How ServiceDesk Plus stacks up against perceived industry leader ServiceNow

"ServiceDesk Plus is simple, easy to use, and very flexible. It works well for our environment"

- Mayank from Emax

25,000+ vs.
2,000+ Customers

Over 25,000 IT organizations across the globe are ServiceDesk Plus customers. That's 10 times more than ServiceNow, whose customer count is 2,061. ServiceDesk Plus is pervasive. Including free accounts, ServiceDesk Plus is used by over 80,000 IT organizations in 189 countries around the world.

The installed base of ServiceDesk Plus alone is telling. ServiceDesk Plus is built, in large part, to meet real-world customer requirements, so you'll find its utility is practical and immediate.

"With SDP, we were able to get our help desk up and running quickly and our technicians experienced great ease of use"

- Ted Herverstock

Transparent vs.
Cloak and Dagger Pricing

ServiceDesk Plus pricing is transparent. We've published it on the ManageEngine website, available for you to see and compare. ServiceDesk Plus prices are among the industry's most competitive, and customers with big and small budgets alike have seen unparalleled returns on investment.

Want to know the prices for ServiceNow? So do we. But we haven't found them anywhere on the company's website, and you won't either. Rumor has it the going rate is $100 for each agent, each month. Recently, ServiceNow started charging customers for "process users" as well, including approvers and some self-service users. Ding, ding, ding! The high price of ServiceNow just got higher.

Okay, to be fair, ServiceDesk Plus prices were also modified recently. We just happened to modify them in our customers' favor. ServiceDesk Plus offers free versions with full functionality across all editions, to help IT service desks of all ITSM maturity levels.

"We reduced our monthly help desk ticket load
from 700 to around 500"

- James Ross, De Beers.

Choice of Delivery Models vs.
Cloud-Only Approach

ServiceDesk Plus is available on premise and in the cloud. This means you can choose the version that best suits your IT service desk needs. Want to start with on premise and move to the cloud later? ManageEngine offers seamless migration of help desk ticket data and knowledge bases, so you avoid migration-related downtime.

With ServiceDesk Plus, you can enjoy the best of both worlds - on premise or cloud - unlike ServiceNow.

Some might argue that ServiceNow gives you a choice of delivery methods, too. That's true, as long as your method of choice is cloud. With no way to run and store data locally, ServiceNow customers who need an on-premise option are out of luck - until they join the ServiceDesk Plus family.

"We choose ME ServiceDesk Plus after an extensive 3 month research. It is comprehensive ServiceDesk Plus that has helped our IT department to efficiently manage problems, purchases, and assets. ME ServiceDesk Plus is affordable and easy to use. What more do you need?"

- Ashton Park School, Bristol UK

ITSM Suite vs.
Point Product Vendor

ServiceDesk Plus is an integral component of the ManageEngine IT management software suite. Our 26-product suite covers the entire gamut of IT management including network performance, desktop, Active Directory, security and compliance, and server and applications management.

Native integrations with desktop, Active Directory, and monitoring applications make ServiceDesk Plus the most comprehensive ITSM solution available. And when you're ready, ManageEngine's one-stop shop can take you beyond the service desk to meet all of your IT management needs.

A point product vendor, ServiceNow offers a service desk product - period. ServiceNow may cover your IT help desk, but what about the rest of your IT infrastructure? Prepare to juggle multiple vendors and endure countless integration headaches.

"What Track-IT really lacked was a design with the ITIL framework in mind. For me, the standout feature in SDP is reporting. It is very robust and very flexible"

- Matt Williams, Ohio Department of Education

Smart Essentials vs.

ServiceDesk Plus comes with solid functionality that makes your ITSM click. We keep your IT service desk lean and agile with comprehensive Incident, Knowledge, Problem, Change, Projects, Asset Management and CMDB modules. In turn, you can manage your IT service desk operations while your agents work in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

With ServiceNow, prepare for a lot of post-purchase integrations and cumbersome functionality. This can put unnecessary stress on your IT team and bloat your budget.

At ManageEngine, our enterprise solutions aren't defined by over-engineered, complicated feature sets and exorbitant prices. We believe that the efficiency, flexibility and ease of use of ServiceDesk Plus are valued in the enterprise as well as the SMB. And one look at our customers' comments confirms that belief.

"Got in ServiceDesk Plus and noticed a big increase in productivity, lot faster, no downtime, loads instantly"

- Shawn Buchanan from Denton county Texas

Rapid Start Implementation vs.
Stalled Installations

ServiceDesk Plus gets you up and running fast. Depending on your size and process maturity, you can go live in a matter of days. Larger, more mature organizations may take two or three weeks, max. That includes implementing all of the major process modules, including Incident, Knowledge, Problem, Change, and Asset Management.

