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System Requirements

Minimum System requirements for effectively running ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is as below. The hard disk space grows overtime based on the stored data. More RAM space and high end processors are required depending on the Support Load and simultaneous access load.


The following table list the hardware installation according to the number of Technician Logins.

Technician Logins

No. of Nodes

Processor Type

Processor Speed


Free Hard Disk

5-20 50-200 Intel Core Duo 1.7 GHz 1GB 20GB
20-50 200-500 3.4 GHz 2GB 40GB
50-100 500-2000 2*3.4 GHz 4GB 40GB
100-200 1000-5000 4*3.4 GHz 4GB 80GB

Operating System


  • Windows server 2016
  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7


  • Red Hat Linux 7.2 and above
  • Linux Debian 3.0

Supported Database

  • MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2014, MS SQL 2016
  • PostgreSQL

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer: IE 11, IE Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

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