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- 3 minute to 2 second Performance Challenge

ServiceDesk Plus is widely deployed by businesses across countries, time zones and sites. The challenge was to make ServiceDesk Plus scalable without complicating it. It was important to make sure that scalability to be implemented with the default database, MySQL. ServiceDesk Plus enables you to deliver world class performance with MySQL and MS SQL Server. ServiceDesk Plus is optimized for MySQL. However, we recommend MS SQL Server for high volume and large scale installations.

The Real Simulated Environment

We created a simulated environment with a help of a few customer's sample data. The idea was to create a scenario exactly as customers with large scale deployments so that we have requests with text and attachments and assets with data. The simulation was configured on a system with the following configuration with more than 5000 requests.

SetUp Details of the Simulated Environment are below

Server Information
Operating System Windows Server 2003
Hard Disk
80 GB
DataBase Used

Request Count

Total Number of Requests 5000
Total Number of Requests having attachments 2000
Average replies per request 3

Rows Present in DB

Tables Rows of Data
WorkOrder Table 20000
Notfication Table 78000
WorkOrder_Threaded Table 5000

Roles and Operations:

Technicians and Requestors Numbers
Requesters accessing ServiceDesk Plus 400
Number of Requests created per day 100
Technicians accessing ServiceDesk Plus 100

To simulate technican's operations we had also simlated random technician frequent actions such as

  • Accessing List View Page
  • Editing Requests
  • Accessing Group View
  • Request Detailed View Page

The simulated production environment is tuned before executing the operations,

  1. JVM heap size is configured to 1300M

  2. Mysql DataBase configuration are such that it uses 2GB for buffering the data

  3. URL for /custom is excluded - to avoid context switch in tomcat framework

  4. Database Connection is set to 150 with corresponding max-pool-size as 200

  5. Tomcat is configured to support 180 parallel threads/requests

  6. Expiry is set of .html files so that browser will not send request for html files.

  7. Database cleanup - deleted unnecessary  entries in aaaaccsession, auditrecord tables etc and deleted outofoffice, undeliverable mails.

The following results were Observed in the Simulation

Tables Previous Versions Build 7019 Build 7019 after performance pack
Build 7500                
Open Requests 170.4 secs 24.2 secs 1.84 secs 2.19 secs
OverDue Requests 160 secs 23.6 secs 2.08 secs 2.19 secs
Custom View 159.6 secs 25.8 secs 1.96 secs 2.21 secs
All Requests 172.2 secs 25.8 secs 1.96 secs 2.36 secs
Request Details Page 108 secs 13 secs 4.76 secs 4.38 secs
New Request Creation 24.8 secs 16.8 secs 5.28 secs 7.29 secs
New Req with Attachment (150 kb) 24.2 secs 17.2 secs 5.4 secs 7.40 secs
Edit Request 16.4 16 secs 5.14 secs 5.05 secs

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