Account and Contact Management

SupportCenter Plus lets you establish and sustain your business relationships by maintaining valuable customer information. Integrating account management features with the Support Desk, it gives you an overall view of all your customer relationships. This central repository enables your teams to track account-level data, service level agreements, user contact information, and product ownership details. You can also import contact information from MS-Outlook that really reduces your effort.

Customer Contact Management

Customer Account

Customer Contact Management

Customer Sub-Accounts


  • Manage all your customer accounts from one central location.
  • Track all your customers and their contact details.
  • Store account details such as user name, company, phone numbers, addresses, web sites, email addresses, Service Level Agreements and much more.
  • Define Accounts & their Branches in a hierarchical format.
  • Easily group related contacts together in a single account.
  • Use pre-defined database fields to easily record contact information or add custom fields to meet your specific needs.
  • Capture, view and edit all user transactions, including email, tickets, chats, and service calls in a single system


  • Instant visibility into all your support interactions anytime and anywhere.
  • Increase productivity levels and service more customers faster with contact information at your fingertips.
  • Confirm end user identity and verify which users are authorized to receive support.
  • Meet the unique needs of your customer by maintaining a comprehensive history of all user interactions.
  • Track user support history over time to anticipate needs and potential sales opportunities.

CRM Customer Support Software

Existing Database Synchronization

SupportCenter Plus can work in tandem with your other CRM tools which focuses on sales force automation, lead management tools etc. You can synchronize both the database through the csv option provided in SupportCenter Plus. The synchronization process is diagramatically represented below.


CRM Customer Support Software

Auto Scheduling:

You can schedule this synchronization process to be performed automatically with the Auto-scheduling option of this csv-based synchronization so that any changes made in the other CRM tool's db will automatically be reflected in SupportCenter Plus.