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README for Version 8.0

Issues Fixed in 8027 (Released on: 23rd April, 2012)


  1. SD-45662 : Problem in editing the Technician page, where the associated groups for the technicians contains "&" symbol has been fixed.

Backup Restore

  1. SD-45663 : Problem in creating servicecatalog dynamictables during restoring of data in a mssql setup has been fixed.

Issues Fixed in 8026 (Released on: 29th March, 2012)


  1. SDF-44926
    1. An SDP API reference implementation is provided to generate tickets in SDP via API. Custom implementations can be written to perform specific tasks and API implementation can be invoked to create tickets in SDP.
    2. An SDP server side XML based reference implementation is provided to invoke custom Java classes based on certain criteria. This is designed to mimic Business rules, wherein, specific Java classes can be invoked as action if the defined criteria is matched.
  2. SDF-44927 : Group is added as a criteria value in Business Rule. Business rules can be defined to take action based on Group value of the request.

Issues Fixed in 8026

Firefox Browser v11

  1. SD-44845 : Browser dialogs are not pop-up in Firefox browser version 11 and hence not able to add notes, worklog etc., has been fixed.


  1. SD-44922 : Performance problem while loading the site and group details in the technician page has been fixed.
    NOTE: This is a behavior change in the Admin -> Technician page, if the number of support groups under the copy and custom sites exceed 2500, a new associated site select list will be shown above the available groups field which can be modified to view the available groups under the particular site.
    But the associated groups field will list all the associated groups from all the sites.

Issues Fixed in 8025 (Released on: 27th March, 2012)


  1. SD-44937 : Unable to add request by requester from self-service portal using the template where text additional field with default value and restriction for the requester to view alone has been fixed.

Issues Fixed in 8024 (Released on: 19th March, 2012)


  1. SD-44201 : When we add Closure Code from the request details page -> Action menu -> Add Closure Code, it updates the Closure Code value for all the closed request has been fixed.
  2. SD-44585 : Request notification contains more than one RequestCloseLink, then the last link alone will work has been fixed.
  3. SD-44720 : When a request close / resolved notification with RequestCloseLink is sent to Requester and EmailCC user, then they have problem in accessing the RequestCloseLink has been fixed.

Remote Control

  1. SD-42838 : Unable to perform remote control from FireFox browser version 4 and above has been fixed.
  2. SD-38682 : Remote Control does not work for the technician having Asset View and RemoteControl view has been fixed.

Remote Data Export and Push

  1. SD-44134 : Unable to export and push the asset data from remote server to the Central server when Single-Sign-On is enabled in the central server has been fixed.

Enhancement in 8023 (Released on: 9th February, 2012) Internal release


  1. SD-42714 : 'DECIMAL' type Incident and Service Additional fields for request module is included. User can configure upto 8 fields.
    • Option to configure the EXACT LENGTH for the value of NUMERIC additional fields is included.
    • Option to configure the EXACT LENGTH for the value of SINGLE-LINE-TEXT additional fields is included.
      And along with that, within the 'single line text' additional field, an option to specify "Numeric value alone" is provided.

Issues Fixed in 8022 (Released on: 12th January, 2012)


  1. SD-43214 : The description field during the reply of the conversation disappears have been fixed.
  2. SD-43284 : In some cases, while processing email attachments, NPE is thrown has been fixed.
  3. SD-42451 : NPE while creating a new request from Iphone App, if servicedesk is configured with no sites has been fixed.

Enhancements in 8021 (Released on: 21st December, 2011)


  1. SDF-40345 : Enhancement in the reply template selection. When we perform a reply or forward to a request, and after typing in some content, user chooses any of the reply or forward template, it will not prompt for any action from the user and will simply add the contents. Now a confirmation message will appear asking for overwrite before applying the template changes to the description. This is a behavior change.

Issues Fixed in 8021


  1. SD-42613 : In some cases, when we duplicate request with attachments, then the attachments are getting added with zero size has been fixed.
  2. SD-42765 : In some cases, where the site for the request is assigned initially with Copy or Custom sites and later changed that site to Referred Site and because of which SLA escalation notification throws NullPointerException. Resulting in not marking the overdue flag for the request has been fixed.


  1. SD-41480: Null pointer exception while scanning the solaris machine has been fixed.
  2. SD-42487: Scan without credentials for the solaris machine which did not scanned successfully and also throws the null pointer exception has been fixed.


  1. SD-42605: scheduledCSVUserImportMapping.xml file gets overwritten with the default mapping file during the hotfix upgrade has been fixed.


  1. SD-42531: Performance problem in loading the 'Available list' and 'Associated list' of data under Admin sections like Technician pages for loading of Sites and Groups causing the client to get freeze has been enhanced.
  2. SD-42529: If the setup had large number of sites and technicians, there were issues when deleting a site. This issue has been fixed.


  1. SD-24822: Incident Request notifications which included UDF_DATE (Date/Time) fields part of the notification are sent with Date even though we the Date/Time additional field is stored with the Date and Time values has been fixed to send the notification with Date and time.

Issue Fixed in 8020 (Released on: 29th November, 2011)

Iphone App

  1. SD-4224 : Problem in authenticating user while login through Iphone app, when servicedesk is installed in Linux machine has been fixed.

Mail Fetching

  1. SD-34164 : When forwarding or replying a mail received with inline images in japanese environment, inline images which are encoded are dropped while processing email. Hence, the decoding is done while processing email.


  1. SD-42089 : More than 100 technicians were not getting displayed for the technician exclusion list in the TechAuto Assign has beed fixed.


  1. SD-39623 : Backup Schedule can be changed by non SDAdmin users by passing the parameters from the URL has been fixed.

DesktopCentral Management

  1. SD-42323 : In some cases, "Enable to access Desktop Management" checkbox is getting deselected for the technician has been fixed.


  1. SD-41775 : Spelling corrected "Trouble Shoot" is changed to "Troubleshoot" under MailServer Settings and Active Directory Configuration.

Issue Fixed in 8019 (Released on: 21st November, 2011)


  1. SD-41788: Some customers have reported issue in upgrading from 8011 to latest. This is caused in PostProcessor handling where we remove the duplicate entry in the resourcehistory table where the query to perform this was complex, and now it is simiplified and handled.

Enhancements in 8017 (Released on: 13h October, 2011)


  1. SDF-40792: Support for performing request related operations from Iphone through Iphone native application.
  2. SDF-40713: For performance enhancement, the drop-down list of the Site field under Request module has been replaced with a text box for technicians with more (100, by default) site permissions. This configuration is based on GlobalConfig table entry.
    • Category : SiteIconListConfiguration
    • Parameter : SiteCount ParamValue : 100
    • NOTE: This is a behavior change, the site field will be shown in a text box with site search option for the technician with sites more than or equal to 100.