You can set up ServiceDesk Plus with little or no professional help. That's what most of our other customers do, thanks to its out-of-the-box functionality and ease of customization.

With ServiceNow, 18 percent of its 2013 revenue came from professional services. So in addition to hefty subscription costs, you stand a good chance of paying additional service fees to implement basic modules like IT Asset Management and Service Catalog.

Head over to the blogs, forums, and other social media platforms that cover service desk issues, and you'll find that cases of stretched or stalled ServiceNow implementations are on the rise. Such complexity isn't helping anyone's ITSM initiative.

"ServiceDesk Plus is inexpensive and it was able to solve all our ITIL problems right out of the box. So we went with ServiceDesk Plus"

- Klaus Olfson,Danish Red Cross

Codeless vs.
Cumbersome Customization

ServiceDesk Plus is easy to customize. Everything is done with an intuitive, drag-and-drop GUI that lets you quickly create custom forms and templates to meet your needs. Wizard-guided configuration steps help you tailor ServiceDesk Plus to your internal IT processes. No separate or specialized customization resource is required. Tweaking ServiceDesk Plus to your company's requirements is a breeze for you and your IT staff.

With ServiceNow, customization means coding - a lot of coding. Without JavaScript knowledge, you can't use ServiceNow to its fullest. And don't forget the detailed CSS knowledge needed to customize the UI. You either need an in-house development team or pay for third-party help to manage implementations and customization.

We know that "one size fits all" is a myth. But with ServiceDesk Plus, you don't have to move mountains, or spend a mountain of cash, to make your ITSM application fit into your environment.

"I started using ServiceDesk Plus approximately at the time when I joined Warner Bros., and at one point I said, 'We are switching to this tool.' ServiceDesk Plus is affordable, fast, and flexible covers the every aspect of help desk what our business need. The big, clunker, monster software tools are expensive and have more to offer, but we really don't need those "

- Aaron Bockelie, Warner Bros Games

Clarity vs.
Cluttered User Interface

The ServiceDesk Plus user interface prizes clarity over clutter. End users find the interface intuitive, simple, and easy to use. The layout is purposeful. Elements are consistent and clearly communicate hierarchy. The learning curve is minimal, and agents are able to work with speed and efficiency.

ServiceNow is not known for design clarity or simplicity. Its customers are stuck with complex navigations - unless they're willing to spend a lot of time and money to make the user interface usable. And then there's the steep, ServiceNow learning curve. All of which explains why customers consistently describe the ServiceNow UI as "cluttered," "confusing," and "non-intuitive."

At ManageEngine, we constantly keep reinventing ServiceDesk Plus to keep it clean and clear. Read this blog to learn about the upcoming user interface of ServiceDesk Plus.

"So far, very impressed with the product. It's out-of-the-box and we came off BMC Remedy. On a point-to-point basis, it completely blew Remedy out of the water. With ServiceDesk Plus, it's 'easy.' I didn't have to hire a contractor, and I do the entire administration myself. The move to ServiceDesk Plus saved $86,000 "

- Mike Taylor, Optimal Payments PLC

Flexible Subscription vs.
Knee-Deep Contracts

With ServiceDesk Plus SaaS, you can subscribe to a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan based on your budget. And you're free to modify your plan, on your terms, at any time. Need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription? Switch from a monthly to a yearly plan or from yearly to monthly? Scale your technicians up or down? No problem. And no switching or early-termination fees.

In 2013, ServiceNow customers had an average initial contract term of 33 months. So what happened to customers who weren't happy at the end of their contract's first year? They had to suck it up for another 21 months of contractual unhappiness.

Don't get us wrong. We believe in long-term commitments, but only when they're made by choice, not by design. SaaS, in ITSM and elsewhere, isn't about vendor lock-in. SaaS is about choice. And ServiceDesk Plus customers stay by choice!

"As the UKs fastest growing software company, Avecto needed something that could manage all our IT support tickets as well as give us visibility of our assets, and that's where ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus came in. SDP allowed us to streamline our support tickets in order to provide fast and efficient support. It also allowed us to see all the assets on our network irrespective of the site"

- Christian Davies, Avecto

Signing Up Online vs.
Taking SaaS Offline

With ServiceDesk Plus, you have a complete online experience, from signing up for a free 30-day trial to completing your purchase. You can manage your subscription - switch editions, modify subscription period, change agent and asset count details - right from your browser.

Looking for the online purchasing option at ServiceNow? Keep looking. You won't find one. Just like you won't find a trial sign-up button or a free trial, for that matter. In the SaaS age, such omissions are ironically old school, especially for an "enterprise IT cloud company."

SaaS success is about immediate online access. Pulling the plug and taking some services offline is turning ServiceNow customers into "ServiceHow?" customers. Your help desk team deserves better. You deserve ServiceDesk Plus, the real SaaS IT help desk leader.

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