SupportCenter Plus

    Adding New Account

    Accounts in SupportCenter Plus can be considered as organizations and firms. All the account details such as, annual revenue, address, phone, email id and account manager details are recorded and update periodically. Thus giving you a complete picture of the account and its details.



    Adding New Account


    The new account form can be accessed by two ways in SupportCenter Plus application.

    1. Add New drop down

    2. Accounts tab

    Add New drop down


    The Add New drop down is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Accounts form from the home page.




    To configure the New Account, go to Step 3 in Accounts tab.



    Accounts Tab

    1. Click the Accounts tab in the header pane to open the account list view page.

    2. Click on New Account button.  

    3. From the New Accounts form, specify the name of the Account in the Account Name field. This is a mandatory field.

    4. Specify the Annual Revenue for the support service from the account.  

    5. Specify the details such as, Email, Phone, Website and Fax of the account.

    6. Select the Type of Industry and Time Zone of the account from the drop down list.

    7. Selectthe Account Manager of the account from the drop down list. To know more on account manager, refer Account Manager.

    8. Specify the Domain Names for the account. The domain name is essential when contacts raise requests for the first time, the contact is automatically associated to the account with the specified domain name.

      Say, John ( sends an email to supportcenter for the first time and the domain, is already mapped to the account MyCompany Inc., then John would automatically be associated to MyCompany Inc.  

      The Auto-Assign contact to account option can be enabled in Settings under Admin module.

    9. Specify the Address of the account in the given text fields.

    10. Specify relevant information about the account in the Description field.

    11. If you would like to attach a file with the account then click Attach a file button and attach the document.

    12. Save the details.


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