Desktop Management

  1. SDF-40793: Perform all Desktop Management functions of ManageEngine Desktop Central from the ServiceDesk Plus.


  1. SDF-40357: For performance enhancement, separate thread pool for the asset scan has been implemented.

Issues Fixed in 8017


  1. SD-40647: Problem in saving the technician details with API key has been fixed.


  1. SD-40754: When we update a closed request, in a time greater than the due-by-time of the request, OverDue flag is getting set has been fixed.
  2. SD-39075: Unable to save the draft with a larger data has been fixed. When compared to the earlier build, we can save draft with more data.
  3. SD-40472: Issue in updating the due-by-time and first response due-by-time, when the request is edited simultaneously has been fixed.
  4. SD-40101: Technician who is not having enough permission to view the Request is able to view it in the Edit Mode by changing the URL has been fixed.
  5. SD-39498: When the request technician is unassigned, then the ticket will be marked as read is fixed, and now the ticket will be marked as un-read.
  6. SD-40104: Time taken in incoming mail processing has been optimized.


  1. SD-41270: During Scanning, WMI connection hangs indefinitely for some machines has been fixed.

Enhancements in 8016 (Released on: 29th August, 2011)


  1. SDF-40726: Requester can able to select the Service Request Approvers, while raising the Service Request. And by default the approver field will be moved out of the SR templates. And if required, this field can be dragged and moved into the SR templates. By default users who are all marked as SR approvers will be listed for the requesters to approve, along with the $DEPT_HEAD.

Enhancements in 8015 (Released on: 16th August, 2011)


  1. SDF-39314: Additional configurations for SLA calculation is included. Now, you can make the non-working days and holidays accountable in SLA calculation, if the override operational hours is set True for the SLA or Operational Hours is set as Round the Clock for the site. This configuration is based on GlobalConfig table entry. By default this field is set in such a way that weekends and holidays are not included for SLA calculations.
    Category : SLA
    ParamValue : False

    Category : SLA
    ParamValue : False

SLA Escalation

  1. SDF-39835 : Now SLA Escalation notifications for "Escalate After" is made to send only in the Operational hours based on the Globalconfig Table entry.
    NOTE: This is a behavior change, and if you want the notification to be sent irrespective of the operational hours and holidays, change the paramvalue for the Globalconfig entry to false
    ParamValue : True


  1. SDF-36318 : Support to map user defined fields from LDAP to requester fields, during the requester import. For now this configuration is available only as a database configuration.

Issues Fixed in 8015


  1. SD-39369: In Self-Service Portal settings, Configured as Request in on-hold status should reopen on requester reply as NO. When a request is put to .onhold. status, and if a conversation is added to the request, and later when the ticket is moved to open status, the time the ticket was put .onhold. is wrongly calculated has been fixed.
  2. SD-39308: First Response gets overdue when duplicated requests have SLA removed has been fixed.
  3. SD-34946: New line characters are getting appended when switching notification to Plain text notification and back to HTML notification in Admin -> Notification Rules section. This has been fixed.
  4. SD-38956: Performing spell check while creating a new request, will remove the empty lines. This will happen only in IE has been fixed.
  5. SD-39221: For the fields which are marked for the requester not to view, and in the Requester login, the fields value is greater than 22 characters, the value is shown has been fixed.
  6. SD-38636: In Firefox 4/5, when a request resolution is added, the typed contents are not saved. This has been fixed.
  7. SD-38625: In Firefox 4/5, when a request resolution is edited, the rich text area appears blank and the original content is not populated. This has been fixed.


  1. SD-39879: There were performance issues if the setup had high number of sites and technicians with admin and restricted roles. Queries are optimized to handle such huge data.


  1. SD-35725: When the browser window is resized, the change calendar will not be redrawn. This has been fixed.

Security Vulnerability

  1. SD-39833: Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities due non sanitization of input data has been fixed.


  1. SD-39868: IP Address which are not in the network added into SDP during scan has been fixed.


  1. SD-39203: Problem in replacing the additional fields values while sending the Problem / Change notifications. Say, if we have UDF_CHAR1 and UDF_CHAR10 configured for problem and change, and during notification, UDF_CHAR1 value is getting replaced for the UDF_CHAR10 field. This is fixed.
  2. SD-39766: Unable to add Business Rule on the Additional Incident Character field no. 20 has been fixed.
  3. SD-39969: When connecting to Admin > Incident Templates screen in Firefox 4.0 or Firefox 5.0, on hover of the elements in the drag box, the element shrinks. This has been fixed.
  4. SD-39763: In Admin > Preventive Maintenance Tasks list view, the created time was not shown in personalized format. This has been fixed.
  5. SD-38224: In IE9, Issue of Category / Sub Category / Item not getting sorted in alphabetical order has been fixed.
  6. SD-39554: Option to configure the DNSSite from the SSO configuration page has been included. Earlier this can be done through DB configuration, and now this can be added from the UI.


  1. SD-37249,SD-39427: If SSO is enabled, there was an error when creating request via REST API. Issue SD-38879 addressed the same, but the fix was provided for browser clients only. The fix for this issue addresses stand alone programs as well.


  1. SD-39773: In chrome, Reports > New Custom Report, the filter options in the filter section does not get enabled during the first time. It will be enabled only after selecting it again.


  1. SD-39612: After upgrading to 8012, we have some of the customers reported that servicedesk service is getting crashed due to the canonical name fetch for the domain name. And this has been fixed.
  2. SD-39987,SD-36198: The Recent Items list will earlier be closed by default. The user has to click on the link to view the items. This has been changed so that the Recent Items list is open by default.
  3. SD-39875: Standalone tool msssqlLockStatistics.bat/sh files are added into the application using which we can identify the database table lock in case of the MSSQL database.
    Standalone tool getTableCount.bat/sh files are added into the application using which we can identify the table data count to analyze the performance of the data.
    The output files are stored under the server\default\log directory, and these files which will be added into the support file generated, from the application.


Issues fixed in 8013 (Released on: 28th June, 2011)


  1. SD-39251 : Unable to merge the tickets post upgrade to 8012 for the non-archived data, which resulted in the primary key violation in conversationhistory table has been fixed.


  1. SD-39112 : Few performance issues related to server memory management are addressed. Modifications in the cache storage and schedule calendar handling are done to handle the issues. These will directly reflect for customers having large number of sites.

