more number of projects.

    New Features in 8206 (Released on: 10 June, 2013)

    • SDF-48842 : Whenever a Group request is updated, selected technicians for the group will be notified.
    • SDF-41556 : Allowing technicians to create his own API key in personalize option.

    Issues Fixed in 8206

    • SD-50388 : When a ticket is assigned from unassigned state, assigned technician is not notified.
    • SD-50871 : In a specific case, where isEscalated is marked prior to the request due-by-time, Overdue and First response flags are not set even after due-by-time/response time is elapsed.
    • SD-50753 : When a request with task is edited, and changed to a different request template which is also having tasks, application will prompt for 'deleting the existing task or leave it as it is' for the user. Even if we choose, 'leave it as it is' option, deletes the existing tasks associated to the request.
    • SD-50851 : Unable to add 'Worklog' and 'Task Comments' in some of the migrated environment.
    • SD-50642 : Using Chrome and Firefox browsers unable to click on the 'Template' links and 'Template categories' from Home page.
    • SD-48206 : Using Firefox browser with French locale, advance filtering in matrix report shows error alert.

    Issues Fixed in 8205 (Released on: 27 May, 2013)

    • SD-50683 : After 8121, some of the Preventive Maintenance Task schedules get changed to one time schedule has been fixed. This issue happens only for the servicedesk plus installation uses MsSQL and PGSQL database as backend.
      Note: The task schedule(s) which is changed to one time schedule will not be recovered automatically after this hotfix upgrade, and these schedule has to be reconfigured accordingly by editing them manually.

      To find the changed schedules:
      Select SW.WORKORDERID "PM Task ID",SW.title "Subject" from sworkorder SW where sw.WORKORDERID not in (select WORKORDERID from SREQTASK_INPUT)

    Issues Fixed in 8204 (Released on: 20 May, 2013)

    • SD-50675 : Problem in loading some technicians while adding a workllog has been fixed. The problem was due to some excluded technicians in 'technician auto assign'.
    • SD-50677 : Problem in loading new work log form when there is more than 500 users.

    Issues Fixed in 8203 (Released on: 10 May, 2013)

    • SD-50570 : Migration failure when migrating to 8202 while SDP running on MySql version 4 series.
    • SD-50502 : Unable to edit "Is Personal Asset" field of mobile devices(Smart Phone / Tablet).

    Android app for ServiceDesk plus has been released (Released on: 6th May, 2013)

    New Features in 8202 (Released on: 3 May, 2013)

    • SDF-50337 : Option to configure actions on a Incident/Service Request to other external applications through a XML configuration. For eg. customer's can create action like 'Create a new account' to be displayed on the 'New Hire' template and when invoked from the Request details page, can plugin their own code to create an account in the ActiveDirectory by pulling the required information from the corresponding request. There will also be options to add notes, add resolution and to update a request upon response from the action.
    • SDF-50417 : Option to convert a Incident to Service Request is introduced.
    • SDF-50336 : Enhancement to the Admin > General > Theme section, where customer can now configure the color of the LHS and RHS section headers and their font colors.
    • SDF-50415 : Request notes section has been enhanced from a textarea to a rich text area with options to make a text bold, underline and italic. This will be available for the Request module in the first phase.
    • SDF-50412 : Mobile Devices (IPhone and IPad) once scanned through ManageEngine DesktopCentral can be pushed to ServiceDesk Plus and these devices would be added as assets in SDP under product types - Smart Phone and Tablet.
    • SDF-50416 : In DC Integrated mode (DC version 80238 and above), option to start a chat session with the requester will be available. Also, the chat conversation can be added as note or as resolution or can be created as a new ticket.

    Issues fixed in 8202

    • SD-24903 : Cost Center Code(CCC) character length is increased from value 25 to 250 for user convenience.
    • SD-49676 : Recently viewed Project's are not displayed in the recent items section.
    • SD-49825 : During inline edit of requester's information from a request details page, if a numeric field value is submitted without entering a value, a NumberFormatException is thrown at the background.
    • SD-50284 : Unable to add worklogs for a request.
    • SD-49747 : If the request is created through e-mail with inline image(without extension), then mails sent from servicedesk plus with this request description will not be shown properly in their mail client.
    • SD-46347 : Selecting a 'service category' from 'service catalog quick menu' in requester login throws http 400 error.
    • SD-50086 : Reopened status set as wrongly when requester reopened any onhold tickets by replying from his login.
    • SD-50236 : Slow Performance while creating and replying request.
    • SD-48838 : Option to edit and close Purchase Order is opened for modify PO privilege technician.

    Issues fixed in 8201 (Released on: 19 April, 2013)

    • SD-50246 : Description column is added in work log list view.
    • SD-50251 : Unable to login as local authentication when LDAP authentication is enabled.
    • SD-50247 : Unable to search Request work log from global search.
    • SD-50200 : Action button is missing under workstation list view in IE.
    • SD-50243 : Request description is showing with HTML tags in iPhone native app.
    • SD-50260 : 'Unexpected error occurred' issue while adding a work log after migration has been fixed
    • SD-50197 : Gantt view horizontal scroll is not proper in Arabic language.
    • SD-49439 : Agent uninstall from one device removes the agent software from the software list of all machines.

    New Features in 8.2

    • SDF-50162 : "PROJECT MANAGEMENT" Module is introduced
    • SDF-50163 : Color code added to Admin > Status, which is now being used in Project Module alone.
    • SDF-47522 : Ability to import Contracts from excel.
    • SDF-47605 : Ability to localize or modify the names of default CI Types, Product Types and CI Relationship Types.
    • SDF-47798 : Introduced Multi level approval support in Purchase Order.
    • SDF-30497 : Ability to include the 'Associated Entity Id', 'Associated Entity Owner', 'Associated Entity Title, 'Associated Entity Link' & 'Associated Entity Module' in Task Notifications template.
    • SDF-50165: Tasks & Work log Enhancements:
      • Separate Tab introduced for Task notification in 'Admin > Notification Rules' and some new task notifications were included.
      • Introduced 'Task Types' under Admin > HelpDesk. Task Types can be configured along with color code.
      • Work log can be added for Tasks (earlier work log can be added only for Request, Problems, Change).
      • 'History' [Task's] shown in Task details page.
      • Request, Problem and Change work log information will now be available in a single table which will allow customers to take a unified work log query report of all modules combined.
    • SDF-50164 : Ability to generate reports for 'Tasks'.

    Issues fixed in 8.2

    • SD-48912 : From new request form, when the requester name having same names in different sites is typed and selected, wrong user details are getting populated.
    • SD-48801 : NPE occurs in some customer environment while forwarding solution.
    • SD-47618 : In servlet API, Exception occurs while adding the requester with requester view permission as DEPARTMENT REQUEST and SITE REQUEST.
    • SD-46643 : Deleted users are listed in All Cis list view.
    • SD-46811 : Global search filter's default text is not cleared while clicking in the search field.
    • SD-47205 : Servers cannot be searched in global Workstation/Server search, now a new filter for server search is available.
    • SD-47204 : Linux scan script contains invalid path for bash location.
    • SD-47406 : License agreement's attachment functionality is not working properly.
    • SD-47513 : Socket Exception while trying to scan a solaris machine.
    • SD-47588 : No alert message while reconciling two workstations received from Purchase Order.
    • SD-47688 : Complete asset scan history gets deleted when schedule audit history cleanup is enabled.
    • SD-47524 : Error while reconciling workstations from workstation's list view.
    • SD-49387 : NPE error when accessing link copied from web browser.
    • SD-46379 : In report advance filter, site name is getting displayed for listing vendor name.
    • SD-49890 : Spot edit of request, reset the selected category for that template request, if the Item field is moved out of the request template.
    • SD-34268 : In the Admin-> Notification Rules, Request notifications, "Acknowledge requester by e-mail on receipt of the email reply" is modified to "Acknowledge sender by e-mail on receipt of the email reply" based on the functionality.
    • SD-50095 : When customers configure their own styles, it will be added to a file UserStyle.css and included in the view pages. A file not found exception is thrown in the background for this file, when customers have not personalized the theme from Admin > Themes section.

    ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 ReadMe

    Issues fixed in 8127 (Released on: 21 March, 2013)

    • SD-49613: Show site based filtering of groups in technician add / edit page, based on the group count configured in Globalconfig table entry.

    Issues fixed in 8126 (Released on: 14 March, 2013)

    • SD-48897: Unable to add/import requester with site configured with a time zone value.
    • SD-40583: Email with multiple attachments having same name will retain only the first attachment.
    • SD-48030: Unable to view not-associated-to-any-site requests in archive list view in group restricted login even the user has privilege to view.
    • SD-49038: Creating request with Closed status does not update the completed date or resolved date.
    • SD-48801: In some customer environment, NullPointerException occurred while forwarding a solution.
    • SD-48424: Unable to push the scanned workstations from remote server to central server due to authentication problem.

    Issues fixed in 8125 (Released on: 22 February, 2013)

    • SD-48726: Performance issue with the mail fetching in the environment where we have large number of notifications, due to inefficient query has been addressed

    New Features in 8125

    • SDF-49103: Support for additional operations in REST API. The following new operations are added,
      • Request:
        • Add, Edit and Get Resolution
        • Assign Request
        • Pickup Request
        • Reply Request
        • Get Notification
        • Get Notifications
        • Get All Conversations
        • Get Requests
      • Site:
        • Get All Sites

    Issues fixed in 8124 (Released on: 20 February, 2013)

    • SD-48940: Unable to perform the xls import of request, with non-english language personalization.
    • SD-48804:
      • Cleanup audit history schedule does not delete the complete audit history if the data in the audit history tables are high.
      • Instead of fetching the complete audit history information while clicking history tab in workstation details page (which creates performance problems), we are fetching in batches.

    New Features in 8124

    • SDF-37132: Feature to show Incident / Service Request templates for technician, based on the support groups associated to the templates and technicians.If no support group is associated to templates, then it will be shown to all the technicians.

    Issues fixed in 8123 (Released on: 1 February, 2013)

    • SD-48675: After selecting the requester in the new incident page, the technician list becomes unsorted.
    • SD-48110: OS Version not properly identified in Japanese Ubuntu machines
    • SD-48772: While pasting images from clipboard in IE, a certificate expired message is displayed.
    • SD-48779: While taking a backup in 8122 and restoring the data in any database, custom report generation will throw an exception.
    • SD-48841: When there are more attachments added in the application, performance issue is faced in Request details page when opening Request notification with attachments.

    New Features in 8123

    • SDF-39916: Feature to import incident request through XLS.

    Issues fixed in 8122 (Released on: 31st December, 2012)

    • SD-23307: When a requester closes a 'Request' through the link sent via E-Mail, the 'Thank You!' message shown after the operation is always displayed in English even though the language personalized is different.

