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  • Service request: Simplified employee onboarding

    Learn how to help new employees have a great first day by simplifying the onboarding process, designing request workflows, and facilitating a better user experience.

  • Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

    Learn how to respond to security incidents by automating notifications, prioritizing tickets, and quickly assembling an incident response team.

  • Hardware asset management: Bringing all your assets
    under one roof

    Learn how to manage vulnerable assets with complete visibility into your asset estate by identifying critical assets and taking proactive measures to secure them.

  • Coming soon

  • Software asset management: One app for all the other apps

    Learn how to get answers to all software compliance and audit questions by monitoring software licenses in real time.

  • Change and project management: A pacer for your IT marathon

    Learn how to align bold business objectives with big IT goals by streamlining IT change management while minimizing the risk associated with the change and ensuring high service availability.

  • Coming soon

  • Enterprise service management: Extend ITSM best practices beyond IT

    Learn how to set up service management practices for any service team in your organization, including HR, facilities, and administration, by utilizing a quick instance and request workflow setup.

  • Coming soon

  • Analytics: Get a holistic view of your IT service desk

    Learn how to leverage analytics to get a holistic view of your service desk performance and efficiently manage people, processes, and assets.

  • Coming soon

Get to know our speakers.

  • Santhosh "Santa" Mahiban

    product expert

    Santhosh has over eight years of experience in ITSM. He specializes in worldwide service desk implementations and consulting, where he strategizes and oversees the complete implementation cycle in various environments. He is currently a member of ServiceDesk Plus' service management team and is responsible for expanding the product, including leading product management for the latest Enterprise Service Management feature.

  • Sriram K S

    product specialist

    Sriram has over six years of experience at ManageEngine and has helped IT service desk teams across the globe implement the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus with ITIL best practices. He leads a team of product education specialists and regularly conducts online and offline training sessions to help users understand the value they can generate from their IT service desks.

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Service request: Simplified employee onboarding

Is there a way to define criteria at the back end for Service Request SLA?
How can I determine if I have the Enterprise or Professional edition of ServiceDesk Plus?
How can I determine if I have the Enterprise or Professional edition of ServiceDesk Plus?
When you purchase the Service Catalog add-on, do you get it for all your instances?
Can you do an SLA based on a due date? For example, we may not want to apply a five-day SLA for someone that starts one month from now, especially if there is a risk they decline the job offer or do not pass a background check.
How do we get all of the unique IDs that we saw in the custom functions when opening tickets on other service desk instances?
Does every employee who will be performing an onboarding task require a technician license?
I find my technicians frequently miss tasks because they are not shown alongside requests. Is there a way to view assigned tasks and requests in the same location?
For KPI purposes, how can I report on a technician's closed tasks to give proper credit for work performed? We can report on requests, but not tasks. This incentivizes us to create new requests instead of using tasks.
How do you remove fields like "hiring department" from the right pane in the Service Catalog or in a form?
Is there a way we can edit a field once it's created?
How do I customize a new field that I created?
My tasks do not have the trigger option you showed earlier. All the tasks trigger at the same time.
How can I add $Title to the task title?

Incident management: Building a highly responsive service desk

There has been talk about a new self-service portal. When will the new portal be released?
When we publish an announcement, can we use the services involved as a variable in the email notification?
In an announcement, can an attachment be included in the email notification?
How do you specify if the criteria needs to be "null"? For example: Urgency = (blank) or null. Some fields do not allow the absence of a value. How do you trigger this business rule when a request is submitted via email?
Is there a way to automate the creation of a problem from an incident if, let's say, the SLA is violated and the ticket is older than two weeks?
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