Mail Fetching

  1. SD-38808 : Exception "Unable to Load BodyStructure" occurs when the ServiceDeskPlus uses IMAP/IMAPS to fetch the emails and causes the mail fetching to get stopped has been fixed.


  1. SD-37810 : If we have item with same name under different sub-categories, the item value was not set when creating request using APIs. The above error was seen in spite of providing the proper category and sub-category names via API. This is fixed.

Admin-Business Rule

  1. SD-21401 : If there are identical sub-category and item names under two different categories, there was an error in applying the respective sub-category and item via business rule. This is fixed.


  1. SD-39275 : From Reports-> Query Report, we can search query in forums, prior to writing his own query reports has been included.


  1. SD-39166 : 'All Announcements' is not translated under German language, has been fixed.

Enhancements in 8012 (Released on: 7th June, 2011)

CSV User Import

  1. Scheduled import of users from a csv file has been included. Based on the Globalconfig table entry with category as 'CSVUserImportSchedule', this can be turned ON/OFF, and by default this is turned OFF. Mapping of the user's fields with the CSV file can be specified in the 'ScheduledCSVUserImportMapping.xml' file present under $SDP-HOME\server\default\conf directory. This is a daily schedule.
    Globalconfig Entry : Category=CSVUserImportSchedule, Parameter=IS_ENABLED, Paramvalue=false

Issues fixed in 8012


  1. SD-38919 : Groups are listed multiple times in the Request Details page -> Assign -> Assign ( Group and Technician) window has been fixed.
  2. SD-38878 : When creating a request, the technician of the request is getting unassigned or assigned to someone else other than the configured technician in the request template has been fixed.
  3. SD-38637 : Signatures not shown with reply or forward on a Request has been fixed.
  4. SD-38661 : Out of Memory exception occurred while creating new request through webform with asset selected by the SDAdmin technician login has been fixed.
  5. SD-38860 : When a requester creates a 'Incident / Service Request' using a template which has a Group belonging to a 'Refer site'(Site configured with Copy/Custom settings initially and then moved to Refer settings) as default, then that Group is not set when a request is created has been fixed. Now application will prompt the user to modify the associated groups and technician for this site in the corresponding incident and service request templates.

    NOTE: When the Site/Group/Technician association is set in any of the request / incident templates, and after that if we move the site from copy to customor vice versa, then tickets created through webform will take the proper associated values, and from other modes of request creation like the EmailParser, ServletAPI, RESTAPI the tickets created will not associated the group/technician properly., because it takes the values associated with the default request templates by default. To get the proper group, technician values associated to the site, once the site configuration is changed, each templates associated with that site has to be edited and saved.

  6. SD-38762 : Merging a request with the same request id from the request details page, deletes the request is getting fixed. And now proper alert message while merging the same id will be shown to user.
  7. SD-36772 : Site Admin technician with more associated sites try to add a custom filter, the Data Truncation error occurs in the SQL server has been fixed.
  8. SD-38922 : NullPointer Exception occurs when trying to edit (main edit) the request which is associated to a copy or custom site, and applied with the site SLA, when the corresponding site is deleted has been fixed.
  9. SD-38758 : Conversation migration fails if there is no data available in the fulldescription column of the workordertodescription, and now it is modified in such a way that, if there is no data in the fulldescription, we will take it from the description column of the workorder table.
  10. SD-38904 : Request Archiving was failing if the customer has started using this feature in 7.6 and then migrated to 8. Archiving of some requests were failing due to ID conflicts has been fixed.


  1. SD-38759 : Users can download any file on the system by knowing the file name and file path has been fixed.
  2. SD-38810 : In some customer environment , upon navigating through the Asset Tab and immediately moving out to different tabs, ajax query to fetch the count in the asset tab gets break and throws an ajax response error has been fixed
  3. SD-38714 : In domain list view, domain names duplicated during scan has been fixed
  4. SD-38842 : If the domain name of the machine is simple say helpdesk (instead of, then the machine name added with out domain name during the scanhas been fixed
  5. SD-38850 : Remote Control failed in certain cases because the agent starts on the port TCP/443 instead of TCP/10443 has been fixed
  6. SD-38869 : Agent popup an error code Application error: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002) has been fixed
  7. SD-38927 : Unwanted Desktop shortcut icon created during "Remote Control" installation has been fixed
  8. SD-38925 : Agent does not update the workstation status to the server when it is uninstalled manually. And during subsequent agent installation a command prompt pops up and closed automatically has been fixed
  9. SD-21820 : Duplicate key error occurred during "scan now", after editing/adding the workstation has been fixed.
  10. SD-38852 : Duplicate key error occurred during "scan now", when the machine is replaced with the new machine more than once has been fixed.

CSV User Import

  1. SD-39042 : Groups associated to the technician are removed when the technician is updated through CSV user import has been fixed.


  1. SD-38760 : In the rich text area provided while creating requests, problems etc.., an option to enter the description as 'Plain Text' was available. This functionality can be misused to inject script code(Cross site scripting). So, the HTML toggle functionality has been removed from the rich text areas available in those screens.
  2. SD-38761 : After login as a requester, if the URL is changed manually to, the list of requesters and their information will be listed. This is an admin view and should be available to people only with required permissions but was visible to normal requester itself. This has been fixed.
  3. SD-38822 : While viewing the 'Print View' of a request, it was possible to add additional html code snippet by changing the request id parameter in the URL. This has been fixed.
  4. SD-36826 : Technician having permission to view 'Report' of their associated group request were able to see request report of groups they were not associated in a site is getting fixed.
  5. SD-38936 : Using the search option in 'Solutions' tab, it was possible to inject script code. This has been fixed.


  1. SD-38719 : Default settings are not copied properly while creating a copy site or editing a site to copy site has been fixed. To correct the already created site which is not copied properly we have to save the site once.


  1. SD-38610 : There was a problem in REST API when handling additional field names with spaces in them. The XML format of the REST API is now modified to handle this. The way in which parameters are represented in the XML is modified now.

    To represent a value of "Priority", the earlier XML format was

    This is now changed as.

    The following is the current xml format specification:

    API input: Both the new and old formats will be supported for compatibility reasons.
    API output: Only the new format will be supported. Old format xml will not be returned.
    Add_request: For compatibility reasons, both the new and old XML formats are returned for ADD_REQUEST operation alone.

    Please refer the product documentation for detailed information on XML format change.

DC Integration

  1. SD-38879 : When SSO is enabled in SDP, there was an error when trying to create a request from Manage Engine Desktop Central product.

