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Software License Management

Optimize Licenses and Lower IT Costs

    Manage Software Licenses Across Multiple Sites. Eliminate Complexity.

  • Gain complete ownership and control of your software licenses and manage them at a granular level.
  • Allocate license types such as individual, enterprise, OEM, concurrent, and volume license to all managed software.
  • Upgrade or downgrade existing software licenses across sites to address ad hoc license requirements.
  • Get a single list view of individual licenses along with the number of purchases, allocations, and availability.
  • Filter software based on different sites to simplify license allocation and tracking.
  • Create and manage suite licenses for similar software provided by vendors like Microsoft and Adobe.

Take Control of Your Software Licenses. Reduce Risks and Save IT spending.

  • Get an overall picture of over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software by referring to the software dashboard.
  • Reduce license management risks and stay compliant by tracking license expiry dates and being notified in advance.
  • Optimize license purchases by having a consolidated view on the number of unused and rarely used licenses.
  • Detect license violations automatically by scheduling periodic scans of workstations and sail through audits easily.

Auto Detect Software Licenses. Manage License Agreements.

  • Key in all the purchased licenses. ServiceDesk Plus automatically maps discovered licenses and in-store licenses during subsequent scans.
  • Associate multiple software licenses to existing software license agreements anytime.
  • Associate contracts with software licenses and get notified of contract renewals beforehand.
What Customers Say
On a scale of 1-10 of how happy we are, we would definitely be at a 10. I am usually really hard on stuff and don't give 10s for anything, but I am genuinely there with this product.
Nicholas P. Arispe
system administrator, Radiology Associates
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