    New Features in 8122

    • SDF-48546: Option to configure the top header background and tab colors. A new section "Admin > General > Theme" has been added for this purpose.

    Issues fixed in 8121 (Released on: 13th December, 2012)

    • SD-48283: If no site is configured in SDP, the Group list is empty when performing spot edit on a ticket.
    • SD-48229: Unable to un-assign the asset associated for the request.
    • SD-48104: While adding images to Incident template, the images will not be saved properly and will be lost during upgrade
    • SD-48184: While adding images to Service template, the images will not be saved properly and will be lost during upgrade
    • SD-48320: If an image with name containing multiple dots and space (eg: "test.image for testing.jpg") in its name is sent as inline image, then replying to that particular request will show a notification error.
    • SD-48241: Out of Memory Error while loading the Relationship tab under workstation details page when there are huge number of relationsships present in the database.
    • SD-48321, SD-48347: Conversation's does not expand on clicking the green envelope icon present in the request details page.
    • SD-48301: When technician is assigned to request for the first time, the corresponding information is not shown in the history.
    • SD-48345, SD-48319: Unable to add an additional field as a Pick list for an Incident template using the Add new field option in the Drag and Drop Fields.
    • SD-48344: For Requests raised by requesters who do not have an email ID configured, the mail fetching stops while adding a conversation for the request
    • SD-48354: In IE, when conversation type is changed, an intermittent error message is shown even though the conversation type is changed successfully.
    • SD-47809: Asset -> Unable to download attachments with # in file names.

    New Features in 8121

    • SDF-48291: Support to add inline images or paste images from Clipboard while replying / forwarding to a request

    Issues fixed in 8119 (Released on: 3rd December, 2012)

    • SD-48237 : If customers have customized the header logo, then when upgrading to the latest build would remove the customized image.

    Issues fixed in 8118 (Released on: 29th November, 2012)

    • SD-41662: In IE 9, Group field will go blank after selecting the Requester name in the new Incident page.
    • SD-47432: Report Schedule get deleted when report is updated by other Technician.
    • SD-47305: Right Navigation Button under 'Manage Custom View' is missing in Chrome Browser.
    • SD-47291: CI Type field shown in Technician and Requester Details Page for Standard Edition / Professional Edition has been revoked.
    • SD-26166: In IE when a new request is created through webform, with user having multiple white spaces in their name, it prompt for new user addition.To address this, we have removed multiple white spaces present in the user name while adding users into servicedeskplus.Existing user names having multiple white spaces will be replaced with single space.
    • SD-47113: Possible vulnerability during the delete operation of Category / Sub Category / Item by manually modifying the parameters
    • SD-48073: Under Admin -> Backup Schedule settings, when the backup delete interval is greater than 24 days, the recent backup data are also getting deleted.
    • SD-46841 : Cross-site scripting vulnerability identified in parsing scanned xmls has been fixed.

    New Features in 8118

    • SDF-48100: Support to paste images from Clipboard to the Rich text area
    • SDF-47685: Option to import selected users from the Active Directory based on login name of the user.
    • SDF-46880: Option to mark a conversation as private / public. Public conversations will be visible to requesters also where as private conversations will be visible only to technicians

    Issues fixed in 8117 (Released on: 20th November, 2012)

    • SD-30112: Issue applying Spam Filter fixed. Say, a spam filter is set as CC is and a mail is sent to with CC as, then the mail is filtered and not getting created in SDP.
    • SD-47714: Unable to view the Site field under Admin -> Operational hours in the IE has been fixed.
    • SD-28799: Technician Notification is not working when the technician is assigned through business rule has been fixed.
    • SD-47842: Performance and stability are improved in handling the large number of Site, Group and Technician.
    • SD-47674: In the Software License page, the technician with site restriction is able to modify the organizational license to some other site has been fixed.
    • SD-47406, SD-47835: Problem in attachments of license agreement has been fixed.
    • SD-47524: Error while reconcile from Workstation list view has been fixed.
    • SD-46716: The 'Go' button in the search field for the request ID present in the workorder list view is not proper in Chrome browser. It is aligned to the left hand side instead of the right hand side.
    • SD-47920 : Issue on upgrading from 8114 to 8115 / 8116 which throws Duplicate Entry Exception in Accolumnconfiguration table has been fixed.

    New Features in 8117

    • SDF-47827: Product,Product Type, Serial Number and Site info will be shown on list view in 'Select Assets' popup while assigning assets to incident.

    Issues fixed in 8116 (Released on: 24th October, 2012)

    • SD-47733: Users cannot login into ServiceDesk Plus after upgraded to 8115 has been fixed.

    Issues fixed in 8115 (Released on: 18th October, 2012)

    • SD-47474: Performance enhanced while loading large data when configuring Custom filter and Report.
    • SD-47415: If only default request template is enabled for requester, then 'Report an Issue' link is not shown in self service portal has been fixed.
    • SD-46545: Problem in viewing the request created through Email Command with new requester having name and email id has been fixed.
    • SD-47512: Asset audit history gets deleted if scheduled audit history enabled in scan settings.
    • SD-47506: Department head field is not shown on Department details page in Professional edition has been fixed.
    • SD-47312: Request bulk edit throws Null Pointer Exception in Standard edition has been fixed.
    • SD-47406: Download attachment not working for one which is added at the time of modification in License Agreement has been fixed.
    • SD-42511: Request created via email with traditional chinese charaters displayed as junk has been fixed.
    • SD-47293: Problem in editing technician containing more than 20000 groups across sites has been fixed.

    New Features in 8115

    • SDF-24512: Resolved time of a request will set when request is moved to resolved status. Timespent will be calculated when a request is moved to resolved or closed status.
    • SDF-47393: Support for additional operations in REST API. The following new operations are supported.
      • Technician:
        • GET ALL Technicians
      • Admin
        • GET and GET ALL operations for the following "admin" configurations - Status, Level, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Category, Subcategory, Item, Request template.
        • GET ALL Support group
      • Request
        • ADD Attachment, GET Conversation and GET ALL Conversations.
    • SDF-40086: Technician role scoping will be applied when viewing Tasks from Home section. If the technician has restricted role (Site restriction, Group restriction, Assigned to self), then Tasks allowed for the technician role alone will be shown in Home Tasks section.
    • SDF-47366: Ability to mark Request first response time when adding Notes from Request list view.
    • SDF-47689: Mobile devices information scanned in ManageEngine Desktop Central can be accessed from ServiceDesk Plus web client (when SDP - DC integration is enabled)
    • SDF-47690 : ServiceDesk Plus Technician can initiate chat session to Requester through Chat feature available in ManageEngine Desktop Central (when SDP - DC integration is enabled).

    Issues fixed in 8114 (Released on: 18th September, 2012)

    • SD-47234 : The permissions "Editing closed Requests" and "Editing/Deleting own notes" were not associated to 'SDSiteAdmin' and 'Custom role(s)' during earlier upgrade has been fixed.
    • Note: Users who upgraded in the sequence 8110 -> 8111 -> 8112 and still do not want the permissions "Editing closed Requests" and "Editing/Deleting own notes" for the above mentioned roles, need to disable it manually after 8114 upgrade.
    • SD-46759 : Some non-admin technicians were unable to view the default site 'Not associated to any site' has been fixed.
    • Note: After the upgradation, please edit and save the problematic technician under the admin section to make it work again.

    • SD-47273 : Agent upgrade is getting failed if "Pass through authentication" is enabled.
    • SD-39375 : After deleting all the filters on an existing report , it is not possible to add some new filters as the + button no longer appear has been fixed.
    • SD-30631 : Mailfetching stops while processing non-english file attachments and inline images has been fixed.
    • SD-44297 : Requester replies to a request from the self-service-portal, request not changed as UnRead in the technician view has been fixed.
    • SD-46747 : In German language,"on" shown in the Request conversation was wrongly translated has been fixed.
    • SD-46941 : Resolution dropdown shown under the Resolution tab of the request details page is shown out view in IE browser has been fixed.

    New Features in 8114

    • SDF-21574 : Requests created through emails and conversation will now show the To, and Cc fields in the request details page.
    • SDF-47274 : File attachments can now be stored in other drives in the server machine instead of the default path. The path can be configured in "Admin -> Self Service Portal Settings -> Path for attachments".
    • SDF-46881 : Option to copy the Service Templates is available. Which helps technicians to create new Service Templates quickly from the existing templates.
    • SDF-47337 : Feature to generate automatic threaddump has been implemented, when SDP application performance degrades.

    Issues fixed in 8112 (Released on: 4th September, 2012)

    • SD-47206 : Page goes blank while searching text from Left Hand Side search, with module as 'Requests', and submodules as 'Default' has been fixed.

    Issues fixed in 8111 (Released on: 31st August, 2012)

    • SD-46805 : The request description and conversation description would be displayed in Left to Right(LTR) mode instead of Right To Left(RTL) mode when the language settings is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
    • SD-46703 : When merging requests from request list view, alert message will inform which request will be made as parent request.
    • SD-46665 : While archiving, request id at the time of merging the request is not retained.
    • SD-46580 : Exception while creating a custom filter with criteria having more than 300 characters has been fixed.
    • SD-46879 : Technicians with restricted access to view only the associated sites, are able to view all the sites under the Asset and CMDB modules.
    • SD-46734 : Site field shown in text box lists the sites which are marked not for further usage has been fixed.
    • SD-46741 : Script error on selecting the site and then a technician in the technician calendar has been fixed.
    • SD-46751 : In Standard and Professional edition, clicking 'Cancel' in user / asset CSV import wizard page throws exception.
    • SD-46754 : In Standard and Professional edition, clicking 'Cancel' in Admin > Support Group > Edit of a support group throws exception.
    • SD-46745 : Hong Kong added to the list of countries in the Admin > Site > Add New section.
    • SD-46194 : In Standard and Professional edition, exception while trying to do a CSV import of requesters.
    • SD-46290 : Unable to update the requester additional fields through servlet API.
    • SD-43159 : Issue in Service Request Approval/Rejection when Department Head is marked as one of the approvers has been fixed.
    • SD-45625 : Wrong Notification sent to the Editor when an already edited Service Request is Closed has been fixed.
    • SD-47165 : If the user is not logged into SDP, clicking the task link in task notification will throw a tasks/images/spacer.gif not found error.
    • SD-41383 : Cannot delete workstations with huge audit history.
    • SD-45818 : Technicians with Asset full role with Scan Now option enabled cannot do a "New scan" in workstation listview.
    • SD-46528 : Cannot fetch OS name and hardware details in Solaris machine due to non-bash shells.
    • SD-46543 : Software not fetched during importing of japanese linux scanned xml.
    • SD-46615 : Hardware details not fetched during importing of linux scanned xml.
    • SD-46624 : More threads waiting for getting printer's server name during bulk scanned xml import.
    • SD-46635 : Software CI gets deleted from list view, while removing any of its relationships.
    • SD-46730 : When scanning a VM, its relationship with VMHost is lost.
    • SD-46736 : Problem with scanning linux machine if the output for uname -s returns in 2 lines.
    • SD-46739 : While scanning a linux machine, if the port 9090 is open, trying to scan via agent and stopped instead of proceeding to linux scan.
    • SD-46313 : Installed column becomes zero after applying licenses in Software details page.
    • SD-44051 : Date format is not personalized in Purchase Order non-login page.
    • SD-45922 : Inventory data will be lost while moving from workstation product to server product.
    • SD-46344 : Purchase Order attachment not accessible in non-login page.
    • SD-46346 : The message displayed after approving or rejecting a Purchase order has been modified.
    • SD-46709 : While scanning ESX Virtual Machine, VM's alias name is fetched instead of VM host name.
    • SD-46755 : Audit reports are not site based.
    • SD-46904 : Workstation name changed to ipaddress during scheduled scan.
    • Vulnerability issue as specified in CVE-2012-2585 has been fixed
    • SD-46278 : Description was not shown properly with the RackSpace mail client has been fixed.