    Known Issue: Issue still exists when the API client is a stand alone program instead of a web browser.


  1. SD-37427 : Unable to export the generated report with more than 65535 rows as a xls file has been fixed. Data exceeded 65535 rows will be written in the subsequent sheets. NOTE : It is expected that export will work for marginal data size, and also based on the type of the columns selected in the report.This may slow down the application or throws OutOfMemory error, if the huge number of records are exported as the application was configured to handle optimum memory. This might work based on the increase in the java heap size of the application appropriately.
  2. SD-38880 : Null Pointer Exception while creating a filter on Department in the WorkStation custom report has been fixed.


  1. SD-38826 : During request creation, when the requester name is typed in, ServiceDesk Plus will search the requester names and will display the top 10 matchs for the text typed. Internally all the matching data will be fetched and then the top 10 will be displayed. This will lead to performance issues when there are a huge number of requesters. This has been fixed such that only the top 10 will be retrieved.

Personalize settings

  1. SD-38673 : All the default time zones of JRE 1.5 are added under the timezone list in personalize settings. And the timezone which fall under the day light savings will be specially marked with a '*' to identify.


  1. SD-38712 : Error in validating the email address with two dots say ( in the linux machine's installation wizard has been fixed.


  1. SD-38856 : While taking the scheduled backup with only Database checked, the file attachment also got included has been fixed.


  1. SD-38857 : In some European Keyboards, Alt Gr + z disappear last few letters instead of input letter z or upper case Z has been fixed.


  1. SD-38801 : In Admin > Table Data count, only selected tables was shown earlier. It has been changed such that all the tables will get listed.


  1. SD-30922 : Downloading the attachments from ServiceDesk Plus, using Chrome browser will not download the file with its actual name has been fixed.
  2. SD-38077 : The 'New Incident' dropdown not getting displayed properly in IE 6 has been fixed.


  1. SD-35359 : When creating a new request, under "Requester Details" the field "Asset" has been translated incorrectly in the German as "Workstation ID" is now retranslated correctly as Asset.

Performance/Changes in 8011 (Released on: 25th April, 2011)


  1. In requests list view, the total records will be shown along with the links for next, last etc.. In big environments, the query to get the total records is costly and time consuming. In such cases, an option to disable the count query has been added. When this is disabled, a link 'Row Count' will be available which when clicked will fetch the count and show it in the client. The parameter 'SHOW_REQUEST_COUNT' in GlobalConfig table needs to be set to 'true' to enable this.
  2. In requests details page, the following changes have been done.
    • The assets that are associated to a requester will no longer be avilable directly in the Request details page. A link will be available for that near the Requester name in the 'Requester Details' section.
    • The WorkLog details have been moved to a separate tab in the Request Details page.
    • When a request has drafts, a menu item called 'Drafts' will be available near the 'Edit' menu at the top. Clicking it will load the 'Drafts'. Earlier, the drafts will be available by default when the page loads.

Recent Items

  1. Recent Items data handling has been changed as a part of performance enhancement. Due to this, existing recent items entries will be deleted on migration.

Issues fixed in 8011


  1. SD-38672 : In few cases where customers had migrated from SDP 7.5 builds, clicking 'Reply' from a 'Request' will throw a NullPointerException when the technicians does not have Signature configured in their personalized settings.


  1. SD-37304 : Query Reports are allowed for only technicians with SDAdmin permission. When such a technician creates a query report and makes it as 'Public', then a technician with SDReport permission was able to edit / delete the query. This has been fixed such that, when query reports are made public, they can only be viewed and cannot be edited by normal technicians.


  1. SD-38621 : Performance problem while using different notifications with lot of business rules configured in the application has been fixed.

New Features in 8010 (Released on: 8th April, 2011)


  1. SDF-36468 : Based on globalconfig table entry, PendingApprovals in the Home tab will be shown. Pending Approvals of the Incident / Service Request, other than the Completed status will be shown by default. Pending Approvals of the change other than the closed status will be shown by default. This is a behavior change, earlier by default All Pending Approvals will be shown. Globalconfig entry Category = SHOW_PENDING_APPROVALS , Parameter = ALL_STATUS , Paramvalue = false. If you want to view all pending approvals, then change the Paramvalue to True.
  2. SDF-37729 : Some of the frequently performed actions like 'Support File', 'Thread Dump','System Log Viewer' is now included under the Quick Actions.


  1. SDF-22391 : Support to open actual Incident details from associated Incidents section in Change and Problem details. Earlier the Incident details are loaded at the bottom section. Now another additional column is added which will open actual Incident details page.
  2. SDF- 38200 : Stop Timer: It's now possible to configure the system to stop timer for the tickets which are waiting for approval. This can be configured from Self-Service Portal Settings of Admin tab. If stop timer is enabled, timer will be stopped automatically for requests and the configured status will be set while they are waiting for approval.

Service Catalog

  1. SDF-35903 : The length of the content that is shown in "Service Catalog" drop down menu from home page is increased to make it more readable. Also the content length of service name and description in services list view from "Service Catalog" tab has been increased to make it more readable.


  1. SDF-35146 : Option to edit the software manufacturer name from the page we manage the respective software.


  1. SDF-37910 : System Log Viewer will be populated with operations related to 'Reports' like 'Report Executed By','Report Started On','Report Completed On', 'Time Taken','No of Pages' to analyze any performance issue with report.


  1. SDF-37570 : In some customer scenario's they would want to call for example, a 'New Request' as 'New Ticket'. This could be possible by changing the value present in the file. But, when a upgrade is done, these changes will be lost and the customer has to redo them again. This new feature will allow the customer to maintain the keys he has changed as a separate file and SDP will read this file and use it for translation. Here are the steps to follow
    • Create a directory named 'i18n' in [SDP Home]/custom directory.
    • Create a file in that i18n directory. If you need it for Arabic language, then the file name has to be Make sure the file is saved using UTF-8 format, else it will not work for languages other than English )
    • Add the keys with your changed values like for example,
      sdp.header.requests=Tickets ('Requests' in the original version )
      sdp.header.admin=Configurations ('Admin' in the original version )
    • Start the SDP Server. When you login, for the above example, you would see the 'Requests' tab being displayed as 'Tickets' and 'Admin' tab being displayed as 'Configurations'.

