7.5 Features

Features taken up for the 7.5 release

( Last Updated : 16 Mar 2009 )

Business Units

  • Ability to manage the customer support queries of multiple Business Units of an organization using the same installation of SupportCenter
  • Ability to define different configuration like Category, Priority, Level, Custom Fields, Operational Hours, Holidays etc for each Business Unit

Customer Portal Enhancements

  • A completely configurable web portal
  • Configurable option for contact to close a request
  • Ability for contacts to run already created reports
  • Ability for users to register themselves with administrator approval

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Asterisk Integration
  • Ability to display the caller history & his requests to the Support Reps when a call lands on the line for Asterisk PBX

Contract Enhancements

  • Contract renewal process enhancements
  • Contract history (expiry & renewal) information in the view page

Request Module Enhancements

  • Support for secured email fetching (POPS, IMAPS protocols)
  • Enhanced option to search contact, account or contract information to create a request
  • Notes moved to the conversation section and displayed in the chronological order along with request conversations
  • Form customization enhancements
    • Different templates having different set of fields
    • Ability to define the order of appearance of fields
    • Ability to define a set of tasks along with templates

General Enhancements

  • Custom views for all modules
  • New UI & several usability enhancements

Remote Assistance

  • Ability to troubleshoot remote clients
  • Share the desktop
  • View remote desktop
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