    New Features in 8111

    • SDF-21573 : Earlier when a request is assigned or pickedup by two/more technicians at the same time, the latest technician would be saved. Now, in such cases, a dialog box indicating the conflict requests would be displayed based on which the technician can decide whether to assign/pickup or cancel the operation.
    • SDF-36164 : In scheduled backup configuration section, an option is included to configure deleting scheduled backup data.
    • SDF-46795 : Earlier, the responded time for a request would be set only when a reply is made. Now an option to set the responded time when a note is added is also provided.
    • SDF-46860 : Technicians can be restricted to edit 'Closed' tickets by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Editing Closed Requests' in the roles section.
    • SDF-46861 : Technicians can be restricted to delete notes by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Edit / Delete own notes' in the roles section.
    • SDF-46613 : Service tags can be imported while receiving workstations/servers in Purchase Order.
    • SDF-46784 : Apart from SDAdmin,non-admin technicians can also create query report by enabling fine grained authorization check "Create Query Report" while adding or editing a role.
    • SDF-31535 : Ability to perform remote control using other tools like Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, Team Planner, DameWare etc

    Issues fixed in 8110 (Released on: 31st July, 2012)

    • SD-46612 : If the user name contains some special characters like (Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü ß), then while creating a request, an alert message 'The user does not exists. Do you want to create a new one?' appears even though the requester is already present.
    • SD-46607: In DC integration mode, while creating a new technician in SDP and DC and if the user license limit is reached in DC, then an exception is getting displayed instead of a proper error message.
    • SD-46373: When the product type names are longer, then the asset selection popup which appears while associating an asset to a request is not proper and search icon is not visible.
    • SD-46220: When the site configuration settings for support group for a particular site is changed from 'Refer' to 'Copy' from the site list view, then editing and saving a support groups in that site results in an exception.
    • SD-46131: Unable to update a requester using servlet api.
    • SD-46097: In Service Catalog, when some of the selected groups are deselected and saved, then the changes are not reflected properly. Only a few of the groups get deselected.
    • SD-46069: When a Preventive Maintenance task is deleted, the tasks inside that are not getting deleted.
    • SD-45977: The notification from business rules is always sent in rich text format even though 'Plain Text Format' is chosen in the Admin > Notification Rules section.
    • SD-45891: When a note is added to an unassigned request, the option to notify the technician is available.
    • SD-46646: In Business Rules, if group is added as a criteria in default site, the group id of the default site is checked in copy site as well. The corresponding group id of copy site should be checked instead.
    • SD-46482: Email notification message for the Scheduled backup failure has been corrected.
    • SD-46774: Wrong calculation of 'Due by time' when a closed request is re-opened after the Requester's reply.

    New Features in 8110

    • SDF-46583: Support to show the request link information in the request list view itself.
    • SDF-40713: The Site field under asset, cmdb, purchase module has been replaced with a text box for technicians with more (100, by default) site permissions. This configuration is based on a GlobalConfig table entry with the category as 'SiteIconListConfiguration'. 
      NOTE: This is a behavior change, the site field will be shown in a text box with site search option for the technician with sites more than or equal to 100.

    Issues fixed in 8109 (Released on: 3rd July, 2012)

    • SD-46525:The description and the conversation getting displayed as question mark for contents other than English characters in request module.

    Issues fixed in 8108 (Released on: 29th June, 2012)

    • SD-45844:In requester auto complete available in 'New Request' form, the required requester cannot be selected by using up/down arrow.

    • SD-44680: When a note has a double quote ("), then editing such a note will always open the previously edited note in the request details section.
    • SD-46244: When a conversation(received from mail or from SDP form) has improper nesting of html tags, the reply/forward buttons and the subsequent details are not displayed properly.
    • SD-46058: In Russian language, the action menu is missing in requester list view page when viewed in Internet Explorer
    • SD-45098: The approved time displayed in the Request > Approvals section was in a fixed format instead of the one personalized by the technician.
    • SD-44729: When a reply is sent to a closed request through mail, the ticket is reopened properly but the completed time is not reset and the old value is getting displayed.
    • SD-45931: Unable to add or edit service categories in Professional edition with Service Catalog add on module.
    • SD-45984: While editing a support group the technicians are not listed alphabetically.
    • SD-39621: Query reports could be executed by a normal technician who has reports permission by executing a particular URL directly and write the contents to a file, even though it would have been blocked for him from the user interface. Now the direct URL way has also been restricted to normal technicians who have report full permission.
    • SD-30521: Technicians who do not have permission to merge requests could still do it by constructing the required URL. This has been restricted now by having proper authorization checks.
    • SD-45362: Russian Daylight saving has been cancelled. It was not getting reflected in the 'Personalize' drop down.
    • SD-45394: Bulleted list(s) not showing in case of IE on the announcement details page is resolved.
    • SD-45862: The technician calendar that is popped up by clicking a technician name in the technician availability chart will now have scroll bars enabled to view the complete data
    • SD-45892: While editing a date field, the current date was always selected by default instead of the earlier saved date.
    • SD-46409: Unable to restore , take backup in SQL Server 2012 Issue has been fixed.
    • SD-46010: When a Service Category contains Incident template alone, then it is not shown in end user Self service portal.

    New Features in 8108

    • SDF-00000: Task count will be shown in Request list view and Request count will be shown in Task list view
    • SDF-00000: In Request list view, ability to view whether a Request has tasks and details of Tasks for the Request
    • SDF-00000: In Request list view a new filter 'My Pending Requests or Tasks' has been added. This will list Requests that are pending for the technician or Requests with in which Task is pending for the technician

    Issues fixed in 8107 (Released on: 12th June, 2012)

    • SD-46068: Some of the Preventive Maintenance task schedules get changed to one time schedule has been fixed. Note : The task schedule(s) which is changed to one time schedule will not be recovered automically after upgrade, and these schedule has to be reconfigured accordingly by editing them manually.

    • SD-46185: Model of the HP printers not detected during scan.
    • SD-46179: Local credentials provided for certain devices gets over written with domain/network credentials if domain scan or network scan is performed.
    • SD-46165: Error while viewing the asset details page if the product is installed in Spanish OS server.
    • SD-46183: Time out error while scanning Solaris machines.

    Issues fixed in 8106 (Released on: 1st June, 2012)

    • SD-45840: The agent with SDP supports weak SSL ciphers. Option to specify the cipher to be used has been added to the GlobalConfig table with parameter = 'CIPHERS'. This change requires a restart of SDP server.

    • SD-45711: Changing the Product Type from one consumable type to another in the Admin section results in an exception
    • SD-45532: Minor version association gets removed while adding or updating the Part number field from Admin > Products section for that software.
    • SD-43388: Installed count shows '0' for CAL in license listview even though CAL licenses are allocated to devices / users.
    • SD-36695: When a software version update occurs, the license gets deallocated.
    • SD-45837: Unable to import assets from CSV file if the asset's department is present in more than one site.
    • SD-44155: Product type is not deleted after deleting the CI Type.
    • SD-45934: When the number of sites in SDP is very huge (more than 1000 sites and 400 techs ), then in some cases, accessing the 'Technician Availability Chart' will lead to Out Of Memory.
    • SD-45914: When a CAB member records his decision, then the time of action is not displayed in the Approval page. Only the decision alone is visible.
    • SD-45918: The time stamp in the Change > History tab gets displayed based on the default time zone and not on the user personalized time zone.
    • SD-45978: Unable to edit the custom leave types after migrating to 8.1.

    Note : The agent version has been updated. So customers using agent for scanning need to update their versions.

    Issues fixed in 8105 (Released on: 9th May, 2012)

    • SD-45896: When a backup of SDP (.data file) is restored in a fresh MSSQL database, some of the dynamic tables are not created. As a result some of the functionalities like request merge, defining new service categories etc. will not work.

    Issues fixed in 8104 (Released on: 7th May, 2012)

    • SD-45863: CMDB tab will not be displayed for customers who fall under any of the below categories.
      • Who are using MSSQL 2000
      • Customers who are using other versions of MSSQL and have migrated from ServiceDesk Plus version 7611 or below.
    • SD-45861: The header image in the new UI had been modified to 161*57 from the old 166*46. As a result, customers who had migrated will see their company logo stretched. To address this, we have reverted to the older size of 166*46 itself

    Issues fixed in 8103 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

    • SD-45804: : When the request is resolved a mail will be sent to the requester along with the link to close the request. When the requester clicks this link, a page like 'Request cannot be viewed' appears instead of the page to close the request.