Issues fixed in 8010


  1. SD-36459 : When a requester creates a 'Incident / Service Request' using a template which has a Group belonging to 'Not Associated to any site' or a 'Refer site'(Site configured with refer settings) as default, then that Group is not set when a request is created has been fixed.
  2. SD-36657 : When a note is created with multiline content and if a notification is sent to the technician regarding the notes addition, then in the mail that is received, the line feed will be lost and the contents will be shown in one single line. This has been fixed.
  3. SD-37111 : When a png image is added as inline for a request / signature, then when request is forwarded / replied with this png image, the image would not be sent along with the mail. It will be displayed as broken in the mail client. This has been fixed.
  4. SD-34940 : If SDP receives a mail from Outlook client with HTML formattings and non-english content and when replied from SDP, the HTML formattings on the original content is applied incorrectly. This is fixed such that the original HTML formattings are maintained in the reply mail.
  5. SD-36399 : When a conversation is added with a CC, replying to that conversation doesn't include the CC in the mail.
  6. SD-29243 : The issue of the attachments not getting included when we forward the technician reply (notification with attachments) has been fixed
  7. SD-28899 : Copying the contents from Outlook or MS Word and pasting to Description while creating Request causes garbled/unwanted contents has been fixed.
  8. SD-35685 : Creating the Request from EMail using Outlook 2010 through Exchange 2010 causes garbled content in description has been fixed.
  9. SD-37177 : When a SubCategory or an Item contains ampersand('&') in their names, then the content after the ampersand('&') getting truncated has been fixed
  10. SD-36129 : When a technician associated with a closed request is deleted, then the technician's id will be displayed in the details page instead of technician name. This has been fixed.
  11. SD-37325 : JS error occurrs on opening service request if it has a question refering products and its name is enclosed within .
  12. SD-37238 : When user reply from the notification email sent for the ticket created through email parser, then it will be created as a new ticket instead of adding it as conversation has been fixed.
  13. SD-36399 : When a conversation is added with a CC, replying to that conversation doesn't include the CC in the mail.
  14. SD-36375 : Issue of '$Site' variable not getting replaced with its value in 'Admin > Notification Rules > Notifying Approval Sender for Approval Action' has been fixed
  15. SD-22928 : When a technician associated with a Open Request is deleted, then the request will move to Unassigned state. The history information for this operation would not been shown properly. This has been fixed.
  16. SD-37864 : Unable to mark a reminder as completed from the 'Reminder Details' section available in Request details > Action > View Reminders > Edit of a Reminder after the reminder time has passed has been fixed.
  17. SD-37312 : When a requester replies to a request through Self Service Portal and if the notification is enabled for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification is that of the original request and not the latest conversation
  18. SD-37116 : While making a reply/forward for a request, the description field had two additional line breaks before the actual content which has been fixed.
  19. SD-29733 : The "Toggle HTML source" button available in Resolution tab of a Request has been removed since it had no functionality based on it.
  20. SD-37589 : The actions that can be taken on the Request will be displayed as a menu in the Request details page. This menu was being displayed with a 600ms delay which in some customer cases seems to be slow to appear. So this has now been cut short to 100ms.


  1. SD-38197 : Few performance issues related to server memory management are addressed. Modifications in the cache storage are done to handle the issues. This will reflect mainly for customers who have more than 1000 sites


  1. SD-37829 : The issue in sending Request Approvals and notifications when site specific fields are selected in the notification template has been fixed.


  1. SD-35547 : Issue while saving the Single-Sign-On (SSO) settings when the personalized language is other than 'English' has been fixed.
  2. SD-34933 : The "Toggle HTML source" button available in Admin > Helpdesk > Resolution Template > New Resolution Template has been removed since it had no functionality based on it.
  3. SD-37307 : When Dynamic User addition is disabled, users who were imported from CSV file with Domain information were unable to login into SDP through AD Authentication since the Domain information was not saved in the database. This issue has been fixed.
  4. SD-37329 : Technician Groups is present twice in Available groups when a Requester is changed to a Technician
  5. SD-36212 : In ServiceCatalog, New Task is not listing groups if a refer site is selected in the template as default value
  6. SD-34545 : Unable to save incident template with "?" symbol in resolution field has been fixed.
  7. SD-37718 : When a Technician belonging to a group is selected as a default value for a template and later when the technician is removed from the group, then while editing the template and saving it without selecting any technician does not removed the old technician.
  8. SD-24708 : Configuration files like wrapper.conf, run.bat/, startDB.bat/, logging.xml, server.xml will now be included while taking the Backup.
  9. SD-36111 : Issue of the 6th additional date field of a service template not getting saved has been fixed.
  10. SD-34934 : Only 10 rows were shown in the Task Template list view, even when "Show 25" was selected in the filter. This issue has been fixed.


  1. SD-35708 : The issue of the line feed getting lost when an Announcement is created using plain text format(switching the 'Toggle HTML source' button while creating) has been fixed.


  1. SD-37394 : When a recommendation is sent to a CAB member multiple times, they will receive a new link everytime. So, when the old link is clicked, an error message will be displayed. In some cases, the recommendations made would not be displayed in the Change details section. This has been fixed so that, when a change is submitted for recommendation multiple times, the CAB member will receive the same link for that change instead of a varying one.
  2. SD-35727 : In Change > Calendar View > Week view, the 'from' and 'to' dates for the week will now be displayed based on the date format selected in the personalized settings.
  3. SD-37756 : When creating New Change, 'Save' button does not get disabled when 'Requested By' field is selected. This makes way to click 'Save' button multiple times creating duplicate Changes. This and similar issue in Problem has been fixed.
  4. SD-37699 : When two 'Change types' are configured with same colour code, Change Calendar > Week view legend shows only one of them has been fixed.
  5. SD-35711 : From Change details page, when trying to 'Attach' Problems to the Change, clicking the Problem title link loads the problem details in full page (instead of loading at the Problem details at the bottom section) has been fixed.

Mobile Client

  1. SD-36125 : Default Currency configured in the Admin module was not reflected for Request Cost in mobile client. This has been fixed.


  1. SD-36291 : If Category, Subcategory, Item, Group, Technician name and Priority fields have special characters, there were issues in integrating SDP with OpManager and Application Manager. This has been fixed


  1. SD-37867 : Generating a report for 'Last week' & 'This week' on the last day of a week shows the data for the subsequent week.
  2. SD-36785 : In reports, if the description content exceeds more than one page, then the remaning column data will be reprinted along with the description content in the next page. This functionality has been disabled due to performance reasons. This is a behavior change. Now, the remaining contents will not be displayed in other pages.


