Customer Support Software - v8.1

SupportCenter Plus introduces its latest version 8.1 with a new user interface and improved features to give your support desk a new look and a better way to handle requests. You will enjoy using the new header and the admin panel with this interface makeover, while taking advantage of the new request collaboration and marking First Call Resolution feature in requests.

Support desk user interface

A new header

The user interface's header has a whole new look. With its slimmer and cleaner version, the header allows more room for content and will give you a better user experience.

  • Standard grey is the set default colour scheme for the header.
  • Select your availability status as "Online" or "Offline" in the user menu.
  • Maintain consistency between the customer portal and the support rep portal by setting the header with the default header color scheme.

A better looking admin panel

The admin icon view is all new with a fresh design to make navigation easier for you and all users. You can benefit from the "Search" option that's added to the panel to help you find settings across Admin easily.

Admin panel of customer support software
Customer support request collaboration

Request collaboration

The request collaboration feature has been added to prevent confusion that rises from requests being assigned to multiple support reps, or multiple responses sent for the same request by different reps. With this feature, your support reps can view all notifications pertaining to a request in the request detail, thereby eliminating ambiguity and clarifying the changes made on each request.

Marking First Call Resolution in requests

Evaluate the powerful and valuable First Call Resolution metric easily with this new feature and analyze your support reps' performance and your customers' satisfaction. Support reps can mark the First Call Resolution on requests while closing them and even if they had missed to do so, the closed request can be edited to add the FCR.

First call resolution for requests
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