    Issues fixed in 8102 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

    • SD-45745: : Reply template, resolution template and task template working only for technicians having 'SDAdmin' permission and not for normal technicians. A javascript error is thrown when accessed by normal technicians
    • SD-45624: In Change details page, when we try to click the 'Technician' and do a spot edit, the Site list and the Technician list will not appear. The same would work when we click on the 'Site' and try to update it.
    • SD-45650: In Technician Availability, when we add a leave for technician, the leave gets added successfully, but the availability chart becomes blank. On refreshing the page it gets displayed properly. This happens only when the site is set to be displayed in auto complete mode in GlobalConfig table.
    • SD-45685: While marking the unavailability of a technician, when we change the To / From fields with a date other than the current date, the text field will disappear.
    • SD-45755: In Admin > Organization Details > Holidays section, when we select a date through the calendar, the input field gets hidden but the values are saved properly while clicking 'Save'.
    • SD-45687: When no sites are configured, then while trying to add a holiday in Admin > Organization Details > Holidays section, a script error would be thrown.
    • SD-45762: When the Forward Schedule of Change is viewed in any language other than English, the weekends would not have been marked in the calendar.
    • SD-45776: In Change > Planning tab, when an Impact or Roll Out Plan etc.. is added, the message in the header shows the text 'Entered by on 01/05/2012 10:17 AM' where the name of the technician is missing. It should have been 'Entered by administrator on 01/05/2012 10:17 AM' if the operation is done by technician named administrator.
    • SD-45803: When the 'Disable default request template for requesters' is set to 'Yes' in Admin > Self Service Portal and if the requester is allowed to see the approval details, then in requester login the approval and history tab will be blank.
    • SD-45805: The selected value for the refresh settings in Request List View is not shown as selected once the technician logsout and logsin again into ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SD-45793: When a leave is marked for a technician from the 'Technician Availability Chart', confirm box for configuring the backup technician would be shown. This box does not appear in FireFox browsers.

    Issues fixed in 8101 (Released on: 26th April, 2012)

    • SD-45735: : Able to delete all the default non deletable additional fields like 'Job Title', 'Contact Number' etc.. of Requester / Technician from 'Admin > User Additional Fields' section. This would result in Requester / Technician List View not getting listed. Deleting of the default fields would have been restricted now.

    Features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 (8100) : (Released on: 24rd April,2012)

    Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

    The CMDB provides a complete view of the business critical CIs, their relationships with other CIs and the business impact caused due to malfunction of a CI.

    • Support to define various Configuration Item Types (CI Types) and Relationship Types.
    • Support a parent- child hierarchy for CI Types.
    • Each CI Type is defined with attributes and relationships. The Child CI Type will inherit the attributes and relationships configured for the Parent CI Type.
    • Configure Relationships between the CIs. The relationships can have relationship attributes.
    • Visualization map providing a detailed view of the CI relationships which will help in identifying the dependencies and impact of CIs before performing any changes or in case of any problems.
    • View the pending requests, problems and changes raised for Assets, Business Service or IT Service from the relationship map.

    Service Catalog Enhancements

    • Support multi-level approval stages for service requests.
    • Support for request approvers to be shown with approval information of other service request approvers.
    • Option to display Approvals tab (in the Requests module) for Requesters.
    • The ‘Agreed upon time’ (SLA) for a service request would be displayed to the requesters before creating the Service Request.
    • Ability to select a requester to edit and fill-in the required information for a service request.

    Asset Depreciation

    • Calculate the depreciation of assets and components.
    • Provide four methods declining balance, double declining balance, straight line and Sum of the Years digits - to calculate asset depreciation.

    Other Enhancements

    • Self-Service Portal UI changes:
      • Option to combine and display the Incident Templates and Service Request Templates under Request Catalog in Self-Service Portal.
      • Option to disable the default request template ('New Request' link) for requesters.
      • Option to include a static html file in the Self-Service Portal.
    • Support to move Technicians as Requesters.
    • Execute scripts from ServiceDesk Plus to ManageEngine Desktop Central.
    • Ability to scan the VM Host machines and also determines the VMs running on the host.
    • Leave Types can be denoted with the help of color codes.
    • Inclusion of Group and Technician in the Archived Requests exclusion criteria.
    • Support to translate the display text from the application client.
    • Ability to associate the change due to which a request was created from the Request details page.
    • Next/Previous navigation buttons is available for Requests, Problems and Changes details page, provided the details page is accessed from the corresponding List View.
    • Option to add attachments from the Actions menu in the requests details page.
    • Inclusion of a new field to track the last updated time of the request. This field will be set when a request is updated, or when a note is added to the request, or when a reply sent by the technician.
    • Support to search requests based on service request common additional fields.
    • Apart from selecting technicians for contract expiry notification, you can also configure E-mail IDs to be notified before the contract expires.
    • Option to send multiple expiry notifications for a contract.
    • Option to add attachments for Purchase Orders without editing it.
    • While scanning MS SQL server software from the machine, the edition of the software is also fetched.
    • Support for sending notification to user(s) upon installation of prohibited software.
    • Support to identify workstations with duplicate 'Service Tag' and 'MAC Address' from Admin tab --> General Settings.
    • Support to enable or disable the Scan option (permission to scan workstations from the workstation details page) while creating/editing a role.
    • Public key authentication support for scanning Linux machines.
    • Support for scanning Linux machines using shell script. The script can be used for scanning Linux machines which are not in the network, or to push inventory data from the remote machines to the server.
    • Date fields in all the Asset forms can be edited manually without choosing the calendar.
    • Option provided for additional comments while changing the state of assets or assigning it to a user/department.
    • Scan script for Mac machines.
    • Users configured in a workstation will be fetched and listed in 'System' tab of workstation details page.
    • Support to access Self-Service Portal (for requesters) from Mobile Client.
    • Support to access application from iPad browser client.
    • Right to left support rendered in the browser for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and so on.
    • RAM frequency in Windows OS is fetched during workstation scan.
    • Supported web browsers: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome.
    • Support additional 5 new display languages namely, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene and Icelandic.

    Behavioral Changes

    • Navigation in the request details page has been modified. In 8.1, the work order that is displayed in the request list view alone will be available for navigation. For example: If you are viewing request IDs 26 to 50, then those 25 IDs alone will be available while navigating from the request details page.
    • The term New Incident is changed as New Issue in the Self-Service Portal.
    • Earlier, the Custom Settings button in the Reports module would be shown to technicians with edit report permission. But in 8.1, the Custom Setting button would be visible only to technicians with administrator privilege.
    • Importing user from csv file based on the app field name. Now modified as the additional field alias name mapped for importing user.

    ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 ReadMe

    Issues Fixed in 8027 (Released on: 23rd April, 2012)


    • SD-45662 : Problem in editing the Technician page, where the associated groups for the technicians contains "&" symbol has been fixed.

    Backup Restore

    • SD-45663 : Problem in creating servicecatalog dynamictables during restoring of data in a mssql setup has been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 8026 (Released on: 29th March, 2012)


    • SDF-44926
      • An SDP API reference implementation is provided to generate tickets in SDP via API. Custom implementations can be written to perform specific tasks and API implementation can be invoked to create tickets in SDP.
      • An SDP server side XML based reference implementation is provided to invoke custom Java classes based on certain criteria. This is designed to mimic Business rules, wherein, specific Java classes can be invoked as action if the defined criteria is matched.
    • SDF-44927 : Group is added as a criteria value in Business Rule. Business rules can be defined to take action based on Group value of the request.

    Issues Fixed in 8026

    Firefox Browser v11

    • SD-44845 : Browser dialogs are not pop-up in Firefox browser version 11 and hence not able to add notes, worklog etc., has been fixed.


    • SD-44922 : Performance problem while loading the site and group details in the technician page has been fixed.
      NOTE: This is a behavior change in the Admin -> Technician page, if the number of support groups under the copy and custom sites exceed 2500, a new associated site select list will be shown above the available groups field which can be modified to view the available groups under the particular site.
      But the associated groups field will list all the associated groups from all the sites.

    Issues Fixed in 8025 (Released on: 27th March, 2012)


    • SD-44937 : Unable to add request by requester from self-service portal using the template where text additional field with default value and restriction for the requester to view alone has been fixed.

    Issues Fixed in 8024 (Released on: 19th March, 2012)


    • SD-44201 : When we add Closure Code from the request details page -> Action menu -> Add Closure Code, it updates the Closure Code value for all the closed request has been fixed.
    • SD-44585 : Request notification contains more than one RequestCloseLink, then the last link alone will work has been fixed.
    • SD-44720 : When a request close / resolved notification with RequestCloseLink is sent to Requester and EmailCC user, then they have problem in accessing the RequestCloseLink has been fixed.

    Remote Control

    • SD-42838 : Unable to perform remote control from FireFox browser version 4 and above has been fixed.
    • SD-38682 : Remote Control does not work for the technician having Asset View and RemoteControl view has been fixed.

    Remote Data Export and Push

    • SD-44134 : Unable to export and push the asset data from remote server to the Central server when Single-Sign-On is enabled in the central server has been fixed.

    Enhancement in 8023 (Released on: 9th February, 2012) Internal release


    • SD-42714 : 'DECIMAL' type Incident and Service Additional fields for request module is included. User can configure upto 8 fields.
      • Option to configure the EXACT LENGTH for the value of NUMERIC additional fields is included.
      • Option to configure the EXACT LENGTH for the value of SINGLE-LINE-TEXT additional fields is included.
        And along with that, within the 'single line text' additional field, an option to specify "Numeric value alone" is provided.

    Issues Fixed in 8022 (Released on: 12th January, 2012)


    • SD-43214 : The description field during the reply of the conversation disappears have been fixed.
    • SD-43284 : In some cases, while processing email attachments, NPE is thrown has been fixed.
    • SD-42451 : NPE while creating a new request from Iphone App, if servicedesk is configured with no sites has been fixed.

    Enhancements in 8021 (Released on: 21st December, 2011)


    • SDF-40345 : Enhancement in the reply template selection. When we perform a reply or forward to a request, and after typing in some content, user chooses any of the reply or forward template, it will not prompt for any action from the user and will simply add the contents. Now a confirmation message will appear asking for overwrite before applying the template changes to the description. This is a behavior change.

    Issues Fixed in 8021


    • SD-42613 : In some cases, when we duplicate request with attachments, then the attachments are getting added with zero size has been fixed.
    • SD-42765 : In some cases, where the site for the request is assigned initially with Copy or Custom sites and later changed that site to Referred Site and because of which SLA escalation notification throws NullPointerException. Resulting in not marking the overdue flag for the request has been fixed.


    • SD-41480: Null pointer exception while scanning the solaris machine has been fixed.
    • SD-42487: Scan without credentials for the solaris machine which did not scanned successfully and also throws the null pointer exception has been fixed.


    • SD-42605: scheduledCSVUserImportMapping.xml file gets overwritten with the default mapping file during the hotfix upgrade has been fixed.


    • SD-42531: Performance problem in loading the 'Available list' and 'Associated list' of data under Admin sections like Technician pages for loading of Sites and Groups causing the client to get freeze has been enhanced.
    • SD-42529: If the setup had large number of sites and technicians, there were issues when deleting a site. This issue has been fixed.


    • SD-24822: Incident Request notifications which included UDF_DATE (Date/Time) fields part of the notification are sent with Date even though we the Date/Time additional field is stored with the Date and Time values has been fixed to send the notification with Date and time.

    Issue Fixed in 8020 (Released on: 29th November, 2011)

    Iphone App

    • SD-4224 : Problem in authenticating user while login through Iphone app, when servicedesk is installed in Linux machine has been fixed.