  1. SD-37544 : Unable to add new product type from PO page in Italian language has been fixed.


  1. SD-36027 : The shortcut keys for aligning the texts(Justify left, Justify Center, Justify Right) that is available in 'Rich text area' co-incide with the shortcut keys that are used to type in some European special characters. So, the shortcut keys have been removed. The alignment functions now has to be done only by clicking on the corresponding toolbar icon.


  1. SD-37470 : Issue of 'Signature' getting displayed at the bottom instead of at the top in Problem/Change notifications has been fixed.
  2. SD-37229 : Duebydate and ClosedDate in the Problem accepts a date prior to current date has been fixed.


  1. SD-35425 : Issue of 'Print Preview' available in the details section of a workstation not getting displayed properly sometimes has been fixed.
  2. SD-36421 : During a scan failure, the IP address was not added to the database earlier. Now the IP address will be added.
  3. SD-36764, SD-37024 : Issue of Department info not getting changed for asset after importing users with updated department from AD has been fixed.
  4. SD-36815 : When the number of users, departments and sites are more, then selecting the department while editing a workstation/asset would take a long time to display the list of users. This has been fixed.
  5. SD-37280 : Unable to delete an attachment in Software License section when the filename has "#" in its name has been fixed.


  1. SD-37787, SD-36285 : In Support Tab, the functionalities like 'Support File', 'Thread Dump' and 'System Log Viewer' will now be shown to technicians with SDAdmin role instead of all technicians.


  1. SD-37009 : Issue of 'All Announcements' link not getting internationalized has been fixed
  2. SD-35341 : Issue of History details of service requests not being internationalized has been fixed.
  3. SD-35742 : Issue of success message displayed on updating an asset is not internationalized has been fixed.
  4. SD-37323 : Issue of 'New Incident' being displayed as 'New Request' in Spanish language has been fixed.
  5. SD-37295 : Wrong translation in Dutch for the success message shown after picking up a request has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 8009 (Released on: 25th February,2011)

  1. SD-36985 : Reply from mail client is not getting added as conversation when To and CC contains same Email Address has been fixed.
  2. SD-36730, SD-36381 : Technician cache was not getting updated while changing Requester as a Technician has been fixed.
  3. SD-36195 : Wrong translation in Dutch/Netherlands for the Pick up in the Request Details page > Assign Menu has been fixed.
  4. SD-36403 : Wrong translation of "build" in Russian language has been fixed.

New features in 8008 (Released on: 8th February,2011)

  • SDF-30571 : If a technician replies for a request from his notification email(from his mail client), and included the requester email in the to/cc list, then that reply will be considered as response for the request. And if it is a first response, then the first response time will be updated accordingly.

Issues fixed in 8008:

  1. SD-34286 : Under home tab, number of inbound, overdue,completed requests for this week, last week, month, last month graph is included. (This was available till 7611, and removed in 8.0, is now re-included).
  2. SD-36444 : Subject field is now displayed based on the database parameter ( in Globalconfig table) configuration. By default the size is set with 50 characters, and this can be configured globally, and this is a common configuration for all the users, and not personalized to users. And the width is set with minimum of 30 characters if the value is set less than 30.
  3. SD-31941 : Security Bug with Request to approval: Using the approval link, approver can able to view the details of the request by changing the itemid in the link has been fixed.
  4. SD-23291 : Reply sent from the self-service-portal for the merged request , responded date is not updated has been fixed.
  5. SD-34249 : When replying from the conversation only the sender is included in the To Field and all other people who had been included on the mail are not present in the CC fields has been fixed.
  6. SD-35641 : Deleted domains are getting added after restarting the application even after disabling the globalconfig entry for "DomainListaddition" has been fixed.
  7. SD-34879 : Domain information of the user is getting reset, when the requester / technician edit their own details from their self-service portal login has been fixed.
  8. SD-34881 : Cost per hour for the technicians are set to 0.0. upon AD / LDAP / CSV import.
  9. SD-36443 : When there are multiple white spaces within a requester name, problem occurs in Quick create of the request has been fixed. Reason could be that the users imported from AD / LDAP / CSV may have multiple white spaces in it. Now when the users are imported we will retain only one white space and the rest will be trimmed off. To update the existing users, we recommend to perform the AD / LDAP / CSV import once.
  10. SD-34964 : Problem in importing Category,Subcategory,Items through csv import with special characters in their names like < , > in it has been fixed.
  11. SD-36659 : In Chrome browser, the sub-category is not shown in the sorted order has been fixed.
  12. SD-36415 : Problem in reconcile the asset and resulted in the StackOverflowError has been fixed.
  13. SD-35829 : Linux machines which are not responding the command "hostname -f" quickly are not scanned in the SDP.Also Unknown is getting added as workstation name if the hostname -f command returns the value as Unknown.Now it will take the name given in device scan window.

New features in 8007(Released on: 13th January,2011)

  • SDF-35443: Discarding emails from non existing users. When enabled, any mail from email addresses which are not present in ServiceDesk Plus user database will be discarded and not added as a request/conversation.
  • SDF-30729: Displaying the list of technicians who are configured for a given role. Available in Admin > Roles section.
  • SDF-24912: Request ID search will now search for merged requests and archived requests also. Earlier, when a merged/archived request ID is specified in the search, no data will be retrieved. Now, if the specified ID is that of a merged request, then its parent will be shown. However, currently, this search will not bring up the requests if they are archived.
  • SDF-28990: Option for the technicians to view the tasks belonging to his group.
  • SDF-35527: Number of characters displayed in the Subject field in Request / Problem and Change list views will be dynamic. They will change based on the screen resolution and the number of columns that are visible in the list view.
  • SDF-35528: Option to view the currently logged in technicians. This will be available to technicians who have SDAdmin, SDSiteAdmin or SD-Co-ordinator roles and can be accessed via Quick Actions menu or via Home > Scheduler > Logged-in Techs link.
  • SDF-35444: When technicians are deleted or login is removed, the 'scheduled reports' owned by those technicians will be moved to the ownership of the technician who performs the delete technician / remove login operation.
  • SDF-35433: Linking service requests is now enabled. Service requests can be linked to other service requests or incident requests.
  • SDF-35497: When processing a mail reply, the parent request was determined based on the 'subject' of the mail. Now, the 'Reply To' mail header is also used to determine the parent request.
  • SDF-35455: Site related fields, 'Site address, Site city, Site description and Site postal code' are included as fields in notification templates. These fields can be selected to send the relevant information when sending notifications.
  • SDF-35452: Details about the request site can now be viewed from the request details page. The configuration is available under Admin > Self Service Portal Settings.
  • SDF-36132: The 'start day of the week', in the calendar, can now be customized. The configuration is available under Admin > Self Service Portal Settings.

