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    Adding New Events


    Events that take place in the organization such as team meetings, conference, seminars, product launch and so on, can be recorded and sent to the participants from the Activities Tab.


    There are two ways through which Events can be created in the application,


    a. Add New.. drop down

    b. Activities Tab



    Adding Events from Add New..drop down


    The Add New..drop down is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Event form from the home page.




    To know how to add a new event, go to Step 4 in Adding Events from Activities Tab.



    Adding Events from Activities Tab

    1. Click the Activities tab. The Activities Tab comprises of the Tasks and Events sub tabs.

    2. Select the Events sub tab. The list of All Events is displayed.

    3. Click New Event button.

    4. In the New Event form, enter the Title of the event to be held. The Title is a mandatory field.

    5. If the event is associated to a request, contract, account or contact, then select the same from the Associate to drop down. Also, you can associated it to a specific request, account, contact or contract using the search icon searchicon.

      If you are adding the event from the Request, Account, Contact or Contract details page, then the Associate to option is selected automatically.

    6. Select the date of commencement of the event and the end date using the calendar icon calender.

    7. If the event is an all day event, enable the check box beside All-day event. Else, select the time duration of the event beside the Start date and End date drop down.  

    8. For repetitive event, select the duration as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly from the Repeat Event drop down.


    The repeat options for the selected duration is displayed below the Repeat Event drop down. The repeat options varies for each duration. For example, if the duration selected is Daily, then the repeat options will be, repeat event for every particular number of days or every weekday.


    Select the option as required. If the event has an end date, select the date using the calendar icon calender. Else, enter the number of times after which the event ends in the text field.

    1. If the task is non-repetitive, select Never from Repeat Every drop down.

    2. Specify the location of the event in Location text field. Also, provide a brief Description of the event.

    3. To select the Participants of the events, click Add/Edit Participants link. From the Add/Edit participants pop up, select the users i.e., Support Reps, Contacts and Account Managers from the drop down. The respective users configured in the application are listed. You can conduct a search for the participants by entering the search keyword text in the search field.


    1. To move the participants to the Selected List block, select the user and click >> Assign button.


    1. If the Participants are not present in the users list, enter their Email Address manually in the text field provided. Multiple email addresses can be entered using comma as a separator. Click Add. The selected participants are listed in the Participants block of the new event form.

    2. You can choose to send an email notification to all the participations by enabling the check box. Also, you have an option to notify yourself when all the participants respond to the invitation.

    3. The event conducted can be made Private or Public. A Public event is visible to all the users whereas, a Private event is visible only to the selected participants and you.

    4. You can set personalized reminders to prompt an email or sms for the event. To set a reminder, click Add and select the number of days/hours before which the reminder should be sent from Remind me before drop down. You can choose to be prompted by Email or SMS or both.

    5. Click Add. The event is added to the existing list and an email notification is sent to the selected participants.


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