    Mail Fetching

    • SD-34164 : When forwarding or replying a mail received with inline images in japanese environment, inline images which are encoded are dropped while processing email. Hence, the decoding is done while processing email.


    • SD-42089 : More than 100 technicians were not getting displayed for the technician exclusion list in the TechAuto Assign has beed fixed.


    • SD-39623 : Backup Schedule can be changed by non SDAdmin users by passing the parameters from the URL has been fixed.

    DesktopCentral Management

    • SD-42323 : In some cases, "Enable to access Desktop Management" checkbox is getting deselected for the technician has been fixed.


    • SD-41775 : Spelling corrected "Trouble Shoot" is changed to "Troubleshoot" under MailServer Settings and Active Directory Configuration.

    Issue Fixed in 8019 (Released on: 21st November, 2011)


    • SD-41788: Some customers have reported issue in upgrading from 8011 to latest. This is caused in PostProcessor handling where we remove the duplicate entry in the resourcehistory table where the query to perform this was complex, and now it is simiplified and handled.

    Enhancements in 8017 (Released on: 13h October, 2011)


    • SDF-40792: Support for performing request related operations from Iphone through Iphone native application.
    • SDF-40713: For performance enhancement, the drop-down list of the Site field under Request module has been replaced with a text box for technicians with more (100, by default) site permissions. This configuration is based on GlobalConfig table entry.
      • Category : SiteIconListConfiguration
      • Parameter : SiteCount ParamValue : 100
      • NOTE: This is a behavior change, the site field will be shown in a text box with site search option for the technician with sites more than or equal to 100.

    Desktop Management

    • SDF-40793: Perform all Desktop Management functions of ManageEngine Desktop Central from the ServiceDesk Plus.


    • SDF-40357: For performance enhancement, separate thread pool for the asset scan has been implemented.

    Issues Fixed in 8017


    • SD-40647: Problem in saving the technician details with API key has been fixed.


    • SD-40754: When we update a closed request, in a time greater than the due-by-time of the request, OverDue flag is getting set has been fixed.
    • SD-39075: Unable to save the draft with a larger data has been fixed. When compared to the earlier build, we can save draft with more data.
    • SD-40472: Issue in updating the due-by-time and first response due-by-time, when the request is edited simultaneously has been fixed.
    • SD-40101: Technician who is not having enough permission to view the Request is able to view it in the Edit Mode by changing the URL has been fixed.
    • SD-39498: When the request technician is unassigned, then the ticket will be marked as read is fixed, and now the ticket will be marked as un-read.
    • SD-40104: Time taken in incoming mail processing has been optimized.


    • SD-41270: During Scanning, WMI connection hangs indefinitely for some machines has been fixed.

    Enhancements in 8016 (Released on: 29th August, 2011)


    • SDF-40726: Requester can able to select the Service Request Approvers, while raising the Service Request. And by default the approver field will be moved out of the SR templates. And if required, this field can be dragged and moved into the SR templates. By default users who are all marked as SR approvers will be listed for the requesters to approve, along with the $DEPT_HEAD.

    Enhancements in 8015 (Released on: 16th August, 2011)


    • SDF-39314: Additional configurations for SLA calculation is included. Now, you can make the non-working days and holidays accountable in SLA calculation, if the override operational hours is set True for the SLA or Operational Hours is set as Round the Clock for the site. This configuration is based on GlobalConfig table entry. By default this field is set in such a way that weekends and holidays are not included for SLA calculations.
      Category : SLA
      ParamValue : False

      Category : SLA
      ParamValue : False

    SLA Escalation

    • SDF-39835 : Now SLA Escalation notifications for "Escalate After" is made to send only in the Operational hours based on the Globalconfig Table entry.
      NOTE: This is a behavior change, and if you want the notification to be sent irrespective of the operational hours and holidays, change the paramvalue for the Globalconfig entry to false
      Paramater : IN_OPERATIONAL_HOURS
      ParamValue : True


    • SDF-36318 : Support to map user defined fields from LDAP to requester fields, during the requester import. For now this configuration is available only as a database configuration.

    Issues Fixed in 8015


    • SD-39369: In Self-Service Portal settings, Configured as Request in on-hold status should reopen on requester reply as NO. When a request is put to .onhold. status, and if a conversation is added to the request, and later when the ticket is moved to open status, the time the ticket was put .onhold. is wrongly calculated has been fixed.
    • SD-39308: First Response gets overdue when duplicated requests have SLA removed has been fixed.
    • SD-34946: New line characters are getting appended when switching notification to Plain text notification and back to HTML notification in Admin -> Notification Rules section. This has been fixed.
    • SD-38956: Performing spell check while creating a new request, will remove the empty lines. This will happen only in IE has been fixed.
    • SD-39221: For the fields which are marked for the requester not to view, and in the Requester login, the fields value is greater than 22 characters, the value is shown has been fixed.
    • SD-38636: In Firefox 4/5, when a request resolution is added, the typed contents are not saved. This has been fixed.
    • SD-38625: In Firefox 4/5, when a request resolution is edited, the rich text area appears blank and the original content is not populated. This has been fixed.


    • SD-39879: There were performance issues if the setup had high number of sites and technicians with admin and restricted roles. Queries are optimized to handle such huge data.


    • SD-35725: When the browser window is resized, the change calendar will not be redrawn. This has been fixed.

    Security Vulnerability

    • SD-39833: Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities due non sanitization of input data has been fixed.


    • SD-39868: IP Address which are not in the network added into SDP during scan has been fixed.


    • SD-39203: Problem in replacing the additional fields values while sending the Problem / Change notifications. Say, if we have UDF_CHAR1 and UDF_CHAR10 configured for problem and change, and during notification, UDF_CHAR1 value is getting replaced for the UDF_CHAR10 field. This is fixed.
    • SD-39766: Unable to add Business Rule on the Additional Incident Character field no. 20 has been fixed.
    • SD-39969: When connecting to Admin > Incident Templates screen in Firefox 4.0 or Firefox 5.0, on hover of the elements in the drag box, the element shrinks. This has been fixed.
    • SD-39763: In Admin > Preventive Maintenance Tasks list view, the created time was not shown in personalized format. This has been fixed.
    • SD-38224: In IE9, Issue of Category / Sub Category / Item not getting sorted in alphabetical order has been fixed.
    • SD-39554: Option to configure the DNSSite from the SSO configuration page has been included. Earlier this can be done through DB configuration and now this can be added from the UI.


    • SD-37249,SD-39427: If SSO is enabled, there was an error when creating request via REST API. Issue SD-38879 addressed the same, but the fix was provided for browser clients only. The fix for this issue addresses stand alone programs as well.


    • SD-39773: In chrome, Reports > New Custom Report, the filter options in the filter section does not get enabled during the first time. It will be enabled only after selecting it again.


    • SD-39612: After upgrading to 8012, we have some of the customers reported that servicedesk service is getting crashed due to the canonical name fetch for the domain name. And this has been fixed.
    • SD-39987,SD-36198: The Recent Items list will earlier be closed by default. The user has to click on the link to view the items. This has been changed so that the Recent Items list is open by default.
    • SD-39875: Standalone tool msssqlLockStatistics.bat/sh files are added into the application using which we can identify the database table lock in case of the MSSQL database.
      Standalone tool getTableCount.bat/sh files are added into the application using which we can identify the table data count to analyze the performance of the data.
      The output files are stored under the server\default\log directory, and these files which will be added into the support file generated, from the application.


    Issues fixed in 8013 (Released on: 28th June, 2011)


    • SD-39251 : Unable to merge the tickets post upgrade to 8012 for the non-archived data, which resulted in the primary key violation in conversationhistory table has been fixed.


    • SD-39112 : Few performance issues related to server memory management are addressed. Modifications in the cache storage and schedule calendar handling are done to handle the issues. These will directly reflect for customers having large number of sites.

    Mail Fetching

    • SD-38808 : Exception "Unable to Load BodyStructure" occurs when the ServiceDeskPlus uses IMAP/IMAPS to fetch the emails and causes the mail fetching to get stopped has been fixed.


    • SD-37810 : If we have item with same name under different sub-categories, the item value was not set when creating request using APIs. The above error was seen in spite of providing the proper category and sub-category names via API. This is fixed.

    Admin-Business Rule

    • SD-21401 : If there are identical sub-category and item names under two different categories, there was an error in applying the respective sub-category and item via business rule. This is fixed.


    • SD-39275 : From Reports-> Query Report, we can search query in forums, prior to writing his own query reports has been included.


    • SD-39166 : 'All Announcements' is not translated under German language, has been fixed.

    Enhancements in 8012 (Released on: 7th June, 2011)

    CSV User Import

    • Scheduled import of users from a csv file has been included. Based on the Globalconfig table entry with category as 'CSVUserImportSchedule', this can be turned ON/OFF, and by default this is turned OFF. Mapping of the user's fields with the CSV file can be specified in the 'ScheduledCSVUserImportMapping.xml' file present under $SDP-HOME\server\default\conf directory. This is a daily schedule.
      Globalconfig Entry : Category=CSVUserImportSchedule, Parameter=IS_ENABLED, Paramvalue=false

    Issues fixed in 8012


    • SD-38919 : Groups are listed multiple times in the Request Details page -> Assign -> Assign ( Group and Technician) window has been fixed.
    • SD-38878 : When creating a request, the technician of the request is getting unassigned or assigned to someone else other than the configured technician in the request template has been fixed.
    • SD-38637 : Signatures not shown with reply or forward on a Request has been fixed.
    • SD-38661 : Out of Memory exception occurred while creating new request through webform with asset selected by the SDAdmin technician login has been fixed.
    • SD-38860 : When a requester creates a 'Incident / Service Request' using a template which has a Group belonging to a 'Refer site'(Site configured with Copy/Custom settings initially and then moved to Refer settings) as default, then that Group is not set when a request is created has been fixed. Now application will prompt the user to modify the associated groups and technician for this site in the corresponding incident and service request templates.

      NOTE: When the Site/Group/Technician association is set in any of the request / incident templates, and after that if we move the site from copy to customor vice versa, then tickets created through webform will take the proper associated values, and from other modes of request creation like the EmailParser, ServletAPI, RESTAPI the tickets created will not associated the group/technician properly., because it takes the values associated with the default request templates by default. To get the proper group, technician values associated to the site, once the site configuration is changed, each templates associated with that site has to be edited and saved.