Issues fixed in 8007:

  1. SD-35720: Site based technician filter is not working under Admin > Technician Groups. Technicians from all sites are listed in 'Available Technicians' list.
  2. SD-35690: Unable to edit existing PM tasks. Existing PM tasks can be executed but cannot be edited.
  3. SD-35133: Calendar in the filter section of reports shows the date (Nov 1st) twice due to a problem in daylight savings configuration. If daylight savings is disabled, the dates are shown correctly.
  4. SD-35716: Wrong group is set when creating service request - A service template is created with a specific group. When a logged in user raises the service request, the user site is set but the group is not set correctly. The group specified in the service catalog template is set instead. The proper group is set now for requests raised via Web-forms and E-mails. The issue still exists for requests raised via "E-mail commands and APIs".
  5. SD-25080: When replying to a request, the technician signature was shown at the very end. Now, the signature comes under the reply content.
  6. SD-31130: The line spacings provided in requester multi line fields are not shown in requester details page. The line spacings are shown now.
  7. SD-32043: Change > Change Details > Add CAB members - Error was seen when the pop-up was saved without selecting any CAB members.
  8. SD-35709: I18n issue. Message related to CAB under Change > History is I18n'ed.

Issues fixed in 8006 (Released on: 22nd December, 2010)

  • SD-35077: Unable to associate a service request to a change from change details page.
  • SD-35237: Performance issues addressed in "Request list view page", "My Schedule page" and "Technician Availability Chart".
  • SD-35118: "View change" link in service request details page is not working in IE6.
  • SD-31865: Request closure code and closure comments will be prompted when request is closed from request details page.
  • SD-35339: Country name "New Zealand" was shown as "NewZealand" in SDP. This is now corrected.

New features in 8005 (Released on: 15th December, 2010)

  • SD-34823: Category, Sub-category and Item data can now be imported from a csv file.
  • SD-34755: It is now possible to create new change from service request. Earlier this was possible only from incidents.

Issues fixed in 8005:

  1. SD-34564: For a Business Rule with "Apply when request is Created / Edited" configuration, if the rule criteria contains user defined fields, the business rule will not be applied when request user defined fields are edited.
  2. SD-34460: Problem when importing more than 1000 users from Open LDAP.
  3. SD-34642: After changing the request group via inline edit, if a reply is sent to a request, the sender name is not changed as per the changed group.
  4. SD-34647: When a SLA with more number of days for resolution time and response time is applied for a request, "due by time" and "response due by time" are calculated wrongly.
  5. SD-34281: If a request is sent from Lotus Notes with inline images in description, a reply cannot be sent from that request.
  6. SD-34359: On doing a LDAP import, duplicate users are getting created when there is a case difference between same mail id.
  7. SD-33822: Request closure code that is marked as 'deleted' is available in the "close request" popup.
  8. SD-34401: For archived service request, "Email cc" field shows not-assigned after archiving.
  9. SD-33602: In technician calendar, cancel leave is not working if any one of the group member has invalid mail id.
  10. SD-34822,SD-34870: User group does not work when the value contains Japanese.
  11. SD-34749: The "Show All" link in the announcement section of requester login page is available again. This was removed in SDP 8.0 release.

Issues fixed in 8004 (Released on: 25th November, 2010)

  1. SD-34474: When a requester replies to a request through Self Service Portal and if the notification is enabled for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification is that of the original request and not the latest conversation.

Enhancements in 8004

  1. SDF-34487: Option to filter assets based on site when selecting an asset for a incident/service request.

Issues fixed in 8003 (Released on: 16th November, 2010)

  1. SD-34250: When a requester replies to a request through email and if the notification is enabled for the same for the technician, then, the description sent in the notification was that of the original request and not that of the latest conversation.
  2. SD-34244: Issue while fetching mail when the incident template has default values set as ' '(Empty string) for numeric and date additional fields.
  3. SD-33717: In archived requests, Service Catalog additional fields values are displayed as 'Not assigned' even though they have values in the database.
  4. SD-34226: Unable to add a product from Home Page > Quick Actions > Product link
  5. SD-31105: 'Preview' in Admin > User Groups displays all the requesters. This will happen when the 'Show technicians as part of requesters' is set to 'No' in Admin > Self Service Portal settings page
  6. SD-34197: In archived requests, the time information in tasks like scheduled start time, scheduled end time, actual start time and actual end time displays the same values even though they are different in the database.
  7. SD-33694: When a requester reopens a ticket using Self Service Portal, then the notification is not sent to the technician.
  8. SD-34279: Incidents are not getting created for the requesters through Request template, if the service-category field is set to be non-editable and non-viewable for the requester.
  9. SD-34273: Duplication of requesters when importing users through AD. This will happen only when there is a case change in the email ids of the users. i.e, if the value is and the latest value in AD is, then the user would have been duplicated.

Enhancements in 8003

  1. SD-31942: In earlier builds, during user import using Active Directory, common fields like site, phone, E-mail etc.. alone can be imported. In 8003, additional information of the users can be mapped and imported to Requester additonal fields.

Issues fixed in 8002 (Released on: 8th November, 2010)

  1. SD-34203: Duplicate requesters being created when a request is raised through email is fixed.
    This issue will occur when the case of the E-mail Id changes, irrespective of the number of requesters(Only a part of this issue got addressed 8001. So the issue ID remains the same)
  2. SD-34207: Linking of requests throws exception when the request's are sorted in ascending order of request ID.

Issues fixed in 8001 (Released on: 3rd November, 2010)

  1.  SD-34203: Duplicate requesters being created when a request is raised through email is fixed.
    When the user's mail id is configured as and when the user send's a mail to SDP with from address as, then a new requester will be created instead of using the existing one.This issue will occur for customers who have more than 1000 requesters.
  2. SD-34201: Approvals sent for a request before migrating from 7611 to 8000 is not be available in the respective details page after coming to SDP 8.0 is fixed.
  3. SD-34204: Unable to approve a request using the approval link that was sent before migrating to 8.0 is fixed.
  4. SD-34206: Spam filter is not getting applied when a conversation is added for a request is fixed.
  5.  SD-34011: When the alias url for SDP is specified without the port number in Admin > Self Service Portal Settings, then while saving DC configuration settings, an error "Unable to connect to the DC server, the server might not be running" is shown even if the DC server is running is fixed.

