SupportCenter Plus

    Importing Accounts & Contacts from CSV file

    Adding each and every account along with the contact information is endless, and is even more tedious to keep the information in sync with the organization's customer database.


    SupportCenter Plus provides an easy-to-use CSV import option to import all relevant account and contact information from your existing database or even from other applications. The application also provides, Scheduling a CSV import to keep its database in sync with the customer's database.  


    To import contacts from CSV file,

    1. Click the Accounts tab in the header pane to open the accounts list view page.

    2. Click Import Accounts/Contacts from CSV link.

    Step 1: Upload CSV file

    1. Click on Browse button to select the CSV file.  

    2. On locating the CSV file from the file chooser window, click Open.

    3. Select the File Encoding from the drop down.

    4. Click Next >> button.

    Step 2: Map Columns


    From this section you can import both account and contact information at the same time. Thus establishing the contact-account relationship and also self service login to the contacts in just one import. For this, every individual contact available in the CSV file should be associated to an account.

    1. Map the application contact fields with the field names from the CSV file.

    2. Click Next>>. Click Previous << to go back to Step 1.

    Step 3: Import

    1. Click Import Now button. The account/contact details from the CSV file is imported.

    2. Once the import is complete, the data on how many records were added, how many overwritten, and how many failed to import is displayed in the pop-up.

    3. If at any point you wish to stop importing from the CSV file, click the Exit button.




    The Login name column is the identifier for contacts. So two contacts cannot have the same login name since the existence of a contact is checked based on the login name value.


    If by mistake there was any mismatch of fields during mapping, and a new import of CSV is performed, the records is updated based on the login name value. If there were any records that did not have any login name at all or there was mismatch in the login name itself, then duplicate entries is created.


    In these cases, delete such entries from the contact list and import again or manually edit the information available.



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