    • SD-38762 : Merging a request with the same request id from the request details page, deletes the request is getting fixed. And now proper alert message while merging the same id will be shown to user.
    • SD-36772 : Site Admin technician with more associated sites try to add a custom filter, the Data Truncation error occurs in the SQL server has been fixed.
    • SD-38922 : NullPointer Exception occurs when trying to edit (main edit) the request which is associated to a copy or custom site, and applied with the site SLA, when the corresponding site is deleted has been fixed.
    • SD-38758 : Conversation migration fails if there is no data available in the fulldescription column of the workordertodescription, and now it is modified in such a way that, if there is no data in the fulldescription, we will take it from the description column of the workorder table.
    • SD-38904 : Request Archiving was failing if the customer has started using this feature in 7.6 and then migrated to 8. Archiving of some requests were failing due to ID conflicts has been fixed.


    • SD-38759 : Users can download any file on the system by knowing the file name and file path has been fixed.
    • SD-38810 : In some customer environment , upon navigating through the Asset Tab and immediately moving out to different tabs, ajax query to fetch the count in the asset tab gets break and throws an ajax response error has been fixed
    • SD-38714 : In domain list view, domain names duplicated during scan has been fixed
    • SD-38842 : If the domain name of the machine is simple say helpdesk (instead of, then the machine name added with out domain name during the scanhas been fixed
    • SD-38850 : Remote Control failed in certain cases because the agent starts on the port TCP/443 instead of TCP/10443 has been fixed
    • SD-38869 : Agent popup an error code Application error: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002) has been fixed
    • SD-38927 : Unwanted Desktop shortcut icon created during "Remote Control" installation has been fixed
    • SD-38925 : Agent does not update the workstation status to the server when it is uninstalled manually. And during subsequent agent installation a command prompt pops up and closed automatically has been fixed
    • SD-21820 : Duplicate key error occurred during "scan now", after editing/adding the workstation has been fixed.
    • SD-38852 : Duplicate key error occurred during "scan now", when the machine is replaced with the new machine more than once has been fixed.

    CSV User Import

    • SD-39042 : Groups associated to the technician are removed when the technician is updated through CSV user import has been fixed.


    • SD-38760 : In the rich text area provided while creating requests, problems etc.., an option to enter the description as 'Plain Text' was available. This functionality can be misused to inject script code(Cross site scripting). So, the HTML toggle functionality has been removed from the rich text areas available in those screens.
    • SD-38761 : After login as a requester, if the URL is changed manually to, the list of requesters and their information will be listed. This is an admin view and should be available to people only with required permissions but was visible to normal requester itself. This has been fixed.
    • SD-38822 : While viewing the 'Print View' of a request, it was possible to add additional html code snippet by changing the request id parameter in the URL. This has been fixed.
    • SD-36826 : Technician having permission to view 'Report' of their associated group request were able to see request report of groups they were not associated in a site is getting fixed.
    • SD-38936 : Using the search option in 'Solutions' tab, it was possible to inject script code. This has been fixed.


    • SD-38719 : Default settings are not copied properly while creating a copy site or editing a site to copy site has been fixed. To correct the already created site which is not copied properly we have to save the site once.


    • SD-38610 : There was a problem in REST API when handling additional field names with spaces in them. The XML format of the REST API is now modified to handle this. The way in which parameters are represented in the XML is modified now.

      To represent a value of "Priority", the earlier XML format was

      This is now changed as.

      The following is the current xml format specification:

      API input: Both the new and old formats will be supported for compatibility reasons.
      API output: Only the new format will be supported. Old format xml will not be returned.
      Add_request: For compatibility reasons, both the new and old XML formats are returned for ADD_REQUEST operation alone.

      Please refer the product documentation for detailed information on XML format change.

    DC Integration

    • SD-38879 : When SSO is enabled in SDP, there was an error when trying to create a request from Manage Engine Desktop Central product.

      Known Issue: Issue still exists when the API client is a stand alone program instead of a web browser.


    • SD-37427 : Unable to export the generated report with more than 65535 rows as a xls file has been fixed. Data exceeded 65535 rows will be written in the subsequent sheets. NOTE : It is expected that export will work for marginal data size, and also based on the type of the columns selected in the report.This may slow down the application or throws OutOfMemory error, if the huge number of records are exported as the application was configured to handle optimum memory. This might work based on the increase in the java heap size of the application appropriately.
    • SD-38880 : Null Pointer Exception while creating a filter on Department in the WorkStation custom report has been fixed.


    • SD-38826 : During request creation, when the requester name is typed in, ServiceDesk Plus will search the requester names and will display the top 10 matchs for the text typed. Internally all the matching data will be fetched and then the top 10 will be displayed. This will lead to performance issues when there are a huge number of requesters. This has been fixed such that only the top 10 will be retrieved.

    Personalize settings

    • SD-38673 : All the default time zones of JRE 1.5 are added under the timezone list in personalize settings. And the timezone which fall under the day light savings will be specially marked with a '*' to identify.


    • SD-38712 : Error in validating the email address with two dots say ( in the linux machine's installation wizard has been fixed.


    • SD-38856 : While taking the scheduled backup with only Database checked, the file attachment also got included has been fixed.

    HTML Area

    • SD-38857 : In some European Keyboards, Alt Gr + z disappear last few letters instead of input letter z or upper case Z has been fixed.


    • SD-38801 : In Admin > Table Data count, only selected tables was shown earlier. It has been changed such that all the tables will get listed.


    • SD-30922 : Downloading the attachments from ServiceDesk Plus, using Chrome browser will not download the file with its actual name has been fixed.
    • SD-38077 : The 'New Incident' dropdown not getting displayed properly in IE 6 has been fixed.


    • SD-35359 : When creating a new request, under "Requester Details" the field "Asset" has been translated incorrectly in the German as "Workstation ID" is now retranslated correctly as Asset.

    Performance/Changes in 8011 (Released on: 25th April, 2011)


    • In requests list view, the total records will be shown along with the links for next, last etc.. In big environments, the query to get the total records is costly and time consuming. In such cases, an option to disable the count query has been added. When this is disabled, a link 'Row Count' will be available which when clicked will fetch the count and show it in the client. The parameter 'SHOW_REQUEST_COUNT' in GlobalConfig table needs to be set to 'true' to enable this.
    • In requests details page, the following changes have been done.
      • The assets that are associated to a requester will no longer be avilable directly in the Request details page. A link will be available for that near the Requester name in the 'Requester Details' section.
      • The WorkLog details have been moved to a separate tab in the Request Details page.
      • When a request has drafts, a menu item called 'Drafts' will be available near the 'Edit' menu at the top. Clicking it will load the 'Drafts'. Earlier, the drafts will be available by default when the page loads.

    Recent Items

    • Recent Items data handling has been changed as a part of performance enhancement. Due to this, existing recent items entries will be deleted on migration.

    Issues fixed in 8011


    • SD-38672 : In few cases where customers had migrated from SDP 7.5 builds, clicking 'Reply' from a 'Request' will throw a NullPointerException when the technicians does not have Signature configured in their personalized settings.


    • SD-37304 : Query Reports are allowed for only technicians with SDAdmin permission. When such a technician creates a query report and makes it as 'Public', then a technician with SDReport permission was able to edit / delete the query. This has been fixed such that, when query reports are made public, they can only be viewed and cannot be edited by normal technicians.


    • SD-38621 : Performance problem while using different notifications with lot of business rules configured in the application has been fixed.

    New Features in 8010 (Released on: 8th April, 2011)


    • SDF-36468 : Based on globalconfig table entry, PendingApprovals in the Home tab will be shown. Pending Approvals of the Incident / Service Request, other than the Completed status will be shown by default. Pending Approvals of the change other than the closed status will be shown by default. This is a behavior change, earlier by default All Pending Approvals will be shown. Globalconfig entry Category = SHOW_PENDING_APPROVALS , Parameter = ALL_STATUS , Paramvalue = false. If you want to view all pending approvals, then change the Paramvalue to True.
    • SDF-37729 : Some of the frequently performed actions like 'Support File', 'Thread Dump','System Log Viewer' is now included under the Quick Actions.


    • SDF-22391 : Support to open actual Incident details from associated Incidents section in Change and Problem details. Earlier the Incident details are loaded at the bottom section. Now another additional column is added which will open actual Incident details page.
    • SDF- 38200 : Stop Timer: It's now possible to configure the system to stop timer for the tickets which are waiting for approval. This can be configured from Self-Service Portal Settings of Admin tab. If stop timer is enabled, timer will be stopped automatically for requests and the configured status will be set while they are waiting for approval.

    Service Catalog

    • SDF-35903 : The length of the content that is shown in "Service Catalog" drop down menu from home page is increased to make it more readable. Also the content length of service name and description in services list view from "Service Catalog" tab has been increased to make it more readable.


    • SDF-35146 : Option to edit the software manufacturer name from the page we manage the respective software.


    • SDF-37910 : System Log Viewer will be populated with operations related to 'Reports' like 'Report Executed By','Report Started On','Report Completed On', 'Time Taken','No of Pages' to analyze any performance issue with report.


    • SDF-37570 : In some customer scenario's they would want to call for example, a 'New Request' as 'New Ticket'. This could be possible by changing the value present in the file. But, when a upgrade is done, these changes will be lost and the customer has to redo them again. This new feature will allow the customer to maintain the keys he has changed as a separate file and SDP will read this file and use it for translation. Here are the steps to follow
      • Create a directory named 'i18n' in [SDP Home]/custom directory.
      • Create a file in that i18n directory. If you need it for Arabic language, then the file name has to be Make sure the file is saved using UTF-8 format, else it will not work for languages other than English )
      • Add the keys with your changed values like for example,
        sdp.header.requests=Tickets ('Requests' in the original version )
        sdp.header.admin=Configurations ('Admin' in the original version )
      • Start the SDP Server. When you login, for the above example, you would see the 'Requests' tab being displayed as 'Tickets' and 'Admin' tab being displayed as 'Configurations'.

