SupportCenter Plus

    Activities List View


    The activities list view page organises and displays all the events and tasks configured in SupportCenter Plus. The following functionality can be performed from the activities list view,

    • option to view the events and tasks based on filters.

    • customize columns to be displayed in the list view.

    • set the number of tasks or events to be displayed per page.

    • search for tasks or events using the search icon.

    On clicking the Activities tab in the header pane, the page redirects to the activities list view page. This page consists of two sub tabs - Tasks sub tab and Events sub tab. Clicking on Tasks sub tab, lists the tasks list view page, while clicking on Events sub tab lists the events list view page.





    From the List View page, you can:

    1. Views: The pre-defined filters provide a quick consolidated view of the tasks and events configured in the application.


    1. Set the number of tasks, events per page and navigation buttons: You can set the number of tasks and events to be displayed in the list view page.

    2. Recent Items: All the recent items viewed by you is displayed under the Recent Items block. You can also navigate back to the pages on clicking on the item link.


    1. New Tasks: Creating New Tasks.

    2. New Events: Creating New Events.

    3. Bulk Operations - Delete: Delete bulk tasks and events from the list view.


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