New features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 (8000) : (Released on: 27 October, 2010)

Thank you for installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8 - a comprehensive and affordable IT Help Desk and Asset Management software. ServiceDesk Plus 8 release includes the following features below,

Service Catalog

This module enables IT Administrators to create, maintain and monitor Service Catalog.
  • Support for creating Service Catalog with service categories and services.
  • Support for automatic redirection for approval when a service is requested.
  • Support for user group based display of services.
  • Support for SLA based services.
  • Support for additional fields similar to requests.

Agent based Scanning

Apart from agentless scanning, agent based scanning would be supported. The agent needs to be installed in the remote machines and would be used for inventory scanning and remote desktop. The agent would support delta scanning too i.e.,only the difference in the inventory data between subsequent scans would be sent to the SDP server. This enhances the speed of the discovery process as well as reduces the bandwidth usage.

Integration with Desktop Central

  • Option to install a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.
  • Option to uninstall a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.

Other Enhancements

  • Dashboards:
    • Predefined dashboards with pre-defined widgets.
  • Linking of requests:
    • Option to specify that a request is similar to another request and map them together.
    • Option to copy the resolution, worklog, notes etc.. to the linked requests.
  • Purchase Order Enhancements:
    • PO Workflow includes three new states - Ordered PO, Invoice Received and Payment done.
    • Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets scanned during scanning.
    • Provision to configure multiple approver for a PO.
    • Provision to restrict approver to approve a PO based on the total cost of the PO.
    • Items of type Consumable will not be added as individual asset while they are received from PO.
    • Support for configuring different tax rates for items in single PO.
    • Support for adding invoice details and payment details to PO.
    • Support for configuring the mandatory close fields for PO.
  • Software License Management:
    • Import software licenses from CSV.
    • Supports different license types like OEM, concurrent, enterprise-subscription, enterprise-perpetual, free, named user, node locked, trial apart from the existing CAL, volume, individual. license types for Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec are configured by default.
    • Support for configuring custom license types.
    • Support for license agreements and notifications on license expiry.
  • Auto Sync of Distributed Data: The inventory data scanned in the remote SDP servers would be pushed automatically to the central SDP server at periodic intervals.
  • Remote Control Settings: Remote control to a machine by default would prompt for user's permission to access the machine. Machines for which the prompt is not required (say, Servers) can be configured from the workstation/server list view.
  • API Enhancement: Supports REST type API.
  • Automatic assigning of tickets based on the availability and current ticket count of a technician. i.e. request gets assigned to a technician who has the least number of open tickets.
  • Option to assign a backup technician for requests when a technician is on leave.
  • Approvals for Change/Purchase/Service requests and Incident requests from a technician or requester is displayed in Home -> My Views.
  • User Group based solutions, incident templates and announcements.
  • Site based implementation for problem and change.
  • Support to search notes, worklog, resolution and request ID for the request module.
  • Supports request closure code while closing a request.

Behavioral Changes

  • When processing email as conversation, only request id (##requestid##) in the subject will be matched. Earlier if the subject does not contain request id 'in-reply-to' parameter of email will be considered. since this is not properly set in many mail clients, this is not considered.
  • The new query report option is available to technicians only with SDAdmin role.
  • Global View and Asset View under the Home tab are moved to Dashboard module.
  • PO will not move to "Closed" state immediately after receiving all the items. It has to be done manually.
  • Agent ID is the first identifier that would be used for identifying the presence of a scanned workstation in the database.
  • Worklog can be added only for the technicians who belong to the associated sites of the logged in technician.
  • Conversations are moved to a separate table. So when a merged request is split, a new request ID is generated and assigned.
  • Merged request details cannot be viewed by changing the ID in the URL.
  • Approval state of the request changes to "Rejected" only when all the approvers reject the request.
  • Incident Templates are grouped based on the service category configured in the template.
  • For requests raised via email, the requester's site will be set only if the site value in the default template is "Not Associated to any Site". This is similar to the self service portal login.

Issues fixed in 8.0

  1. SD-29552 : To add field "group" in new custom report >survey module > avaliable columns.
  2. SD-26643, SD-25174 : Not able to edit a PM task when a asset associated to the requester has been deleted and if we have created a schedule request using the same requester.
  3. SD-29982 : Print case in print view in French. Word Imprim should be Imprimer.
  4. SD-30663 : Linefeed is not inserted , when we have configured Plain Text format under the Admin > Notification Rule and reply template is applied.
  5. SD-30832 : I18N Issue [Japanese Personilization] - While Searching Archived request through Global Search , it takes to Solution page.
  6. SD-31009 : Unable to scan a machine, error while inserting into Systemhotfixlist.
  7. SD-31635 : Mail fetching stops if description contains some inline images. The issue will occur only when a minimum of two sdp group's mailid in the to/cc field of the incoming mail.
  8. SD-31941 : Security Bug with Request to approval: Using the approval link, approver can able to view the details of the request by changing the itemid in the link.
  9. SD-32453 : Unable to import the scanned xml if the port name is null in the portinfo details.
  10. SD-32976 : When migrating from windows to linux the archive files are extracted under SDP Home directory instead of 'archive' folder available under SDP Home.
  11. SD-21609 : Issue in adding a SPAM FILTER criteria with lengthy criteria in MSSQL.
  12. SD-24801 : In Request Custom Filter , "AND" condition is not Working (Personalize : Danish)
  13. SD-24846 : If a requester name has an '&' in it and while creating a Request,if we choose the same Requester using the RequesterList icon and then when we try adding the Request it doesnt recognize the Requester and gives the message the Requester doesnt exist and adds a duplicate Requester. The issue is there for < , > symbols too.
  14. SD-25807 : Once a request is created,edit the request and change the requester, the site does not change to the new requesters Site.
  15. SD-27703 : Unable to add the technician in exclude list if the technician name contains a single quote (') in his name
  16. SD-28618 : After creating a PO, email and website showing in the PO has two colons.
  17. SD-28656 : Time Spent report does not show the requests which does not have a worklog. [Create New Custom Report -> Tabular Report -> Module -> Time Spent -> Choose columns "Request Id, Time Spent, Time Elapsed, Description, Work Log Technician" Generate the report -> Report output does not show the request which does not hold any work logs.]
  18. SD-27981 : When adding a worklog for a change the Cost per hour of the logged in technician shows as 0.00 however when we select a different technician and select the logged in technician again the cost per hour is populated.
  19. SD-28746 : Size of Add Software To Asset window should be increased as the contents are not displayed properly.
  20. SD-28859 : When creating a request via API form provided a requester name and emailid(not in servicedesk db), the new request and new requester got created. But requester's emailid is not added.
  21. SD-29826 : Servelet API :An Option to include a field to update a Requester's password during Update Requester operation

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