    Issues fixed in 8010


    • SD-36459 : When a requester creates a 'Incident / Service Request' using a template which has a Group belonging to 'Not Associated to any site' or a 'Refer site'(Site configured with refer settings) as default, then that Group is not set when a request is created has been fixed.
    • SD-36657 : When a note is created with multiline content and if a notification is sent to the technician regarding the notes addition, then in the mail that is received, the line feed will be lost and the contents will be shown in one single line. This has been fixed.
    • SD-37111 : When a png image is added as inline for a request / signature, then when request is forwarded / replied with this png image, the image would not be sent along with the mail. It will be displayed as broken in the mail client. This has been fixed.
    • SD-34940 : If SDP receives a mail from Outlook client with HTML formattings and non-english content and when replied from SDP, the HTML formattings on the original content is applied incorrectly. This is fixed such that the original HTML formattings are maintained in the reply mail.
    • SD-36399 : When a conversation is added with a CC, replying to that conversation doesn't include the CC in the mail.
    • SD-29243 : The issue of the attachments not getting included when we forward the technician reply (notification with attachments) has been fixed
    • SD-28899 : Copying the contents from Outlook or MS Word and pasting to Description while creating Request causes garbled/unwanted contents has been fixed.
    • SD-35685 : Creating the Request from EMail using Outlook 2010 through Exchange 2010 causes garbled content in description has been fixed.
    • SD-37177 : When a SubCategory or an Item contains ampersand('&') in their names, then the content after the ampersand('&') getting truncated has been fixed
    • SD-36129 : When a technician associated with a closed request is deleted, then the technician's id will be displayed in the details page instead of technician name. This has been fixed.
    • SD-37325 : JS error occurrs on opening service request if it has a question refering products and its name is enclosed within ".
    • SD-37238 : When user reply from the notification email sent for the ticket created through email parser, then it will be created as a new ticket instead of adding it as conversation has been fixed.
    • SD-36399 : When a conversation is added with a CC, replying to that conversation doesn't include the CC in the mail.
    • SD-36375 : Issue of '$Site' variable not getting replaced with its value in 'Admin > Notification Rules > Notifying Approval Sender for Approval Action' has been fixed
    • SD-22928 : When a technician associated with a Open Request is deleted, then the request will move to Unassigned state. The history information for this operation would not been shown properly. This has been fixed.
    • SD-37864 : Unable to mark a reminder as completed from the 'Reminder Details' section available in Request details > Action > View Reminders > Edit of a Reminder after the reminder time has passed has been fixed.
    • SD-37312 : When a requester replies to a request through Self Service Portal and if the notification is enabled for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification is that of the original request and not the latest conversation
    • SD-37116 : While making a reply/forward for a request, the description field had two additional line breaks before the actual content which has been fixed.
    • SD-29733 : The "Toggle HTML source" button available in Resolution tab of a Request has been removed since it had no functionality based on it.
    • SD-37589 : The actions that can be taken on the Request will be displayed as a menu in the Request details page. This menu was being displayed with a 600ms delay which in some customer cases seems to be slow to appear. So this has now been cut short to 100ms.


    • SD-38197 : Few performance issues related to server memory management are addressed. Modifications in the cache storage are done to handle the issues. This will reflect mainly for customers who have more than 1000 sites


    • SD-37829 : The issue in sending Request Approvals and notifications when site specific fields are selected in the notification template has been fixed.


    • SD-35547 : Issue while saving the Single-Sign-On (SSO) settings when the personalized language is other than 'English' has been fixed.
    • SD-34933 : The "Toggle HTML source" button available in Admin > Helpdesk > Resolution Template > New Resolution Template has been removed since it had no functionality based on it.
    • SD-37307 : When Dynamic User addition is disabled, users who were imported from CSV file with Domain information were unable to login into SDP through AD Authentication since the Domain information was not saved in the database. This issue has been fixed.
    • SD-37329 : Technician Groups is present twice in Available groups when a Requester is changed to a Technician
    • SD-36212 : In ServiceCatalog, New Task is not listing groups if a refer site is selected in the template as default value
    • SD-34545 : Unable to save incident template with "?" symbol in resolution field has been fixed.
    • SD-37718 : When a Technician belonging to a group is selected as a default value for a template and later when the technician is removed from the group, then while editing the template and saving it without selecting any technician does not removed the old technician.
    • SD-24708 : Configuration files like wrapper.conf, run.bat/, startDB.bat/, logging.xml, server.xml will now be included while taking the Backup.
    • SD-36111 : Issue of the 6th additional date field of a service template not getting saved has been fixed.
    • SD-34934 : Only 10 rows were shown in the Task Template list view, even when "Show 25" was selected in the filter. This issue has been fixed.


    • SD-35708 : The issue of the line feed getting lost when an Announcement is created using plain text format(switching the 'Toggle HTML source' button while creating) has been fixed.


    • SD-37394 : When a recommendation is sent to a CAB member multiple times, they will receive a new link everytime. So, when the old link is clicked, an error message will be displayed. In some cases, the recommendations made would not be displayed in the Change details section. This has been fixed so that, when a change is submitted for recommendation multiple times, the CAB member will receive the same link for that change instead of a varying one.
    • SD-35727 : In Change > Calendar View > Week view, the 'from' and 'to' dates for the week will now be displayed based on the date format selected in the personalized settings.
    • SD-37756 : When creating New Change, 'Save' button does not get disabled when 'Requested By' field is selected. This makes way to click 'Save' button multiple times creating duplicate Changes. This and similar issue in Problem has been fixed.
    • SD-37699 : When two 'Change types' are configured with same colour code, Change Calendar > Week view legend shows only one of them has been fixed.
    • SD-35711 : From Change details page, when trying to 'Attach' Problems to the Change, clicking the Problem title link loads the problem details in full page (instead of loading at the Problem details at the bottom section) has been fixed.

    Mobile Client

    • SD-36125 : Default Currency configured in the Admin module was not reflected for Request Cost in mobile client. This has been fixed.


    • SD-36291 : If Category, Subcategory, Item, Group, Technician name and Priority fields have special characters, there were issues in integrating SDP with OpManager and Application Manager. This has been fixed


    • SD-37867 : Generating a report for 'Last week' & 'This week' on the last day of a week shows the data for the subsequent week.
    • SD-36785 : In reports, if the description content exceeds more than one page, then the remaning column data will be reprinted along with the description content in the next page. This functionality has been disabled due to performance reasons. This is a behavior change. Now, the remaining contents will not be displayed in other pages.


    • SD-37544 : Unable to add new product type from PO page in Italian language has been fixed.


    • SD-36027 : The shortcut keys for aligning the texts(Justify left, Justify Center, Justify Right) that is available in 'Rich text area' co-incide with the shortcut keys that are used to type in some European special characters. So, the shortcut keys have been removed. The alignment functions now has to be done only by clicking on the corresponding toolbar icon.


    • SD-37470 : Issue of 'Signature' getting displayed at the bottom instead of at the top in Problem/Change notifications has been fixed.
    • SD-37229 : Duebydate and ClosedDate in the Problem accepts a date prior to current date has been fixed.


    • SD-35425 : Issue of 'Print Preview' available in the details section of a workstation not getting displayed properly sometimes has been fixed.
    • SD-36421 : During a scan failure, the IP address was not added to the database earlier. Now the IP address will be added.
    • SD-36764, SD-37024 : Issue of Department info not getting changed for asset after importing users with updated department from AD has been fixed.
    • SD-36815 : When the number of users, departments and sites are more, then selecting the department while editing a workstation/asset would take a long time to display the list of users. This has been fixed.
    • SD-37280 : Unable to delete an attachment in Software License section when the filename has "#" in its name has been fixed.


    • SD-37787, SD-36285 : In Support Tab, the functionalities like 'Support File', 'Thread Dump' and 'System Log Viewer' will now be shown to technicians with SDAdmin role instead of all technicians.


    • SD-37009 : Issue of 'All Announcements' link not getting internationalized has been fixed
    • SD-35341 : Issue of History details of service requests not being internationalized has been fixed.
    • SD-35742 : Issue of success message displayed on updating an asset is not internationalized has been fixed.
    • SD-37323 : Issue of 'New Incident' being displayed as 'New Request' in Spanish language has been fixed.
    • SD-37295 : Wrong translation in Dutch for the success message shown after picking up a request has been fixed.

    Issues fixed in 8009 (Released on: 25th February,2011)

    • SD-36985 : Reply from mail client is not getting added as conversation when To and CC contains same Email Address has been fixed.
    • SD-36730, SD-36381 : Technician cache was not getting updated while changing Requester as a Technician has been fixed.
    • SD-36195 : Wrong translation in Dutch/Netherlands for the Pick up in the Request Details page > Assign Menu has been fixed.
    • SD-36403 : Wrong translation of "build" in Russian language has been fixed.

    New features in 8008 (Released on: 8th February,2011)

    • SDF-30571 : If a technician replies for a request from his notification email(from his mail client), and included the requester email in the to/cc list, then that reply will be considered as response for the request. And if it is a first response, then the first response time will be updated accordingly.

    Issues fixed in 8008:

    • SD-34286 : Under home tab, number of inbound, overdue,completed requests for this week, last week, month, last month graph is included. (This was available till 7611, and removed in 8.0, is now re-included).
    • SD-36444 : Subject field is now displayed based on the database parameter ( in Globalconfig table) configuration. By default the size is set with 50 characters, and this can be configured globally, and this is a common configuration for all the users, and not personalized to users. And the width is set with minimum of 30 characters if the value is set less than 30.
    • SD-31941 : Security Bug with Request to approval: Using the approval link, approver can able to view the details of the request by changing the itemid in the link has been fixed.
    • SD-23291 : Reply sent from the self-service-portal for the merged request , responded date is not updated has been fixed.
    • SD-34249 : When replying from the conversation only the sender is included in the To Field and all other people who had been included on the mail are not present in the CC fields has been fixed.
    • SD-35641 : Deleted domains are getting added after restarting the application even after disabling the globalconfig entry for "DomainListaddition" has been fixed.
    • SD-34879 : Domain information of the user is getting reset, when the requester / technician edit their own details from their self-service portal login has been fixed.
    • SD-34881 : Cost per hour for the technicians are set to 0.0. upon AD / LDAP / CSV import.
    • SD-36443 : When there are multiple white spaces within a requester name, problem occurs in Quick create of the request has been fixed. Reason could be that the users imported from AD / LDAP / CSV may have multiple white spaces in it. Now when the users are imported we will retain only one white space and the rest will be trimmed off. To update the existing users, we recommend to perform the AD / LDAP / CSV import once.
    • SD-34964 : Problem in importing Category,Subcategory,Items through csv import with special characters in their names like < , > in it has been fixed.
    • SD-36659 : In Chrome browser, the sub-category is not shown in the sorted order has been fixed.
    • SD-36415 : Problem in reconcile the asset and resulted in the StackOverflowError has been fixed.
    • SD-35829 : Linux machines which are not responding the command "hostname -f" quickly are not scanned in the SDP.Also Unknown is getting added as workstation name if the hostname -f command returns the value as Unknown.Now it will take the name given in device scan window.

