SupportCenter Plus

    Marking an Account as Inactive


    Earlier, in SupportCenter Plus, an account could not be deleted if requests, contracts, tasks, events or products were associated to it. These accounts remain active and appear in the account drop-down list while creating requests, contracts, tasks or events. To avoid a long list of inactive accounts in the account drop-down list, SupportCenter Plus has provided a feasible solution with Mark as Inactive option in the account details page, using which, any further contracts, tasks or events for that account cannot be created.





    Requests can be created for inactive accounts.



    To mark an account as inactive,

    1. Click Accounts tab in the header pane.

    2. From the account list view page, select the account to be marked as inactive.


    1. From the account details page, click Mark as Inactive button. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click OK to proceed. The status of the account is turned to inactive.




    1. Once the account is made inactive, the Delete Account button disappears and Make as Active button appears.

    2. The icon inactive_acc_icon beside the account name indicates that the account is made inactive and this icon gets displayed wherever the inactive account is used.



    When a request from an inactive account is fetched into SupportCenter Plus, the account and contact information appear in the request details page but the contracts associated to the account does not get applied.  



    Marking an Account as Active


    When the status of the account is marked as inactive, the Mark as Inactive button changes to Mark as Active. To bring the account back to the active state, click Mark as Active button.





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