    New features in 8007(Released on: 13th January,2011)

    • SDF-35443: Discarding emails from non existing users. When enabled, any mail from email addresses which are not present in ServiceDesk Plus user database will be discarded and not added as a request/conversation.
    • SDF-30729: Displaying the list of technicians who are configured for a given role. Available in Admin > Roles section.
    • SDF-24912: Request ID search will now search for merged requests and archived requests also. Earlier, when a merged/archived request ID is specified in the search, no data will be retrieved. Now, if the specified ID is that of a merged request, then its parent will be shown. However, currently, this search will not bring up the requests if they are archived.
    • SDF-28990: Option for the technicians to view the tasks belonging to his group.
    • SDF-35527: Number of characters displayed in the Subject field in Request / Problem and Change list views will be dynamic. They will change based on the screen resolution and the number of columns that are visible in the list view.
    • SDF-35528: Option to view the currently logged in technicians. This will be available to technicians who have SDAdmin, SDSiteAdmin or SD-Co-ordinator roles and can be accessed via Quick Actions menu or via Home > Scheduler > Logged-in Techs link.
    • SDF-35444: When technicians are deleted or login is removed, the 'scheduled reports' owned by those technicians will be moved to the ownership of the technician who performs the delete technician / remove login operation.
    • SDF-35433: Linking service requests is now enabled. Service requests can be linked to other service requests or incident requests.
    • SDF-35497: When processing a mail reply, the parent request was determined based on the 'subject' of the mail. Now, the 'Reply To' mail header is also used to determine the parent request.
    • SDF-35455: Site related fields, 'Site address, Site city, Site description and Site postal code' are included as fields in notification templates. These fields can be selected to send the relevant information when sending notifications.
    • SDF-35452: Details about the request site can now be viewed from the request details page. The configuration is available under Admin > Self Service Portal Settings.
    • SDF-36132: The 'start day of the week', in the calendar, can now be customized. The configuration is available under Admin > Self Service Portal Settings.

    Issues fixed in 8007:

    • SD-35720: Site based technician filter is not working under Admin > Technician Groups. Technicians from all sites are listed in 'Available Technicians' list.
    • SD-35690: Unable to edit existing PM tasks. Existing PM tasks can be executed but cannot be edited.
    • SD-35133: Calendar in the filter section of reports shows the date (Nov 1st) twice due to a problem in daylight savings configuration. If daylight savings is disabled, the dates are shown correctly.
    • SD-35716: Wrong group is set when creating service request - A service template is created with a specific group. When a logged in user raises the service request, the user site is set but the group is not set correctly. The group specified in the service catalog template is set instead. The proper group is set now for requests raised via Web-forms and E-mails. The issue still exists for requests raised via "E-mail commands and APIs".
    • SD-25080: When replying to a request, the technician signature was shown at the very end. Now, the signature comes under the reply content.
    • SD-31130: The line spacings provided in requester multi line fields are not shown in requester details page. The line spacings are shown now.
    • SD-32043: Change > Change Details > Add CAB members - Error was seen when the pop-up was saved without selecting any CAB members.
    • SD-35709: I18n issue. Message related to CAB under Change > History is I18n'ed.

    Issues fixed in 8006 (Released on: 22nd December, 2010)

    • SD-35077: Unable to associate a service request to a change from change details page.
    • SD-35237: Performance issues addressed in "Request list view page", "My Schedule page" and "Technician Availability Chart".
    • SD-35118: "View change" link in service request details page is not working in IE6.
    • SD-31865: Request closure code and closure comments will be prompted when request is closed from request details page.
    • SD-35339: Country name "New Zealand" was shown as "NewZealand" in SDP. This is now corrected.

    New features in 8005 (Released on: 15th December, 2010)

    • SD-34823: Category, Sub-category and Item data can now be imported from a csv file.
    • SD-34755: It is now possible to create new change from service request. Earlier this was possible only from incidents.

    Issues fixed in 8005:

    • SD-34564: For a Business Rule with "Apply when request is Created / Edited" configuration, if the rule criteria contains user defined fields, the business rule will not be applied when request user defined fields are edited.
    • SD-34460: Problem when importing more than 1000 users from Open LDAP.
    • SD-34642: After changing the request group via inline edit, if a reply is sent to a request, the sender name is not changed as per the changed group.
    • SD-34647: When a SLA with more number of days for resolution time and response time is applied for a request, "due by time" and "response due by time" are calculated wrongly.
    • SD-34281: If a request is sent from Lotus Notes with inline images in description, a reply cannot be sent from that request.
    • SD-34359: On doing a LDAP import, duplicate users are getting created when there is a case difference between same mail id.
    • SD-33822: Request closure code that is marked as 'deleted' is available in the "close request" popup.
    • SD-34401: For archived service request, "Email cc" field shows not-assigned after archiving.
    • SD-33602: In technician calendar, cancel leave is not working if any one of the group member has invalid mail id.
    • SD-34822,SD-34870: User group does not work when the value contains Japanese.
    • SD-34749: The "Show All" link in the announcement section of requester login page is available again. This was removed in SDP 8.0 release.

    Issues fixed in 8004 (Released on: 25th November, 2010)

    • SD-34474: When a requester replies to a request through Self Service Portal and if the notification is enabled for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification is that of the original request and not the latest conversation.

    Enhancements in 8004

    • SDF-34487: Option to filter assets based on site when selecting an asset for a incident/service request.

    Issues fixed in 8003 (Released on: 16th November, 2010)

    • SD-34250: When a requester replies to a request through email and if the notification is enabled for the same for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification was that of the original request and not that of the latest conversation.
    • SD-34244: Issue while fetching mail when the incident template has default values set as ' '(Empty string) for numeric and date additional fields.
    • SD-33717: In archived requests, Service Catalog additional fields values are displayed as 'Not assigned' even though they have values in the database.
    • SD-34226: Unable to add a product from Home Page > Quick Actions > Product link
    • SD-31105: 'Preview' in Admin > User Groups displays all the requesters. This will happen when the 'Show technicians as part of requesters' is set to 'No' in Admin > Self Service Portal settings page
    • SD-34197: In archived requests, the time information in tasks like scheduled start time, scheduled end time, actual start time and actual end time displays the same values even though they are different in the database.
    • SD-33694: When a requester reopens a ticket using Self Service Portal, then the notification is not sent to the technician.
    • SD-34279: Incidents are not getting created for the requesters through Request template, if the service-category field is set to be non-editable and non-viewable for the requester.
    • SD-34273: Duplication of requesters when importing users through AD. This will happen only when there is a case change in the email ids of the users. i.e, if the value is and the latest value in AD is, then the user would have been duplicated.

    Enhancements in 8003

    • SD-31942: In earlier builds, during user import using Active Directory, common fields like site, phone, E-mail etc.. alone can be imported. In 8003, additional information of the users can be mapped and imported to Requester additonal fields.

    Issues fixed in 8002 (Released on: 8th November, 2010)

    • SD-34203: Duplicate requesters being created when a request is raised through email is fixed.
      This issue will occur when the case of the E-mail Id changes, irrespective of the number of requesters(Only a part of this issue got addressed 8001. So the issue ID remains the same)
    • SD-34207: Linking of requests throws exception when the request's are sorted in ascending order of request ID.

    Issues fixed in 8001 (Released on: 3rd November, 2010)

    •  SD-34203: Duplicate requesters being created when a request is raised through email is fixed.
      When the user's mail id is configured as and when the user send's a mail to SDP with from address as, then a new requester will be created instead of using the existing one.This issue will occur for customers who have more than 1000 requesters.
    • SD-34201: Approvals sent for a request before migrating from 7611 to 8000 is not be available in the respective details page after coming to SDP 8.0 is fixed.
    • SD-34204: Unable to approve a request using the approval link that was sent before migrating to 8.0 is fixed.
    • SD-34206: Spam filter is not getting applied when a conversation is added for a request is fixed.
    •  SD-34011: When the alias url for SDP is specified without the port number in Admin > Self Service Portal Settings, then while saving DC configuration settings, an error "Unable to connect to the DC server, the server might not be running" is shown even if the DC server is running is fixed.

    New features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 (8000) : (Released on: 27 October, 2010)

    Thank you for installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8 - a comprehensive and affordable IT Help Desk and Asset Management software. ServiceDesk Plus 8 release includes the following features below,

    Service Catalog

    This module enables IT Administrators to create, maintain and monitor Service Catalog.
    • Support for creating Service Catalog with service categories and services.
    • Support for automatic redirection for approval when a service is requested.
    • Support for user group based display of services.
    • Support for SLA based services.
    • Support for additional fields similar to requests.

    Agent based Scanning

    Apart from agentless scanning, agent based scanning would be supported. The agent needs to be installed in the remote machines and would be used for inventory scanning and remote desktop. The agent would support delta scanning too i.e.,only the difference in the inventory data between subsequent scans would be sent to the SDP server. This enhances the speed of the discovery process as well as reduces the bandwidth usage.

    Integration with Desktop Central

    • Option to install a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.
    • Option to uninstall a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.

    Other Enhancements

    • Dashboards:
      • Predefined dashboards with pre-defined widgets.
    • Linking of requests:
      • Option to specify that a request is similar to another request and map them together.
      • Option to copy the resolution, worklog, notes etc.. to the linked requests.
    • Purchase Order Enhancements:
      • PO Workflow includes three new states - Ordered PO, Invoice Received and Payment done.
      • Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets scanned during scanning.
      • Provision to configure multiple approver for a PO.
      • Provision to restrict approver to approve a PO based on the total cost of the PO.
      • Items of type Consumable will not be added as individual asset while they are received from PO.
      • Support for configuring different tax rates for items in single PO.
      • Support for adding invoice details and payment details to PO.
      • Support for configuring the mandatory close fields for PO.
    • Software License Management:
      • Import software licenses from CSV.
      • Supports different license types like OEM, concurrent, enterprise-subscription, enterprise-perpetual, free, named user, node locked, trial apart from the existing CAL, volume, individual. license types for Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec are configured by default.
      • Support for configuring custom license types.
      • Support for license agreements and notifications on license expiry.
    • Auto Sync of Distributed Data: The inventory data scanned in the remote SDP servers would be pushed automatically to the central SDP server at periodic intervals.
    • Remote Control Settings: Remote control to a machine by default would prompt for user's permission to access the machine. Machines for which the prompt is not required (say, Servers) can be configured from the workstation/server list view.
    • API Enhancement: Supports REST type API.
    • Automatic assigning of tickets based on the availability and current ticket count of a technician. i.e. request gets assigned to a technician who has the least number of open tickets.
    • Option to assign a backup technician for requests when a technician is on leave.
    • Approvals for Change/Purchase/Service requests and Incident requests from a technician or requester is displayed in Home -> My Views.
    • User Group based solutions, incident templates and announcements.
    • Site based implementation for problem and change.
    • Support to search notes, worklog, resolution and request ID for the request module.
    • Supports request closure code while closing a request.

    Behavioral Changes

    • When processing email as conversation, only request id (##requestid##) in the subject will be matched. Earlier if the subject does not contain request id 'in-reply-to' parameter of email will be considered. since this is not properly set in many mail clients, this is not considered.
    • The new query report option is available to technicians only with SDAdmin role.
    • Global View and Asset View under the Home tab are moved to Dashboard module.
    • PO will not move to "Closed" state immediately after receiving all the items. It has to be done manually.</